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Usability Assessment of Redbox


									                                                                        Mobile: (408)893-2927
DarshilVora                                                                                                        201 S 4th Street Apt #532A, San Jose, CA 95112

Graduate Student, San Jose State University, CA             B.Tech, Nirma Institute of Technology, India
Aug ‘10 – Present | GPA: 3.8                                Aug ’04 – May ’08 | GPA: 3.6
Major(s): Human Factors/Ergonomics                          Major(s): Information Technology

                       HCI Skills                                                Technical Skills
Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User           Database                      Operating Systems
Experience Design, Usability Evaluation, Interface Design    Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server      Linux, Unix, Windows
                                                             2005, MySQL                   XP/Server 2003
Prototyping& Wireframe        Usability Testing              Programming                   Tools
Tools                         Heuristic Evaluation,          C#, JavaScript, XML, Shell    Microsoft Office, Visual
Axure RP Pro, MockingBird,    Cognitive Walkthroughs,        Script, PL/SQL, VBScript,     Studio, Visual SourceSafe,
Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex       Personas                       JQuery, Java(basics), PHP     Adobe Photoshop

       Received an Award for Excellence in the category of “BestProject Process Improvement – Team” in January
        2010 by Tata Consultancy Services Limited for re-designing and improving the process of Incident Management
        System used by SAP Professionals.
       Received an honorary certificate for securing a position in TOP 100 C# Coders, in a coding competition organized
        across all geographies of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
       Received an honorary certificate for securing a position in TOP 100 Shell Script Programmers, in a coding
        competition organized across all geographies of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

                                             Professional Experience
Tata Consultancy Services Limited, India                                                        June 2008- June 2010
Assistant Systems Engineer
Incident Management System (September 2009 – June 2010)

       Designed and Implemented Dashboard report generation for Incident Management System used by SAP
       Rapid Prototyping of reports and incident management processes of the system with the users.
       Improved the Database performance for retrieving the reports and other data by optimizing the procedures
        and creating triggers.
Revenue Assurance System (August 2008 – August 2009)
       Performed reconciliations for the data between the Operational Support System (OSS) and Billing Support
        System (BSS) for Telecom companies.
       Formed rules for reconciling the data and performed Pattern Matching onthe data through Shell Scripts.
       Developed scripts thatmonitored thresholds andgenerated Alarms if thresholds were violated
       Designed Dashboards and generated reports from the data.
                                                 Academic Projects
Usability Assessment of Redbox
  Creating and coordinating the              Creating supporting documents        Creating advertisements for
   Testing Plan                                for Data logging                       participant recruitment
  Validating end-user goals and their        Data Recording, Analysis and         Creating participant screeners
   alignment with the client’s goals           presentation                           and recruiting participants
  Heuristic Evaluation                       Report formatting and layout         Task ,protocol and study design
I was required to conduct a formal Usability Evaluation of the Redbox Website and Kiosk as a part of my curriculum. My
team and I worked to create and execute the study from the scratch. We designed the study and the protocol for the
assessment. I moderated a few participants and executed the role of data logger in the rest. After the study, I analyzed
the data recorded along the performance, subjective and behavioral measures and presented it in the form of usable
graphs and images. In the end, we concluded with a heuristic analysis and recommendations for improvement of the
user experience for Redbox.

Redesign of Picasa Web Album
 Identified design constraints with the current interface.
 Created Cognitive walkthroughs and personae to identify the major goals the users would want to achieve.
 Conducted Usability tests for the interface and recruit participants for the same.
 Prototyped the interface iteratively on the basis of results obtained from Usability tests conducted by the team.
I was required to identify design constraints in Picasa Web Albums and re-design them to be made accessible for people
of all ages. I along with my team identified the major goals users would try to achieve and made changes in the interface
accordingly. I then tested the re-designed interface with the users and found that the difference between the two was
not significant enough. It and my team found that the sample size was too small for the results to show any significant
difference. The major take away from this study for me was to ensure that the study design and power of the sample
size should be evaluated before execution.

Website Evaluation – Comparing with its competitor
 Constructed a pseudo Demographic spread of the users of both the websites.
 Created personae of the users and generate common tasks for them which could be completed on both the
 Then we created mock ups for each process of completing a task and achieving the desired goal for that user.

I was required to evaluate the websites functionalities and test them for Usability issues with a team of two.
We studied the unique features, user demographics, error handling, logical color coding, readability, information
organization and accommodation for users with accessibility issues. We also conducted a small experiment to
understand which was preferred by the San Jose State Students. I learnt how to evaluate a product and identify the
criteria for evaluation. I also learnt how to apply various techniques of evaluation to identify usability issues.

Usability Evaluation of Sleep Zeo (In-home sleep measurement device)
 Identified the major interactions between the users and the device.
 Tested them against the heuristics and identify flaws in the design, if any.

I was required to evaluate the device interface and test it with the Usability Guidelines. I proposed some improvements
in the design of the device-interface for the Sleep Zeo device based on the Usability principles which would enable the
users to use the device with ease, without the web interface.

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