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									                                                         INDEPENDENT CONTAINER LINE LTD
                                                                         SAILING SCHEDULE
                                                                           REVISED OCTOBER 29, 2010

  VESSEL:                         EASTBOUND SAILING SCHEDULE                                   VESSEL:                     WESTBOUND SAILING SCHEDULE
   IND:          VOY        DEP CHE   DEP WIL    ARR ANT    ARR LIV                             IND:         VOY      DEP ANT   DEP LIV   ARR CHE   ARR WIL
  CONCEPT     235     28-Sep-10       30-Sep-10              13-Oct-10           16-Oct-10     CONCEPT     239  13-Oct-10      16-Oct-10               26-Oct-10        29-Oct-10
Juemme Trader 236      5-Oct-10        7-Oct-10              19-Oct-10           23-Oct-10   Juemme Trader 240  20-Oct-10      23-Oct-10                2-Nov-10         5-Nov-10
  ACCORD      237     13-Oct-10       15-Oct-10              26-Oct-10           30-Oct-10     ACCORD      241  27-Oct-10      30-Oct-10                9-Nov-10        12-Nov-10
  BONAVIA     238     20-Oct-10       22-Oct-10               2-Nov-10            6-Nov-10     BONAVIA     242   3-Nov-10        6-Nov-10              16-Nov-10        19-Nov-10
  CONCEPT     239     27-Oct-10       29-Oct-10               9-Nov-10           13-Nov-10     CONCEPT     243  10-Nov-10      13-Nov-10               23-Nov-10        26-Nov-10
Juemme Trader 240      3-Nov-10        5-Nov-10              16-Nov-10           20-Nov-10   Juemme Trader 244  17-Nov-10      20-Nov-10               30-Nov-10         3-Dec-10
  ACCORD      241     10-Nov-10       12-Nov-10              23-Nov-10           27-Nov-10     ACCORD      245  24-Nov-10      27-Nov-10                7-Dec-10        10-Dec-10
  BONAVIA     242     17-Nov-10       19-Nov-10              30-Nov-10            4-Dec-10     JULIUS S    246   1-Dec-10        4-Dec-10              14-Dec-10        17-Dec-10
  CONCEPT     243     24-Nov-10       26-Nov-10               7-Dec-10           11-Dec-10     CONCEPT     247   8-Dec-10      11-Dec-10               21-Dec-10        24-Dec-10
Juemme Trader 244      1-Dec-10        3-Dec-10              14-Dec-10           18-Dec-10   Juemme Trader 248  15-Dec-10      18-Dec-10               28-Dec-10        31-Dec-10
  ACCORD      245      8-Dec-10       10-Dec-10              21-Dec-10           25-Dec-10     ACCORD      249  22-Dec-10      25-Dec-10                4-Jan-11         7-Jan-11
  JULIUS S    246     15-Dec-10       17-Dec-10              28-Dec-10            1-Jan-11     JULIUS S    250  29-Dec-10        1-Jan-11              11-Jan-11        14-Jan-11
  CONCEPT     247     22-Dec-10       24-Dec-10               4-Jan-11            8-Jan-11     CONCEPT     251   5-Jan-11        8-Jan-11              18-Jan-11        21-Jan-11
Juemme Trader 248     29-Dec-10       31-Dec-10              11-Jan-11           15-Jan-11   Juemme Trader 252  12-Jan-11      15-Jan-11               25-Jan-11        28-Jan-11
  ACCORD      249      5-Jan-11        7-Jan-11              18-Jan-11           22-Jan-11     ACCORD      253  19-Jan-11      22-Jan-11                1-Feb-11         4-Feb-11
  JULIUS S    250     12-Jan-11       14-Jan-11              25-Jan-11           29-Jan-11     JULIUS S    254  26-Jan-11      29-Jan-11                8-Feb-11        11-Feb-11
  CONCEPT     251     19-Jan-11       21-Jan-11               1-Feb-11            5-Feb-11     CONCEPT     255   2-Feb-11        5-Feb-11              15-Feb-11        18-Feb-11
Juemme Trader 252     26-Jan-11       28-Jan-11               8-Feb-11           12-Feb-11   Juemme Trader 256   9-Feb-11      12-Feb-11               22-Feb-11        25-Feb-11
  ACCORD      253      2-Feb-11        4-Feb-11              15-Feb-11           19-Feb-11     ACCORD      257  16-Feb-11      19-Feb-11                1-Mar-11         4-Mar-11
  JULIUS S    254      9-Feb-11       11-Feb-11              22-Feb-11           26-Feb-11     JULIUS S    258  23-Feb-11      26-Feb-11                8-Mar-11        11-Mar-11
  CONCEPT     255     16-Feb-11       18-Feb-11               1-Mar-11            5-Mar-11     CONCEPT     259   2-Mar-11       5-Mar-11               15-Mar-11        18-Mar-11
Juemme Trader 256     23-Feb-11       25-Feb-11               8-Mar-11           12-Mar-11   Juemme Trader 260   9-Mar-11      12-Mar-11               22-Mar-11        25-Mar-11
  ACCORD      257      2-Mar-11        4-Mar-11              15-Mar-11           19-Mar-11     ACCORD      261  16-Mar-11      19-Mar-11               29-Mar-11         1-Apr-11
  JULIUS S    258      9-Mar-11       11-Mar-11              22-Mar-11           26-Mar-11     JULIUS S    262  23-Mar-11      26-Mar-11                5-Apr-11         8-Apr-11
  CONCEPT     259     16-Mar-11       18-Mar-11              29-Mar-11            2-Apr-11     CONCEPT     263  30-Mar-11        2-Apr-11              12-Apr-11        15-Apr-11
CHESTER      FCL TRANSFER CARGO (HAZ)                     MONDAY AT NOON                     WILMINGTON FCL TRANSFER CARGO (HAZ)                     WEDNESDAY AT NOON
CARGO           FCL TRANSFER CARGO (NON HAZ)              MONDAY AT 3 PM                     CARGO           FCL TRANSFER CARGO (NON HAZ)            WEDNESDAY AT 4:30 PM
CUTOFFS         LCL (HAZ)                                 FRIDAY AT 3 PM (PRIOR WEEK)        CUTOFFS         LCL (HAZ)                               TUESDAY AT 4:30 PM
                LCL (NON HAZ)                             FRIDAY AT 3 PM (PRIOR WEEK)                        LCL (NON HAZ)                           TUESDAY AT 4:30 PM
                FCL NON-TRANSFER CARGO (HAZ)              MONDAY AT NOON                                     FCL NON-TRANSFER CARGO (HAZ)            WEDNESDAY AT NOON
                   FCL NON-TRANSFER CARGO (NON HAZ)        TUESDAY AT 4:30 PM                                   FCL NON-TRANSFER CARGO (NON HAZ)      THURSDAY AT 4:30 PM
Documentation Cut-offs: FCL = Monday at NOON LCL = Friday at 5 PM (prior week)               Documentation Cut-offs: FCL = Wednesday at NOON LCL= Tuesday at NOON
                                                                                                                                    Port Holidays:   Thurs and Fri,    Fri and Mon,
                                         25 Years of Excellence                                                                                      Nov 25 & 26       Dec 24 & 27

                                                                                                                                    Wilmington only Thursday, Nov 11
                                                         1985 to 2010
                     PHONE: (800) 525-4499; (804) 222-2220 FAX: (804) 236-5150                 E-MAIL:        WEBSITE:

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