Facility Rental Information Handbook 2011 by yaofenji


									                 Facility Rental Information

 Thank you for your interest in Huntsville Botanical Garden Facility Rental!

The Garden is a truly unique and beautiful location to host your next event.
 We have experience with just about every kind of occasion from weddings
and rehearsals to corporate meetings and holiday parties. Our commitment
     to personalized service sets the Garden apart from other venues.

Our facilities typically rent for seven hours at a time and include set-up and
clean-up, indoor furniture, and a host/hostess during your event. And don’t
 forget that most rentals include Garden admission for all of your guests! If
  you decide to rent with us, we require a deposit of 50% of the total rental
   fee to hold your date. Please ask about our Garden Member discount.

  Please contact us to schedule an appointment to view our facilities and
 discuss your event. You can also visit our website at www.hsvbg.org. We
              look forward to being a part of your next event!

     Lee Ann Pasker        4747 Bob Wallace Avenue         Cindy Hallman
    430-3572 ext 237         Huntsville, AL 35805         430-3572 ext 243
   lpasker@hsvbg.org           www.hsvbg.org            challman@hsvbg.org
                                     Facility Rentals
                                          Inside Venues

                                             The Arbor
          Dining Seating: 160            Theater Seating: 200          Standing Reception: 300
Conveniently located next to the Visitor Center, this stunning space is perfect for both casual and
formal receptions. When rented together with the Courtyard, the Arbor can be opened up to
accommodate 300 guests. Your seven hour rental includes all indoor tables and chairs, use of catering
kitchen, use of the Arbor Library, and a host/hostess during your event.
Private/Wedding: Monday – Thursday $1000              Corporate/Nonprofit: Monday – Thursday $600
                   Friday – Sunday $1500                                    Friday – Sunday $1500

                                            Murray Hall
    Dining Seating: 75      Theater Seating or Standing Reception: 100          Classroom Seating: 45
 This elegant building is perfect for corporate meetings, seminars, receptions, and team-building. The
  large deck overlooking the lake and terrace provides additional space or just a place to take a break.
  Your seven hour rental includes all indoor tables and chairs, use of catering kitchen, use of a built-in
                   sound and projector system, and a host/hostess during your event.
Private/Wedding: Monday – Thursday $700                  Corporate/Nonprofit: Monday – Thursday $350
                   Friday – Sunday $950                                         Friday – Sunday $950

                               The Boeing Education Classroom
                          Classroom Seating: 40          Theater Seating: 60
 Readily equipped with a projector system, the Classroom is a convenient location for professional or
 club meetings. Just across the hall is Clementine’s café where quick refreshments are close at hand.
                          Your rental includes all seminar tables and chairs.
                                             Rental Rates:
                    Monday – Friday $250                   Saturday – Sunday $500

                                The Anderson Education Room
                          Classroom Seating: 40          Theater Seating: 60
 The Anderson Education Room in the Nature Center is a convenient location for professional or club
 meetings. Just across the hall is Clementine’s café where quick refreshments are close at hand. Your
                             rental includes all seminar tables and chairs.
                                             Rental Rates:
                    Monday – Friday $250                   Saturday – Sunday $500

                                       Facility Rentals
                                           Outside Venues

                                           Grisham Pavilion
                                         Picnic Table Seating: 240
The Pavilion, a rustic outdoor area equipped with electric outlets, ceiling fans, and lights, it is ideal for a
   casual business luncheon, birthday party, or picnic. Please note that rental of the Pavilion does not
 include Garden admission. Garden admission may be purchased at a discounted group rate with your
                         Rental Rates are for 4 hours during normal Garden hours
             1-50 guests: $150              51-200 guests: $300            200 or more: $600

                                   Boeing-Toyota Amphitheater
                                     Amphitheater Seating: 300
     A true entertaining venue, the Amphitheater provides semi-circular seating and a stage with
                     magnificent columns. Outdoor power sources are available.
                                         Rental Rate: $500

     The following Outdoor Facilities may be rented with an Indoor Facility
                                   Arbor Courtyard             $500
                                   Teledyne Terrace            $500
                                   Summer House                $500

                  *Please note that all outdoor venues require rental of an indoor facility in order to
        provide guests with restroom access as well as shelter in the event of inclement weather.

                                 Facility Rental Policies

Booking Reservations
An event may be booked in person or through email/fax. Events are booked only when the Facility Rental office
receives both:
    1. A rental contract signed by the person responsible for the bill, and
    2. The non-refundable rental deposit (50% of the rental fee).
Renters are required to make an appointment to view or book the facilities in person.

Final Payment
The final payment should include the rental balance and any other costs incurred by the event which can include
but is not limited to additional time purchases, security fee, damage retainer, bartender fee, etc. This final
payment is due 30 days prior to the event. No refunds will be applied to events that are cancelled within 30
days of the scheduled event.

Flip Fee
In the event that a client would like to have a wedding ceremony and reception in the same space, (requiring
Garden staff to quickly change theater style seating with reception tables and seating), the client will be
required to pay a $250 flip fee.

Damage Deposit
A $200 damage retainer (separate check or credit card information) is required at the time of the final payment.
Provided that all venues are left clean and undamaged, the damage deposit will be destroyed or not charged, as

Outdoor Venues
All outdoor venues require rental of an indoor facility in order to provide guests with restroom access as well as
shelter in the event of inclement weather.

Outdoor Furniture and Rental Equipment
The Garden does not supply outdoor furniture including but not limited to chairs, tables, etc. Rental furniture is
permitted in designated areas. All rental furniture/equipment must be delivered on the day of the event within
the facility rental timeframe. Rental furniture should always be picked up immediately following the event
unless other arrangements are made through the Facility Rental Department. Delivery and take-down times
must be verified with Facility Rental staff. The Garden reserves the right to charge an additional day rental fee
for unscheduled early deliveries or late pick-ups.

Rentals for the Arbor and Murray Hall are for 7 hours including set-up, clean-up, and the actual event. Events
must end no later than 10:30 p.m. (leaving 10:30 – 11:30 p.m. for clean-up). Bars will close 30 minutes prior to
the end of an event. Everyone must be out of the building by 11:30 p.m. Additional time must be schedule in
advance, is subject to staff and facility availability, and may be purchased for $50/hour.

                                 Facility Rental Policies
Clean-up and Trash
Renters should leave the rented space exactly as they found it. All trash, food, decorations, etc. must be
removed or bagged; trash bags are provided. If the rented space is not cleaned, the damage retainer will be

Huntsville Botanical Garden members receive a 10% discount on facility rentals. The member discount may not
be applied to any other charges including but not limited to the security fee, bartender fee, alcohol purchases,
audio/visual equipment, etc.

A security guard must be present for all events taking place after Garden hours and for all events with alcohol
service. Security is arranged by the Garden and the fee is $175 for four hour of service. Security will be charged
at an additional $45/hour past the allotted four hours.

Food served at any event must be provided by a licensed caterer. The Garden maintains a list of pre-approved,
licensed caterers for the convenience of its clients. Renters may bring in a caterer that is not on the list;
however, this caterer must provide the Garden a copy of his or her Business License and Certificate of Insurance.

Alcoholic beverages must be purchased through the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Outside alcohol is not
permitted under any circumstances. All groups serving alcohol must comply with local, state, and federal laws.
Please refer to the “Alcohol Policies” for further information.

The Garden is available for photo opportunities, free of charge, with rental of its facilities. Photography sessions
must be scheduled with the Facility Rental office. A photography fee is charged for use of the Garden without a
facility rental; please see the Photography Application and Fees for more information.

Absolutely no nails, staples, or push pins are allowed. Gaffers tape is the only tape permitted to secure cords,
paper, linens, etc. Existing furniture, artwork and fixtures, indoor and outdoor, must remain in place, no
exceptions. Bubbles or flower petals may be used but not rice or seeds.

Wedding Rehearsals
A one hour rehearsal may be arranged to take place in the days before a wedding. The rehearsal must take
place during Garden hours, usually on the Thursday or Friday before the wedding, and is subject to facility and
staff availability.

Rental of a Garden facility, with the exception of the Pavilion and the Amphitheater, includes admission for all
guests invited to the event . However, after the Garden closes, guests must remain in the rented area only.
Please supervise children for their safety, especially around pond areas.

               Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings under any circumstances.


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                                    Catering Policies

Licensed Caterers
The Garden only allows licensed caterers to use its kitchens and facilities. A caterer who does not
appear on our pre-approved list but who is hired for an event at the Garden must provide a copy of his
or her business license and liability insurance.

Catering Kitchen
The following equipment is standard in both the Arbor and Murray Hall: icemaker, refrigerator/freezer,
prep table(s), microwave, warming oven(s), storage racks, and triple sinks. Trash bags and paper towels
are provided by the Garden. Please note: the Garden does not provide utensils (cooking and other),
ingredients, tablecloths or other linens, towels, potholders, or coffee pots.

Caterers are responsible for the safe care of all appliances. Please report any malfunctions to the
Facility Rental staff. Please do not use any harsh abrasives on stainless steel surfaces.

Alcohol Policy
The Garden has a liquor license. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Garden. Outside
alcohol is not permitted.

Locate the fire extinguisher and emergency exits. Please notify the Facility Rental staff or Security Guard
the case of an emergency.

Evening Events
All caterers and clean-up personnel must be out of the building no later than 11:30 p.m.

Arbor – Caterers may park, load, and unload on the patio behind the Arbor. Please move vehicles from
the patio to the main parking lot if the Arbor Courtyard is being used.
Murray Hall – Please use the guest parking lot across from Murray Hall.

Cleaning and Trash Disposal
Dispose of all food, trash, decorations, etc, in trash bags and secure the bags. Leave the closed trash
bags in the kitchen for pick up. Caterers are responsible for leaving the catering kitchen exactly as
found; this includes sweeping/mopping, wiping down surfaces, and removing all food and preparatory

              Alcoholic Beverage Menu

                           White Zinfandel
                            Pinot Grigio
                         Cabernet Sauvignon
                      $5.00/glass or $22.00/bottle

                            $6.00 per drink

                           William Wycliffe

Domestic Beer                                        Imported Beer
   Bud Light                                            Heineken
   Miller Lite                                           Corona
  AmberBock                                           $5.00 per bottle
 $4.00 per bottle

                          Special Request
Other beverages are available upon request and are priced accordingly.

    Pricing updated March 2010. All prices are subject to change.

                           Alcohol Beverage Policies

Under no circumstances may any renter or guests bring any outside alcohol into the Huntsville Botanical
Garden. The Garden retains its own liquor license and renters and their guests may only purchase
alcohol from the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Alcohol cannot be purchased from a caterer.

The Huntsville Botanical Garden will schedule a bartender for events that request alcoholic beverages
and the renter will pay the bartender fee. Bartender fee is $175 for 4 hours: 3 hours of service plus 30
minutes for set-up and 30 minutes for take-down. The bartender fee will be charged at an additional
$50/hour past the 4 hour minimum.

The Garden reserves the right to ID anyone requesting alcohol, to refuse alcohol service to any
individual, and/or to shut down the entire bar service at any time that the situation is warranted.

Cash Bar
A cash bar requires guests to pay for their own drinks at the time of purchase.

Host Bar
The renter pays for all alcoholic beverages when having a host or open bar. If using the Garden’s house
brands, the renter will be charged for what was used on the next business day following the event. For
this reason, the Garden requires credit card information from anyone hosting a bar when the rental
contract is signed.

Note: If the renter chooses to use specialty brands, each unit must be paid for regardless of whether
each unit was consumed. Any unused alcohol must be picked up from the Garden within the week
following the event.

Combination Bar
A combination bar is a combined host/cash bar. For example, wine, beer, and champagne may be paid
for by the renter as described under “Host Bar” while liquor and mixed drinks are purchased by guests
as in a “Cash Bar”.

Set-up and Accessories
The Garden will provide a 6-foot or 8-foot table for the bartender. The Garden provides black skirting
and tablecloths for the bar table. The Garden will provide plain white paper napkins, plastic drink ware,
mixers, and other items such as lemons, limes, juices, soft drinks, etc. For alternative glassware or table
selections, please consult a rental company.

The bartender will place a tip jar at a cash bar unless he/she is requested not to do so by the renter. In
the absence of a tip jar, a 15% gratuity charge will be added to the total alcohol charge.


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