AWARDS 2010 - Kearsarge Regional School District by W688Qa


									                   Awards Assembly 2010

                        KRES Bradford

Continental Math League Awards:
     Grade 2: Jenna Cook, Shannon Higgins
     Grade 3: James Brady, Scott Bassi, Jenny Hebert,
                Corbin Montminy
     Grade 4: Nic Malecha, Joe Storozuk, Brad Underhill,
                Izabella vonBeren
     Grade 5: Gunnar Andersson, Carl Betz, Maddie Cook,
           Kayla Edmunds

Perfect Attendance Award:
     Kindergarten: Riley Metz
     Grade 2: Kylie O’Keefe,
     Grade 3: Joe Baldasaro, Zac Goin, Corbin Montminy
     Grade 4: Jordan Bryk, Caela Budd, Britney Grilo,
               Logan Montminy
               & Mr. Mitchell- 2 years

Art Achievement Award:
     Grade 1: Kaylea Fox
     Grade 2: Hailey Hogancamp
     Grade 3: Sarah Clark
     Grade 4: Matthew Hubley
     Grade 5: Breanna Sowle

Physical Ed. Achievement Award:
     Grade 1: Nina Spinney
     Grade 2: Ashley Clark
     Grade 3: Matthew Strickland
     Grade 4: Logan Montminy
     Grade 5: Nick Spaulding
Technology Achievement Award:
    Grade 1: Zander Humphrey
    Grade 2: Erin Gilchrist
    Grade 3: Jacob Long
    Grade 4: Ben Stewart
    Grade 5: Hannah Christiansen

Music Achievement Award:
     Grade 1: Matthew Ulrich
     Grade 2: Marina Ware
     Grade 3: Hailey Lacombe
     Grade 4: Sarah Long
     Grade 5: Rochelle Hoffman

Principals Award
      This award is given to recognize Fifth Grade students that show
outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment or
intellectual development in academic subjects, as well as outstanding
effort and a positive attitude. They may show particular skill in the
arts, in music, the visual arts or theater. These students have
succeeded at the highest levels.
      The Principal’s Award goes to the following students:
      Gunnar Andersson, Mia Bailey, Carl Betz, Hannah Christainsen,
Maddie Cook, Kelsea Davis, Kayla Edmunds, Morgan Emery, Dylan
Fedas, Zoe Furst-Parys, Tristan Honacher, Sammy Jensen, Scott
Matthews, Brendan MacDonald, Abby McClennand, Eliana Mellott,
Jennifer Meriam, Molly Morris, Breanna Sowle, Colton Wilhelm

Dawn Rich Award:
      The Dawn Rich Award is given to a Fifth Grade student who
portrays the characteristics that make Mrs. Rich so special. The
student is someone who is kind and respectful. The student is involved
in the school and shows a true caring for his/her school community.
This person has a huge heart that is obvious in all their actions.

     The Dawn Rich Award honoree is: Nick Spaulding

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