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									          Sanctity of Life Sunday
                   January 17, 2010

             ―For you created my inmost being;
          you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
                 your works are wonderful,
                    I know that full well.‖
                     Psalm 139:13-14
                                9:30 AM Worship
                            (*Please stand if you are able)

*Call to Worship
Songs of Praise:
  ―This is the Day‖ R209
  ―I‘ve Got the Joy‖ (see screen)
*God’s Greeting
*We Greet Each Other
God’s Will: Litany for the Sanctity of Human Life (see screen)
  God formed man from the dust of the earth.
  We praise God for His gift of life to man and woman.
  God breathed into man the breath of life.
  The gift of life is precious in the sight of God.
  Man became a living being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  God formed man and woman in His own image from the dust of the earth.
  Life is sanctified and held holy by all who believe in God.
  The gift of life is precious and holy in His sight.
  We praise God for the gift of life and for the courage to embrace it, protect it,
    and honor it.
  We offer prayers of thanksgiving to honor the Sanctity of Human Life.
  We ask God to bless all who bring life into the world. Amen.
Song: ―Jesus Loves the Little Children‖ R447 vs. 1 and 3
  (Children aged 3 years through 4th grade may come forward for the Children‘s
  Message during the song.)
Children’s Message: Brian O‘Donovan
  (Afterwards, children aged 3-6 may leave for Children‘s Worship in the upstairs
  Youth Room.)
Song of Preparation: ―Lord, You Have Searched Me‖ G184 vs. 3-5
*Scripture: John 10:1-10
We Study God’s Word: ―God Offers an Abundant Life‖
*Response in Song: ―Fill Thou My Life, O Lord, My God‖ G547 vs. 1-3
Congregational and Offertory Prayer
   1st: Bethany Christian Services
   2nd: Scott Ritzema Training
*Parting Song: ―Trees of the Field‖ G197

                                7:00 PM Worship
                            (*Please stand if you are able)

Songs of Praise led by the Teen Praise Team
*Call to Worship
*God’s Greeting
Prayers of the People led by Ken Homan
Offering for Faith Promise Fund
We Study God’s Word: Nehemiah 2:11-20
*Affirmation of our Faith: “Our World Belongs to God‖ G1033 #44-45 and #49
  Following the apostles, the church is sent--
     sent with the gospel of the kingdom
     to make disciples of all nations,
     to feed the hungry,
     and to proclaim the assurance that in the name of Christ
     there is forgiveness of sin and new life
     for all who repent and believe--
     to tell the news that our world belongs to God.
     In a world estranged from God,
     where millions face confusing choices,
     this mission is central to our being,
     for we announce the one name that saves.
     We repent of leaving this work to a few,
     we pray for brothers and sisters
     who suffer for the faith,
     and we rejoice that the Spirit
     is waking us to see
     our mission in God's world.
  The rule of Jesus Christ covers the whole world.
    To follow this Lord is
    to serve him everywhere,
    without fitting in,
    as light in the darkness,
    as salt in a spoiling world.

  In marriage and family,
     we serve God
     by reflecting his covenant love
     in life-long loyalty,
     and by teaching his ways,
     so that children may know Jesus as their Lord
     and learn to use their gifts in a life of joyful service.
*Doxology: ―Halle, Halle, Hallelujah‖ (see screen)

   We welcome our visitors and hope that you enjoy worshiping with us.
The red Celebration Hymnals are located under the pew in front of you.
Inform an usher if you prefer a large-print bulletin, and feel free to check
one of the ―Visitor‖ mailslots in the narthex for additional materials.
  Children's Bulletins are available in the back sanctuary rack.

Worship Notes
   Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday, a reminder to us that ―all human beings, at any
and every stage of life [including the pre-born], in any and every state of
consciousness or self-awareness…are persons of equal and immeasurable worth and
dignity.‖ Dr. David P. Gushee, The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.
   This morning’s first offering is for Bethany Christian Services to support their
various services such as orphan care, pregnancy counseling, adoption support, and
foster care. Right now over 70 children, ages 7-13, are waiting in China for an
adoptive family. Log onto www.bethany.org or call 1-800-BETHANY for more
   A second offering will be taken this morning to help defray costs for Scott
Ritzema's training and travel expenses while serving on the Youth for Christ-Campus
Life Regional Training Team; including his trip to the National Youth for Christ's Mid-
Winter Conference held every other year. This is a 3-year commitment for Scott, and
his first training session is in February. Any funds received in excess of his needs for
this first session will go to YFC to help with his future training needs.
  This evening’s offering will be for Faith Promise – our support of local and
world-wide missions (Cadets, GEMS, Local Outreach, Scott Ritzema, The Union, Dunc
& Mary Pfantz, Brother Bob‘s Outreach, Pastor Ken Van De Griend).
  Verses of the Week: John 10:10 ―The thief comes only to steal and kill and
destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.‖

Our Family
   Thank you from the family of Jerry Tjepkema: ―We appreciate all of your
thoughts, prayers, and cards during Jerry‘s sickness and passing. Thank you to Pastor
Craig for your prayers and thoughts with the family. Thanks also to the Funeral
Committee and all those who worked or brought food.‖

Neen and I have deeply appreciated your generous efforts in sharing your good wishes
and blessings for our faraway Christmas and the New Year—perhaps more cards and
notes this year than any other to date. Those blessings still arriving. We are delighted
and yet indebted in the Lord‘s grace expressed through so many of you as it endears
and further confirms our mutual efforts on his behalf.
Thank you so much
Brother Bob and Neen
(See your mailslot for more news from Brother Bob & Neen.)

  We rejoice with the following who will celebrate a birthday this week:
             Birthdays:              Jan                              Jan
             Austin Huizenga          17    Stephanie Tjepkema         20
             Amie Montsma-Riel        17    Brian Ten Pass             22
             Shelly Bronkhorst        18    Marcia Buteyn              23
             Bob Greenfield           20
  The Youth Group thanks all who supported their Pizza Ranch fundraiser this past
Wednesday. The $375 raised will go towards our Colorado trip this summer.

Church News
   Council Notes from January 11, 2010:
1. Glen Greenfield will be our representative at Classis on Tuesday, February 23, at
   Bethel CRC here in Waupun. Louie Wierenga will be the alternate.
2. We celebrated the profession of faith Tyler Jansen and Becca Smits. Their public
   profession of faith will be scheduled at a later date.
3. Pastor Craig has been granted a week of vacation on February 1-7 to celebrate
   Christmas with his family.
                             Monthly Budget Update
                           Month ending December 2009
                                    Year to Date     Year to Date
   Fund                               Receipts          Budget       Difference
   Local Budget*                         64,113.46       67,400.00 (3,286.54)
   Denominational Ministry Shares         9,651.82       37,081.00 (27,429.18)
   Classical Ministry Shares              6,111.77        9,985.00 (3,873.23)
   Faith Promise Fund**                   7,538.04        9,000.00 (1,461.96)
   *Local Budget balance = $4001.76 (after Designated funds are withdrawn)
   **Faith Promise Balance = $515.06

   Please check the narthex table for your pans/containers, etc. Items not picked up
by next week will be donated to Bargain Galore.
  SWaT will meet in the basement at 5:45 PM today. We will be having a guest
speaker. If you have not already done so, please remember your $5 for the year.
   Friendship Bible Study will meet tomorrow at Bethel CRC. Kids (ages
7-18) at 5:45-6:45 PM; Adults at 7:00-8:00 PM.
           Cadets will meet this Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 PM at the CWC
        Elementary campus.
           GEMS is hosting a Women's Night of Worship this
        Wednesday, 6:30-7:15 PM at Bethel CRC. We'd love to have
women and girls of all ages join us in this casual evening of refreshing and recharging
through praise and worship to our Father. This will be a simple time of songs (old and
new) and scripture with a short update from the African GEMS Clubs. Gals, please join
us on this special night, whether you're a GEMS mom/grandma/sister/friend, a former
Calvinette/GEM yourself or just in desperate need of a ladies night out!
   The Safe Church Team will meet this Wednesday at 6:30 PM.
  Youth Group will hold a special meeting at 7:00 PM this Wednesday at the Union.
We will discuss upcoming events. You will want to be there!
   Ladies’ Night Out: Ladies, let‘s start a night out to start or finish those craft projects
you have lying around. There are lots of different projects, such as knitting, crocheting,
scrapping, card making, needlework, beading, etc. Let‘s set aside the 4th Friday of the
month, and we will start at 6:30 PM but feel free to join us when you can. Hope to see
you this Friday in the church basement. Any questions call Allegra 324-4055 or Lois
Mulder 920-318-1723.
                 Plan to take advantage of a FREE movie night on Friday, January
              29. We will be showing the movie ―Come What May‖—a vivid reminder
              that choosing what's right is never easy...but it's always worth the cost.
              The movie will begin at 7:00 PM with refreshments to follow. We are
              hoping for a great turn-out so invite your friends, family and neighbors.
There will be a nursery and an alternate movie for the younger kids. To learn more,
see our website at www.waupuncrc.com.
    We are looking for people to help out with the kids‘ movie and/or nursery during
the movie night on January 29. If everyone takes a turn, then we will not end up
having the same volunteers each time we show a movie at our church. If you are
willing to help out with this, please talk to Bonnie Vander Berg.
   There is a new sign-up sheet for the Senior Supper, which has been rescheduled
for Wednesday, February 17. The food and fun begin at 6:30 PM, so please let us
know if you will be able to attend. You can also call Scott & Jen Ritzema at 324-0714.
The sheet is in the narthex, so please sign up as soon as possible.
   Are you looking for a great event to attend with your friends or family? We
now have a links page on our web site where we will post events that might interest
you. Our Social Committee will continue to organize church-wide events throughout
the year; however, we certainly can‘t attend all the great events that are available. If
you go to www.waupuncrc.com/social-links.cfm, you will find a listing of family-friendly
outings that we will NOT be organizing as a church.
   Advanced notice: Camp Calvin will be held June 21-26 this summer. Mark your
calendars now to reserve these important dates

Community Happenings
   It is the season for singing! The annual Easter cantata practices will
start on Sunday, January 24, 5:30 PM at 1st Randolph Reformed Church.
We will be revisiting the cantata "Once and For All," so check your files to
see if you have this cantata book. Invite your friends. We would love to have you join
us in celebrating Christ's death and resurrection through song. If you have questions,
call Chris Geleynse at 326-3691.
    How much of your estate should go to your children? This is one of the most
common questions asked by Christians when doing Estate Planning. Don Long, a
Christian attorney from Barnabas Foundation, will come alongside you to help you
discover the right answer for your family. Barnabas Foundation provides helpful
services to Christians like you, seeking ways to honor God with your wealth, regardless
of the size of your estate, your age or stage of life. Don will be meeting with Christians
in our area during the week of January 25–28. For more information or to arrange an
appointment, please contact Barnabas Foundation toll-free at 888-448-3040.

                               FIRST PLACE 4 HEALTH:
                        Seeing ourselves through God’s eyes.
                    A Bible-based weight loss/weight control program.
     Have you tried to lose weight over and over only to yo-yo back and perhaps add a
little more? Well, FIRST PLACE 4 HEALTH may be your answer. There are many
facets to the program: prayer partners, daily bible study, weekly memory verses that
help you stay on track, a food & prayer journal, exercise of your choice, giving and
receiving encouragement, and attending weekly meetings. With God on your side, you
can release the weight and develop good eating habits.
   Orientation will be at First Reformed Church at 5:00 PM on January 25, and this
session will begin at 5:00 PM on February 9. Please contact Toni Hofman for more
information, or to reserve your place for this session. Toni‘s phone number is 920-960-
2748, or her email is toni@vzrealestate.com.

               Are you looking for a Christ-centered option for your child's education?
            Would you like to learn more about CWC's high-quality education? Join all
            of us at Central Wisconsin Christian for our Open House event from
            10:00 AM-1:00 PM on Saturday, January 30. It's your chance to tour both
            campuses, meet the teachers, and hear all about our top-notch learning
environment that is academically challenging and spiritually enriched. We would love to
partner with your Christian family to share in training godly kids to see today's world
through God's eyes!! To find out more, log on to our webpage at
www.centralwisconsinchristian.org, or call the Advancement Office at 920-318-1349.
   Kingdom Kids 4K Pre-School at Central Wisconsin Christian will be offering three
sessions for the 2010-2011 school year. Three-day and two-day options are available
in either our morning or afternoon programs. Sign-up for Kingdom Kids will begin on
February 15th. Prospective parents who attend our Open House event on January 30
can take advantage of an early enrollment option and obtain priority placement in the
section of your choice. To find out more, call the school office at 324-2721 or find
more details online at www.centralwisconsinchristian.org.
  Waupun Bethel CRC/Young Peoples will be hosting their annual Chili
Supper on February 10. Serving will be 4:30-7:00 PM; take out is
available as well. A free will donation will be taken. This supper is also to
welcome our new Youth Pastor Joe Nasvytis and family.
   Cabin fever setting in? Then consider coming along on Trinity Reformed’s Adult
Mission Trip to Mt. Vernon, KY April 5-11. We will be working at Christ Outreach to
the Blind, a camp that gives the blind an opportunity to participate in the summer camp
experience. Work is plentiful and there is a job for everyone! Cost is $215 and you
must be at least 14 to go. Contact Jim Nummerdor at 324-2364 if interested.

Around the World
   CRWRC Response To Haiti Earthquake: On January 12, a massive earthquake
struck Haiti about 10 miles from the capital city where both CRWRC and CRWM staff
are stationed. Praise God that all CRC missionaries and their families are safe.
Financial donations are urgently needed to help CRWRC respond to the immediate
and long-term needs of earthquake survivors. Gifts marked ―CRWRC-Haiti‖ can be
placed in any offering bag. See your mailslot for more Haiti earthquake information and
   The Winter Olympics are to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia February 12-
28. Check out the Christian Reformed World Missions website at www.crwm.org for a
downloadable video which connects this event, with its flag-waving fan fare, and prayer
for the nations. A prayer guide for the 17-day event is also available.
    The next Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing will take place on April 15-
17. Speakers include Eugene Peterson, Parker Palmer, Kate DiCamillo, Mary Karr,
Stephen Carter, Avi, Wally Lamb, and many, many others. Group discounts are
available for book clubs and church-affiliated groups. Reserve your spot today by
registering online at www.calvin.edu/festival. For more information, contact the Festival
office by phone at 616-526-6770 or by e-mail at ffw@calvin.edu.
  Go on Spring Break with CRWRC-DRS! Attention youth groups and families!
Volunteer a week of service with CRWRC helping disaster survivors whose lives have
been shattered by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. Give ‗Em a Break! Your
Spring Break! For information, call 1-800-848-5818 or email drs@crwrc.org.

Today:       8:45 AM     First Fellowship
             9:30 AM     Morning Worship
             5:45 PM     SWaT
             7:00 PM     Evening Worship
Mon:         5:45 PM     Kid‘s Friendship Bible Study @ Bethel CRC
             7:00 PM     Adult‘s Friendship Bible Study @ Bethel CRC
Wed:         6:30 PM     Cadets @ CWC Elementary Campus
             6:30 PM     GEMS Women‘s Night of Worship @ Bethel CRC
             6:30 PM     Safe Church Team
             7:00 PM     Youth Group special meeting @ The Union
Fri:         6:30 PM     Ladies‘ Night Out
Next Sun:    8:15 AM     11th/12th Catechism
             8:45 AM     First Fellowship

This Morning                                   Transportation
                                               Randy K. (324-2160)
                                               Morris T.G. (539-1246)
Cara Aylesworth
Children & Worship
                                               Keith Buwalda
Teacher: Pete Vander Werff
                                               Jordan De Jager
Helpers: Jenna Hofman
                                               Ray Hofman
         Thomas Venhuizen
                                               Ben Homan
Fellowship Coffee
                                               Video Projection
Steve & Heidi Smits
                                               Steve Wierenga
                                               Missionary Letters
Trayton & Elaine Greenfield
                                               Dewey P. to Daryl Pfantz+
Nursery                                        Don P. to Brother Bob
Dale & Beth Andrew                             Karen P. to Chaplain Peter
Trevor Zonnefeld                               +
                                               Please pray especially for this
Sound System                                   missionary family this week.
Seth Aylesworth
This Evening                      Nursery
Accompanist                       Bonnie Vander Berg
Brenda Hofman                     Jordan De Jager

Greeters                          Sound System
Jim & Lois Groenewold             Seth Aylesworth

Library                           Transportation
Dorothy Schouten                  Randy K. (324-2160)
Faith Miedema                     Morris T.G. (539-1246)
Linda Pausma                      Video Projection
                                  Steve Wierenga

Next Week
Accompanist                       AM – Local Budget
AM – Junice Rens                  PM – Building Fund
PM – Laura Ten Pass
                                  Pastoral Prayer
Children’s Message                Al Venhuizen
Dominique Van Hill
                                  Sound System
Children & Worship                Dan Scheuers
Teacher: Nancy Vande Berg
Helpers: Austin Huizenga
                                  Randy Kamphuis (324-2160)
         Den Vande Berg
                                  Morris Te Grootenhuis (539-1246)
Fellowship Coffee
Gregg & Kristi Zonnefeld
                                  Keith Buwalda
Greeters                          Jordan De Jager
AM – Pastor Norman & Joyce Haan   Ray Hofman
PM – Dick & Barb Heeringa         Ben Homan
Library                           Video Projection
Sandy Greenfield                  Katie De Jager
Jan De Vries
Angela Buwalda
Musical Praise
Gene Hofman
AM – Steve & Melissa Wierenga
     Breanna Smits
PM – Tabbie Vander Werff
     Anna Hofman
                                    Prayer List
Gerald Bossenbroek                                 Delia Buteyn
Ruby Buteyn                                        Hazel Buwalda
Bea Heideman                                       Junice Kamphuis
Eugene Kikkert                                     Millie Kuiper
Josie Looman                                       Bud Navis
Wilma Navis                                        Howard Te Beest
Minnie Tobak

Wiebe & Ruth Buwalda’s grandson, Peter Woreck (Afghanistan)
Larry & Trix Daane’s grandson, Jeff Daane (NAS Pensacola, FL)
Sam Daane (Beal AFB, CA)
Jack & Marla De Jager’s nephew, Jonathan Sturing (Fort Carson, CO)
Casey Derksen (Camp Taji, Iraq)
Chaplain Peter Hofman (Fort Bragg, NC)
Louie & Nancy Wierenga’s grandson, Devin Terry (Baghdad, Iraq)

We rejoice with the Van Hill’s that they were able to (finally) finalize the sale of their
  house this past week.
Praise God for answered prayer. We asked you to pray for Japanese listeners who
  heard Back to God Ministries broadcasts and were referred to a local church for
  discipleship. Mr. Murakami began worshiping with the Reformed Church in Saki,
  accepted Jesus as his Savior, and was baptized in December! Pray for God‘s
  continued work in Mr. Murakami‘s life.

Remember the people of Haiti and those who will be going there to help with the
  relief efforts.

              To add or remove a prayer request, please inform Marla.
         All requests will remain on the prayer list until notified otherwise.

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