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									Data Sheet Issue 2009                                                                                     Volume XII Issue III

                                     Tax Extenders Act of 2009
     Tax Appointments

                                            everal important tax provisions              extend these provisions through 2010.
                                            are set to expire at the end of              At the time of this printing, the Senate
                                            2009, including tax-free IRA                 had not yet approved these extensions,
      Schedule your tax
  appointment soon to help           payouts to charity, a deduction                               although most expect last
  assure that you will receive
  the appointment time that is
  best for you. Both Saturday
  and evening hours are filling
                                     of up to $4,000 for college
                                     tuition and related expenses,
                                     and a teacher’s supply
                                                                                                   minute approval by the end
                                                                                                   of the year or to retroactively
                                                                                                   restore them next year.
  up quickly. We have added
  additional staff to better serve
                                     deduction of $250. Also               2009                        The House also approved
                                     included is an additional standard                  a permanent extension of the estate
  you. Also, remember it is not
  necessary for your spouse to be    deduction for state and local property              tax law that was in place for 2009,
  with you at the appointment.       taxes for taxpayers who do not                      which included a $3.5 million exemption
                                     itemize their deductions and a                      with a 45 percent rate, and repealed
  Drop-Off Service                   research and development credit for                 the carryover basis rule.
     Kakenmaster & Associates
  also offers a tax drop-off         businesses. With health care reform                     Please call us if you have any
  service. Just drop off or mail     taking center stage in Congress this                questions regarding these or other
  in your tax information and        year, the House of Representatives                  tax questions. We look forward to
  data sheet, and your taxes
  will be completed within           just recently passed legislation to                 serving you this tax season.
  five days. No appointment is
  necessary for this service. A
  tax preparer will also be          2009 Tax Checklist
  available for a portion of
  each day to review your            _____ Did any births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, or deaths occur in your
  return with you, if desired.               family during the year?
                                     _____ Can you or your spouse be claimed as a dependent by someone else?
  Electronic Filing                  _____ Did you have a change in residence or job location during the year?
      We can electronically file     _____ Did you use your vehicle on the job other than for commuting to and from work?
  your return. The IRS usually       _____ Did you have an employer-provided vehicle which you drove home or used personally?
  has a two-week turnaround
  time. Even if you have a bal-      _____ Did you work out of town at any time during the year?
  ance due, your return can be       _____ Did you start a new business or purchase any new rental property during 2009?
  filed electronically. Payment      _____ Did you purchase, sell, or refinance your principal home or your second home or
  is not due until April 15, 2010.   take out a home equity loan during the year? If yes, please bring closing papers and other
  Electronic filing is an easy       pertinent information.
  way to get your return there       _____ Have you purchased any business
  on time.                           assets (furniture, equipment, etc.) or convert-
  Credit Cards                       ed any assets to business use? If yes, please
      The IRS is now accepting       list on attached sheet. Also, bring closing
  credit cards for payments on       papers for purchases of real estate.
  balances due by calling            _____ Did you dispose of any business assets
  1-888-2paytax (1-888-272-          (including real estate)? If yes, list on attached
  9829). Master Card, Visa,          sheet.
  American Express, and
  Discover cards are accepted.       _____ Did you receive any notices from the
  The credit card company            IRS or the state? If yes, please attach notice.
  will charge the taxpayer a         _____ Did you convert a traditional IRA to a
  fee for this service. This fee     Roth IRA in 2009?
  is deductible.
                                                        see Tax Checklist on back page

2009 Tax Data Sheet
Your Name                       S.S. #                    Date of Birth (D.O.B.)     Occupation

 Spouse’s Name                  S.S. #                    D.O.B.                      Occupation

Address                        City                       State                       Zip Code

 Home Phone Number              Work Phone Number         E-mail address              Cell Phone

 1) Name                        S.S. #                    D.O.B.                   Relationship
                                                                                   Live with you? ____ Yes   ____ No
 2) Name                       S.S. #                     D.O.B.                   Relationship
                                                                                   Live with you? ____ Yes   ____ No
 3) Name                       S.S. #                     D.O.B.                   Relationship
                                                                                   Live with you? ____ Yes   ____ No
 4) Name                       S.S. #                     D.O.B.                   Relationship
                                                                                   Live with you? ____ Yes   ____ No
 5) Name                       S.S. #                     D.O.B.                   Relationship
                                                                                   Live with you? ____Yes    ____ No

Income: Enclose all W-2 and 1099 Forms for Wages, Pensions, Dividends, Interest, Gambling, Social
Security, etc. Include taxable and non-taxable income.

Other Income: Furnish complete information. If necessary, please attach any explanatory notes
on a separate sheet.

• Alimony                   • Farming                        • Lawsuit Settlement                  • State Tax Refund
• Annuities                 • HSA/MSA Withdrawals            • Lottery/Gambling                    • Stock Options
• Capital Gains (Losses)    • IRA/Pension Distribution       • Railroad Retirement                 • Unemployment
• Commissions               • IRA Rollover                   • Rental Income                           Compensation
• Debt Cancellation         • (K-1) Partnerships/Trust/      • Second Job
• Disability Pay                 S-Corporations              • Self-Employment

Stock or Property Sales: Enclose all data regarding selling, including the date purchased, date sold,
the name of the stock, cost to acquire, and the amount received. Enclose all 1099B forms from the brokers.
Real Estate Tax Paid:
Personal Residence: $ ________________ 2nd Home: $ _______________ Other: $_______________

Sales Tax Paid: Auto: $ _________ R.V. : $ ________ Mobile Home: $ ________ Boat: $ _______
Building Materials: $ __________ Motorcycle: $ ________

Points Paid in 2009: New Home Purchase: $ ____________ Equity Home Loan: $ _____________
Refinanced Personal Residence: $ ______________ Home Improvement Expenses: $ ______________

Economic Recovery Payment: How much did you receive? $ ___________

Interest Expenses:                                             Other Miscellaneous Deductions:
Home Mortgage: $ _______________________                       Job-Related Expenses:
2nd Home: $ ____________________________                       (Expenses must exceed 2% of adjusted gross
Other: $ ________________________________                      income.)
Home Equity Loan: $ _____________________                      Uniforms: $ ____________________________
Contract Purchase: $ ______________________                    Malpractice Insurance: $ __________________
Contract Holder’s Name and Social Security                     Union Dues: $ __________________________
Number: _______________________________                        Professional Dues/Licenses: $ ______________
Student loan interest paid: $ ________________                 Tax Consultation: $ ______________________
For Whom: _____________________________                        Work Tools: $ ___________________________
Investment interest on margin account: $ ______                Safety Equipment: $______________________
                                                               Job Education/Tuition/Books: $_____________
Un-reimbursed Medical Expenses:                                       Mileage: _________________________
(Must exceed 7.5% of adjusted gross income.)                   Job Seeking Expenses:
Hospital, M.D., D.D.S., prescriptions, eye care,                      Travel: $ _________________________
long-term care expenses, medical equipment,                           Phone: $ _________________________
childbirth class fees, etc.                                           Mileage: _________________________
Total un-reimbursed medical expenses: $______                  Educators Out-of-Pocket Expenses: $ ________
Medical Insurance: $ _____________________                     Investment Advice Expense Fees: $ __________
Long-term Care Insurance: $ _______________
Medical travel miles: _____________________                    Childcare Expenses:
Lodging while receiving treatment: $ _________                 1) Amount paid: $ _______________________
HSA/MSA Deposits: $ ____________________                       To Whom: _____________________________
Handicap school: $ _______________________                     S.S. #: ________________________________
* If you or your spouse is legally blind, please               Services in your home? Yes ____ No ____
enclose certificate.                                           2) Amount paid: $ _______________________
                                                               To Whom: _____________________________
Alimony Paid:                                                  S.S. #: ________________________________
Name: _________________________________                        Services in your home? Yes ____ No ____
S.S. # _________________________________                       3) Summer Camp Costs: $ ________________
Amount: $ _____________________________                        (This is only deductible if the child went to
                                                               camp to allow parents to work. It does not
Gambling Losses: $ _____________________                       include the cost of overnight camp.)
(Please call the office for a gambling expense
record envelope. A listing from the casino of                  Notes:
amounts gambled is no longer an acceptable
proof of gambling losses.)

Supplemental Data Sheets:
If you have any of the following items, please call our office for additional data sheets that we can fax, mail, or
e-mail to you:
• Moving expenses            • Auto use for business (un-reimbursed)            • Home office use for business
• Capital gains worksheet • Business travel expenses (un-reimbursed)            • Rental income and expenses
    Should we make a mistake, our policy is to correct it at no additional cost. If there are penalties and interest
charges resulting from the mistake, these will be paid by us up to the amount of the preparation fee. If this is
your first time filing with Kakenmaster & Associates, please include a copy of last year’s tax return. If you
have any questions, please call 847-367-0888. Thank you for your cooperation.

Charitable Contributions:                             Residential Energy-Efficient Property
A receipt from a qualifying charitable organiza-      Credit:
tion is needed for cash contributions.                Solar Powered Equipment Costs: $ _____________
Religious Organizations: $ _________________          Qualified Fuel Cell Property Costs: $ ___________
Payroll Deductions: $ _____________________           Geothermal Heat Pump Property Costs: $ ________
Donated Goods*: $ _______________________             Wind Energy Property Costs: $ _______________
Other Charitable Donations: $ ______________
Volunteer Service Mileage: ________________           Energy Efficient Home Improvements such as
* Must be in good or better condition and have        new furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, insu-
receipts to claim donations on tax return, as well    lation, exterior doors/windows, and metal roofing.
as photos/list as proof of each item’s condition.     List item and cost below:
Include 1098-C (for used car donation to charity)     Purchase: _______________ Cost: $ ___________
                                                      Purchase: _______________ Cost: $ ___________
Charitable Contributions from an IRA:                 Purchase: _______________ Cost: $ ___________
Direct Donation Amount*: $ _______________
*Must have receipt to claim donation on tax return.   IRA Deposits:
Gifts:                                                Roth                  Traditional IRA
Did you gift some college tuition to a grandchild?    Taxpayer: $ _________ Taxpayer: $ ____________
If so, how much? $ _______________________            Spouse: $ __________ Spouse: $ _____________

Prepayment of Private School Tuition:                 Other Retirement Contribution:
Did you pay for a grandchild’s tuition from a         SEP:$______SIMPLE:$ ______ Keogh:$ ________
Coverdell Savings Account directly to the school?     Taxpayer: $ _______________________________
If so, how much? $ ______________________             Spouse: $_________________________________
Education Expenses:
Post Secondary                                        Estimated Taxes Paid:
Tuition Paid: $ ______________                        Federal Taxes:
Date: _______________ Year in School: _____           1st payment:
For Whom: _____________________________
                                                      Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________

Private and Parochial School Expenses                 2nd payment:
(Grades K-12)                                         Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
Tuition: $ ____________ Books/Fees: $ _____           3rd payment:
For Whom: _____________________________               Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
Grade in school: _________________________
                                                      4th payment:
Name of School: _________________________
                                                      Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
Qualified Tuition Programs (529 Plans)                State Taxes:
Contribution: $ __________________
                                                      1st payment:
Distribution: $ __________________
Transfers: $_____________________                     Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
Home State Plan? Yes ____ No____                      2nd payment:
                                                      Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________

Hybrid/Lean Burning Diesel/Qualified                  3rd payment:

Plug-in Electric Car Credit:                          Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
Hybrid Model Purchased: __________________            4th payment:
Date Purchased: __________________________            Date Paid: ______________   Amount: $ _______________
                                 Kakenmaster and Associates, Inc.
                                 Libertyville Insurance Agency, Inc.

                                        Privacy Policy Notice

We understand that you have provided certain          administer, or process a transaction, or for
personal and financial information necessary to       maintaining and servicing your account.
process your transactions. We always have and
will continue to take very seriously the              We do not give or sell information about you or
obligation to keep that information confiden-         your accounts to any other company, individual or
tial and private. Under federal law you have the      group.
right to know what information is being collected
about you and how that information will be            We restrict access to nonpublic personal infor-
used.                                                 mation about you to those employees who need
                                                      to know that information to provide products or
Information we receive from interviews                services to you. We maintain physical, elec-
regarding your tax situation;                         tronic, and procedural safeguards that comply
                                                      with federal standards to guard your nonpublic
Information we receive on applications,               personal information.
organizers, or by other means, such as your
name, address, telephone number, social security      No action is required on your part. This notice
number, dependents, income and other tax-             is meant to inform you how we safeguard your
related data;                                         nonpublic personal financial information. You
                                                      may wish to file this notice with your financial
Information from tax-related documents you            records.
provide that are required to process tax returns,
such as Forms W-2, 1099R, 1099-INT and                If you have any questions about our Privacy
1099-DIV, and stock transactions, etc.                Policy, please contact us. Thank you for review-
                                                      ing our privacy commitment to you and for your
We will not disclose any nonpublic personal           trust in us.
information about our customers or former
customers to anyone, except as permitted by           Sincerely,
law. Under the law, the information we collect
is provided to companies that perform support         Peter Kakenmaster
services on our behalf as necessary to effect,        Mark Kakenmaster
                                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                   LIBERTYVILLE, IL
                                                                                                                    Permit No. 191

  Kakenmaster & Associates
   wishes you and yours a
     healthy, happy, and
      rewarding 2010!

Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate
Services for Businesses and Individuals

                                       2009 Tax Checklist, Cont’d...
       2010 Tax Info                    _____ Did you have an interest in or signature over a bank or brokerage account in a
                                               foreign country, or were you a grantor of or transferor to a foreign trust?
                                        _____ Did you receive any type of prize or award during 2009?
 2010 Mileage Rates                     _____ Did you engage in any bartering transactions in 2009?
 Standard rate for business
                                        _____ Did you redeem any U.S. Savings Bonds during 2009?
 driving: 50¢ per mile (a
 decrease of 5¢). If the stan-          _____ Does anyone owe you money which has become uncollectible?
 dard rate is used, the vehicle         _____ Did you incur a loss due to damaged or stolen property?
 depreciation rate is 23¢ per           _____ Did you or your spouse “rollover” a profit sharing or retirement plan distribution
 mile, up 2¢.                                  into another plan?
 Medical and moving rates:              _____ Did you make any gifts over $13,000 to any one person in 2009?
 15 1/2¢ per mile (a decrease           _____ Did you have any casualty or theft loss (must exceed 10% of gross income)?
 of 7 1/2¢ per mile).                   _____ Do you have any children or dependents under age 18 that had unearned income
 Charitable driving: 14¢ cents                 of over $1,900 in 2009?
 per mile.                              _____ Do you have any household employees?
                                        _____ Do you need any supplemental data sheets? (Can be sent by fax or email)
 2009 Social Security Wage Base
                                        _____ Do you anticipate any significant changes in your financial situation in 2010?
 The S.S. wage base remains
 at $106,800. FICA remains at               If this is your first time filing with Kakenmaster & Associates, please include a copy
 6.2% and Medicare at 1.45%.            of last year’s tax return. We also offer a discount for the refereral of a new client. Give the
 Self-employed taxpayer will
                                        coupon below to the new client and when they come in, we will send you a check for
 pay 15.3% on the first
 $106,800, 2.9% after this point.       $25.00, and they will receive $25.00 off their tax preparation fee. Please note that we will
                                        no longer bill for services. Payment may be made by check or credit card upon delivery of
                                        your return. Thank you. If you have any questions, please call 847-367-0888.

               New Client Coupon                                                   New Client Coupon
          This referral coupon is good for a $25.00                           This referral coupon is good for a $25.00
        discount on 2009 tax preparation fees for new                       discount on 2009 tax preparation fees for new
                           clients at:                                                         clients at:
                 Kakenmaster Tax Service                                             Kakenmaster Tax Service
                      333 Peterson Road                                                   333 Peterson Road
                   Libertyville, IL 60048                                              Libertyville, IL 60048
                        847/367-0888                                                        847/367-0888
                     This referral is from:                                              This referral is from:

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