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					                         ECVD TECHNICAL HANDBOOK
Subject:     MEDICAL SUPPORT                                          VERSION:
Responsible: LOCAL ORGANISER                                          29 OCTOBER 2010
      Volleyball in medical terms is classified as a moderate/low risk sport.
There should be no event or venue without medical/paramedical personnel present. At least
one first-aid attendant or other similarly qualified individual should be present during both
training and match sessions. The therapist or physician should be situated in the Sports Hall
at all times if possible. During training sessions, the first-aider should be accessible at the
venue site. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies also require coverage with a system of
First Aid and emergency evacuation; number of personnel will depend on the number of
These rules are only brief coverage of the medical support rules for the tournament
organizers. The Medical Classification proceedings are available from the WOVD Medical
(Classification) Handbook.
      Venue site.
The medical (First Aid) room has to be designated and be accessible, both from the playing
area and to transportation should an injury require transportation to a medical facility
(designated hospital). The medical area at the venue site should be equipped with a first aid
kit, ice, taping facilities, adequate lighting, a water supply, a bed, hand basin, towels,
stretchers, wheelchair and other relevant equipment. Ice/cold packs should be available at the
venue site.
Proper signs should identify locations. This space must be designated well in advance and
maps of the first aid room locations should be provided to all medical personnel and to each
participating team.
The venue medical site should be responsible for treating injured athletes, coaches, managers
and officials, in that order.
Emergency evacuation must be available on site (not obligatory) or on call at any time.
A list of the medical problems of each athlete should be made available to those covering the
venue upon request.
      Designated hospital.
Athletes/officials with illnesses or injuries requiring further assessment should be transported
by courier or ambulance to the designated hospital. Although Sitting Volleyball is a low to
moderate risk sport, there should be facilities in the hospital to investigate and treat injuries
and general medical conditions.
      Accommodation site.
A First Aid kit and emergency evacuation should be available upon request also in the
designated hotel/hotels.
      Information.
Information about the availability of medical coverage should be included in general
tournament information packages. Phone numbers of the designated medical personnel,
designated hospital, and emergency service (24 hours) medical coordinator et cetera must be
printed and available.
Logs of the medical problems of each athlete/official should be kept.