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									                               Curriculum vitae

R. SRINIVASAN M.Pharm.                                  Phone: +919543052605
                                                        e-mail :

   Pharmaceutics

Super Specialization
   Novel Drug Delivery System

Research Publications
1 V. Hita, Ranjit Singh, R. Srinivasan and Sanjay K. Jain, ' Colonic Targeting - Review
    ', Drug Delivery, Sep. 1996.

2 R. Srinivasan & Sanjay K. Jain, ' Instrumental Tablet Technology ‘, The Eastern
    Pharmacist, 1997,Feb.,

3 Vandana Soni, Ranjit Singh, R.Srinivasan and Sanjay K. Jain, Pulsatile Insulin
    Delivery Through Ocular Route '.Drug Delivery. 5, 47-51, 1998.

4 R.Srinivasan and Sanjay K. Jain, ' Insulin Delivery through the Ocular Route ',
    Drug Delivery 5, 53-55, 1998.
Academic Qualification
   Qualified B.Pharm. Degree on Nov. '93 from Annamalai University, Annamalai
    Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India.

   Qualified National Level Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering on GATE '94
    with 71.08 percentile score.

   Qualified M.Pharm Degree on Oct'96 from Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya
    (Formerly University of Saugor), Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India, with field of
    specialization of Pharmaceutics. Worked on Ocular Delivery of Insulin through
    Liposomal formulations. The work was got recognized in Drug Delivery Journal.
    This work was sponsored (JRF)by University Grant Commission, New Delhi, India,

 Obtained Senior Research Fellowship from council for Scientific and Industrial
  Research, New Delhi, India. For the research work titled "Synthesis and
  Characterisation of some Prodrug Amphiphiles for Drug Delivery".

Registration and accreditation:
                                   1. As Registered pharmacist by Tamil Nadu
                                      pharmacy council, Chennai, India.
                                      Regd. number 1937A1, Dt. 23/03/1994.

                                   2. As Pharmacy technician by Saudi commission for
                                   Health Specialties. Regd. No. 06-R-T-41592.

                                   3. MS Qualification certificate accredited by Saudi
                                   commission for health specialties and certified As
                                   Pharmacist. Ref. 2001/R/5177 Dt. 12/06/2001

                                   4. Pharmacy qualification was evaluated by
                                   Australian pharmacy examining council inc., (APEC)
                                   APEC Ref. No.04/00042

Extra -Curriculum
   Computer Knowledge :
              Operating Systems           :       Windows 7, vista, XP and linux
              Languages and Packages      :       Basic, D-Base, Ms-Office and C++.

   Typewriting (English) with the speed of 30 words/min.
Employment History

Institution/              Designation       Year(s)                  Duties
Employer                  /Status
                                            Start       End
Ministry of Health,       Senior            Feb’1999    Sept 2009    Weekly lectures
Kingdom of Saudi          lecturer(PT)                               being given at
Arabia                                                               College and
                                                                     Institute of Health
                                                                     sciences As part of
                                                                     the job recognized
                                                                     by the Employer

Ministry of Health,       Clinical          Feb’ 1999 Sept’ 2009     Maintains records,
Kingdom of saudi arabia   Pharmacist                                 dispensing
                                                                     Prescription Errors,
                                                                     Preparation of

      As a benefit of working in various Teaching hospitals since 1999; I gained
an experience in the field of pharmaceutical care. I carried out various
experiment on dosage calculation and manipulation from Neonates to

   Handling various types of Prescriptions.
   Dose calculation and adjustment.
   Handling Narcotics and controlled drugs.
   Management of dosage regimen.
   Preparation of IV admixtures.
   Dosage manipulation for Renal Dialysis Unit Patients.
   Various levels of Management Drug control on Hospital administration.
   Handling of various novel drug delivery systems.
Personal details

Date of Birth           :   03.07.1971

Sex                     :   Male

Nationality             :   Indian

Corresponding Address   :   173/83-1, II Agraharam,
                            Salem 636 001
                            Tamil Nadu, India
                            Ph. +919543052605

Permanent Address       :   4/118, Teachers Nagar,
                            Ammapet Post,
                            Chidambaram - 608 401.
                            Cuddalore Dist,
                            Tamil Nadu, India.
                            Ph : ++91-9486386952.

Language Known          :   English, Tamil, Hindi and Arabic.

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