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									                                      Melmore United Methodist Church
                                                Committee on Lay Leadership
                                                         2009 Report
                                             (Names in bold are new nominations.)

                                                2010 Church Council Members
Lay Leader                                                                                            Alice Luhring   397-2621
Chairperson of the Church Council                                                                         Bev Gabel   983-3845
Vice Chairperson of Church Council                                                                      John Knaup    595-2615
Chairperson of the PPRC                                                                                  Carl McCue   447-4623
Lay Member of the Annual Conference                                                                 Destry Weaver     619-6888
Alternate to Annual Conference                                                                        Alice Luhring   397-2621
Chairperson of the Committee on Finance                                                                 Ora Preston   397-2653
Treasurer                                                                                                Lois Montz   983-5721
Assistant Treasurer                                                                                  Roger Luhring    397-2677
Financial Secretary                                                                                    Janet Boroff   443-1956
Recording Secretary of the Church Council                                                              Janet Boroff   443-1956
Assistant Recording Secretary of the Church Council                                               Carol McDannell     448-8843
Stewardship Chairperson                                                                                Linda Hetzel   447-1946
Co-Communion Stewards                                                                        Merle & Rosanna Kagy     443-1511
                                                                                               Greg & Ruth Distel     447-5256
Membership Secretary                                                                                Vivian Weaver     387-2559
Remembrance                                                                                        Roma Bridinger     448-0855
Missions                                                                                            Blanche Hurley    397-2579
Health and Welfare                                                                                  Blanche Hurley    397-2579
Church & Society                                                                               Ray & Alice Luhring    397-2621
                                                                                               Ora & Jean Preston     397-2653
Worship                                                                                            Sharon Weaver      927-9255
Career & Higher Education                                                                           Coletta McCue     447-4623
Historian                                                                                          Tricia Valentine   397-2236
UMW President                                                                                    Selected by UMW
UMW Vice President                                                                               Selected by UMW
Adult Sunday School Superintendent                                                                   Cindy Brookes    397-2262
Education Chairperson                                                                            Mary Ellen Jacobs    397-2561
Youth Member to Church Council                                                                      Denzil Weaver     927-9255
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees                                                          Selected by Trustees
2009 Church Council Members-at-Large
 Linda Benfer, Dick Benfer, Bertha Correll, Ken Hetzel, Ray Luhring, Carl McCue, Lester Mortar, Kristy Rettig, David
 Ritchie, Peg Roush, Margie Siegle, Russell Snyder
 (Any ,members who were removed from this list were removed at the request of the member.)

                                         2010 Finance Committee Members
Chairperson                                                                                               Ora Preston
Treasurer                                                                                                  Lois Montz
Financial Secretary                                                                                       Janet Boroff
Assistant Secretary, Treasurer                                                                          Roger Luhring
Representative of Trustees                                                                        Selected by Trustees
Church Council Chairperson                                                                                  Bev Gabel
Lay Leader                                                                                               Alice Luhring
Delegate to Annual Conference                                                                          Destry Weaver
Stewardship Committee Chairperson                                                                        Linda Hetzel
PPRC Chairperson                                                                                           Carl McCue
Pastor                                                                                                   Scott Blevins
                                                                                                            Ken Hetzel

                                             2010 Pastor Parish Relations
2010          Gerry Brookes                       Ruth Distel
2011          Carol McDannell                     Linda Hetzel                    Carl McCue
2012          Linda Warren                        Lester Morter                   David Ritchie

                                             2010 Memorial Committee
Chairperson      Lester Morter
                 Dorothy Gottfried
                 Margie Siegle
                 Roma Bridinger

                                                 2010 Board of Trustees
2010          Micah Rettig                      David Ritchie                     Ken Hetzel
2011          Charlie Warren                    Margie Siegle                     Janet Boroff
2012          Greg Distel               Merle Kagy                  Dick Benfer            Phil Snyder

                                         2010 Committee on Lay Leadership
2010          Roma Bridinger            Dona Burger                 Amy Watson            Margie Siegle
2011          Evelyn Knaup                      Roger Luhring                     Charlene Biller
2012          Cindy Brookes

                                            2010 Age Level Coordinators
Children                        Sharon Weaver
Adult and Family Ministries     Young Disciples Class

                                2010 Outreach/Evangelism/Community Service Team
Greg Distel                     Aimee Blevins                  Cindy Brookes           Carol Taylor
Linda Hetzel                    Shantel Weaver                 Hannah Luhring          Abbey Luhring


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