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Module F1: Security Strategy and Planning
Module F2: Security Service Management and Design
SABSA is the world’s most successful security architecture.
It is the leading open-use best practice method for delivering cohesive
information security solutions to enterprises. The SABSA framework
ensures that the security needs of your organisation are met completely
and are designed, delivered and supported as an integral part of your
IT management infrastructure.
This 2-module program has been designed to provide participants with a
thorough coverage of the knowledge required for the SABSA Foundation
Level Certificate.

Become a
Certified Security Architect

Singapore 24-28 August 2009
Singapore 7-11 December 2009

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The SABSA Roadmap
Why SABSA?                                 SABSA Education                            Who Uses SABSA?
SABSA is the world’s leading open          The SABSA Certification Program            SABSA is used extensively by global
security architecture framework            is structured into three areas –           business and governments. Perhaps
and methodology.                           Foundation (the mandatory base for         the highest-profile recent adoption
SABSA is a top-to-bottom framework         all certification), Advanced Modules       of SABSA is the UK Ministry of
and methodology to conceive,               (counting towards Practitioner and         Defence (MOD), which commissioned
conceptualise, design, implement           Masters certification), and Topical        a comprehensive review of available
and manage security in a business-         Master Classes (two-day non-exam           contenders, both public and proprietary,
driven model.                              events covering specialty areas and        before deciding SABSA would be its
                                           offering credits towards certification).   standard for Information Assurance.
The term “business-driven” is the key
to SABSA’s power, and its acceptance.      There are five core career streams:        Several countries are already ahead
SABSA is all about empowering the          › Advanced Risk,                           of the MOD game in their private
organisation to do business as it needs      Assurance & Governance                   use of SABSA - for example,
and wants to do, while ensuring that it                                               Canadian Government agencies use
                                           › Advanced Architectural Design            it extensively. SABSA was used in a
is secured and fully enabled.
                                           › Advanced Architecture                    major exercise in the US Government
SABSA is an open and inclusive               Programme Management                     as far back as 1999.
standard that readily integrates with
other frameworks and tools such as         › Advanced Incident, Monitoring            Australia’s Federal Government has
ITIL, 17799/27000 series, COBIT and          & Investigations Architecture            seen SABSA use and adoption in a
the like. It can be used as a compliance                                              number of agencies.
                                           › Advanced Business Continuity
and governance framework for                 & Crisis Management                      One of the leading security associations
complex sets of standards.                                                            and certification bodies, ISACA, now
                                           Unlike the previous roadmap which
SABSA is used commonly as the                                                         documents SABSA as a recommended
                                           forced strict paths along specific
security parallel and tool set for                                                    governance framework.
                                           streams, these can be mixed-and-
organisations using the world’s leading    matched (along with the Master
IT Architecture Framework - Zachman.       Classes) to give you exactly the skill     SABSA is openly available,
                                           set required in your chosen career.        not secret and proprietary
Foundation Certificate Course Content
         Security Strategy                       Security Service               Who Should Attend
 F1      and Planning
                                        F2       Management                     ›   CIO / CISO / CRO / CIRO
                                                 and Design                     ›   IT Strategists and Planners
This module provides participants       This module leverages the strategy      ›   IT Architects
with a comprehensive understanding      defined in Foundation Module            ›   IT Development Managers and
of how the SABSA framework              One to create the roadmap to                Project Leaders
delivers successful security strategy   design, deliver and support a set       ›   Software Managers and Architects
and architecture. Through a series      of consistent and high-quality
                                                                                ›   Computer / Information Security
of innovative presentations, case       security services.
                                                                                    Managers, Advisors, Consultants
studies and workshops, you will         Covering the good practice lifecycle,       & Practitioners
develop the skills to use the most      participants will find out how to
proven security architecture design                                             ›   IT Line Managers
                                        design, deliver and support a
and management processes                comprehensive security services         ›   IT Service Delivery Managers
and find out how to develop a           architecture that integrates fully      ›   Risk Managers
comprehensive strategy for the          and seamlessly with their existing      ›   Internal and External Auditors
creation of a security architecture     IT management and business
that genuinely meets the needs of       infrastructure and practices.           SABSA Foundation
your organisation.
                                                                                Certificate Exams
                                        Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes                                                               The SABSA Foundation Certificate
                                        The top ten competencies                is issued to candidates who pass
The top ten competencies                developed on this course are:           both Foundation Level exams. The
developed on this course are:                                                   exams are held at the end of the fifth
                                        1 Use SABSA to create an
1 Define enterprise security              holistic framework to align           day and each paper is of one-hour
  architecture, its role, objectives      and integrate standards               duration and contains 48 multiple
  and benefits                                                                  choice questions.
                                        2 Describe roles, responsibilities,
2 Describe the SABSA model,               decision-making and                   For more information contact
  architecture matrix, service            organisational structure              learn@pdatrain.com.sg
  management matrix and
                                        3 Explain the integration of
                                          SABSA into a service                  David Lynas
3 Describe SABSA principles,              management environment
  framework, approach and lifecycle                                             David Lynas is a globally renowned
                                        4 Define Security Services              Enterprise Security Architect, Security
4 Use business goals and objectives
                                        5 Describe the placement of security    Strategist, and Risk Management
  to engineer information security
                                          services within ICT Infrastructure    specialist. He is a member of the original
                                        6 Create a SABSA Trust Model            SABSA development team and is CEO
5 Create a business
                                        7 Describe and model security           of the SABSA Institute.
  attributes taxonomy
                                          associations intra-domain
6 Apply key architectural
                                          and inter-domain
  defence-in-depth concepts
7 Explain security engineering
                                        8 Explain temporal factors in
                                          security and sequence
                                                                                FREE DOWNLOADS
  principles, methods
                                          security services
  and techniques
                                        9 Determine an appropriate              › White Paper: Enterprise
8 Use an architected approach
  to design an integrated
                                          start-up approach for                   Security Architecture -
                                          SABSA Architecture                      A Business-driven Model
  compliance framework
                                        10 Apply SABSA Foundation                 for Security
9 Describe and design
                                           level competencies to your
  appropriate policy architecture
                                           own environment                      › SABSA Training and
10 Define security architecture
   value proposition, measures                                                    Certification Guide
   and metrics
                                                                                › SABSA Certification FAQ

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