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									           Mission Statement

“Invest Nebraska promotes capital formation
for, and provides operating assistance to, high
     impact entrepreneurs and investors in
                  Board of Directors
Matt McNair – Chairman, University of Nebraska Foundation
        John Decker, Smith Hayes Financial Services
                 Michael Dixon, UneMed
                Bryan Fairfield, Nanonation
            John Gustafson, Ideation Ventures
               Jeff Hanson, Denargo Capital
          Ben Harris, Nebraska Heavy Industries
           Patrick Kenner, Thayer County Bank
             Kent Knudsen, Mutual of Omaha
       David Milligan, Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP
              Maxine Moul, Endow Nebraska
Ron Sedlacek, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
       Don Smith, Scott Technology Center (retired)
              Dennis Wiederholt, DLR Group
       What is Angel Investing?
• Angel investors are wealthy individuals with
  business or technology backgrounds who
  provide entrepreneurs with capital,
  connections, and guidance.
• Individual angels invest between $5,000 and
  $100,000 in local and regional ventures.
• Angel investment groups typically invest
  between $10,000 and $2,000,00
            The Nebraska Angels, Inc. (“NAI”)

•   501(c)(6) mutual benefit corporation   •   12 member Board of Directors
•   Member managed                         •   PT Executive Director
•   Based on successful So. Cal. Tech      •   Monthly dinner meetings with 2
    Coast angel model – they have over         companies presenting
    250 members                            •   Screening committee meets every
•   Approaching 3 years of operation           few weeks
•   Five investments, with two             •   Utilize Angelsoft platform to manage
    additional pending – all Nebraska          deal flow
    deals                                  •   $1,500 annual dues – pays for all
•   Currently 40 members (Lincoln /            dinner events and services
    Omaha / Kearney)                       •   Member of the Angel Capital
                                               Association (“ACA”)
• Invest Nebraska will assist in the development
  of 5 Regional/Community investment groups
  in 2009
• Local investors making local investment in new
  start ups and/or existing businesses
      Regional Investor Groups – Key Issues
PURPOSE:                                 TYPES OF DEALS:
• Enrich the entrepreneurial landscape   • Strong preference for Nebraska-
   in the state of Nebraska                 based companies (primarily, not
• Boost technological progress in the       exclusively)
   state of Nebraska                     • Seeking capital investment at start
• Create valuable jobs / reduce “brain      up or growth stage of development
   drain”                                • Company has sustainable
• Invest in high quality, high impact       competitive advantages; compelling
   potential opportunities                  business case
• Harvest investments with high          • Experienced and local
   success; profitable and contagious       entrepreneurs; solid operational

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