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									                            Okinawa Activities Council
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                       15 October 2009


The regular meeting of the Okinawa Activities Committee was called to order at 1310 on October 15,
2009 at the Okinawa DSO by Fred Bales. New member Tracy Beznar from OCSI was welcomed as
was FEAC Athletics Coordinator Don Hobbs.


Fred Bales, Steve Sanchez, Tom McKinney, Ron Sharik, Don Hobbs, Hiro Masashiro, Mike Maeda
and Tracy Beznar

                              A.       Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

                              B.       Approval of Minutes

September minutes were unanimously approved.

                              C.       Open Issues / District Update / Old Business

      Ron Sharik gave briefing on the state of the district. He spoke about the district PAO
       position that was vacated by Laura Stoller. Some of the district responsibilities are shifting
       within the DSO. Hiro was thanked for his excellent work with the Okinawa basketball
       coaches on October 13, 2009. There was a basketball schedule created at the meeting. Ron
       thanked Don Hobbs for his assistance with off island games.

      The Ryukyu Middle School football field came up as an issue. Safety and Security is a
       concern with fans very close to the field and unsupervised children all around the complex
       and behind the stands. Phil Denham from Banyan Tree GC visited the field and stated the
       field was too hard at the current time for his crew to provide any help. He is willing to help
       in the future. Crowd control and Security Forces support at football games was discussed.

      Far East Football Playoffs are in Okinawa at Mike Petty Stadium November 9th and
       November 14th. They are hosted by Kadena High School with Ken Hudson as the event

      Kadena is hosting Far East Tennis at Risner Sports Complex and directed by Stephanie

   Volleyball schedule was discussed. More games with Okinawan schools have been added to
    the schedule.

   Research on the contract for volleyball was discussed. If games are canceled and OAOA is
    not notified they still get full payment. OAC would like to know what happens financially
    when the officials do not show up.

   The venue and the concession were discussed for Far East Football 2009.

                           D.     New Business

   Don Hobbs spoke about scheduling football games with the DODDS Korea schools for next
    school year.

   Don Hobbs spoke about the procedure for procuring Far East tickets has changed. Tickets
    will be eventually procured with the GPC card by each individual school. Mike Maeda also
    talked about the procedures for procuring tickets.

   OAC minutes will be reviewed and approved at the end of each meeting. They will be
    quickly posted on the district website.

   The basketball meeting facilitated by Hiro was very successful on Tuesday night. 20 games
    were scheduled for the boys and girls teams. More games will be added. Basketball games
    have been easier to schedule than other sports.

   A modified sports program to accommodate the level of play was discussed for baseball and

   All District coins are on hand and the DSO. At the next meeting it will be discussed how the
    coins will be awarded. This is tabled for the November meeting.

   Celebration of Excellence was discussed. It will be in April/May. OAC would like to
    recognize people in athletics who have supported DODDS Okinawa events and students.

   We are working on the Okinawa Basketball Shootout for January 22-24, 2010. The Foster
    Field House has been reserved. Okinawan officials have agreed to work the tournament.

                             E.     Upcoming Events

   November 9-12 – Far East Tennis at Risner (Kadena hosting)
   November 9 & 14 – Far East Football at Mike Petty Stadium (Kadena hosting)
   November 19 – OAC meeting @ 1300 - DSO
   November 19 – Fall Sports closeout / Winter start up meeting @1800 - DSO

                               F.     Agenda for Next Meeting

      Fred Bales, as OAC chairman for SY 2009-2010, is responsible for the November meeting
       agenda. He will solicit agenda items from stakeholders.


Meeting was adjourned at 1445 by Mr. Bales. The next general meeting will be at 1300 on November
19, 2009 at 1300 at the Okinawa DSO.

Minutes submitted by:                   Steven L. Sanchez

Approved by:                            Okinawa Activities Council on 16 October 2009

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