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									A Certificate of Conformity is a declaration by a supplier of a product that the product
conforms to certain contractual requirements and criteria. This template form is
intended to provide standard clauses, including model type, place of manufacture,
trademark information, and that a product sample has been tested in accordance with
certain standards, but can also be customized to fit the needs of the product supplier
drafting the document. This document is useful to any company that tests its products
for conformity in accordance with specific criteria.
                           CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY

                                       for ________________________

PRODUCT:                                       ___________________________________

REGISTRATION NO:                               ___________________________________

REPORT NO:                                     ___________________________________

TRADEMARK:                                     ___________________________________

MODEL/TYPE:                                    ___________________________________

PLACE OF MANUFACTURE:                          ___________________________________

CUSTOMER NAME:                                 ___________________________________

CUSTOMER ADDRESS:                              ___________________________________

A Product Sample of ________________ has been tested by __________________ on the ____
day of _________________, 2________ at ____________________.

The Product Sample was tested in accordance with the following standards:

    1. _____________________________________________________________________
    2. _____________________________________________________________________
    3. _____________________________________________________________________

This Certificate of Conformity is being issued based upon the sample testing of the product,
following the provisions of the relevant specific standards.

Certificate of Conformity No: _________________________________

Certification Body: __________________________________________

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