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									                                                                                       Art Contest Entry Form 2010

                                                                          “Make A Difference--Show You Care”

                       Elementary--Junior High/Middle School--High School
                                   First and Second Prizes awarded at each level:
                       First Prize--$500 Savings Bond       Second Prize--$250 Savings Bond

        Your artwork should capture ways caring people can make a difference in our world. All entries
        must be received no later than March 1, 2010. All artwork submitted must meet the following

            8 1/2 x 11” paper (only)                                                  Signatures for the “Certification of Artwork” and
            2 dimensional, horizontally drawn                                          “Release for Publication” are required
            Media - markers, tempera paint, acrylic paint, pen, or                    All words on picture must be spelled correctly
             ink (No Graphite Pencil or chalk)                                         Attach this Entry Form to the back of artwork
            Depicts theme—“Make a Difference—Show you                                 One entry per student
            Signature on front, lower right corner

Student’s Name_____________________________________ Title of Artwork ______________________________________________

School _________________________Grade_______ Age________                         (Circle one)     Elem JH /MS HS

School Address

Principal’s Name: _______________________ Counselor’s Name: ___________________ Counselor’s Email: ___________________
                                            (All Counselors will receive a certificate to distribute to all participants)

                                                            Certification of Artwork
I, __________________________________, certify that this artwork was done by the signature that appears on this work.

                                                            Release for Publication
I fully understand that the artwork submitted will be property of Texas School Counselor Association. I grant permission for TSCA to reproduce and/or
distribute derivative works of the artwork submitted

Released by (Parent/Guardian)____________________________________________________________Date ________
                                                          Please print name AND put signature

                                                Submit this form and completed artwork to:
                                                              Melanie Kolbye
                                                           Mineola Primary School
                                                              1000 West Loop
                                                            Mineola, TX 75773

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