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									Here's the 'I informed you so' moment!

As well as Tesco establishing their own replacement windows organization, Homebase have now
determined to get into the mix and have also released their own replacement windows services.

Having a very fast look through their online guide, it looks relatively well set out, clear - quickly conveying
an order in which a buyer can go about getting their new windows. They inform you which items are what
and the guide itself has a refreshing and present day look to it. I was also particularly pleased with the price
on the very back web page. They price £2900 such as VAT for four casement glass windows and an top
home. This to me is what four windows and a home should be being costing, given the financial
circumstances right now.

So, both Homebase and Tesco look to be in the same way charged, both with smooth and expert websites
(though Tesco's is more in-depth, but time I'm sure Homebase will develop their site also), so look set to go
go to go once the Eco-friendly Cope is carried out in just 12 several weeks time.

If you're included in any way with these two leaders of the expert world, this is probably great
announcement, especially if you're the organizations offering the windows and entrance doors to them.
However if you're one of the 14,000+ expert replacement windows organizations in the UK wanting to get a
piece of the Eco-friendly Cope pie when it's put in place, it's probably just become a little tougher to create
the most of it. The whole reason why these organizations, which have never ever marketed windows before
until now, are now promoting them know that once the Eco-friendly Cope begins, there's probably going to
be a very large increase returning to the replacement windows market and they want to create the most of it.
Issue is, most of us will most likely be thrown out of the way in the meantime.

Message to the GGF: don't let the expert juggernauts take up what could be a prospective big increase for
the authentic replacement windows area.

Homebase, according to their website, state to be FENSA approved technicians. Though it's more than likely
that they will be using a renovations organization, like Tesco use AJWD, to set up the windows with them.

As I get to know more information about this I will article them on here!

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