Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America by W688Qa


									Our primary purpose is to facilitate the pull and transport of dogs from shelters in the south for
other rescue groups. Our primary focus is the pets at the Athens Clarke County Animal Control in
Athens, GA. We have an established relationship with this shelter and the local volunteers. We
have a procedure in place which allows us to pull the dogs, board them, have them properly
vetted and then transported. We arrange our own transport runs. We DO NOT pull dogs without a
rescue or foster lined up. To work in this manner is a recipe for disaster. We monitor the shelter
activities and which dogs may have a lesser chance of being adopted.

We are volunteers and DO NOT WORK for the animal control facility. Any local residents who
apply to adopt a dog at animal control will take precedence unless a dog is listed as
rescue only”. It is imperative that all communications be prompt and that the required information
is received. The Athens Clarke County Animal Control is a kill shelter and has very limited space.
Lack of communication could cost a dog its life so please be prepared to move quickly when
inquiring about a specific dog.

We require references PRIOR to the pull. There are far too many unethical humans on the loose
for us to take chances on an animal's safety. We have run right down to the wire on dogs due to
having references to be verified. The main goal of rescue is to save a life, not move them from
one bad situation to another.

Please provide the following information:

Name of Rescue:
Location (City/State):

       What breed/type of dog does your group primarily look to pull?

       Are you inquiring about a specific dog at ACCAC or looking to be pre-approved
        for future pulls?

       Are you a licensed 501c? If yes, please provide a copy of your incorporation
        certificate. If not, do you plan to apply?

       Does your state require a rescue licence? If yes, please provide a copy.

Are you prepared to cover all vet and boarding expenses for this shelter animal?

Southern states have a much higher incidence of heartworm than in northern climates. Is
your group willing to accept an animal regardless of heartworm status?

On occasion we have transport available. Our fee is $50 per dog. If you are in need of
transport, please indicate starting city/state and receiving city/state.

1. Veterinary Reference:
Please provide the name of your primary vet that deals with your rescue animals:
Additional References:
2. Rescue/Volunteer Reference (another rescue group you have worked with):
Location (City/State):
Website (if applicable):

3. Adopter Reference (someone your group has adopted a pet to):
Location (City/State):

All Points North has been in operation since July of 2009. We have worked very diligently
to develop a good working relationship with vets and boarding facilities, as well as many
rescue throughout the United States. We understand that you may also in return require
references from us as well. We are happy to provide those to you upon request.

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