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Hazrapur, Mazina (Uchai), Panchbibi, Jaypurhat, Bangladesh AN AMERICAN ORGANIZATION FOR BANGLADESH Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely populated countries with 150 million people, 49 percent of whom live below the national poverty line. In addition, child malnutrition rates of 48 percent are the second highest in the world, a condition that is tied to the low social status of women in Bangladeshi society.

Bangladesh belongs to the poorest group of countries in the world. The size of Bangladesh is about 1, 44,000 sq. kilometers and it is bellow sea level. Almost every part of country gets flooded every year for 2-3

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months; therefore the villages of Bangladesh suffer extreme poverty. The cities are terribly crowded thrashing of migrants from villages who are seeking basic needs.

More than half of the population doesn’t have chance of Education and only 48.8 % literate to read and write. Less than 15% of the population has access to electricity.

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More than 75 % of Bangladesh population is sick, weak, poor, orphan, and widow and needy, who needs external help to come out of the terrible disaster that are caused by the density of population.

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The mental, social, cultural, religious, economical and even political perspectives of most people are surrendered before the basic needs like food, shelter, training, education, health care, etc.

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Bangladesh needs external help to save and rescue future generation of the country. The tribe, race, philosophy, religion, caste, class, etc is now regardless and millions of sufferings are struggling to have their basic livings.

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At the other hand there are great obstacles for the external help to come in to Bangladesh as the alien of a foreign country may need to justify and to work directly with the people where corruption is subjected, which is the result of poverty.

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It is not easy for Americans or an alien of developed countries to help Bangladesh by facing many major challenges and barriers like food, language, culture, climate, transportation, technologies, and even extremism that are result of poverty. Therefore, very few Americans or foreigners who takes risk to come to Bangladesh to rescue tons of people those are in need of help.

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What would Jesus do if He would physically live in Bangladesh during this era of the world watching all these sick, poor, hungry, sufferings, blinds, lames, orphans, widows and helpless people?

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What Jesus wants us to do? It is not possible to save these entire crisis affected people by day and night, but a man of God must take one day at a time to gradually grow by acquiring the techniques and intelligences of handling the problems.

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Bangladesh highly needs many orphanages, training centers, educational institutions, charitable agencies, and helping organizations to over come the present situation to face the future of the country. “The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization” --- Calvin Coolidge “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual” ---Vince Lombardi

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Bangla Hope is a newly started organization in Bangladesh, which is run by the personal funds, sponsorships and donations of many loving Americans families to build, train, help, protect and rescue as many it could.

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It is not possible for Bangla Hope to help the needy of Bangladesh without the support of funding individuals, sponsors or donations.

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Any experienced foreign agencies or individuals comprehend that they need to proceed in a systematic and organized way to help to benefit maximum crisis affected people. Because, the helps are limited and the helpless are plenty.

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Bangla Hope has a Board in USA and a Board in Bangladesh as well to help the maximum based on constructive and profound manner of effectively benefiting them. David and Beverly Waid is known to many people for their loving hearts of picking the orphan, poor, weak and widow and raising them personally, keeping in boarding schools, supporting families or involving them in industries.

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Many people from Bangladesh know them in personal level. As far as I know that there are more than thousands in Bangladesh who calls them Dad and Mom.

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In 1985 David and Beverly Waid (American Missionaries) began sponsoring educational needs of children in Bangladesh. In 1993 David Waid visited the children in Bangladesh, even though he "hardly knew where it was." The conditions were appalling, and David’s heart melted. When asked if he could find some sponsors in America to help the children, he agreed to try, thinking he would talk to a few friends and churches close to home in Provo, Utah. He did, and remembers with excitement when the first friend agreed to sponsor a child.

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David and Beverly Waid returned to Bangladesh in 1995 to educate the children. After years of teaching in the United States, Beverly was dismayed at the conditions in the dilapidated schools. There were no books, paper, pencils, chalkboards or desks. The teachers lectured, even first graders, and then tested the students. Few succeeded in those conditions. One orphanage desperately needed repair and children needed blankets.

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David Waid returned home with renewed determination to help these children, and Beverly Waid joined in his resolve. That resolve led them to sell their home in Utah and travel around the United States with a fifth-wheel travel trailer sharing the story of the children in Bangladesh. Many listened and joined the sponsoring team.

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After several years, it became increasingly obvious the fifth-wheel was no longer adequate for office and home. In June 2000, David and Beverly Waid purchased a home in Kennewick, Washington. Three years of growth necessitated another move. David and Beverly moved out of their living room and Bangla Hope moved in.

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Because of generous sponsors and donors in America, additional projects were begun in Bangladesh. In 2006, a dental clinic was opened in Dhaka, and the Handicraft industry was started to provide work for destitute women. Construction of a medical clinic began in 2009.

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Bangla Hope operates several schools in many villages to educate some village children for there future.

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David and Beverly Waid need your prayer for their health ... Let God give him more strength to work for many people in Bangladesh. There are many more Americans who have helped these ministries traveling back and forth, building up things, keeping accounts, assisting the children needs, preaching, teaching, etc, etc... like: CECYL RENTFRO, MARILINE RENTFRO, GARY FISHERS, JAMES BREWER, SUSAN BREWER, ROGER COOK, RICHARD BERNHARDT, REBEKA JOLENA COTE, JARED WRIGHT, etc, etc, etc...

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Special thanks for those sponsors and donors who are supporting this genuine cause.

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I personally urge the compassionate American families, sponsors and donors to keep extending you’re helping hands for Bangladesh. God will bless you on earth and reward you in heaven.

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He will say: “I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me...And the King will say, 'I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters; you were doing it to me!” ---Matthew 25:36 & 40 (NLT). When Jesus comes second time he will utter: when you have done to least of one of these brethren you have done it to me.

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“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." ---James 1:27 (KJV).

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For your help many little children of Bangla Hope knowing Jesus and will make a difference in Bangladesh some day soon. Only because of your support the gospel can be preached to many to bring a change in the country. Many political leaders say: "only we Christian can make a change in the country ". Because they have seen in the past that Christ makes things wonderful. God bless you Sunil Sarkar

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Contact: Beverly and Dave Waid Office Address: Bangla Hope, PO Box 6853, Kennewick, WA United States of America OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 3PM (PT) Website: Email: Phone: 001-(509) 586-4259. 99336,

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You are welcome to join your helping hands to help Bangladesh. Feel free to ask anything. God bless you. End.

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