LCCC Offers Two New Computer Certificates By Susan Thrall, by shelseaZvansky


									LCCC Offers Two New Computer Certificates

By Susan Thrall, Lake City Community College computer professor

Want to go to college but wondering what field to choose? Want to obtain the skills needed that employers in our
five-county district are seeking? Not sure if attending classes on campus will fit in with your busy schedule?
Consider the two new certificate programs in computers being offered at Lake City Community College:
Computer Office Specialist with Programming (COSP) and Computer Support Specialist with Programming
(CSSP). You can complete the entire COSP certificate at home on your computer by taking online classes.

The COSP certificate comes before and leads into the CSSP certificate. So no matter if you wish to obtain the
CSSP certificate or one of the college’s two Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees in computers, you have to do the
COSP first.

The COSP certificate can be completed in as little as one year of two semesters, fall and spring. It requires only six
three-credit hour classes. The required classes are: Computer Applications, Spreadsheets (Excel), Introduction to
Programming, either Web Page Programming or Desktop Publishing, Database Management (Access), and Visual

In fall, you can take three or four courses: Computer Applications CGS 1570, Spreadsheets CGS 2511, and
Introduction to Programming COP 1000. You can also take Web Page Programming COP 2830 in fall or opt to
take Desktop Publishing CGS 1572 in spring. A student can begin any of the four courses without having any other
computer courses as prerequisites.

Computer Applications is a course that will introduce you to major uses of computers in business. You will learn
word processing, electronic spreadsheets, “slide-show” presentation software, and database management. You
will be using Microsoft Office Professional and will learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Electronic
Spreadsheets is a full course in Excel that will teach you many advanced skills in Excel that you will not learn in
Computer Applications. Introduction to Programming will teach you the logic of writing computer programs and
short macros (small automated steps that are often used in spreadsheet and database management programs.)
You will not only learn the logical steps of programming that apply to any computer language but will also write a
few simple programs. Web Page Programming will teach you how to design and build a Web page for yourself or
your business.

During spring semester you can take the last two or three of the six required classes. These are Database
Management with Access CGS 2541, Visual Basic COP 1332, and Desktop Publishing CGS 1572. Database
Management will teach you advanced skills in Access that allow you to enter and maintain your data on computer.
Visual Basic is class that will teach you an actual programming language – one that is currently used by Excel and
Access if you want to write short programs to automate tasks in either of these two applications. Visual Basic is
the only one of the classes for the COSP certificate that has a prerequisite, which is Introduction to Programming
offered in fall semester. Desktop Publishing will teach you how to publish documents using the computers
whether it is a simple flyer, a menu, a catalog, or a book. In Desktop Publishing you will be using the premier
publishing program InDesign by Adobe.

Once you have passed these six classes you can receive your Computer Office Specialist with Programming
certificate. With this certificate you will have skills that you can sell to many different employers in this area.

If you want to stay in school and study further, you can proceed on to the Computer Support Specialist with
Programming certificate. This certificate requires the six classes you already taken for the COSP certificate plus an
additional five computer classes. So with only five additional computer classes you can receive the second CSSP

After the second certificate you may choose to go on for an A.S. degree in one of two areas: Computer
Information Technology or Computer Programming and Analysis. Beyond the COSP and CSSP certificates you
will only need an additional five computer courses and the five state-required general education courses to obtain
either of the above A.S. degrees.

So it is easy to get the exact certificate or degree your time will allow. Don’t wait. Now is the time to register. Call
the admissions office to begin your application at (386) 754-4287 or, if you are currently admitted to the college,
see an advisor, call (386) 754-4222 for an appointment, and tell them you want to take the Computer Office
Specialist with Programming certificate.

Contact Thrall at or by calling (386) 754-4366.


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