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Character Detectives


									  Character Detectives

  Worksheets used in the Story
Start Lesson by Samantha Saville
     Stratton Primary School
We detectives____ team believe that this case
                belongs to:
Appearance: (adjectives, similes)





Other’s might say:
           Group Tasks
• Red: Complete the detectives
  character sheet with TA group scribe
• Yellow/Blue : Complete sheet, add
  simile to describe
• Green: Complete sheet using a simile
  then write a paragraph description
  using the princess description as a
We detectives____ team believe that this case
                belongs to:
                                      A Princess

Appearance: long blonde hair which shimmers like silk, sparkling white
  teeth like diamonds
Speech:              I am the most beautiful princess in the world

Actions: Stomps around, looking in the mirror all of the time, nose in
  the air
Thoughts:       Why doesn’t anybody like me?

Feelings:           I feel lonely

Other’s might say: She is bossy and selfish and doesn’t need friends
        Modelled Writing- Example of how to complete the character detectives sheet.
      Princess Description
Princess Taya stomped through the
palace, her long golden hair swishing in
the sun like ruffled silk. “Why has nobody
come to my party?”, she snapped to
herself. As she walked through the
hallway, she paused to glance at herself in
the mirror, which she did on many
occasions. Today she still looked beautiful,
however she did not feel it on the inside.
         Modelled writing- how to write a character description.

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