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					                                     Domestic Violence Speaker’s Bureau
                                                                      Sample Topics:

        1. What is Family Violence? Who does it effect?                                     7. Family Violence and the Judicial System
           How can we help?                                                                    (a) Victim Rights and resources
        2. Talking with Batterers                                                                  through the District Attorney’s office
        3. Talking with Victims                                                                (b) Protective Orders
        4. Services and resources for survivors                                                (c) Prosecuting the Abuser
        5. Effects of violence on children                                                  8. Legal issues and domestic violence
        6. Teen dating violence
                                                     * indicates speaker can present in Spanish or English
Speaker                               Agency                                         Phone                       Topics              e-mail
Clarissa Valerio                      Alamo Children’s Advocacy Center               210-675-9000 x308           3,4,5               clarisav@acactx.org
Patricia S. Castillo LMSW *           The P.E.A.C.E. Initiative                      210-735-4988                1,3,4,5,6,7ab       patpeace@texas.net
                                      Benedictine Resource Center
Richard Loza (ATT.)                   Bexar County Legal Aid                         210-227-0111                8
Linda Westfield (ATT.)
Catherine Babbitt (ATT.)              Chief, Family Justice &                        210-335-2808                7
                                      Victim Protection Division
Sandra Moore Pope LMSW – ACP          Counseling & Consulting Associates             210-521-3488                1,3,5               smoorepope@aol.com
Joan Wells LPC                        Counseling Works                               210-203-2057 pager          1,2,3,5             Morejoan@aol.com
Susan Skinner (ATT.)                  District Attorney’s Family Justice &           210-335-2865
Cyndi Jahn                            Victim Protection Division                     210-335-2733                7(a,b) 4            cjahn@co.bexar.tx.us
Jane Shafer                           Family Assistance Crisis Team                  210-207-2136                1,3,4,5,7b          Janefact@yahoo.com
Laura Fronzaglio                      Family Violence Prevention Services            210-733-8810                1,3,4,5,6,8
Eugene Brown LPC                      Family Violence Prevention Services            210-475-9426                1,2,3,4,5,6
Rev. Ann Helmke                       peaceCENTER                                    210-224-HOPE                1,5                 annhelmke@hotmail.com
Judy Kovacs-Long MA,LPC               SAC Women’s Center                             210-733-2943                1,3,6               jkovacsl@accdvm.accd.edu
Clemencia Prieto *                    Victims Advocacy Section                       210-207-2139                1,3,4,5,7ab         clemencia@acatx.org
Maureen Leach O.S.F.                  Visitation House                               210-733-5467                1,3, 4              watxanima@aol.com

           P.E.A.C.E. Initiative Benedictine Resource Center 530 Bandera Road San Antonio Texas 78228 Phone: (210) 735-4988 Fax: (210) 735-2615
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