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									                                   Maggie Brown School of Dance
                                 201 Illington Rd. Ossining, NY 10562
                                             (914) 941-0301
                                                                  April 30, 2010
Dear Parents,

      The 25th Annual Spring Recital will take place on Friday, May 28th at 6:00 PM at the
Yorktown Stage: 1974 Commerce Street, Yorktown Heights. The Dress Rehearsal will be
held on Thursday, May 27th at 6:00 PM.

        The recital is a very happy occasion and the experience is challenging and rewarding to us
all. Its beginning stages of planning and preparation are going smoothly. In the hope of making
it a pleasant experience for all, we would like to tell you what to expect.

Tickets for the recital will be sold at the Yorktown Stage starting Monday, May 24th at 4:00 pm.
Tickets are $15 each and you may purchase as many tickets as needed. Seating is reserved.

To manage the children backstage most efficiently, and to ensure their safety, volunteers are
needed to help on the day of the dress rehearsal, the recital, or both days (working both days is
best). Volunteers will not be required to attend any other preparation sessions. When helping
backstage, you will be released when your child is rehearsing or performing so you can watch,
and you will not need to purchase a ticket for yourself. A sign-up sheet is posted.
Only volunteers will be allowed backstage and at dressing rooms at any time.

ON-STAGE REHEARSALS – Monday, May 24th – Wednesday, May 26th
The week before the recital, dancers will practice on stage to get comfortable. The rehearsal
schedule is posted. No classes will be held in the studio after May 21 st.
 The on-stage rehearsal is very important, all performers must attend: check the schedule!

DRESS REHEARSAL – Thursday, May 27th
On the day of the Dress Rehearsal, please drop off your dressed and ready dancer in the
auditorium at 5:00pm. She will be seated with her group in the auditorium to watch and wait for
her turn on stage. She will be escorted back to the same seats in the auditorium after her dance.
You may pick her up from her seat immediately following her last dance, or stay to watch the
other classes. The Dress Rehearsal is the children’s only opportunity to watch one-another on

RECITAL – Friday, May 28th
On the day of the recital, please drop off your dressed and ready dancer at her dressing room at
5:00pm. Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet dancers will be escorted to the front of the
auditorium (house-left) stage door after their portion of the show. Parents may collect their
dancers at that time. Please be seated quickly so we may continue with our show promptly. We
have a wonderful presentation and we hope you will support all the dancers and stay to the end.

Yorktown Stage does not permit any food or drinks in the auditorium. If you are providing a
snack for your child's wait in the dressing room on Friday, please be sure it is not the type that
might mark their costume. Games such as coloring books, crayons, puzzles, cards, etc. will
make the waiting period more enjoyable. Other things to pack for your dancer: safety pins, water
bottle (not juice), lipstick, post-performance change of clothes, extra hair net and bobby pins.
Please remember all long hair should be pulled back in a bun wrapped in a hair net unless
otherwise instructed. Short ends need to be smoothed back with gel, then pinned and sprayed.
Any headpiece that is part of the costume must be secured with many bobby pins (...more than
you might think are needed!)

Parking in the theater lot is available for early comers. In addition to roadside parking, you may
park in the Triangle Shopping Center and use the footpath from the A&P parking lot.

We will have a professional DVD of the production which can be purchased for $40. To ensure
superior quality, the producer of the recording will need time for editing, labeling and duplicating.
We will call you during the summer to let you know when it will be ready. A sign-up sheet is
posted. Personally videotaping the recital is not allowed.

A professional photographer will be at Yorktown Stage on Tuesday, May 25 th from 1:00 - 8:00pm.
There is a sign-up sheet in the studio to schedule your dancer’s individual and group photo
shoots. Please sign up near dancers from your child's class to allow for class photos. Photo Day
is also a great opportunity to practice wearing the costumes and arranging hair neatly.

We ask that you not take pictures during the recital. It is distracting and it will not be of good
quality. A good time to photograph your dancer on-stage or backstage is after the show when
the stage will be available for pictures.

Sending a personalized message of congratulations to your dancer in the program is a great way
to show your support. Messages from businesses will be viewed by an audience of over 400
people. Files prepared on Microsoft Word can be emailed to until
Monday, May 10th. Rates are: $15 – quarter page, $25 – half page, $50 – full page, $100 – back

$10 Ballerina Bouquets of red or colored roses (with baby breath and greens) can be ordered in
advance. A sign-up sheet is posted.

During the last week of classes in the studio we will be talking to the young dancers about stage
fright so that they will be prepared to handle those feelings. Most young dancers will be well
prepared and ready to perform when the time comes, but one or two may not. It is almost
impossible to foresee who that might be. If your child is crying and does not want you to leave,
please do not insist on their performing. It is best for them and for the other dancers to wait and
try it again next year.

The dancers will be working with great enthusiasm and energy during this hectic, happy
culminating celebration. We know you will give them the support they have earned. We're sure
you will be as rewarded as they will.



                                                                           Maggie and Ashley Brown

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