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Technical Proposal Ekagra High Impact – High


High Impact – High Value – Business Results

1.1 Resume – Vinay Kumar – Key Person

     Senior Java Architect with ten years of experience in application software development
     Four years of experience managing the project life cycle, architecture, design, configuration and
     Four years in functional roles as a team leader, mentor and trainer
     Long standing competence in system analysis, design and development of functional and code
     Designed and developed secured web based database application using J2EE design patterns, Java 2.0,
      Servlets 2.x, JSP1.x, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, JDBC, BC4J, EJB, Rational Rose( Full RUP Cycle),
      ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ant, JHeadStatrt , HTML, Java Script
     Equally proficient in Windows NT and UNIX environments
     Provided solutions to cut the operational cost and reach scalability. Also done lot of work on existing
      systems to improve the performance by altering the design and tuning the queries.
     Designed and developed secured content management servers using XML. For data exchange between
      different content providers, designed a security framework using JAAS and JCE (Java Cryptography
      extension). Secured message objects could be exchanged between different applications and systems.
     Have been very creative in providing solution using open source technologies like JBOSS, Struts,
      JDOM, Apache, POI, FOP etc.
     Expertise in object oriented analysis, design and development using industry standard design patterns,
      Servlets, Applets, RMI, EJB 1.x,2.x, Java Beans, XML, JMS, JAXP1.x,JAAS, JCE, and LDAP

B.S. Computer Science, 1990
Ekagra Software Technologies, Ltd., Centreville, VA                                                              April 2003 to Present
Software Architect
C3PR (Central Clinical Cancer Participant Registry) - NCICB
 NCI Center for BioInformatics supports number of clinical trials for intramural research. Patients
   participates in these clinical studies. Until now there was no central database for registering these
   participants. C3PR is designed to be a central registry system to address this need. This system will
   allow centralized registration of participants in clinical trials.
 Played role of an architect and coordinated with the team in gathering system requirements and defining
   the application and system architecture. Contributed in development of all of the architectural artifacts.
 Primary technologies users are Jdk 1.4, Jdeveloper 9i,Jbuilder 8.0, J2EE, JSP 1.2, Servlets2.3, EJB 2.0,
   JMS, JAXP1.1, Struts, WinNT4.0/Solaris 7, JBOSS 3.2,Apche web server, XML, JDOM, Oracle
   clinical, Oracle 9i, JavaScript, Rational Rose (UML), Ant

Hewlett Packard, Burlington MA                                                   May 2002 to April 2003
Senior Java Architect
 Like most large enterprises, HP has a number of subscribers for its multiple product lines. It is very
   important for HP to make sure that the product information is factually correct. For this reason the
   product information needs to be updated frequently. Also, new products are being continually added.

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                Disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject expressed written permission of Ekagra Software Technologies, Ltd.
High Impact – High Value – Business Results

      Each subscriber is interested in specific information that is relevant (and correct) for his or her needs.
      To meet this requirements a robust content management system (CMS) was needed such that the owner
      of the content can update the content directly. Vignette server has been implemented to serve the
      purpose. The CMS serves around two thousand daily subscriptions on average. It delivers the
      information in to the subscribers in a format of their choosing. The subscriber can set their preferences
      using the Content Management Application (CMA). The scheduling of subscription is done by Content
      Syndication Server (CSS).
     Primarily played a role of the senior architect. HP had multiple negative performance issues with their
      existing system. They wanted to replace it with a new J2EE compliant architecture. They also wanted
      complete control on the design and the added flexibility of using their own design. Mr. Kumar was
      tasked to define the new architecture and replacing the CSS and CMS server. He designed the J2EE
      scheduling service and led the phased implementation of the service and the new CMA application. The
      implementation was XML centric. Additionally there were problems with Vignette since it was not
      supported by Weblogic 6.x causing significant issues in production monitoring. He designed and
      developed a monitoring application, which sits outside the system and does real time monitoring of the
      services and subscriptions. Also, a logging server has been developed using JMS to which different
      components publish the messages. For secured data exchange between different systems and
      applications the security framework was developed using JAAS and JCE. The Configuration and
      deployment management was implemented by using VSS and Ant.
     Technologies used: Jdk 1.3, Jdeveloper 3.2,Jbuilder 7.0, J2EE, JSP 1.1, Servlets2.3, EJB 2.0, JMS,
      JAXP1.1, WinNT4.0/Solaris 7, Weblogic 5.1/6.0, IIS, XML, JDOM, Vignette Server, Syndication
      Server, Documentum 4i, Business Integration Studio, Oracle 8i, JavaScript, Rational Rose (UML), Ant

Oracle Corporation, Reston, VA                                                                                   April 2001 to May 2002
Team Leader- Architect
Grant Control System for National Cancer Institute
 Every year NCI gives away over $2 billion in grant funding for cancer research. These grants require
   significant amount of administration. The grant administration branch of NCI manages the flood of
   paper flowing from external research organizations to NCI grants administrators. A J2EE based system
   was developed to support this workflow of paper.
 Mr. Kumar played a key role in the development of this J2EE system. As a team lead designed the key
   system components and presented them with different solutions with their pros and cons. Used MVC
   based development framework called JHeadStart to develop the whole application. Developed design
   models using Rational Rose including class diagrams, collaboration diagrams, state activity diagrams,
   sequence diagrams and object model. Designed and developed the J2EE framework with all the
   services required by the application. That includes Process Workflow, State Machine, Domain
   Handlers, Business transaction logger, Session Management, Request Management, Error Handling
   framework, Security, Messaging. Used various J2EE design patterns like MVC design pattern,
   Command design pattern, Object Factory design pattern, Singleton design pattern, Value Object design
   pattern, etc. Designed and developed the Process Workflow and Security model for the application.
 Integrated the security authentication mechanism with NCI LDAP server and used Oracle database
   to store the authorization information.

Multinational companies                                                           1992 to 2001
Held various positions, from programmer analyst to senior architect, to provide full system lifecycle
support. During this time developed solutions using multitudes of technologies. The technologies included
Oracle, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, PLS/SQL and J2EE technologies.

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                Disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject expressed written permission of Ekagra Software Technologies, Ltd.
High Impact – High Value – Business Results

Management/Leadership Skills –Project management, Technical management.
Communication – Good communication skills.
Life Cycle Expertise –Enterprise information and technical architecture, Analysis, Design, JAD sessions,
Specialty Skills– Building system architecture, Technical management, and scalable and innovative J2EE
Methodologies – RUP, Waterfall life cycle, JAD,
Products – Oracle Database 9i/8.x/7.x/6.0/5.x, Oracle 9iAS, JDevloper, Rational Rose, Developer 6i,
PL/SQL 2.x/1.x, HTML, Java (J2EE).
Operating Systems –Unix, Windows XP/2000/NT/95
Languages – Java, J2EE, JavaScript, HTML, PL/SQL 2.0/1.

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                Disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject expressed written permission of Ekagra Software Technologies, Ltd.

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