PURCHASING PROCEDURES                                     Sign the requisition and send a copy to appropriate
                                                          person for entering into MUNIS system. If filled out
             PURCHASE REQUISITION                         on-screen it may be forwarded to coordinator by e-mail
                                                          for electronic signature.
Complete a PURCHASE REQUISITION listing all
information (quantity, catalog number, pricing, etc.).      FROM REQUISITION TO PURCHASE ORDER
This may be obtained at the district web site (forms),
and may be printed out or filled out on-screen, saved     The purchasing clerk will use the requisition to prepare
and forwarded through e-mail. List the MUNIS codes        the purchase order in MUNIS and obtain
the purchase should be charged to. List the grand total   approval/signature. Two days must be allowed to
(less discount) on the requisition.                       complete the purchase order process, however typical
                                                          turnaround time is one day. Therefore, please allow
Technology Purchases                                      adequate time when needing to make a purchase.
                                                          When completed, the purchase order will be returned
The District Technology Coordinator must be included      to you for ordering. The purchase order will state NO
in planning of all technology projects and purchases in   BACKORDERS. Please specify this when placing the
order to ensure that purchases are compatible with the    order.
school district’s technology system and properly
inventoried according to state regulations. All                   CHANGES AND MODIFICATIONS
technology purchases require a Commodity Code.
Contact the Technology Coordinator to obtain this         Any changes or modifications to the purchase order
code when ordering any of the following items:            with a cost increase of 10 percent of the total price
computers, printers, scanners, digital cameras,           would be corrected by purchasing department at
televisions, vcr’s, scan converters, phone systems,       Central Office. Supervisor approval must be obtained
software, and any other equipment related to data.        first. Please call or send PO Maintenance Request to
                                                          central office. NO ADDITIONAL ITEMS SHOULD
                  REQUIREMENTS                            BE ADDED TO THE EXISTING P.O.

The Jackson County Board of Education adopted the                         RECEIPT OF ORDER
Kentucky Model Procurement Code as prescribed in
Chapter 45-A of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.            When order is received, compare packing slip or
To comply with the above you must list contract           invoice to the purchase order. Sign and date that the
number if buying from state bid or co-operative bid. If   merchandise has been received, attach this to the
the item/s are not on bid or exempt from bidding for      requisition and purchase order, and send to the
specified reasons, three quotations from the most         Accounts Payable department at Central Office for
competitive vendors must be obtained, with a copy of      payment. Payment cannot be made from monthly
the Competitive Quote form (forms at web site)            statements – it must be the actual itemized invoice.
attached to the requisition.
                                                                     PREPARATION OF PAYMENT
1. Item(s) is/are a single source.                        The Accounts Payable department will compare the
2. Item(s) purchased will be for resale.                  invoice to the purchase order and prepare for payment.
3. Item(s) purchased were perishable.                     Payment will be made after the next scheduled board
4. Services required are professional and exempt from     meeting and after approval by the board.
5. The total purchase and time available did not                              PROMPTNESS
   warant competitive quotation on bidding.
6. The item was on bid. (state, local, KEDC, GSA)         The Central Office desires to be prompt in making
                                                          payment for goods or services; therefore, it is
           DELIVERY OF REQUISITION                        imperative that all receipts, invoices, and packing slips
                                                          are sent to the Accounts Payable department as soon as
                                                          merchandise is received. The Board of Education does
not pay late charges. Any late charges incurred due to
untimely submission of invoices will become the
individual requestor’s responsibility.


Any questions concerning budget availability should
be directed to Principals and Program Coordinators as
they have direct access to their financial budgets. Any
questions concerning purchasing/payment processing
may be forwarded to Nikki Venable at the Central

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