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									                                S T . L UKE ’ S E PISCOPAL C HURCH

                 M ISSION T IDINGS
Reverend’s Reflections                                                                                  MAY 2009
                                          our community dinners, so gener‐          The Diocese of Massachusetts has 
Dear People of St. Luke’s,                                                          links to many places of need and 
                                          ously supported by parishioners, to 
                                          all the giving individuals do that I      ministry. Bishop Shaw and the Dio‐
I greet you in this season of Easter!                                               cese have a real commitment to  
Just before Easter, a youth group         may not know of yet, our faith   
                                          community testifies to hope and           several AIDS orphanages in Africa. 
member, Alina Grabowski, asked the                                                  Bp. Harris and others in the Diocese 
other 9th graders, their parents, and     transformation lived in our faith in 
                                          the risen Jesus.                          have committed time and energy to 
other adults she knows and works                                                    the Diocese of Jerusalem (which 
with at St. Luke’s to consider signing     
                                          I commend to you the energy, new          includes not only parishes in Israel, 
up for a Walk for Epilepsy research;                                                but also hospitals, schools and par‐
she has now gotten the minimum of         dreams, and commitment that I find 
                                          at St. Luke’s, and I pray for the         ishes on the West Bank and Gaza, in 
ten people to form her team. That                                                   Jordan and Syria). Ecuador, El     
effort reminded me of last year when      Spirit to keep moving and inspiring 
                                          and leading.                              Salvador, Haiti, Uganda, India: the 
another youth  of the parish, Maddie                                                scope of human need is vast and the 
Shannon was moved to raise money           
                                          With all of this in mind, I am also       church and Jesus are present in each 
for mosquito nets for malaria                                                       of those places. 
prevention in  Africa.                    planning in advance for a sabbatical 
                                          in 2010.  Clergy may take three            
                                                                                    I’ve been meeting with people    
I follow this train of thought to Don     months for sabbatical after five 
                                          years of service in a parish.             informed about these opportunities. 
Smith who dreamed up the “Race for                                                  What I intend to do is offer myself 
Survival,” the 3‐4th graders who will     Sabbatical time is not to be a big 
                                          long     vacation for clergy, but in‐     for six to eight weeks in a specific 
run laps around the high school                                                     location to help in any way that 
track to raise money for the Scituate     stead something that enhances the 
                                          sense of the priest’s education, ex‐      would be useful. Being useful is the 
Food Pantry; they are asking friends                                                key—I’m not interested in foisting 
and family members outside of St.         perience and service as lived out in 
                                          a specific ministry. This planning        myself on someplace, but trying to 
Luke’s for most of their sponsorship.                                               contribute, either as a priest or just a 
Behind all of this is the Children’s      actually has to start now, even if the 
                                          actual time away will not be until        person who cares.  
Outreach ministry at St. Luke’s                                                      
which had its genesis when Karen          sometime after April of 2010. 
                                                                                    Wherever I end up,  I plan on in‐
Hirsh began working with the chil‐                                                  volving St. Luke’s in each step. As I 
dren of the parish to raise money for     I’m not really interested in taking a 
                                          lot of classes. I’ve lived on or near     learn about my destination place I 
Heifer International.                                                               will be sharing my discoveries with 
                                          universities for over 20 years where 
                                          I could take classes if I thought such    you. I hope that the youth outreach 
The actual scope of involvement by                                                  program might get involved. I hope 
St. Luke’s members in helping meet        study would meet with my pas‐
                                          sions and needs; I’ve not ‘heard’ the     that a group of parishioners will 
some of the needs in a hurting world                                                want to join me for a week to ten 
can’t be captured here: from indi‐        call so many of my clergy peers 
                                          have to pursue a doctorate. I do          days during my sabbatical time, to 
viduals who deliver Meals on                                                        share in the learning and service. 
Wheels lunches, to Sunday morning         read constantly. But where I find 
                                          my ministry is with people in life         
nursing home worship leaders, to                                                             (continued on page 2) 
    P AGE 2                                                                                  M ISSION T IDINGS
    To that end, I seek your prayers and any insights you 
    might offer. At this point I rank the Diocese of Jerusa‐             NEWCOMER’S EVENT 
    lem, followed by Ecuador, and then Kenya as places I                     
    am considering.  
    What clergy person doesn’t want to visit and spend 
                                                                                Sunday May 3rd, 5 PM—7 PM 
    time in the Holy Land? The needs of that place are 
    huge, and I’m told that instead of a designed role up            At the home of Sally & Owen McGowan, 
    front, that showing up and being with people will open                   841 Main Street, Norwell. 
    doors for service.  The parishioner component would 
                                                                      A casual get together to welcome our newer 
    possibly be support to a hospital run by the Diocese in 
                                                                     parishioners. Please RSVP to Grant via e‐mail, 
    the West Bank.  
                                                                 or call              
    The Episcopal Church in Ecuador has a program where 
    clergy take intensive Spanish classes in the morning 
    and serve in parishes in the afternoons/evenings. The 
    needs for larger lay support would include English as 
    foreign language teaching, as well as aid to the basic               Bishop Bud Cederholm’s 
    quality of living in rural areas.  
                                                                             Visitation on the  
    The Kenya site has a hospital as well, and 42 parishes                  Feast of Pentecost 
    with around 250 AIDs orphans per parish. Education, 
    food, clothing needs, and just presence of people who             
    care are all needs there.                                        On Sunday May 31st Bp. Bud will be with 
                                                                     us for his visitation, AND it’s the Feast of 
    I invite any who might want to discuss and explore               Pentecost. 
    further with me these choices, and any others that you            
    might suggest, between the 8 and 10 a.m. services on              Details about what events will occur 
    May 10th. I’ll have further information about each site          around this visitation will be forthcom‐
    to present then, but I will also be interested in hearing 
                                                                     ing. In the meantime, mark the day as one 
    from you what you think might engage the parish in 
                                                                     to wear red and come to church for this 
    further mission. 
                                                                     important day in the life of a parish. 

                                 ST. LUKE’S 2009 VESTRY
                        Senior Warden: Joyce Barthold             Junior Warden:  Russell Wood  
                                                   Clerk:  Roberta Swift 
                                                    Vestry Members:  
         Sally McGowan,   Dr. Paul Prescott,  Jeff Tyrcha, Garin Arevian, Brenda Bowen,  Christian Dietz, 
                               Mark Buckley, Erica Dieselman, Catherine Pappas 
P AGE 3                                                              M ISSION T IDINGS

                             CHRISTIAN ED NEWS

                                                  Confirmation Service
 Communion Celebration
                 10:00 AM                             at St. Luke’s
                May 17, 2009

                A Continental Breakfast for
              families of Communicants will
                     begin at 9:30 AM.

                All Communicants’ families
                must be in Dutton Hall by
                        9:50 AM.              Congratulations to the following students from
                                                  St. Luke’s who were were confirmed
                                                 by Bishop Tom Shaw on April 25, 2009.

Christian Education Calendar                  Gina Benedetto, Alison Boerger, Emily Boerger,
                                               Alina Grabowski, Brenda Keys, Ashley Lund,
                                                     Megan Rafferty, Sarah Reynolds,
          May 3
          Regular Classes
                                                    Melissa Shannon, Joe Sienkiewicz,
          Grades 3 & 4 to                               Bridget Wood, Nikki Yang
          Life Care Center

          May 10
          No Classes
          Family Service
          Mother’s Day

          May 17
          Communion Celebration
                                               Vacation Bible School
          May 24                                       July 20-24
          Family Service
                                                     9 AM—12 Noon
          May 30
          St. Paul’s Table
          7th, 8th & 9th Grades
                                                    Methodist Church
                                                   Adult and teen volunteers are needed.
          May 31
          Bishop’s Visit
                                                    Registration information will follow.
          Race for Survival,3rd to
          6th Grades
MAY 2009                                                                                P AGE 4

                            OUTREACH NEWS
     Scituate Food Pantry                          Community Dinners
                                                   A free hearty meal for all

                                                   From Matthew 25:
The food is low in the pantry. We especially       "And Jesus will say, 'Come into
need small cans of ham, peanut butter, jelly,      my kingdom, for when I was
relish, ketchup, mayo, boxes of potatoes, ham-     hungry, you fed me;." And else-
                                                   where Jesus says, "To those to
burger helper, tomato paste & sauce, detergent,
                                                   whom much is given, much will
gravy and cream soups.                             be expected."
Thank you to all who volunteered in the month      The community meal is a way for us to support our 
of March for the food pantry. They were: Alice     neighbors, to lend a helping hand and to be of ser‐
Dana, Julie Jordan, Pat Karsch, Cheryl Bordne,     vice to this community.  We offer this in the spirit of 
Emory Ariel, Ron Swan and Joan Powers.             friendship so that all may know we care about them.
                                                   Our next Community Dinner is May 24th  at            
                                                   5 pm in Dutton Hall.  
         St. Paul’s Table                          If you wish to  provide food/labor for the events, 
 Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 30th        please sign up in the narthex or contact Katrien   
 for St. Paul’s Table, Brockton.                   Robinson , Coordinator at  781‐545‐8183. 
 We are serving the meal there and need
 adults and young people. We will car pool
 and leave at 9:30 a.m. from St. Luke’s and
 return around 3 p.m. We also need folks to
 brownies and cookies. Please look for the              SERVICE
 sign up sheets or call Joan Powers for
 information, 781-545-9650. Thank you.                  PROJECT
                                                           Car Wash
                                                                         May 9th
            Prayer Shawls
 If you are interested in making a prayer shawl              St. Luke’s Parking Lot
 but can’t meet with the group on Wednesdays,
 we will supply the yarn and needles and direc-              (Check the bulletin for details!)
             The directions are easy with a knit                     Thank You!
            three and pearl three pattern. We       For the meals, goodies and support from all.
            need more shawls!                       It is great having St. Luke’s as my Christian
            For more information, please call                           family.
            Joan Powers at 781-545-9650.                               Joan Powers
MAY 2009                                                                                        P AGE 5

                           YOUTH OUTREACH
St. Paul’s Table: On Saturday, May 30th, the 7th, 8th and 9th graders have another opportunity to serve at
St. Paul's Table in Brockton. If your child (and you) would like to attend make sure to sign up in the
Narthex. This is the same day as the crafters event and therefore we will need more than our usual sus-
pects to participate. Please consider trying if you haven’t in the past.
2nd Annual “Race for Survival”: Please help support the efforts of our 3rd- 6th graders as they embark
on a race to end hunger in Scituate. On Sunday, May 31st the bishop will bless the kids as they embark
on a run around the high school soccer field. Their goal 500 laps (cumulatively) to raise money for the
Scituate Food Pantry. You can help by making a pledge for each lap. Look for a pledge sheet in the
Narthex and during Coffee Hour.
Spaghetti Sunday Success: This was our fourth year for the Spaghetti Sunday fundraiser. We served
over 150 people and raised almost $1000. The funds will be used by the 7th, 8th and 9th grade class to in
turn serve the guests at Long Island Homeless Shelter in Quincy. The success of this event is due to the
generosity of everyone who participated with their time and talent: Chip Dongara - our chef extraordi-
naire; Jamie Strobino – procurer of all the food and Chips right hand-man; Cheryl McGrath and Mi-
chael Marrone – who kept the kitchen clean and running smoothly; Paul Antenore, Mike Benedetto
and David Catron - who pretty much did anything the others asked; Colleen Strobino – who kept the
service running smoothly; the 7th, 8th and 9th graders, and several of the 4th & 5th graders - who pre-
pared the salads, served and washed many dishes, Kittie Marrone - who every year jumps in to scrub
dishes and pots, Joshua & Max (my boys) who got roped in to setting up the chairs, tables and setting
the plates. We also want to thank everyone who joined us for the meal or took it to go. Thank you for
your generous appetites and spirit.
Save the date: Sunday, June 14th is our Youth Outreach Wrap-up. Come hear first hand what our kids
have accomplished in our town, on the South Shore and around the world.
Thanks for your continued support of all our Youth Outreach projects. If you have any questions,
please contact Karen Hirsh at 545-33947 or

             Altar Guild                                       Recent Baptisms
                  The 2009 Sanctuary Candle              Congratulations to the following newly
                  and Flower Charts are                     baptized members of St. Luke’s:
                  posted in the Narthex.
                                                                 Greyson Jude DeCourcey
                                                                 Morgan Jayce Nannarone
                   Please consider this beauti-
                   ful way to remember a loved
 one, to give thanks for your blessings or to            Sealed by the spirit in Holy
 celebrate an anniversary or birthday...simply
                                                         Baptism on Easter Sunday,
 sign up on the open dates and we’ll take care
                                                               April 12, 2009.
 of the rest. The cost for the flowers is $55, the
 candle is $10.
                                 Thank you!
MAY 2009                                                                                       P AGE 6

                                 Saturday, May 30, 2009
                                           10 AM—3 PM
   Our big spring fundraiser is fast approaching! The Spring Boutique on May 30th, 2009, will feature
   about 40 artisans, crafters and specialty vendors who have rented space in Dutton Hall and outside
                to market their unique wares. We really need help with this major event.
      Bakers, crafters or artisans can help by donating homemade items to the St. Luke’s Craft Table
   (contact Brenda Bowen at 781-545-6823 or or Bake Sale Table (contact Amy
                      Tarsala        at 781- 378-1060) or
   We still need empty metal coffee cans with plastic lids (these can be left on the hat rack in the Nar-
    thex, labeled Spring Boutique). Volunteers are needed to help set up and decorate the hall Friday
  night before the event. The day of the event we need help with the café and kitchen, the raffle, staff-
   ing the Craft and Bake Sale tables, supervision of the children’s events (crocodile astrojump, cotton
     candy and popcorn machines), traffic direction, and clean up. We would also like to have some

                          Coffee Hour
  Can you help? We need more Coffee Hour volunteers for the 10am service.
   Please consider putting your name on our new Coffee Hour sign up sheets for
  May or June located in the Narthex. Many of us enjoy this weekly opportunity
  to linger and chat. Whether we have Coffee Hour on any particular Sunday is
  dependant upon whether anyone has signed up to host.
   If you would like to volunteer but have never done it before, just let us know by calling or send-
  ing an e-mail to the Office, or call 781-545-9482 and we will find
    P AGE 7                                                                                       M ISSION T IDINGS
                   MAY SCHEDULE For All Who Help With The Sunday Services 

                  Lay Reader         LEM             Acolytes           Ushers            Greeters        Life Care  Altar Guild 
MAY 3         Frank Handy                                                                                           Roberta Swift 

                                                                                                                    Joyce Lukacik 
8 AM 

10 AM         Chip Dongara  Joyce Barthold  Russell, Bridget ,      Lesley Smith                      George         
                                Cheryl           Adrienne Wood      Ken Billard 
                                O’Grady                                                               3rd & 4th 

MAY 10        Doug Hardy                                                                                            Alice Dana 

                                                                                                                    Cathy Pappas 
8 AM 

10  AM        Janine Beal       Darlene Foley    Emily & Alison     Dan Robinson                                     
                                George                              Mark Buckley 
                                Boerger          Jake Buckley 

MAY 17        Jane Shea                                                                                             Jane Shea 

                                                                                                                    Pat Karsch 
8 AM 

10 AM         Steve Rafferty    Lisa Rafferty    Megan, Molly &     Kevin &                           Paul Jevne     
                                                 Conor Rafferty 
                                Bruce Foucart                       Marylou Butler                    Cheryl 

MAY 24        Phoebe            Ron Swan                                                                            Jane Shea 

              Mulligan                                                                                              Pat Karsch 
8 AM 

10 AM         Nick              Sylvia Davis    Michelle & Chris    Paul Prescott                                    
                                                Riley, Meredith  
              Waterman          Joyce Barthold                      Paul Antenore 

MAY 31        Doug Hardy                                                                                            Pat Karsch 

                                                                                                                    Sylvia Davis 
8 AM 

10 AM         Paula Jewell      Neil & Monice  Neil, Monice &   Michael 
                                Grabowski      Alina Grabowski  McKinnon, 

                                                                    Mark Bast 


                             Thank you for all you do for St. Luke’s! 
P AGE 8                                                                             M ISSION T IDINGS

                   St. Luke’s Business Directory
           Joseph Bonomi Contractor Inc.                                  The Floor Show
                         P.O Box 47
                                                                    Presented by Shannon Flooring
                     Scituate MA 02066
                                                                          259 Stockbridge Rd
                                                                          Scituate, MA 02066
     Septic Pumping, Excavation, Drainage, Wet Base-
      ments, Demolition, Septic System Repair and In-                         781-545-0960
              stallations, Title V Inspections.
                                                                      Arthur Shannon, President
                       Michelle Bonomi
                      Scituate Harbor Travel               Shannon Flooring is a shop at home flooring ser-
                            88 Front St.                   vice. We provide quality broadloom carpet, solid
                        Scituate MA 02066                  vinyl tile, solid vinyl plank and sheet linoleum. Our
                          781-545-4281                     sales consultants will come to you and accurately
               To help you with all your travel needs      measure, show you samples and quote you a
                                                           price. We will provide you with all the information
                       Michelle Bonomi                     needed to add beauty and comfort to your home
                          Avon Products                    or office for years to come. The finest certified and
                           8 Kelton Rd.                    insured flooring mechanics can handle every floor-
                           Scituate, MA                    ing situation. Ask your neighbors about Shannon
                          781-545-7868                     Flooring and give us a call. We've been serving
                                                           the South Shore and beyond since 1990.

                         Russ Wood
                             Realtor                          Southern Living at HOME Products
                      COLDWELL BANKER                      Looking for something new for your home, bridal
                      Residential Brokerage                shower, fundraiser? Do you want to add warmth
          316 Washington St., Norwell, MA 02061            and color, but don’t know how? Southern Living’s
                                                           great line of Home products are perfect for indoors
                    (781)659-7955 OFFICE                   and out. Whether you would like to host a party
                      (781)659-1265 FAX                    and earn free products or simply browse our
                                                           beautiful color catalogue, Southern Living makes
                  (781)659-0151 VOICEMAIL                  shopping for the right items easy. To learn more,
                      (617)922-9663 CELL                   contact Linda McDowell at 781-545-0273 or visit
                                                           my web site

                    For Rent in Scituate
                     Unfurnished Apartment
        Sunny upper level of raised ranch. Beautiful       Please support these local businesses owned
    hardwood floors. Deck off kitchen. Private egresses.            by St. Luke’s parishioners.
                     Garage parking.
                                                           If you would like to be added to the list, please
     Quite spacious neighborhood. Short walk to library.          email the information to the Office,
         Ideal for one or two non-smokers. No pets.       
       $1400/month incl. utilities. Call 781-545-1717.

May 1:   Ethan Dunlap                                     May 17: Marie Ford, Tracy Lee, Joe Sabonis
May 2:   Michael Howe, Michaele Russell                   May 18: David DelPico
May 3:   Brittany Guyder, Andy Mitton                     May 19: Andrea Dietz
May 5:   Gail Pickwick                                    May 20: Brenda Keys, Barbara Swan
May 6:   Corbina Foucart                                  May 22: Joan Low, Mark Swift
May 7:   Peter Finnegan                                   May 23: Brendan Burke
May 8:   Alexandra Anderson, Edward Immerman              May 24: Caroline Flynn
May 9:   Sarah Tyrcha                                     May 25: Lois Okijama
May 11: Nancy Curtis, Neil Grabowski, Phoebe Mulligan     May 27: Barbara Trainor
May 14: Samuel Buckley, Lexi DelPico, Emilie Green’       May 29: John Ulanowski
         Scott Riley                                      May 30: Joseph Sweeney
May 16: James Strobino                                    May 31: Darlene Foley, Neal Gray, Zachary Gray, Anna Smith

     Let us wish you a Happy Birthday! Please call the office with the information, 545-9482 or email
     us at

                                                        Don’t forget to visit our new
                                                                 website at

              C HURCH
    S CITUATE , MA 02066

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