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					             Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 1

Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook

                  Stacie Dukes

                Lesley University

 ECOMP 7100: Fundamentals of Computer Structure
                                 Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 2

       I have a Compact desktop computer at home that I use frequently for different

tasks, and a Dell laptop, given to me by my school district, that I use to assist me in my

teaching. Recently, I was interested in purchasing a netbook. The main purpose for this

netbook would be for entertainment; web surfing, downloading videos and music, and

editing and storing my photos. This netbook should be useful for my school related things

also (word processing, spreadsheets, etc…) I would also prefer one that has a built in web

cam and that has Bluetooth wireless technology.

       I have decided to compare the Acer Aspire One Netbook to the Samsung NC10

Netbook. For me size is important when selecting a netbook. I need something that is

small, lightweight, and portable. With my big fingers I also need one with a nice size

keyboard that is comfortable to type on. The bigger the screen the better and I would like

one with good resolution. The Acer Aspire One weights 2.3lbs and has an 8.9” screen.

Where the Samsung weights a little more at 2.8lbs but has a bigger screen at 10.2”. Both

have a 1024X600 resolution, but the Samsung also has 250 nits in brightness and an anti-

reflection surface.

       Battery life is another feature that is important. Both netbooks have a Lithium Ion

battery. The Acer Aspire One has a three cell battery that lasts from two to three hours.

Where as the Samsung NC10 has a six cell battery that lasts up to eight hours. With this I

would prefer the Samsung because I could get more done without having to be tied down

to an area that has a plug.

       The Intel Atom N270 processor is installed in each of the netbook. This CPU

(central processing unit) operates at a speed of 1.6 GHz. The Acer Aspire One has

512MB of RAM (random access memory) where the Samsung NC10 has 1GB of RAM.
                                   Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 3

The Acer has an 8GB hard drive and the Samsung has a 160GB hard drive. Since, I will

be storing music, videos, and photos on my netbook the Samsung is the better option here

because it has more long term memory. Speed is another thing that is important for me

when selecting a netbook, because I would like to do as fast a possible with little to no

problems. The front bus speed will determine how fast the information travels in my

computer. The front bus speed of the Acer and the Samsung is 533MHz.

       As stated earlier downloading videos and music, and editing and storing my

photos are things that I would like to do with my netbook. The Acer seems to be a better

netbook for doing these things. The Acer Aspire One and the Samsung NC10 have an

integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 950, a 10/100 Ethernet integrated network

interface, an audio output sound card, and built in stereo speakers. What the Acer Aspire

One a better choice is because it has a five in one card reader where the Samsung has

only a three in one card reader.

       Both the Acer Aspire One and the Samsung NC10 have built in webcams. The

Acer has an integrated 0.3 mega pixel webcam, and the Samsung has an integrated 1.3

mega pixel webcam. They both also enable wireless communication, but the Samsung

allows for Bluetooth technology.

       Sometimes I may want to use this netbook to work on school related things;

therefore it should come with a good operating system. The Acer uses a custom version

of the Linpus Linux Lite system. This is a very unfamiliar system for me. The Samsung

uses the Microsoft Windows XP system. I am more familiar with this system and can be

more productive. Cost is very important when selecting a netbook. The Acer Aspire One

is priced around three hundred and seventy dollars. The Samsung NC10 is priced around
                                  Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 4

three hundred and fifty dollars. This only leaves around a twenty dollar different between

these two netbooks.

Performance Review

        For the performance review I went to This site provided me with

good information about both netbooks. The Samsung NC10 has several features that

make it stand out. Samsung has stuck with traditional spinning disks - it may make it

more susceptible to bumps and bashes, but you do get a hefty 160GB of space to store

files. Samsung has also thrown in a data recovery tool, so you can make snapshots of the

hard drive that you can easily restore should things go wrong. The large keyboard is great

to type on and its bright, non-glossy screen should make it easy to find a spot where

you're not battling with screen reflections.

        The Acer Aspire One is lacking when it come to battery life and keyboard size.

The layout on the keyboard is a bit tricky to get used to, as you click on the hard palm

rest surface, and try to scroll on the touchpad button. The surface is easily to slide your

finger on and the sensitivity easily tracks your finger with light pressure. If you are able

to get used to the touchpad button layout ends up not being that bad at all. Although the

One’s MPlayer media player automatically downloaded codes while viewing some

streaming HD (high density) feeds, the actual playbacks were hit and miss (Longinotti,



        From an upgrading perspective, the Samsung NC10 would be the most cost

effective to upgrade for memory. The Samsung can be upgrade from 1GB to 2GB for

forty dollars. The Acer would be upgrade from 512MB to 1GB for around the same price,
                                 Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 5

but you will still not be at the same about of memory. Acer Aspire One is a very difficult

netbook to make enhancements to. The case does not separate as easily as others to

access vital components like RAM or the hard drive. Another disappointing aspect about

the Aspire One is the open Mini-PCI slot which is lacking any connector. This area is

prepped with a SIM-card port for obvious 3G features, but unless you can solder on your

own connector you are out of luck. ((Longinotti, 2009)


       I have many things from completing this project. My knowledge about computers

and how to make a good decision about a computer that is right for me. This project has

allowed me to see that price is not always the underlining factor when selecting a

computer. I now understand computer language and terms. When looking for a computer,

notebook, or netbook I can compare more than the way they look. I now know to look for

the type of CPU, the front bus speed, the amount of RAM, the cost for upgrading, the

graphics, and the operating system.

                             Comparison Table of Hardware

 Model Number and/or                  Acer Aspire One               Samsung NC10
  Main Processor/clock          Intel Atom N270/1.6GHz         Intel Atom N270/1.6GHz
    Bus Clock Speed                      533MHz                         533MHz
  RAM and Maximum                      512MB/1GB-                      1GB/2GB
Ports and Expansion slots               3-UBS 2.0                      3-UBS 2.0
                                           VGA                            VGA
                                      Headphone out                 Headphone out
                                          Mic-in                         Mic-in
                                    1 Network-Ethernet                Internal Mic
                               5 in 1 Card Slot (SD, MMC,        3 in 1 Card Slot (SD,
                                         MS, Pro)                    SDHC,MMC)
                                     Expansion Slots             1 Network-Ethernet
                                                                   3G data Sim Slot
                      Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 6

                                                        Expansion Slots
                                                           1 memory
 Hard Drive Size                8GB                          160GB
    Base Price                  $370                          $35
Display Resolution           1024X600                      1024X600
      Extras             40W AC Adapter                40W AC Adapter
                     External optical Disk Drive   External optical Disk Drive
                          Data Syn Cable                Data Syn Cable
                      Vehicle Power Adapter          Vehicle Power Adapter
                                                         Bluetooth 2.0
                                                   Samsung Recovery Solution
                                                     Samsung Magic Doctor
                                                        Samsung Doctor
                                                        Display Manager
                                                        Battery Manager
                                                       Network Manager
                                                       McAfee Virus Scan
                                                      Adobe Acrobat reader
                                                        Microsoft Office
                               Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 7


Central Processing Unit (CPU) -interprets instructions and processes data

Front Bus Speed- the speed the processor cam complete a task

Gigahertz (GHz) - 1 billion task per second

Megahertz (MHz) – 1 million task per second

Mega pixel -the smallest item of information in an image

Random Access memory (RAM) - short term memory

Hard Drive – long term memory

Bluetooth Wireless Technology -a wireless communication link

Card Reader – reads smart cards

Smart Card – processes data

Intel Graphic Media Accelerator – provides visual quality and fast graphic


Linpus Linux Lite – an operating system that has free and open source software
                                Acer Aspire One Netbook vs. Samsung NC10 Netbook 8


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