TLI309 Certificate III in Locomotive Driving by shelseaZvansky


									TLI3**09 Certificate III in Locomotive Driving
Qualification title:
Certificate III in Locomotive Driving
This is a general qualification for a person engaged in driving a heavy rail
locomotive driving hauling general freight, bulk freight, interstate and intrastate
diesel hauled passenger trains.

Requirements for completion of the qualification:
A successful assessment outcome for a total 20 units, comprising:
13 core units; plus
4 technical elective units; plus
3 general elective units

Achieve all core units listed below:

Field                     Unit
B Equipment                TLIB2007B Visually Inspect Stationary Train
  Checking and
  Maintenance              TLIB2107B Conduct Train Roll-by Inspection
                           TLIB2207B Diagnose & Rectify Minor Faults
                           TLIB7507A Inspect and Prepare Motive Power Unit

C Drive Vehicle            TLIC1907B Drive Train to Operational Requirements
                           TLIC2307B Operate a Train with Due Consideration

E Communication
                                     of Route Conditions
                           TLIC2607A Operate and Monitor a Motive Power Unit
                           TLIC2707A Stable a Motive Power Unit

                           TLIE707B      Use Communication Systems
  and Calculation

F   Safety Management      TLIF107C      Follow OH&S Procedures
                           TLIF1007C Apply Fatigue Management Strategies
                           TLIF2107B     Respond to Train Driving Emergencies
                                         and Abnormal Situations
                           TLIF5807B     Apply Safe Working Rules to Rail

Achieve 4 of the technical elective units from those listed below:

Field                   Unit
B Equipment             TLIB107C      Check & Assess Operational Capabilities
  Checking and                        of Equipment
                        TLIB1907B     Test Train Braking System
                        TLIB2607B     Prepare for Train Operation
C Drive Vehicle         TLIC1707B     Shunt Rolling Stock

D   Load Handling       TLID107C      Shift materials Safely Using Manual
                                      Handling Methods
F   Safety              TLIF1807B     Operate Fire Fighting Equipment

Achieve 3 of the general elective units from those listed below:

Field                   Unit
B Equipment              TLIB1807B Conduct Full Train Examination
  Checking and
  Maintenance            TLIB207C     Test Equipment and Isolate Faults
                         TLIB2707B Set Up and Shut Down On-train Remote
                                   Control System

C Drive Vehicle
                         TLIB2807B Maintain and Use Basic Hand Tools
                         TLIB2907C Use and maintain Minor Mechanical

                         TLIC1807B Operate On-train Remote Control System
                         TLIC**09A    Operate Off-train Remote Control System
E Communication          TLIE307C     Participate in Basic Workplace
  and Calculation                     Communications
                         TLIE407C     Prepare Workplace Documents
                         TLIE507C     Carry Out Basic Workplace Calculations
                         TLIE807C     Process Workplace Documentation
G Teamwork               TLIG107C     Work Effectively With Others

I   Customer Service   TLII207D    Apply Customer Service Skills
K Computers and        TLIK107C    Use Infotechnology Devices and
  Technology                       Computer Applications in the Workplace
L   Resource           TLIL3907B   Assist With Train Operations
                       TLIL4807B   Prepare For Train Departure



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