Colonies by nuhman10



TERM                    DEFINITION
Colony                  A geographical area which is
                        politically controlled by a distant
Separatists             Some Puritans of the 16th and 17th
                        centuries that preferred to separate
                        from the Church of England rather
                        than reform. (The Pilgrims who
                        came on the Mayflower and settled
                        Plymouth were Separatists)
Religious Persecution   An organized and planned
                        mistreatment of an individual or
                        group due to their religious beliefs
Puritans                English Protestants who wanted to
                        purify the Church of England;
                        followed strict religious principles
Quakers                 A Christian group founded in
                        England in the mid-17th century; real
                        name was “The Society of Friends”.
                        (English settlers who established a
                        colony in Pennsylvania were
                        Quakers; opposed war on religious
Debtor                  An individual who owes a business
                        money; a person who purchased
                        products and/or services from a
                        business and has not paid for it at the
                        end of a specific period
Moderate                Average; not too much; not extreme
County                  A local government smaller than a
                        state government; counties are
                        divided into cities, towns, and
                        townships. (The word county is used
                        in 48 of the 50 U.S. states)
Interference            Something which delays action,
                        makes progress difficult, obstructs,
                   holds back or causes problems
Reformer           One who wants to make better,
                   improve or correct something that is
                   corrupt or bad
Naval Supplies     Products such as turpentine (sticky
                   liquid) and pitch or rosin (hardened
                   sap) t hat come from pine trees and
                   are used in the construction and
                   maintenance of wooden sailing
Craftsman          A skilled worker who practices some
                   trade or handicraft
Livestock          Farm animals, such as beef cattle,
                   dairy cows, horses, sheep, hogs,
                   chickens and turkeys, raised on a
                   farm for home use or for profit
Unskilled Worker   A worker who uses his/her hands
                   with a job that requires no special
                   training to perform simple duties that
                   may be learned in a few days;
                   examples include miners and
Skilled Worker     A worker having or using special or
                   learned skills in his/her job;
                   examples include blacksmiths,
                   carpenter, and silversmith
Diverse            Different, varied, unalike
Market Town        Where goods and services are bought
                   and sold in an urban area with a
                   fixed boundary that is smaller than a
Humid              Moist or damp
Plantation         A large farm especially in the South,
                   on which cash crops, such as cotton,
                   tobacco, indigo and rice are grown;
                   includes a large house (mansion);
                   laborers do the work
Cash Crop          A crop such as cotton, tobacco,
                   indigo or rice, that is grown
                     specifically to sell for money
Mansion              A large house
Indentured Servant   A worker who agreed to work
                     without pay for a certain period of
                     time in exchange for passage to
Predominantly        Most common; to be superior in
                     power or number
Labor                Physical work
Contract             An agreement between two or more
                     persons that is enforceable by law
Impose               Enforce; to behave in a certain way
Raw Materials        A product that is purchased in its raw
                     state for the purpose of processing it
                     into a consumer or industrial good;
                     examples include iron ore, crude oil,
                     copper, timber, wheat and leather
Political            Having to do with government or the
                     process by which people make

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