Instant PC Recovery Trial Software Offered by CMS Products

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					   Instant PC Recovery Trial Software Offered by
                  CMS Products
 BounceBack Ultimate or Essential Trial Versions Available at
CMS Products Website and From Other Leading Download Sites


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                                 CMS Products, Inc.
                                  (714) 424-5520
                                   Monica Golden

Costa Mesa, Calif., (Sept. 15, 2009) – CMS Products, Inc.,
( a leader in data security, backup, disaster recovery and
content management technologies today announced that 30 day trial versions of its
“Instant PC Recovery Products” – BounceBack Ultimate™ and BounceBack Essential
are available for users to download from the company’s website. Users can download
the software to a USB-connected external hard drive to create an externally bootable
backup for their portable or desktop computers. The downloadable versions expire
30 days after installation. Users also can download the trial version software from
other popular download sites.

BounceBack with “Instant PC Recovery” is the first commercially-available software
product that enables computer users to instantly recover their PC following a hard
drive “crash.” Allowing users to continue working with no data loss from their
external USB-connected hard drive, BounceBack provides the opportunity to recover
or replace the internal system drive at a convenient time, with no panic or worry
about downtime.

“We are so confident that users will appreciate the Instant PC Recovery features of
the BounceBack software offerings, that we wanted to give users the opportunity to
try this unique software for themselves, prior to making an investment in the
product,” said Gary Streuter, Vice President of Marketing for CMS Products. “We are
the first-to-market with this award-winning, remarkable product, and we want users
to have the chance to protect their photos, music, applications, invaluable data and
their operating systems, easily and effectively.”

BounceBack Ultimate offers users its exciting “Instant PC Recovery” to restart their
Windows-based PC via the USB connection to an external hard disk, thereby freeing
users from the worry of their system’s hard drive failing.

Additionally, BounceBack Ultimate delivers super-secure file-level AES 256-bit
encryption for additional peace of mind, as well as a host of other popular user
options such as multi-destination backup, synchronization, versioning, and scheduled
backups. BounceBack Ultimate offers an easy-to-use format with support for
Windows XP and Vista. Features propelling BounceBack Ultimate to the pinnacle of
data recovery include continuous data protection (CDP), application throttling, Quick
Restore™ and true open file backup support.

While BounceBack Ultimate offers a full complement of user-accessible backup
options, BounceBack Essential is the essence of a true “Set-It and Forget It” software

With BounceBack Essential, the system hard drive is duplicated and maintained on
the external USB drive. Every 60 minutes, BounceBack Essential will update the
external USB drive with any changes or additions made to the system drive, be it
user data or new applications downloaded from the Web. Best of all, with
BounceBack Essential there is no confusing user interface – the program simply
works in the background to keep an external copy of a system drive up-to-date and

Should the system drive fail or become inoperable, BounceBack Essential is there
with CMS’ patent-pending “Instant PC Recovery” feature to get users up and running
in a matter of minutes. BounceBack Essential provides the tools to repair or recover
the internal system drive – allowing users to complete the repairs on their own time,
rather than in the panic mode created by a system drive failure.

BounceBack Ultimate and Essential are currently available from leading resellers or
from the company’s web site,

About CMS Products

CMS Products has sold more than two million units of software while installing more
than four million complete storage solutions in 90-plus countries. The complete line
of product offerings includes automatic backup solutions for both portable and
desktop computers, RAID systems, backup and disaster recovery software, media
management software, notebook hard drive upgrades and data transfer kits and high
capacity desktop hard drives.

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