Interesting facts about reading

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					          Interesting facts about reading
                                         When reading the eyes of the reader,
                                         looking at different letters, convey a
                                         different image, but the brain still
                                         combines them into one.

                During traditional reading the                               The average person reads less
                1/6 of the time spent is lost                                than one book per year.
                due to regressive eye movements

                                                                                         Each year 360,000 new books
                                                                                         produced in English only.

               An average American college
               graduate reads only 5 books
               in his life after graduation.

                                                                         The human eye with average reading
                                                                         skills make 12-16 stops on a book
                                                                         line, when with fast reading skills
                                                                         4-2 stops.

                Gorky was reading at four
                thousand words a minute.

Napoleon read at a
speed of two thousand
words a minute.

                                                                             John F. Kennedy was a
                                                                             proponent of speed reading
                                                                             and encouraged his staff
                                                                             to take lessons.

       T. Edison could simultaneously read 2-3 lines,
       memorizing the text of whole pages due to
       maximum concentration.                                              Balzac read a novel of two
                                                                          hundred pages in half an hour.

                        “A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been
                        discovered by others.”

                            Reading Speed

      POOR                                                                                    150

   AVERAGE                                                                                    300
                                                                                                       Per Minute
       FAST                                                                                   600

 EXCELLENT                                                                                    800

                                               Level of understanding in the
                                               traditional reading is 60%, in
                                               the rapid reading - 80%.

                                    5% of people read very slowly
                                    180-220 words per minute.

                        The human's eyes, with average reading
                        skills, make 12-16 stops on the book row,
                        and the one's, who is reading quickly
                        2-4 stops

   The fatigability of the eye is less during fast
   reading than it is while you‛re reading slowly.

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