092811 Household Chore List

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					List of Household Chores            32. to dust anything                76. to sinks/counters
[Housework]                         33. to dust the furniture           77. to sort the laundry [into
                                    34. to fill a pail or bucket with       different color loads]
Make a sentence using a past            water                           78. to sort the silverware
tense verb.                         35. to fix up the apartment         79. to stack the dishwasher
                                    36. to get the mail                 80. to sweep the floor
Example: Yesterday,I                37. to get the newspaper            81. to sweep the porch
                                    38. to go grocery shopping          82. to sweep up the mess
carried the groceries               39. to hang permanent press         83. to take care of pet(s)
into the house.                     40. to hang up my suit              84. to take out the
                                    41. to iron my clothes                  garbage/recycling/trash
1. to carry the groceries in the    42. to load the dishwasher          85. to take the clothes to the
    house                           43. to make a list of household         drycleaner
2. to change a light bulb               chores                          86. to tidy the closet
3. to clean and/or organize a       44. to make lunch                   87. to tidy up the closet
    cupboard or closet              45. to make the bed                 88. to turn off the light
4. to clean off the dresser/work    46. to make up the bed              89. to unload the
    desk                            47. to mop the floor                    dishwasher/groceries
5. to clean off the table [clean    48. to organize bookshelves         90. to unstack the dishwasher
    the table off]                  49. to organize the cabinet         91. to use the sponge
6. to clean out the                 50. to pay the bills                92. to vacuum the carpet or rug
    fridge/freezer                  51. to pick up my things            93. to vacuum the floor
7. to clean the bathrooms           52. to pick up the clothes          94. to wash down the walls
8. to clean the cob webs/spider     53. to pick up the clothes from     95. to wash the clothes
    webs                                the drycleaner                  96. to wash the counters
9. to clean the coffeemaker         54. to pick up toys                 97. to wash the dishes
10. to clean the counter/stove      55. to pick up/put away clothes     98. to wash windows
    top                             56. to pick-up the floor [to pick   99. to watch the kids
11. to clean the cupboards              up things from the floor]       100. to water the plants
12. to clean the drawers            57. to pick-up your room/the        101. to wax the floors
13. to clean the fingerprints [to       house                           102. to wet mop/scrub floors
   clean off the walls and doors]   58. to plan the meals               103. to wipe the windows
14. to clean the fridge/freezer     59. to polish the furniture
15. to clean the microwave          60. to polish the mirrors           -ed Spelling Has Different
16. to clean the oven               61. to polish the silver            Pronunciations
17. to clean the range hood         62. to prepare a meal                -ed pronunciation examples:
18. to clean the shades/blinds      63. to prepare breakfast            1. -t: polish/polished,
19. to clean the                    64. to put away the books               mop/mopped, cook/cooked
    shower/tub/toilet               65. to put away the groceries
20. to clean the sink               66. to put away the laundry         2. -d: prepare/prepared, clean,
21. to clean the stove or           67. to put away the pots and           cleaned, scrub/scrubbed,
    stovetop                            pans                               change/changed, fill/filled
22. to clean the toilets            68. to put away your things
23. to clean up the room            69. to put on an apron and get to   3. -Id: dust/dusted
24. to clean/dust top surfaces          work
25. to clear the table              70. to put on gloves                4. Irregular verbs:
26. to cook dinner                  71. to put the clothes in the          sweep/swept, do/did, go,
27. to do laundry                       washer or drying                   went, put/put, make/made,
28. to do the bills                 72. to scour the sink/dishes           set/set, take/took
29. to drawers/cupboards            73. to scrub the sink
30. to dry mop/sweep                74. to set the table                Linking can change everything!
31. to dryer items                  75. to shampoo carpets

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