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									Issue No 100             August/September 2006
                    Sponsored by
               Ken & Debera Duplock
                   21 Kerr Street
                    Ballina 2478
               Phone: (02) 6686 3022
        Chapter Website: www.hog.com.au
2006 Executive Committee

Sponsoring Dealers           Ken & Debera Duplock        6686 3022

Director                     Wayne Arthur                6622 1124

Assistant Director           John Rose                   6624 4644

Secretary                    Nancy Pitt                  6646 2137

Assistant Secretary          Glenn Pitt                  6646 2137

Treasurer                    Ron Nowlan                  6628 3605

                 Office Holders

Ladies of Harley             Nancy Pitt                  6646 2137

Editors                      Glenn & Nancy Pitt          6646 2137

Activities Officer           Wayne Arthur                6622 1124

Road Captains                Wayne Arthur                6622 1124
                             John Boyle                  6686 5878
                             John Rose                   6624 4644

Safety Officer               Howard Risby                6646 3044

Historian                    Virginia Boyle              6686 5878

Photographer                 Dawn Arthur                 6622 1124

Web Master                   Les Skennar      webmaster@hog.com.au

                      Editors Email Address:
Hi All!!

Welcome to the 100th Edition of the Northern
NSW Chapter Newsletter.

Thanks to everyone that made a contribution
towards it.

Make sure you read the Activities Officer Report for
all information on up coming rides and events.

As you can see we’ve framed this report with some
photos of members, if you can’t find your photo it’s
because we don’t or couldn’t find you in our photo
file or simply ran out of space.

We don’t think we’ll be back from Western
Australia in time for the Open Day, so make sure
you take advantage of this opportunity to ride the
new models with the big 95 motors and six speed.

That’s it until next time.

                               Glenn & Nancy
                     SPONSORING DEALER
Hello fellow HOG members. I have just recently returned from the Harley-Davidson
Dealers Conference in San Diego California. It was at this conference that the 2007
Harley-Davidsons were unveiled to the world. Some of you may have already heard
that the changes are really exiting. To summarise:

    A new engine has been released, the Twin Cam 96. It replaces the 88 cubic inch
     or 1450cc engine right across the board. Softails, Dynas and Tourers all get the
     new big motor.

    Along with the bigger engine, all big twins now have the 6 speed gearbox
     debuted originally on the 06 Dyna.

    The Sportster now has fuel injection for all models.

    The V-Rod gets a 5 gallon tank that now eliminates the only real criticism about
     the model that it was limited in range.

    In addition, new models have been released and some old favourites return. The
     Fat Boy gets an overhaul with a 200mm rear tyre, fat fender, new wheels and 1
     1/4” handlebars. The Softail Custom returns with the new wide tyre and a King
     and Queen seat.

    In the Sportster family, a commemorative 50th anniversary Sportster has been
     released and it is a sure thing that this limited edition model will quickly sell out.

    Speaking of commemorative models, a new V-Rod has been released to
     celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 2nd NHRA Championship. The VRSCX has the big
     bore 1250cc engine, ported heads, 5 gallon tank and special Screamin Eagle
     paint scheme.

    The XL883L Sportster Low will now be available in Australia and this will be most
     popular with women riders due to its much shorter seat height, it is also cheaper
     than the standard Sportster.

As well as the bikes there are all new parts and accessories to match the new models.
Many discerning buyers (myself included) will be fitting the new big bore kit for less than
$2000 to take the engine out to 103 cubic inches.
Overall these are the biggest changes ever made in a new model release in Harley’s
history and I can’t wait to see them on our roads.

Speaking of such, I am pleased to announce that our Harley-Davidson Open Day is to
be held on the 14th October. The date has been changed from the usual April/May so
that we can now show you the brand new models as soon as they are released. This
will be one of the first displays of the 2007 Harley range to be held in Australia and is a
real coup for Seaside Motor Cycles and our Chapter.

As before if anyone would like to volunteer to help out on the day with marshalling,
ticket collection, barbeque and road captain duties they will be truly welcome. The feed
back I got from the last Open Day was that everyone had a great time and I certainly
encourage you to take a ride on the new bikes while they are available.

Other upcoming events include the AGM and if you would like to take on a position in
the Club Committee I strongly urge you to complete the nomination form found in this
newsletter or call me at Seaside Motor Cycles on 6686 3022.

See you at the Poker Run

Ride Safe

Hi Members – it’s newsletter time again. But this is no ordinary newsletter. It is the
100th newsletter by the Northern NSW HOG Club. For the past three years, that I have
been writing a regular report in the newsletter, Glenn and Nancy have been the Editors
and they have done an excellent job of producing an article that I really look forward to
receiving. Ride reports by members also deserve a mention for their special witty way
of telling us all about a day ride or overnighter.

Going back to how this 100th newsletter was conceived. A friend of mine Kendall
Moroney was a founding member of Northern NSW HOG. He told me a couple of
stories, which I will share with you.

The first Northern NSW HOG get together was on Wednesday, February 1st 1989 with a
meeting held at the Station Hotel South Lismore. A good crowd was there, but not
everyone joined. Meetings were held at the Station Hotel for 2 years, but later moved to
the Federal Hotel, Alstonville.

In 1990, there was a Heads of Harley ride. A handful of HOG members including
Kendall got to ride with Willie G and Nancy from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay on
Sunday 4th November 1990 and then from Byron Bay to Coffs Harbour on the Monday.
They met them at Byron Bay and had breakfast at a café, then rode across to North
Coast Harleys at the new shop at South Lismore before heading south. Kendal and his
wife Wendy spent time with them over lunch at Coffs Harour.

Kendal worked with Dawn in the Commonwealth Bank and on weekends, him and
Wendy would come out to our farm with old trail bikes and we would burn around the
paddocks. The day he turned up on his new Heritage Softail, I nearly fell over and
declared then that one day I would have a Harley. It took about 10 years, but I finally
did get one and I have not had one regret since. Kendall and Wendy now live in
Melbourne and are members of the Brunswick Chapter. We regularly catch up at State
and National Rallies.

From those early days to now the Northern NSW HOG Chapter is a great club and it is
all about one thing – Ride and have Fun.

Back to business and the Poker Run is only weeks away. Please support this day as it
is our yearly fundraiser for the 2LM Children’s Christmas Charity Appeal. Members will
be required for road marshals, ticket sellers etc.

Open Day at Seaside Motorcycles is on Saturday October 14 th. Come along and ride
the new 2007 models. Members will be needed to assist out on the day for road
captains, BBQ volunteers and generally organising people for their rides.
The AGM this year will be held on Saturday the 4 th November at Seaside Motorcycles
commencing at 2pm. Please see nomination form in this newsletter for committee
positions. A night ride to Southport will follow the meeting.

Departure times for rides have been getting rather casual. We really have to adhere to
the proper departure times, so with this in mind have your bike fueled up and be ready
to go. If you are running late a phone call is a good idea, but better still be on time.

Quite a few members are heading north to Airlie Beach at the end of September for the
National Rally. I am really looking forward to it. There are also some members going to
Western Australia at the same time for the WA State Rally. I wish everyone a safe ride
and look forward to reading all about it in the newsletter.

The next newsletter will be out early November due to committee members being away
on holidays and attending rallies, so that makes this 100th edition a busy one with
important dates and events. So until then, keep the shiny side up and ride and have


A man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a dirty and shabby-looking
homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars.

The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked, “If I give you this money, will you
buy beer with it.

“No, I had to stop drinking years ago,” the homeless man replied.

“Will you use it to go fishing?” the man asked.

“No, I don’t waste time fishing,” the homeless man said. “I need to spend all day scrounging
trying to stay alive.”

“Will you spend this on green fees at the golf course instead of food?” the man asked.

“No, I haven’t played golf in 25 years,” exclaimed the homeless man.

“Will you spend the money on a woman in the red light district?” the man asked.

“Do you know what diseases I might get for 10 lousy bucks?” exclaimed the homeless man.

“Well thanks for your honesty” said the man. “But I’m not going to give you the money. Instead,
I’m going to take you home for a terrific dinner cooked by my wife.”

The homeless man was astounded. “Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that? I know
I’m dirty, and I probably smell.”

The man replied, “that’s OK. Come as you are. It’s important for her to see what a man looks
like after he has given up beer, fishing, golf and sex.”
Currently there are 12,000 HOG members within Australia and our small chapter
is growing all the time and currently the chapter consists of sixty nine members,
so I would like to welcome the following people to the Northern NSW HOG
Chapter Garry Elliott, Brett Clausen, Fiona Nicholson-Clausen, Jennifer Kearns,
Phil Jenke and Paul Edgar. Hope to meet up with you all soon on some of the
future rides that have been planned.

It is interesting to view the number of members that do attend the rides, whether
they are day rides or overnighters, so the graph at the end of this report indicates
the number of members and bikes that have attended on the organised runs.

With the AGM approaching you will find at the end of this newsletter the list of
committee members that are need to continually run this chapter successfully. If
you have ever been thinking of putting your hand up and volunteering for such a
position, now is the time. All you need to do is complete the 2006/2007
nomination form and return it to Seaside Motorcycles by 21st October 2006.

At the AGM you are able to renew your membership with the chapter, the fee will
be $25.00 per person, a renewal form to be completed and brought with you to
the AGM. If you are unable to make the AGM please forward the form with your
payment to Seaside Motorcycles.




                                                                Number of Members
                                                                Number of Bikes


                               vi gh l a

                            Be w n g
                                  C U o

                                        Bo gra
                                       ke ey

                       ew D ings e

                                        an de
                       is Ra Ya n

                                       ig de
                       C em e H ff
                              ne do ba

                                        U est
                              in er ote

                                           U w

                          t ts Ni ral
                                     /K Rid
                                      el Ru

                             M rak cli

                                     ro lo
                                   Bi wn

                                      C Ri
                                    N Ri

                         ba th m


                                ac s N

                               H ch

                                 ll e t

                                o s
                          fi c un

                         as b
                        ci l L

                       Po ta
                   Pa dge


             l lin





Congratulations go to our                       past and present Editors
and all who have taken part                     with the production of our
newsletter, a milestone has been reached with our 100 th edition, keep up the
good work Glenn and Nancy.

Since our last newsletter, we have had some good rides, a good roll up on most
rides with some new faces which is good to see. A couple of rides have not gone
without minor incidents. One incident a guy stuck his nozzle in to far, thus not
getting a full load of fuel in the tank, hence the ride to Corindi Beach having to
detour to Ulmarra. (Motto of the story – guys don’t put your nozzle in to far).

Dawn, we all hope you get on top of those little gremlins running around inside of
you, causing you discomfort – get well soon.

On most of our rides we have been having a lucky number raffle, dividing the
booty 50/50 – a bit of petty cash for the winners.

PS    Heard there might be a tat show at Moree

      Balance @ 28th April                    $5 362.52
      Income – May                               937.26
      Expenditure – May                 125.50

      Balance @ 31st May             $6 174.28

      Income – June                  $ 79.16
      Expenditure – June                            185.00

      Balance @ 30th June                        $6 068.44

                      Club Merchandise now available at
                             Seaside Motorcycles

Chapter Shirts             $25.00    HOG Patches             $20.00
Chapter Rockers            $21.00    Chapter Pins            $ 6.00

               To purchase a chapter shirt – please ask staff for assistance
                     ACTIVITIES OFFICER
The last few rides have been a bit different from the norm, but never the less still

The day ride to Dog & Bull Hotel Bonalbo, Ron and I were both feeling sore so
the car seemed like a good option, but now we’re both back on deck.

                                      The day ride to Ulong was great and late.
                                      We were a bit late returning home and it got
                                      cold and dark early, but everyone arrived
                                      home safely. One of our members under
                                      estimated the amount of fuel his or should I
                                      say her new bike used and luckily a farmer
                                      fixing his fence came to the rescue with
                                      enough fuel to get them to the next servo.

Christmas in July at Crows Nest. Well, what can I say. Everything was going
along well, retired to bed about 10:30pm and at about 1:00am Sunday morning
Dawn became very ill. She announced that she had to see a doctor I knew at
that point that things were seriously wrong. God, it’s hard to find your phone and
glasses and phone numbers when your half asleep and hungover. Anyway, a
doctor in Crows Nest was not available, so I told her I would take her to
Toowoomba hospital on the bike. She politely told me what to do with that idea.
An ambulance was called and she was conveyed to Toowoomba. To cut a long
story short she is feeling a lot better and we would both like to thank everyone for
their phone calls and best wishes for her recovery. A great example of the HOG

The new members ride was washed out due to rain, but we still met at Seaside
had a yarn and ate Debera’s doughnuts.

The day ride to Corindi Tavern didn’t quite go the way it was planned with one of
our members having fuel and oil problems. At Grafton it was decided to return to
Ulmarra for lunch, which was a good idea considering the amount of time we lost.
A relaxing lunch in the sun was had by all.
The Ulysess Club have invited us to their Poker Run on September 9 th. That is
our overnighter to Moree, but those not going to Moree might like to attend their
run. Assemble Crowther Carpark from 8am, leave at 9am and finish in Kyogle
for the rally Gateway to the Rainforest being held the same weekend. Camping
is available for $5 per tent site. For more info contact George Ritchey on 6621
4224. He told me a story about a group of them out riding to organize their poker
run in the Kyogle area. In one particular area the road had just been patched by
one of those new pot hole patching trucks called Jetpatchers. You have probably
all seen them, they blast fine gravel and bitumen into potholes, but at the same
time gravel ends up all over the road. An elderly rider (80 years old) lost it in the
gravel and crashed severing his windpipe. But as luck has it the first two people
to arrive were off duty ambo’s without them he would have died at the scene, but
survived and was taken to Brisbane for treatment and rebuild his trachea. The
point of this story is watch out for these bloody truck showering gravel
everywhere on the road and complain to your council if you come across a road
in this condition.

Now for some rides.

August 27th – Poker Run - cost $10.00 per hand. This is our annual fundraiser
                to help the kids of the North Coast. Please let me know if you
                have someone who wants to sponsor a prize.              Road
                Marshalls, Ticket Sellers etc will be needed on the day, so
                come along and help out. Sign on at Seaside Motorcycles
                9:00am – 10:00am. Leave 10:00am for a tour of the local

September 9th & 10th – Overnighter to Moree. It’s time to head west. This is a
ride of about 1,000klms round trip from Ballina, but when you arrive you can relax
in the Artesian Thermal Pools and soothe those aches and pains. I have booked
a number of cabins at the caravan park, so if you have not yet contacted me to
book your cabin, please call after 6:00pm on 6622 1124, remember time is
getting closer. We are getting a discount by group booking. Ensuite cabin and
television will cost $47.00 approximately. All units are self contained, however
linen is not provided in the units. Linen hire is $7.00 per set or take your own.
Please note the new time of departure from Ballina is 8:00am traveling
Pacific Highway to Grafton Gwydir Highway to Glen Innes, Inverell, Moree.
Return same way. Ken Smith will be towing his trailer and has offered to take
linen for members. Also, don’t forget to take your swimmers along with you for
those relaxing moments in the thermal pools.

September 24th – Day Ride to Nymboida.       Leave Ballina
9:30am, traveling Pacific Highway to Grafton and then onto
Nymboida Coaching Station for lunch.
October 14th – Open Day at Seaside Motorcycles.   The release
of the 2007 models. Will be a great day.

October 29th – Day Ride to Redland Bay Brisbane.       Leave
Ballina 9:00am, traveling Pacific Highway to Brisbane.

November 4th – AGM and Night Ride. The AGM this year will
be held on Saturday afternoon 4th November commencing at
2:00pm at Seaside Motorcycles.    At the conclusion of the
AGM at approx 4:00pm a night ride will depart to Southport.
Members, be sure to attend and don’t forget to nominate for
a committee position.

November 18th & 19th – Christmas Party Ride to
White Albatross Holiday Resort Nambucca Heads.
As we are a family club we would like to see
members and their wives and children at the

party. Load em up in the car and they can come
along on the ride and have some fun. A BBQ tea
will be provided by the club at no charge.
Leave Ballina at 9:00am and arrive Nambucca
early afternoon to relax around the pond.
Please phone the White Albatross on 6568 6468
to   book   your   own   accommodation.     The
accommodation ranges from tent sites and on-site caravans
($26.00 & $35.00 - $45.00) to en-suite cabins ($65.00 -
$80.00) and then if you really want a good time there are
spa cabins on the water front ($150.00), these prices are
based on 2 perons.    But don’t forget to phone me on 6622
1124 at least a week before and let me know the number
attending, for the correct catering. Craig Batta (Tarzan)
should have his guitar there for us all to have a good time
and singalong. Please bring your own drinks and swimmers.

December 3rd – Breakfast Run to Federal Ex Club. Departing
from Seaside 8:30am and a ride will follow after brekky.

December 17th – Day Ride to Uki Hotel.       Departing from
Ballina 9:30am.
This will be our last get together before Christmas.

Plenty to do – See ya

                       LADIES OF HARLEY
Here we are again, writing another report for the newsletter. So the first thing
that I would like to commence my report with, is to welcome more new lady
members to the chapter – welcome to Jennifer Kearns and Fiona Nicholson-
Clausen – here’s hoping that you will be able to join us on future runs and enjoy
the company of others that share the same passion.

Also, on our overnighter to Crows Nest one of our lady members had to be taken
to hospital during the night. Presently she is on the way to recovery and what an
evening she had as well as other members in the adjoining cabins. May I say
that I was enjoying my sleep in our warm bed, when rudely awaken by people
talking and a very bright light shining into our cabin – first thought someone must
of arrived late with a caravan then thought Wayne, Dawn, Ron and Julie were
just saying good night after a few more drinks in Wayne’s cabin. deciding to get
up in the1am cold and have a look, We were shocked to see an ambulance with
light shining brightly and then Ron told us Dawns not well and having to go to
hospital. It wasn’t till later on that Dawn filled us in on what Wayne really wanted
to do – Wayne starting up a Harley at 1am and riding 60ks into Toowomba in the
freezing cold with your ill wife on the back is not a good idea. It was bad enough
when Ron and Glenn started two Harleys up at 7am an rode into Toowoomba. It
was a run to remember especially for Wayne and Dawn.

The Amazon Heart Thunder Ride 2006 is on again this year. This ride is where
twenty young breast cancer survivors are “On their ride of a lifetime”. Riding up
the east coast of Australia raising awareness and funds for breast cancer. The
ride commences in Sydney on 13th October and will finish in Brisbane 20th
October – the women will be stopping off in Ballina on Monday 16th October.
Amazon Heart Thunder has been running for three years and had riding
adventures in UK, USA and Australia.

The women are an inspiration and represent freedom, life changing experiences
and positive outcomes.

Seaside Motorcycles will be providing the women a BBQ lunch – will be arriving
approximately 1:00pm. I am sure that Ken and Debera would appreciate any
assistance that you would be able to provide on the day, please let Ken or
Debera know if you are available. Unfortunately this year, Glenn and I will be on
our way back from Western Australia and will not be able to assist on the day.


                   HISTORIAN’S REPORT
                           One Hundred Newsletters

The newsletters of the Northern NSW Chapter of the Harley Owners Group have
kept the readers and members informed of local news and ride events every two

Reviewing the copies in our archives at
home, (which luckily JB squirreled away from
Issue 49), I’ve selected just two copies to
compare information – Issues 50 and 75. I
have noticed the following interesting points
since February 1997 when we purchased our
first Harley Davidson, 1996 Blue Softail

Issue 50 - September 1997 and the Editor was Tom Connor (aka Kahuna).

The Director’s Report by Ray Fardon detailed the successful Poker Run which
involved 94 bikes and 119 hands. Participants from as far away as Gold Coast
and Brisbane Chapters and from Port Macquarie travelled to Evans Head,
Coraki, Cedar Point, Bentley and Alstonville.

Rides organised were to Stanthorpe, Purga Creek and NSW State Rally in

This newsletter also revealed that the NSW State Rally was secured by our
Chapter for 1998. We now know that this Rally was actually October 1999!! Must
have been a typo? There was a report of an icy ride to Torrington by Kahuna.

Other information detailed Victorian State Rally, AGM for the Chapter and Toy
Run. A comprehensive page explained the development of a HOG website by
NSW HOG Chapter, incorporating Liverpool, Northside and Central Coast HOG

Advertisements in these early newsletters were from other businesses, including
another motorcycle shop and a motor car sales business.

Chapter membership was $15.00 if paid by 9/11/97 and after this date the cost
was $20.00!!

Committee meetings were held every two months.

Issue 75 was February 2002 and the Editors were Brett and Jo Faulks. The
Director was Ross Campbell (aka Fossil)
There were reports of the Xmas Party at Evans Head and an article on the
History of Harley-Davidson Company, as well as the financial report and the
news from the dealers, Joe and Marilyn Fisher.

These newsletters were mostly printed on white paper with few photos and about
six pages in length.

Some comments made by the Directors in the past were trying to get more
contributions from members for articles and a desire to get better quality photos
and even colour photos!

There have been many enthusiastic editors since Issue 50 and the quality of the
presentation has improved to include coloured covers, more photographs and in
the more recent issues, coloured photos.

The Editors since Issue 50 have been:
                                    Tom Connor (Kahuna)
Starting @   Issue 55 July 1998     Sharyn Ainsworth
             Issue 63 November 1999 Martin & Donna Bogaard
             Issue 74 November 2001 Brett & Jo Faulks
             Issue 85 January 2004  Glenn & Nancy Pitt

Access to modern technology has meant a more professional production and it is
a credit to the editors. The current editors, Glenn and Nancy work hard to get a
variety of articles from as many members as possible so that the reading material
is interesting and entertaining.

                       ONE HUNDRED NEWSLETTERS

If anyone has issues of newsletters earlier than No 49 or any other items like
photos, I would appreciate copies so that I can gather information to assist with
the writing of a History of the Chapter.

                                                           Virginia Boyle
                         DAY RIDE TO DOG & BULL HOTEL BONALBO
                                  Sunday 4th June 2006
                                      Virginia Boyle

A motley crew greeted JB and me outside Seaside Motorcycles at 9:25am with
Glenn and Nancy, Tackles, Ron Field, Ron Pinxteren, Paul, Frank, Rosey and
Gai all doing a bit of a dance and hand rubbing to keep warm as traffic streamed
down Kerr St.

We roared off, round the roundabout and headed west through Alstonville and
Lismore. Near the airport in Lismore a hand was seen waving out of a car
window – on closer inspection it was revealed to belong to Wayne. This car held
the invalids – Ron Nowlan and Wayne recovering from various medical
procedures and Dawn.

A brief stop (well-almost 30 mins) in Casino allowed us all to greet the walking
wounded; Wayne walking very gingerly after his hernia operation and Ron
hobbling with his well-bandaged foot and extremely cheesy grin looking like he
had a very exciting motorbike story to tell! He wished! Dawn was wishing she
had brought her gear and helmet and hitched a ride with someone instead of
travelling with these injured ones.

Rosey seemed to enjoy standing on the sidewalk in the sun, much to the dismay
of the rest of us who didn’t want to spend the day talking in Casino. Did
someone ask Ron a question? Which one? There were three of them on this

Eventually we were saddled up and pointed the shiny chrome horses west where
we were joined by Glenn Shenton as we travelled past his house. JB wanted to
check out an abandoned VK on the side of the road, until I reminded him that we
didn’t have the trailer to carry the bits home!

A great day for a ride in the bush and all too soon we reached Bonalbo where we
were able to relax in the warmth of the pub.

Rob and Mause arrived just in time to order and catch up with us all. Glenn was
busy trying to get the “SCOOP” award for taking photos of everyone and
everything! Nice one “Jimmy”! Nancy managed to keep track of her sunglasses
today…was that superglue I saw?

Tackles formed a strong attachment to the jukebox and had to be prized away
from it when his meal was ready. Paul was still wearing that perpetual grin….or
is it a mask? There is no need to ask him how he enjoyed the ride. Gentleman
Frank enjoyed the jokes and stories nearly as much as the ride!!

Nancy and Dawn, concerned about mixing up the Rons, were quizzing new
member Ron Pinxteren about possible nicknames for him. He quickly informed
Dawn that her suggestion was unacceptable!

Rosey thought he was quick to order his meal, being second in the line.
However, it happened again! He and Gai were really hungry and their meals
arrived after the rest of us had finished eating. What did you say or do to the
waitress, Rosey??

After Rosey and Gai had finished their lunch, Tackles blasted off and the rest of
us set off the long way home, via Urbenville and Woodenbong. We all enjoyed
the ride under the canopy of very tall slender gum trees, even though it was cool
as we wound our way through the forest.

The V-Rod need a drink at Woodenbong but Glenn soon caught up with us. A
fuel stop was scheduled for Kyogle, but on the way Mause was seen wandering
on the side of the road. Was Rob’s riding too much for her and she jumped
off?? Was she trying to take a photo of us all and steal the scoop from Glenn??

The strap of her handbag broke and she was frantically searching for the
contents on the side of the road….she gave up trying to find the rest of her
mobile phone, and was grateful that the camera was still in one piece.

Farewell hugs and handshakes were quickly performed and the group split in two
directions to return home. Ron Field was so excited to be back on his bike he
forgot to turn off to Lismore and had to do a u-turn and catch up. Honking of
horns and waves as members peeled off to their homes after a great sunny day.

And to answer Ron Nowlan’s question … So I suppose you will have to go
home to wash and clean the new bike?

Well no, Ron. Doesn’t the chauffeur do the washing and detailing of the vehicle
he drives???

                                 DAY RIDE TO ULONG
                                Sunday 25th June 2006
                                    Mick Kell☺
The roll up for this ride was very pleasing and we welcomed new member, Gary, along for his first
ride with the club.

As the trip was heading south it was a great opportunity for our southern club members to have a
little sleep in as we would meet them at Maclean. The group set off and had a leisurely ride to
Maclean in cool morning conditions. We met up with the “southerners” at the BP in Maclean, then
set off for the trip south. The road captain was leading the pack aimlessly along when the rear
enders decided the highway was not the way to go but rather we take the western river road as a
more scenic route. That meant for some of us we had to do a 180 degree turn to get back on track
with the pack. Frank thought he saw something on the roadway so decided to lay his bike down
and get a closer inspection of the tar. Frank – that sticking a coin into the hot tar is an old trick and
it is impossible to pick the coin up. Also picking a Harley up by yourself is impossible. Troops to
the rescue and off we went again.

The ride along the river was very scenic and colourful and was a good addition to the ride. For
some I feel the ride was a little more “colourful” when the Jap crap bike flew past us at
a frightening speed and scared the “daylights” out of us as it was so totally
unexpected on that narrow road. We half expected to see his bike somewhere
up the road, but I guess he must have taken the next turnoff.

We were soon back onto the highway at Cowper and headed to the servo in Grafton for a refuel, a
chinwag and food break. Quite a stay here but soon we were saddled up and back on the road
down the back way to Coffs Harbour via Glenreagh. This was a most scenic route and the pack
soon spread out allowing everyone to travel at their selected pace. Turning off this road the ride
into Ulong was quite testy with many tricky bends and curves with some wetter patches which kept
              everyone on their toes – and their bikes. Arriving in Ulong we pulled
                 into the RSL Club for lunch and were interested to see all
                 the older cars of a car club there as well.

As time was marching on very quickly the lunch was quaffed down and the bikes reved up again for
the return journey. By the way – Frank Egan won the raffle on this trip. Some 5klms out of Ulong
the dreaded “putt” “putt” “splutter” “splutter”. Luckily a local who was doing some roadside work was
able to get some petrol and top up the rider’s bike so he could make the next town and refuel (we
will not mention the ex Director’s name here). After refuelling at Coramba it was a very interesting
ride along the backroads to finally reach the highway for the ride to Ulmarra. Here a well deserved
break saw the one and only utility well used and some bikes refuelled. As night was setting in
quickly we all said our goodbyes here as some were breaking off at Maclean and others at
Woodburn. At Cowper we again opted for the western riverside road to Maclean where the group
split into two with the Yamba group and some riders heading into Maclean whilst the rest headed
straight for the highway and home riding in cool night conditions.

A very interesting ride opening up some new scenery which was greatly apprecitaed. As usual the
company was great and it is a pleasure to ride in such company. Thanks to all who added their
individuality on the day with shows for us and suggestions for the trip to make it more interesting.

                                  OVERNIGHTER TO CROWS NEST QUEENSLAND
                                     Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2006
                                                   Mick Kell
On a fine Saturday morning thirteen (13) bikes with three (3) pillion passengers
assembled at Seaside Motorcycles in anticipation of an excellent ride to the
South East Queensland town of Crows Nest.
The usual early birds chatted aimlessly and made a nuisance of themselves by
“ooooing” and “aahhing” at all the shiny bikes on display inside the shop.
Eventually the troops from down south arrived with a splutter and a splatt. A
quick change of an air filter soon fixed the unusual noise and intermittent engine
running. Soon 9:50 was upon us and our fearless road captain, Wayne, decided
it was time to gather the troops to explain the direction the trip was taking. A
collective sigh of relief as all soon realised we were not going straight up the
ranges into cold country but rather up the warmer coast road and then inland.
Off the convoy headed with Wayne in the lead and Ron being the caboose for
this ride.
Our first stop was the BP at Coomera where the bikes were refuelled
and a few layers of clothing were shed. This was a relatively quick
stop, then off again to face the freeway traffic heading straight for
Gatton to have lunch at the Golden Arches Restaurant.

Tackles couldn’t help himself and began “chatting to” a member of the
         constabulary (maybe this was an attempt to get himself in the good
          books for the next day). After all had feasted we again saddled up and
          with much anticipation headed off to Toowoomba to see the Leather
          shop, but alas the shop had other ideas when they knew we were
coming and closed just 15 minutes before we got there. Plan 2 from Wayne.
“Let’s head straight out to Crows Nest!” What a good idea we thought. Time for a
short ride then settle down for a few refreshing soft drinks before a Christmas
feast. After about 30 minutes we rode into the caravan park and were duly
allotted our respective vans for the night.
When all had purchased their supplies from either in town or at the caravan park
Wayne kindly donated the environs of his van for us to sit around and have a little
chin wag. The majority of the conversations cannot and will not be repeated here
– What happens on the trip STAYS on the trip – Well most of it anyway. For
about 3 hours the jokes were flying around, the stories were varied and the
innuendos were vast and at times scary. The refreshments certainly opened up
many a closed mind and mouth whilst the supply of finger food was ongoing. As
soon as the sun disappeared so did any semblance of warmth. Who would live
in a climate like this when we have such fantastic weather on the coast – well for
most of us who do live on the coast. When the sun set most moved inside the
van, whilst a few hardy (perhaps another word might be more appropriate)
people stayed out in the cold. The levity inside the van increased with the
consumption of refreshments and the crowded confines within. Seven o’clock
was soon upon us and time to head off to the dining area for our Christmas meal.
Not having eaten for 6 hours and the vast consumption of liquid tended to make
everyone a little hungry and very edgy as we waited and waited and waited for
the meal to commence. Finally after 20 minutes and all the other diners had
finally arrived (approximately 70 people in total) the meal was ready to consume,
BUT WAIT, it will be table at a time. Well we are patient people so let’s just have
another beer and our turn will come soon. FINALLY it was our turn and so we
lined up to what indicated would be a magnificent meal. The soup entrée
followed by a cold ham/hot pork meal with an enormous array of salads and
vegetables followed by dessert with Christmas pudding, home made ice-cream
and other desserts capped off a wonderful feast. At the end of the meal (which
was quite late as it was spread out over many hours) everyone decided they had
had enough for the night and decided to call it quits and venture off to their
respective vans to bunk down for the night.

Morning was soon upon us and the look outside was not a good one for an early
bike ride. This certainly was a white Christmas with a layer of frost across the
open fields and on the bikes of those left out in the open. This was going to be
one cold ride to start the day. The roar of a Harley at 7:00am riding off in the
direction of Toowoomba was a disturbing fact and led to much speculation as to
what was happening. Soon after a second Harley roar was sounded and we
finally had our minds set at ease when Nancy and Julie told us that Wayne and
Dawn didn’t like the cold comforts of their van and wanted a 1:00am ride in an
ambulance into Toowoomba. Maybe it was all that laughter of the previous night
that had Dawn feeling a little uneasy in the stomach. Glenn and Ron took
Wayne’s bike in and had to double up on the return trip. Wayne and Dawn set
off from Toowoomba to venture on home alone. Some were feeling a little
peckish for food so 4 bikes set off for breakfast with the remainder waiting for the
return of Ron and Glenn to eventually link later at the Golden Arches in
After all bikes had made it into town and after stomachs were satiated a majority
of the group set off for home with the first stop for fuel at Gatton. Ron, Julie and
Ed set of to Noddys to see yet another pub.

The ride down the hill just out of Toowoomba proved an interesting expedition for
one rider who just could not resist the urge to have another talk with the local
           constabulary. Or was it the locals wanted to check out the new “police
                 blue/white” paint job and have a closer inspection of it. Either
                  way the rest of us knew we weren’t invited to pull over for the
               little “tête-à-tête” so the group continued on to Gatton. I believe
with a not so small donation to the Queensland Police Charity and a few points
from their NSW compatriots.

Motto: Never pass the Road Captain.

The next hour or so was a pleasant ride down the open roads, freeways and
tollways for a lunchbreak at Reedy Creek. Here we all said our final goodbyes
and headed south with riders peeling off at different points to arrive safely at
This was another great ride with nice open scenery, great friendship, great food
and accommodation and one which shouldn’t be missed in the future. Thanks to
the organisers and the other riders.

                          DAY RIDE TO CORINDI BEACH/ULMARRA
                                 Sunday 23rd July 2006
                                      Editor Glenn
What magnificent weather greeted us on Sunday, I’m sure we were all expecting this
ride to be cancelled due to rain after the presicient showers of the previous day.

The group consisted of Gai, Mick, Ron N, Ron P, Frank, Paul, Garry, Dawn and
Wayne, Nancy and yours truly – 10 bikes with 11 members.

All eager to be westward bound via Casino then south onto Grafton along the
Summerland Way. This is a great road on a sunny winters day. Just before Whiporie
Mick comes to an abrupt halt Garry and I also stopped to give assistance as we watch
the remainder of the pack disappear into the distant. Mick informs us that the motor
just stopped and the oil light came on.

The oil light should come on automatically when any motor stops, deciding to check
the oil level anyway to our Horror not a drop on the dip stick, we thought the motor
might have a low oil switch that stops the motor to prevent engine damage - well they
bloody should have anyway.

Off we go two up to Whiporie’s General Store for some lubricant leaving Garry
guarding Mick’s bike back up the road we probably should of told him if any trouble
comes along to save himself and his own bike, anyway we were back in two shakes of
a lambs tail – whatever that means – it’s an old saying. Filled oil to the required level
hit the starter, it’s a goer just about to mount up when we hear that distinctive sound of
a Harley coming “Ah” someone returning to find us – not someone but the whole pack
they must really care about you Mick or they just like doing U-turns with Wayne? Of
we go 1klm up the road all stop – Mick’s bike again - sure you put fuel in it Mick? Ron
Nowlan turns the fuel tap to reserve we press the starter it’s a goer again. Eventually
arrive at Grafton we all fuel up especially Mick almost 18 litres. As it’s 12:30pm,
Wayne makes an executive decision to re-route the ride to Ulmarra Hotel for lunch –
bloody good idea. Gai found us a great seat in the sun with fresh air – the food was
excellent with a great bunch of people another enjoyable day ride.

Here’s a tip Mick to keep the P O W        E   R    in your Harley regularly check.
                              E I A        L   U
                              T L T        E   B
                              R   E        C   B
                              O   R        T   E
                              L            R   R

I know before you say it - water for V-Rod’s only for now maybe Ultra’s soon ????
      Open Day
Saturday 14 October
* Harley-Davidson test rides. First display in NSW of the 2007 Harley-Davidson
                Tourers, Softails, Dynas, Sportsters and V-Rods
                            all available for test rides
* Store Wide Specials
* Clothing and gifts: Harley-Davidson, Scotty’s Choppers and Orange County
Choppers. Long and short sleeve shirts, jackets, singlets, caps, beanies etc

                                 Free Sausage sizzle
                        Cold drinks, tea, coffee also available

                2006 Committee Members
JB (Road Captain), Virginia (Historian), Ron (Treasurer), Ken & Debera
(Sponsoring Dealer), Rosie (Assistant Director), Wayne (Director), Nancy
(Secretary), Glenn (Editor)

Absent:    Dawn (Photographer), Howie (Safety Officer), Les (Webmaster)


         Rides/Events can be cancelled/postponed
            subject to weather conditions
             For updates ring the HOG Hotline
                         8250 4455
         27 Aug (Sun)    Poker Run
                         Sign on from 9:00am – 10:00am

      9 – 10 Sept (w/end)     Overnighter to Moree
                         8:00am departure from Seaside
                         Accommodation bookings – please ring
Wayne                         on 6622 1124 after 6:00pm

         24 Sept (Sun)   Day Ride to Nymboida
                         9:30am departure from Seaside

         14 Oct (Sat)    Open Day at Seaside Motorcycles
                         Test ride the 2007 models

         29 Oct (Sun)    Day Ride to Redland Bay Brisbane
                         9:00am departure from Seaside

         4 Nov (Sat)          AGM at Seaside Motorcycles –

         4 Nov (Sat)          Night Ride – Gold Coast
                         Approx departure from Seaside
Motorcyles 4:00pm

      18 – 19 Nov (w/end)     Christmas Party – White
Albatross Holiday Resort
                         Nambucca Heads – 6568 6468
                         Departing Seaside Motorcycles 9:00am
                         Book your own accommodation

         3 Dec (Sun)     Breakfast Ride to Federal Ex Club
                         8:30am departure from Seaside

         17 Dec (Sun)    Day Ride to Uki Hotel
                         9:30am departure from Seaside
                                 make sure you read the
                               Activities Officer Report
                             for full details of each ride

    27th Aug 06                       Ulysess Poker Run

    29th Aug – 4th Sept 06   Bike Week – Gold Coast Queensland

    29th Sept – 1st Oct 06            Western Australia State Rally – Pemberton

    29th Sept – 2nd Oct o6   South Australia State Rally - rolling rally

    29th Sept – 2nd Oct 06   2006 National HOG Rally - Airlie Beach Queensland

    2nd Feb – 4th Feb 07              Tasmania State Rally – Bicheno

    8th Feb – 11th Feb 07             NZ 17th National HOG Rally – Auckland New Zealand

                                               Ride Rules
   Make sure your bike is fuelled up before departure time

   Do not pass the road captain

   Do not overtake on the left hand side

   Ride to your own ability and not others

   Ride in staggered formation - not side by side

   Ride in the same lane as the Road Captain in a multi-lane highway

   On winding or narrow roads staggered formation is not advised – use correct
    riding style for cornering but leave plenty of room between bikes for braking

                                                 Ride Safe
                                                 Have Fun
                                      Be considerate of Others
                  2006/2007 Committee Nomination Form
        Please accept my nomination for the position or positions as indicated:

        Name:   …………………………………………………..                                                             Phone:

                Director                                                Assistant Director

                Treasurer                                               Secretary

                Assistant Secretary                                     Membership Officer

                Activities Officer                                      Lady of Harley

                Road Captain                                            Editor

                Safety Officer                                          Photographer

                Historian                                               Webmaster

        For nominations to be accepted, return this form to our Sponsoring Dealers at
               Seaside Motorcycles by close of business on 21st October 2006.

If you are thinking about being an officer for our chapter? Below is a list of the positions HOG International
have created for all chapters. Our sponsoring dealer may determine which positions are necessary for our
chapter including how chapter officers are selected and for how long. So please give some consideration to
which position could be of interest to you.

The duties and responsibilities of the primary (required) chapter officers shall be as follows:

 Director: The Director shall uphold this Charter and the chapter by-laws, conduct chapter meetings
  and coordinate chapter officer responsibilities.

 Assistant Director: The Assistant Director shall assist the Director in carrying out the Director’s
  duties. The Assistant Director shall also be responsible for promoting membership, membership
  orientation, membership retention, and keeping the chapter members informed of HOG programs.

 Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and disbursement of chapter funds,
  reporting the financial transaction to the membership on a monthly basis, submitting an annual financial
  report to HOG, compliance with all revenue recording and reporting requirements.
 Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the administrative needs of the chapter, keeping the
  minutes of chapter annual business meetings and general meetings, oversees the position of
  membership officer if it exists, ensuring that all chapter members are current HOG members, having on
  file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release of each members as
  signed on an annual basis, and submitting to HOG the HOG Chapter Charter Application and any other
  reports as required by HOG. Further, the Secretary shall ensure that all insurance requirements are met
  (including participant signatures to required release forms), shall ensure preparation of injury report
  forms, timely submission of injury report forms to the appropriate insurance company and shall be
  responsible for the maintenance and storage of release forms and injury reports.

The duties and responsibilities of the discretionary (optional) chapter officers shall be:

 Activities Officer: The Activities Officer shall be responsible for the administration of chapter events.

 Ladies of Harley Officer: The LOH Officer shall be responsible for encouraging women members to
  take an active part in chapter activities.

 Road Captain: The Road Captain(s) shall be responsible for assisting in the planning of routes for
  chapter rides and keeping the Chapter informed of all HOG programs.

 Editor: The Editor shall be responsible for assembling and organising written, oral (broadcast) and
  electronic material for chapter publications, eg newsletters, press releases. All chapter publications,
  whether written, oral (broadcast) or electronic, shall be subject to approval by the Sponsoring Dealer
  prior to publication.

 Safety Officer: The Safety Officer shall be responsible for providing chapter members with
  information relating to the availability of rider training.

 Photographer:      The Photographer shall be responsible for obtaining and organising chapter
  photographs for use in chapter publications and chapter history albums.

 Membership Officer: The Membership Officer shall be responsible for ensuring that all chapter
  members are current HOG members, having on file a signed copy of the Annual Chapter Membership
  Enrollment Form and Release of each member as signed on an annual basis, maintains chapter
  membership report, providing quarterly updates to the HOG officer or maintaining on the Chapter
  Business site of www.members.hog.com

 Historian: The Historian shall be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a written account
  of the history of the chapter, to include officer positions, chapter activities and membership levels.

 Webmaster: The Webmaster shall be responsible for assembling and organising material for the
  Chapter Website and seeking approval from the Sponsoring Dealer prior to publication.

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