Bells Ceramic Bottle Proposal by shelseaZvansky


									                         ROLLING STONEWARE CERAMIC DESIGN LLC
                                         Ben Julian, Owner
                            (248) 227-2875

                                                                                               April 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Michael Fuerst,

It was my pleasure to hear of the interest of Bell’s Brewery Inc. packaging your premium beer in custom
ceramic packages designed by Rolling Stoneware. I have compiled a design proposal for your company’s
consideration and review. In an effort to create a very quick math-based prototype of your new package
design form, a considerable amount of assumptions about the Bell’s Brewery brand image and future goals
were made. I invite you to please discuss the direction of Bell’s brand with me if I can make any changes in
the design that you wish.


Short-term: Capture the attention of both loyal and conquest customers by creating a unique ceramic bottle
that will stand out from the competition on market shelves.
Long-term: Preserve the timeless physical qualities of the beverage, promote Bell’s Brewing Inc. as a creative
premium brand, and celebrate Bell’s daringness to express its creative brand vision.

Established Traits:
1) Liquid capacity: 750ml
2) Utilizing paper label enlarged to 5 X 5”

Design Brief: The following cues were derived from Bell’s brand image to directly inform the package
 Bell-shaped bottle has commanding stance with brand annunciation
 Noncoventional form attracts interest and desire to pick up and inspect further
 High-end hand crafted: aesthetically alluring and gratifying to the touch (hand and mouth) (evoke“ahhh”)

Suggested Finish:
Salt-Fire Glaze,
a warm, traditional, speckled orange matte finish.                                (example)

Proposed Closure:
In addition to an American style 26mm crown cap, a European-style wire bail flip-top will be attached to the
neck, contained within the underside of bell-shaped bottle. The “bell” bottle can be decanted or held in-hand
like a chalice.

Estimated Price:                                     Estimated cost provides for:
5,000 pieces: US$ 8.06/piece                          Stoneware ceramic bottle
10,000 pieces: US$ 6.54/piece                         Embossed lettering in order to just “once-fire”
20,000 pieces: US$ 5.98/piece                         European “Flip Top” Closure system
                                                      Capacity for up to 750ml/25 oz.
                                                      Packed in bulk, master cartons with 24 bottles
Please contact me with any questions and to discuss this project further.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding next steps!


Ben Julian

Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230
(248) 227-2875

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