March / April 2007


President                        Susan Dyson                      332-8004

Vice President                   Sheryl MacGibbon          338-2301

Secretary                        Andrea Mears                 338-8833

Treasurer                        Lisa Davis-Miller             329-9969

Funding Coordinator              Lisa Phelan                    942-4579

Antenatal Convenor               Andrea Wong                  332-3533

Baby & You Convenor              Marilyn Renault           331-6270

Moving & Munching                Angela Sheat                     322-9383
Tinies to Tots Convenor          Aveline Perham                   376-5090

Focus Night Convenor             Susan Dyson                      332-8004

Membership Officer               Lucretia Downs                     339-6637

Librarian                        Vacancy                    Looking for someone, can you
Marketing                        Laila Holland                 980-0010

Volunteer Coordinator            Izabel Lyall                        942-0652

Newsletter Editor                Kay Male                          337-6255

Coffee Group Liaison             Vacancy                    Looking for someone, can you

            Christchurch South Parents Centre, PO Box 33033, Barrington, Christchurch, Phone 332 5651

                                             Monthly Meetings
                     Did you know that all members are welcome at our monthly meetings?
            If you are interested in finding out what happens at a meeting we would love to see you.
                           You could bring a friend if you don’t want to come alone.
             Talk to any of our Committee members - we can arrange for one of us to pick you up.
                            Next meetings are: 5th March (AGM) & 2nd April 2007

                                          Christchurch South

                                                       March / April 2007

In this Issue
      •      From the President.......................... 4                 •      Joining Information:...................... 15
      •      New Arrivals...................................... 4           •      Childbirth Education...................... 15
      •      From the Editor................................ 5              •      Parent Education Courses............. 16
      •      Celebrating Our Volunteers........... 6                        •      Dial - A – Mum ................................. 18
      •      Coffee with a Parents Centre                                   •      Toddler Nutrition: Ages 18-
             Volunteer............................................ 7               24months.......................................... 19
      •      Focus Night: Toilet Training your                              •      Recipes..............................................20
             Toddler…............................................. 8        •      Book Reviews ................................... 21
      •      Focus Night: Reusable Nappies..... 8                           •      Digital Natives…and how to
      •      Focus Night: Fathers Night –                                          parent them. ....................................23
             Rough Play – you are so important 8                            •      Notices .............................................25
      •      Fun Easter Activities ...................... 9                 •      10 Rules for running a successful
      •      Co-Sleeping: The Pros & Cons...... 10                                 coffee group:...................................26
      •      A Date to remember...................... 10                    •      Websites ..........................................26
      •      Just for fun!.................................... 12           •      Members Retailers Discounts .....27
      •      Dads and breastfeeding................ 13                      •      Christchurch South Parents
      •      Situations Vacant ........................... 15                      Centre Library ................................29
                                                                            •      SUPPORT NETWORK -
                                                                                   Christchurch Area ......................... 31

Parents Centre NZ is a nationwide, voluntary organisation set up by parents for parents in 1952. Affiliated centres throughout New
Zealand educate in birth and parenting, support parents in their role, and advocate improving community attitudes and facilities.
Positive birth experiences and informed parenting in a community where parents are supported
and highly valued in their role.
The view and articles in this newsletter are not necessarily those of the Editors or Christchurch South Parents Centre
and do not necessarily reflect Parents Centre New Zealand policy. Advertising in this newsletter does not imply endorsement
by Parents Centres New Zealand. Contributions to the newsletter are always welcome. The deadline for the next issue (May/June
2007) is 19th April2007.

Contact details
Christchurch South Parents Centre: Address: PO Box 33033, Christchurch
               From the President                       Sadly we will farewell Sheryl at our AGM, but
                                                        we look forward to more people joining us,
               We have had a busy, eventful             there is always room for more helpers!
               month. Ian and I ran the Buller
               half marathon together and               Susan
               more importantly had a weekend
away without the girls. Thankfully, the
energetic and at times very uncomfortable
part of the weekend was over by 10.30 am on
Saturday, leaving time to enjoy a well deserved
beer in the sunshine!

Ella turned five in January and so started
school last week. It was a big day for all of us,
especially her mother! I cried walking home-
she was fine! It is amazing to me (and you’ll all                   New Arrivals
experience it) how grown up she has become in
just a few weeks, now everything is “Mrs
Woods told us to…”, “Mrs Woods says…”, or as
I call it ‘the gospel according to Mrs Woods”!!
                                                                  Sarah & Andrew Hurley        Morgan
We are having a busy Parents Centre month.
Next weekend will be our annual Family Picnic                    Lisa & Hamish Winterbourn     Georgia
and Children’s Concert, and we look forward to
seeing lots of people there. Please encourage                     Susan & Mike Sheppard         Gilby
your friends to join us; as it’s not just for our
                                                                Jackie Murison & Stuart Bale   William
members but the whole community.
                                                                   Angela & Isaac Powell       Hayley
The last few months have also seen an increase
in volunteers to our committee which is                              Jo & Brian Ellwood         Lesley
Welcome to Kay Male who you will see is our                       Yvette and Brett Hodge
new newsletter editor. Ave Perham has kindly
                                                                      Bridget & Chris          George
agreed to be our Tinies to Tots convenor and
her husband Dan who will be looking after our                       Susan & Nik Aitken          Sarah
Antenatal Liaison people, the first man on our
committee for a long time (maybe ever?)-                             Rebecca and Chris           Otis
hurrah!! Andrea Mears, Secretary and Lucretia
Downs,     Membership,      both   joined  the                       Belinda and Craig         Conner

committee around the same time their names                If your name has been missed out and you
appeared on our baby born list! Marilyn                 would like us to mention it so you have a keep
Regnault is assisting Tania (who is having her          sake please contact the editor via the email in
second baby any day!) with Baby and You and               the front of the newsletter and we will be
has already revamped the information we give                          happy to include it.
our participants. Andrea has developed some
great new systems for antenatal bookings,
taking over from Sonja who is staying on to
help us with acquisition of new rooms.

                 From the Editor                        there are $10 worth of book vouchers for each
                                                        article printed.
               Hello, I’m Kay and I am the              Enjoy your Easter break and don’t eat too
               new editor of the newsletter.            much chocolate ☺
               You would have read in the
               last issue that Andrea has               Kay
moved on to the antenatal co-ordinators role
and so I have offered my services to the
I am a new member of the Parents Centre
committee; so many people will not have heard
anything about me…. So we thought it would be
a good idea for me to introduce myself. Well…..
I’m an Accountant, English (but please don’t
hold that against me!) and just 18 months ago
I arrived in Christchurch from my hometown of
Maidenhead, South East England. I am married
to Andy, who is also English, and we have a
gorgeous 21 month old little boy called George.
We love our new lives here in Christchurch
although we do miss our families and friends in         (George & I in Wellington, Sept 2006)
the UK (does that ever go away?!) but, all in all
we have settled well here and have made some
great friends.
My main interest outside my family is my love
of photography. Life before a baby meant
hours spent taking photos of landscapes,
flowers & buildings, but now I have a new
subject for my lens….. a little George! I am
never too far away from a camera or my little
I came across Parents Centre when a friend
told me about the Tinies to Tots course. I
signed up for the course and on the course
evaluation I ticked a tiny little box and the
next thing I knew I was a member of the
committee!! (BTW-I can highly recommend the
course it was very informative – see pg16 for
Well, that’s all from me for now. I hope you
enjoy reading this issue. Please don’t forget I’d
love to receive your suggestions for future
articles that you’d like us to include. Better
still why not get your fingers tapping and send
me a story about your parenting experiences or
an article on your coffee or antenatal group –

                 Celebrating Our
                 Sheryl is one of our
outstanding volunteers, joining our committee
four years ago as the membership officer. She
was a very new parent and has continued to be
a committed volunteer despite having another

Sheryl is hardworking and dedicated, never            (Sheryl pictured far left)
expecting thanks for her time and effort. As
well as membership Sheryl set up and ran our          Sheryl, thank you for your dedication to
Tinies to Tots course, she has also been our          Parents Centre and the great ideas you have
venue liaison person, maintained the centre           implemented. We will miss you.
diary,   organised   trainings/focus   nights,
updated and printed our pamphlets, and                Our very best wishes to you, Paul, Thomas and
maintained the committee contact list.                Natasha for the challenges that lie ahead.

For the first time, thanks to Sheryl who
became CBE liaison, we have a much better
working relationship with our Childbirth
Educators.     She has been a great Vice
President, helping me on several occasions with
organisation and decision-making. And with
Sonja she has sourced better venues for our                     Christchurch South
classes.                                                          Parents Centre
                                                                           invite you
Sheryl is at the forefront of many of one-off
                                                                            to their
events, even peeling a bag of onions among
many other things for our annual picnic (not to                        Annual
mention organising the sausages, sauce, spread,
bbq’s, membership list, signs and notice                               General
When Sheryl does something you know it will                                    at

done well. She is organised and thorough with                     St Nicholas Church
an ability to see things others have missed.                    cnr Barrington and Frankleigh Sts
She is also kind with a well-developed sense of
humour, essential when juggling children, work         Monday 5th March 2007 @ 7.30pm
and voluntary work! And she always offers to          The actual AGM will be brief and followed by supper
                                                             and time to chat with other members.
                                                            Show your support and come along!
Sadly Sheryl MacGibbon has decided now is
                                                      Please RSVP to Susan 3328004,
the time to move on, to focus on her family,
and will not be re-standing at our AGM.

                   Coffee with a                      •   Would you bungee jump?    Have done, but
                                                          that was before I become a scaredy cat
                   Parents Centre                     •   What did you want to be when you were
                                                          little? An Air hostess but then I went on
                   Volunteer                              a plane!
    Lucretia Downs is the new                         •   Do you untie your shoes when you take
    membership co-ordinator. Mother                       them off? Sometimes
    to 3month old Lilly (pic below),                  •   Favourite ice cream flavour? Chocolate
                                                      •   Favourite colour? RED
    she took 10 minutes out of her
                                                      •   What do you miss most right now? A
    busy day to answer some                               real bra
    questions.                                        •   Favourite drink? Tea
                                                      •   Favourite day of the year? Birthdays
                                                      •   Favourite food? Chocolate
                                                      •   Scary movies or happy endings? Happy
                                                          endings, remember I’m scaredy cat
                                                      •   Summer or winter? Summer, I have the
                                                          bestest tan,
                                                      •   What book/magazine are you currently
                                                          reading? For the last 6mths Never Let me
                                                          Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and also Kid-wrangling
                                                          by Kaz Cooke.
                                                      •   If you could change one thing about
                                                          yourself, what would it be? All very deep,
                                                          but you can change anything about yourself
                                                          if you really want to! So other than my
•   How are you today? Great
                                                          large ass, which I am sort of always working
•   If you could go anywhere on vacation,                 on, nothing.
    where would it be? Somewhere hot but
                                                      •   What is your favourite TV show? Grey's
    not oz
•   What class in school do you think is
                                                      •   What was the last film you saw at the
    totally useless? All of them at the time,
                                                          cinema? Blood diamonds
    if only I knew then what I know now!
                                                      •   What characteristics you can't stand?
•   Do you wish on stars? No
                                                          Loud mouths
•   When did you last cry? Sunday but just a
                                                      •   Are you a morning person or a night owl?
    wee melt down, nothing major :-)
                                                          Both before I was pregnant, but since
•   Diamonds or pearls? Definitely Diamonds               becoming a Mum I had to become a morning
•   What is your most embarrassing CD on                  person!
    your shelf? Nothing I think is                    •   Any new or exciting news that you'd like
    embarrassing but plenty I don’t ever listen           to share with us? I just love being a
    to.                                                   mother!
•   What was your favourite toy as a child?           •   Finally - How did you become a volunteer
    My snegly was a smelly doll which I use to            with Parents Centre? I just answered yes
    sniff                                                 when joining, that easy.

                 Focus Night: Toilet                       The plan of the evening is to explore the answers to
                                                           these and many other questions and allow you to

                 Training your                             have a hands-on look at some of the different types
                                                           of reusable nappies available on the market.
                 Toddler⁄                                  The evening will be facilitated by Miriam Fisher. As
                                                           a first time mum and reusable nappy user she has
                  Pat Penrose has been involved with
                                                           first hand experience of the overwhelming
                  writing articles and taking
                                                           information you may have come across. She has
workshops on various aspects of parenting for a
                                                           experimented with a variety of styles of nappies on
number of years. As well as her knowledge as a
                                                           her ‘heavy wetter’ and has even begun to make her
parent she also draws on her experiences as a
                                                           own nappies, over-naps and nappy wipes. Miriam will
                                                           provide answers to the kind of questions you might
Learn about:
                                                           be asking and hopefully give you the confidence to
• Indicators of when your child is ready to be
                                                           have a try at reusable nappies as an option for
    toilet trained
• The process of toilet training
                                                           Supper will be provided and there also be a prize
This is a very interactive session so whether you
                                                           draw on the evening for a lovely pocket nappy.
haven't started the toileting process or have come
                                                           DATE: Monday, 26 March 2006
unstuck and need ideas, come along with all your           TIME: 7.30pm
questions. Bring pen & paper if you want to write          COST: FREE for members/Gold coin donation non
down some of the great ideas.                              members
DATE: Tuesday 03 April                                     VENUE: Room 4, Shirley Community Centre, cnr
TIME: 7.15pm for 7.30pm start. Finish 9.00/9.30pm          Shirley Road and Slater Street, Shirley
COST: FREE for members/$5 non members                      Contact Chch Parents Centre, Ph: 385 4640 if you
VENUE: St Nicholas Anglican Church, Cnr Barrington         would like to attend
& Frankleigh Sts.
Contact Laila to confirm your space 9800010
                                                                                 Focus Night:
                  Focus Night:                                                   Fathers Night –
                  Reusable Nappies                                               Rough Play – you
                  What’s all the hype about?!!                                   are so important
                  Where do I start?
                                                                                   This course is designed to
                  Where can I go for information
                                                                                   encourage dads to play with
that is practical and unbiased?
                                                           their children, but more than that, give reasons why
You are welcome to attend a PARENTS CENTRE
                                                           it is so important to roll around the floor, throw the
evening all about reusable nappies. The purpose of
                                                           kids in the air (gently!) and play.
the evening is not to convince you that reusable
                                                           Gill Connell is a child development expert who works
nappies are the only choice, nor is it to promote a
                                                           in the area of physical development. She will explain
certain product or brand of nappies.
                                                           how movement benefits brain development and gets
Have a look at some of the questions and topics
                                                           them ready for learning. There will be lots of fun
below. If you have wondered about or wanted
                                                           ideas to get out there and hang loose with your
answers to these then this evening is for you.
                                                           kids. She is the co-author of Moving To Learn and
   What about the smell?      Do I have to soak
                                                           appears on each episode of the popular TV series
  them? Will I need to use pins? Do they leak?
  What types are best? Why are there so many               DATE: Tuesday, 6 March 2007
  types? You mean there are more options than              Time: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm
  those flat ones? Will they be scratchy on my             COST: FREE for members/$5.00 for non members
 baby’s skin? What size should I get? How many             VENUE: St Nicholas Anglican Church, Cnr Barrington
                                                           & Frankleigh Sts
         do I need? How do I wash them?
                                                           Contact Dan Perham on 376-5090 to confirm your

               Fun Easter                               HATCHABLE DINOSAUR EGG
               Activities                               • One balloon for each dinosaur egg
                                                        • A lot of old newspaper and/or brown-bag
               Flower Crown                             • Flour-water glue (instructions below)
Supplies:                                                  Paints (tempera works well) and markers
•      A paper plate
•      Coloured paper or                                          Make a simple, thin glue from flour and
 tissue paper                                                     water (boiling gives it a nice consistency).
•      Paint, markers, or                                         Mix 1 cup of flour into 1 cup of water until
 crayons                                                          the mixture is thin and runny. Stir into 4
•      Scissors                                                   cups of boiling water. Simmer for about 3
•      Glue                                                       minutes, then cool.
•      Optional - glitter,
 crepe paper or other ribbons                                     Have children tear a lot of strips of
                                                                  newspaper and/or brown bag paper. Strips
                                                                  should be about 1 inch wide; the length
                                                                  doesn't really matter.
               Cut a slit through the centre of
               the paper plate, leaving about an           For an extra special dinosaur egg, put
               inch at the edges of the plate.             a small, plastic dinosaur inside the
               Cut three more slits.                       balloon before blowing it up. Blow up
                                                           a balloon for each child.
                     Bend the triangles formed                    Dip each strip of paper in the flour glue
                     by the cuts upwards,                         and wrap around the balloon. Have at least
                     forming leaf-like shapes.                    two layers surrounding the balloon. Let it
                                                                  dry (at least overnight) after each layer.
                     Paint the crown light green
                     (or use markers or crayons                   Let the dinosaur egg dry for a few days.
                     to colour it). Let the paint                 When it is dry, you can pop and remove
                     dry.                                         the balloon from inside the egg.
              Cut out some paper or tissue                        After the dinosaur egg is
              paper flowers for your hat. Any                     completely dry, decorate
              shapes will do - let your                           with paint or markers.
              imagination run wild and invent
              your own flowers.                                   Let the children know that no
                       Glue flowers to the crown.                 one knows what colour the
                       Optional: Decorate it with                 dinosaurs' eggs were. Also,
                       glitter and/or staple two                  some dinosaurs dug nests
                       long ribbons of crepe                      out of sandy soil and some
                       paper to your beautiful                    just laid their eggs on the
                       hat.                                       ground. Maybe the eggs
                                                                  were camouflaged to blend
                       Variation: Instead of                      in with twigs, sand, mud, or
                       flowers, make paper                        fallen leaves.
                       eggs, decorate them, and
                       put them on your hat.                      You can later "hatch" your
                                                                  egg and find a tiny dinosaur.

                     Co-Sleeping: The                     she may have trouble sleeping when you leave her
                                                          with a relative or babysitter. Depending on how old

                     Pros & Cons                          your child is and how long she has been sleeping
                                                          with you, making the eventual transition from family
                                                          bed to her own bed can be a long and drawn-out
What are the advantages of having our baby                process. See our article on moving your baby out of
sleep with us?
                                                          the family bed for more ideas.
If you and your partner both work during the day,
co-sleeping can give you some extra time to spend         Sleep sharing can affect your love life too.
with your baby. The nurturing and closeness that          Spontaneous lovemaking when your baby's in the
happen during the night can help create a stronger        bed tends isn't really an option; many parents find
relationship between you and your child.                  another room to make love in to avoid disturbing
                                                          their baby. At times, one or both of you may resent
Some studies have shown that sleep-sharing babies
                                                          having to make this kind of compromise.
tend to breastfeed more, yet disrupt their
mother's sleep less, than babies who sleep alone.         Some parents may be concerned about a study
Mothers who share a bed with their baby tend to           published in the Lancet in 2004 which suggested a
breastfeed their babies for longer periods of time,       slight increase in the risk of cot death or sudden
perhaps because they find it easier to breastfeed         infant death syndrome (SIDS) amongst babies of
in bed rather than getting up during the night to         non-smoking mothers who bed-shared all night in
feed their baby.                                          the first eight weeks of life. However, many other
                                                          organisations recommend co-sleeping arrangements,
Babies who sleep with their parents tend to stay
                                                          if done correctly and safely, in the first few weeks
awake for shorter periods of time during the night
                                                          of your baby's life as it can make breastfeeding
than solitary sleepers, and they may cry
                                                          easier. See our article on how to sleep with your
significantly less, too. Sleeping close to your baby
                                                          baby safely for more information.
allows you to quickly respond if she starts to cough
or cry in the night.                                      How does co-sleeping work if I go to bed later
                                                          than my baby?
Some people believe that babies who co-sleep with
                                                          If you're wondering how to get your baby to sleep
their parents are more independent, more outgoing,
                                                          when you're not ready to go to sleep with her,
and more confident as children. As adults, they
                                                          there's no right or wrong answer. Some parents lie
have higher self-esteem, better stress-
                                                          down with their baby until she's sleeping soundly,
management skills, and are more comfortable with
                                                          and then get up to carry on their evening. It's a
intimacy than adults who slept alone as babies.
                                                          good idea to check on your baby frequently, to use a
However sleeping arrangements on their own cannot
                                                          bed rail to prevent her from rolling out of bed, and
make your baby into a particular type of person.
                                                          to place plenty of cushions on the floor at the foot
                                                          of the bed in case she manages it anyway. Some
Some studies have also suggested that on average,
                                                          parents keep their baby up with them in the
babies who co-sleep wake less often, and go back to
                                                          evening; others let their baby sleep in a carry cot
sleep sooner, than babies who sleep alone in another
                                                          or Moses basket downstairs until they go to bed
room. However, some babies simply are better able
to soothe themselves back to sleep than others. For
this reason, it's misleading to think that co-sleeping
will influence when your baby starts sleeping
through the night.
                                                                     A Date to remember.....
What are the disadvantages of letting our baby
                                                                            2nd April 2007
sleep in the same bed as us?
                                                          Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen's
Sharing your bed with a wriggling, kicking, squirming
                                                          birthday, 2 April, International Children's Book Day
baby takes some getting used to, and you may not
                                                          (ICBD) is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and
sleep as well as you do when your baby sleeps alone.
                                                           to call attention to children's books. So visit your
If your baby gets used to falling asleep next to you,
                                                                      local library and get reading!

                       EGG for Everybody
             EGG for All Seasons 2007 Now In-store.
 Including the new Chic by EGG range, the range which provides
gorgeous solutions to your day-time casual, corporate and evening
        wardrobes with ALL garments priced under $100.

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            the monthly prize draw to win a
                 $50.00 EGG Voucher.

96 Blighs Road,Papanui, Christchurch. Phone (03) 352 6467
Email: or
Order Online Open 10am – 4.00pm
Monday to Saturday late night Thursday until 7.30pm.

              Just for fun!                           Cartoon Time:
                                                          Child complaining while his mother applies total ‘Son’ block
               5 Fascinating Facts!!
    •        The smile is the most frequently
             used facial expression. A smile
             can use anywhere from a pair of
             5 to 53 facial muscles.
    •        The slowest growing finger nail is
             on the thumb nail and the fastest
             growing is the finger nail on the
             middle finger.
    •        The sensitivity of a woman's
             middle finger is reduced during
    •        The first known contraceptive            Hey Diddle, Riddle!
             was crocodile dung, used by
             Egyptians in 2000 B.C.                   One mother gave 25 books to her daughter and
    •        Kissing can aid in reducing tooth        another mother gave her daughter 8 books.
                                                      However, between both daughters they only
             decay. This is because the extra
                                                      increased their collection by 25 books. How can
             saliva helps in keeping the mouth
                                                      this be?
                                                                                               Answer on page 26

       We have a prize for the first correct
       solution submitted to the editor by            Famous Quote:
    email!                                            The Future is something which everyone
                                                      reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour,
6                        2                       5
                                                      whatever he does, whoever he is.
        3     7      8                   4                                                CS LEWIS

                                   6     3
                                                      Parenting Joke:
                         7               6
                                                      A wife invited some people to dinner. At the table,
2                    4        3                  9    she turned to their six-year-old daughter and said,
                                                      “Would you like to say the blessing?”
        8                9
                                                      “I wouldn’t know what to say,” the girl replied.

        9     3                    7
                                                      “Just say what you hear Mommy say,” the wife
        7                     6    8     9
                                                      The daughter bowed her head and said, “Lord, why
1                        4                       2    on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”

                    Dads and                                       the National Childbirth Trust. As a
                                                                   result, new breastfeeding-spectator

                    breastfeeding                                  fathers may experience some or all of
                                                                   the following:

                    Before the baby is born, you             •     Worry that he'll have a harder time
                    may find that many expectant                   bonding & developing a relationship with
fathers state categorically that breast is best, and               his child.
that they are fully in favour of their partner               •     A sense of inadequacy, thinking that
breastfeeding for as long as possible. And, when you               nothing he does for his child could ever
consider the benefits, why not?                                    compete with his partner's breasts.
The advantages of breastfeeding                              •     Resentment towards the baby who has
     •     Breastfeeding requires no preparation,                  "come between" him and his partner.
           no heating, no bottles or dishes you              •     Relief when the baby is weaned because
           have to wash.                                           he'll finally have a chance to catch up.
     •     It's free — and formula isn't cheap.              •     A belief that because women can
     •     Breast milk never runs out and you                      breastfeed, they somehow possess
           never have to deal with leftovers.                      knowledge and skills that make them
     •     Breastfeeding is good for your partner,                 naturally better parents
           giving her a chance to bond with the
           baby.                                        Six strategies for participating in feeding
     •     Breastfeeding is good for your baby.         Studies of new and expectant parents show that
           Breast milk contains the perfect blend       they consider feeding to be the most important
           of nutrients. Breastfed babies have a        aspect of caring for an infant. And there's no doubt
           much lower tendency than formula-fed         that if your partner is breastfeeding, you're at a
           babies do to develop food allergies and      bit of a disadvantage in that respect. But just
           respiratory and gastrointestinal             because she's got control of her breasts and the
           illnesses, and they are less likely to       food that's in them doesn't mean you have no part
           become obese as adults. Breast milk          to play. You can get involved in the process in a
           also transmits the mother's immunity to      number of ways and help make breastfeeding as
           certain diseases.                            pleasant an experience as possible for everyone:

     •     Breastfed babies' nappies don't smell             •     Spend plenty of private time with your
           as bad. Breastfed babies produce                        baby doing activities that involve skin-
           movements that smell almost sweet,                      to-skin contact. Changing nappies,
           especially when compared to the poo                     cuddling, putting the baby to sleep,
           produced by formula-fed babies.                         bathing, and even just reading in a chair
                                                                   while the baby naps on your shirtless
After the baby comes, though, a lot of new fathers
                                                                   chest are all great relationship builders.
have a change of heart about the benefits of
                                                                   They give you and the baby a chance to
breastfeeding. It's not that they don't support it
                                                                   be alone together, and the more this
— they still think it's the best thing for everyone
                                                                   happens, the more confident you will
concerned. It's just that the whole thing can make
                                                                   feel about your own abilities as a
them feel left out.
                                                             •     Spend plenty of time just being with
Coping with feelings of inadequacy                                 your baby. Take him for walks in the
     •     'It is inevitable that exclusive                        pushchair, put him in a sling and go
           breastfeeding will result in a different                shopping, or do whatever you can think
           relationship between mother and baby                    of to be together.
           than the one you would have got if the
                                                             •     Be supportive and thoughtful towards
           feeding was shared', says Mary Smale,
                                                                   your partner. Take responsibility for
           breastfeeding counsellor and tutor for

      chores that normally fall to her.                    textures, so you may have to do a little
      Breastfeeding can be hard work at                    experimenting and be very patient
      first. The current thinking among                    before you and your baby discover the
      paediatricians is that women should try              kind he likes best.
      to breastfeed for at least a year.              •    Be patient if your partner seems less
      Interestingly, studies have shown that               interested in sex than in pre-baby days.
      the more supportive their partners, the              Imagine that someone has been crawling
      longer women breastfeed and the more                 all over you and sucking on your breasts
      confident they feel about their ability              five or six times a day for 15 or 20
      to do so.                                            minutes at a time. You might be less
 •    Discuss with your partner the                        than enthusiastic about sharing your
      possibility of giving your baby                      body yet again at the end of the day.
      expressed breast milk from a bottle.                 Your partner's breastfeeding may
      But don't put pressure on her, as some               affect intercourse as well. Lactating
      women find expressing breast milk                    women produce fewer of the ovarian
      (manually or with a pump) uncomfortable              hormones responsible for producing
      or even painful. If you both decide that             vaginal lubrication. Without that
      this is a good idea, it is important to              lubrication, lovemaking can be
      wait a few weeks before introducing a                uncomfortable or even painful. So
      bottle so your baby will have a chance               instead of thinking that your partner
      to get completely comfortable with                   isn't aroused by you any more, stock up
      feeding at the breast.                               on a good water-based lubricant for
 •    Try not to take it personally if your                when she is interested in sex.
      baby seems less than interested in          Article from
      taking a bottle from you at first. Teats
      on bottles come in all shapes, sizes and

                                           CITY SOUTH

GymbaROO, a sensory perceptual motor program, is based on research that isolates
the first years of life as being critical for laying foundations for later higher learning


                         GYMBAROO WILL SHOW YOU HOW!

                                     For further information

                                       PH 383 2326
                                  MARCHELLE SHATFORD
                                   GymbaROO City South

                   Situations Vacant                            Contribution......
                   Christchurch      South  Parents
                                                                Would you be interested in writing a story or
                   Centre     is   totally run   by
                                                              about your coffee group or other antenatal group
                   volunteers. Our committee has
                                                                 outing? We are collecting names of people
people with kindy kids looking to move on to bigger
                                                              interesting in telling us about their group for the
things, so we’re looking for new joiners.
                                                                           rest of the year’s issues.
Administrator                                                 We have a few   $10 Book Vouchers
We require some one to be in charge of ordering                          to give to successful entries
our    stationery, brochures and    huggies     and           Email the Editor on or
maintaining the levels of photocopy handouts and                              text to 021646963
manage the Kimberley Blanket sales. This role would
only be needed two to four times per year. You
would need to call at our antenatal location and
check the number of nappies, blankets, postal
envelopes, brochures and photocopies we have in
stock and order enough for 6-12 months.
If you are interested, please call Andrea on 332-
3533          for        more          information.
Librarian                                                                        Antenatal Course
Interested in a small role? We are looking for
                                                                              This course is designed for
someone to look after our small but lovely collection
                                                          those expecting their first child. Courses run
of books. Occasionally there is a request for a
certain book but mostly it is ensuring that books         for eight successive weeks. The course is
are returned, and purchasing new books as required.       taught by a Childbirth Educator and facilitated
This is a very important but non-taxing role for          by Parents Centre Leaders. The content covers
someone wanting to give something back to Parents         Healthy Pregnancy, Parenting Preparation and
Centre.      Phone Susan 3328004 for more                 Childbirth Preparation.
information.                                              A range of resources is used including video,
                                                          discussion, visiting speakers and parents
Joining Information:                                      sharing from their own experiences. Courses
                                                          run continuously throughout the year.
Do you know someone who wants to join CHCH South
Parents Centre?
What Christchurch South Parents Centre Membership         2007 Course dates are as follows:
offers you:                                               9 Jan – 6 Mar (full)
* Kiwi Parent Magazine – 6 issues per year                31 Jan – 21 Mar (full)
* Local Newsletter – 6 issues per year
                                                          13 Mar – 1 May (full)
* Retailers’ Discounts
* Parenting Education                                     11 Apr – 6 Jun (full)
* Reduced Rates for Parenting Classes and Focus Nights    8 May – 26 Jun (full)
* Training Sessions and Leadership Certificate            27 Jun – 15 Aug (full)
* Free Toy Library Membership
                                                          3 Jul – 21 Aug (full)
* Social Events
* Access to Parenting Books and Video Library
                                                          28 Aug – 16 Oct (now booking)
* Friendship and Support with other Parents               5 Sep – 24 Oct (now booking)
* The opportunity to join a VERY FRIENDLY committee       23 Oct – 11 Dec
Types of Memberships available to you:                    14 Nov – 16 Jan 2008
1 Year Membership - $60.00 ($20.00*)
                                                          Extra Weekend Class 15, 17 and 24 Feb 2007
2 Year Membership - $115.00 ($40.00*)
* Discounts for Community Services Card Holder
Please contact Lucretia on 339-6637 to find out more
about becoming a Parents Centre Member.

                   Parent Education                 Moving: An specialist discusses baby safety
                                                    now that your child is mobile, the development
                   Courses                          of fine motor skills and how you can assist, how
                  The courses below are FREE        babies learn through play and age appropriate
                  (up to a maximum of 15            toys, the development of language and intellect
participants) for Parents Centre members and        and how you can stimulate this.
a small charge for non-members. Come along          Munching: A qualified Dietician will discuss
and meet other parents in a relaxed and             introducing solids, good nutrition for all ages,
informative group.                                  drinks, snacks and treats, teething and dental
Please note some of our courses are now being       care, the child who won't eat, iron rich foods
held at the South Learning Centre, at the           and food allergies.
Christchurch South Library, 66 Colombo St
                                                    The course is $25.00 for non-members.

1. Baby and You - 0-3 Months                        2007 course dates are as follows:
This is a five-week course, run on a Thursday          • Weds 28 March & 4 April 2007
morning for parents of new babies. Parents-            • Weds 13 & 20 June 2007
to-be are also welcome to attend this course           • Weds 22 & 29 August 2007
even if your baby hasn't arrived yet as you will       • Weds 31 October & 7 November 2007
still find the information interesting and          Bookings are essential. Please phone Angela on
useful.                                             322 9383. Each participant can choose to
It covers feeding, sleeping and crying, time        purchase a copy of Baby Food and Beyond by
management, immunisation, Well Child Checks,        Alison Holst for only $8 (normally retails at
Postnatal Depression, development and               $14.95).
milestones, baby massage, books and toys, and
                                                    Thanks to the Christchurch City Council for
music and play.
                                                    generously providing funding for this course in
The course is $15 for Christchurch central          2007.
members & $30.00 for non-members.                   3. Tinies to Tots 10-18 Months
2007 course dates are as follows:                   This course consists of three evening sessions
   •   Thu 1 March – 29 March 2007
                                                    (safety, nutrition and teeth, and play and
   •   Thu 14 June – 12 July 2007
                                                    stimulation) each led by a specialist in the
   •   Thu 6 September – 4 October 2007
   •   Thu 8 November – 6 December 2007
                                                    We aim for the course to be relaxed and
Please note these are 5-week courses.
                                                    informative with time for questions. A great
Bookings are essential. Please phone Tanya on
                                                    opportunity for you to meet other parents
981 9498.
                                                    experiencing the same joys and challenges.
Thanks to the Christchurch City Council for
generously providing funding for this course in     The course is $25 for non-members.
2007                                                2007 Course dates are as follows:
                                                       • Monday 12 – 26 March 2007
2. Moving and Munching 4-8 Months                      • Monday 11 – 25 June 2007
                                                       • Monday 10 – 24 September 2007
This course is for parents of babies 4-8               • Monday 19 November – 3 Dec 2007
months of age. Two fun and informative
                                                    Bookings are essential. Please phone Ave on
evenings that will answer your questions on
child development and feeding issues in the         376 5090.
months that lie ahead.

                PARENTS CENTRE

              on Saturday 14th April
                     Sorry specials, gift vouchers, instore promotions,
                     hire purchases, laybys and hireage not included.

         PH: 0800 BABYFACTORY

           Present the coupon below to rece ive the discount.

12.5 % off with this coupon only on Saturday 14th April, 2007
      (Sorry specials, gift vouchers, in store promotions, hire purchases, laybys and
                                   hireage not included).

If you would like to receive information from The Baby Factory via email please tick.

            Dial - A – Sleeping problems                                     Angela    3220383

            Mum        Premature baby                                        Sheryl    3382301
              Isn't parenting a      Establishing a routine/ good sleep
              challenge at times?!                                           Susan     3328004
Sometimes it would be good to get
advice, not from the 'experts' but   Antenatal kidney problems               Cathy     3387558
from someone who has 'been           Fertility treatment                     Susan     3328004
there'. Below is a list of parents
who have some experience in the      Constipation in infants                 Cathy     3387558
subject listed and can offer
                                     Reflux                                  Tracey    3224324
support and advice. We are not
experts - just parents!!             Clicky hips/harnesses                   Andrea    3323533

                                     Choosing childcare                       Kate     3810442

   We are always looking to add to our list. If you might be interested please phone Susan on

               Canterbury Plunket Celebrates
                        Children’s Day
                      Saturday 3rd March, 11am – 3pm

                       Halswell Domain, Halswell Road, Christchurch

         Bring your family and friends to this FREE fun event to celebrate
           the importance of children in our lives. We will be offering face
        painting, pre-school activities, crafts, outdoor play equipment, healthy
            eating displays and recipes, advice & information from Car Seat
         Rentals and a Plunket Nurse. There will also be plenty of giveaways to keep
                                kids and Mums and Dads happy.

                 This event is brought to you as part of Showcase Halswell – a
                  free family fun day showcasing 50 local organizations to
               include staged entertainment, bouncy castle, model railway,
                                  café and food stalls.
                     There is plenty of parking and areas to picnic.

                       If wet, the event will be held on Sunday 4th March.

Toddler Nutrition: Ages 18-                          Q - My toddler will not sit down and eat for
                                                     more than a few minutes at a time. Should I
24months                                             try to make him stay at the table?
Get creative at mealtimes to hold your
toddler's interest. George has been off his          A - If your toddler will sit down at the table
food for a couple of weeks. Usually such a good      and eat for a few minutes at a time, he (and
eater, we were quite worried how ever seems          you) are doing brilliantly. Do go on the same
that over the course of a week he did actually       way because any change is likely to be for the
eat enough nutrients. Here are a few ideas if        worse! Your son stays put for a while and eats
you are having problems too.                         a bit because he's hungry and likes the food
                                                     and, just as importantly, because he doesn't
By 18 months of age, your toddler will be            see the table as a battleground with you. So
participating in family meals. She may well be a     encourage his enthusiasm for food and his
pro at using a spoon and fork, and will be           independence over eating it as much as you
learning basic food behaviour and phrases like       possibly can. Let him have some say in what he
"more" and "finished." Her molar teeth will          gets to eat ("Cheese sandwich or peanut butter
begin to come through, which means her               sandwich?") and offer it in a form he can
chewing skills will be better than ever, too.        manage entirely himself -even if that means he
That's the good news. The bad news? She may          eats spaghetti with his fingers. Don't press
well have erratic eating habits, and you may         him to eat more than he wants (though there's
find that it's harder than ever to hold her          no harm in recalling his attention to his plate
attention at the table. She may demonstrate          when he gets distracted) and don't "help" him
her growing independence by refusing to try          unless he actually asks.
certain foods. To help prevent your toddler          And please don't try to make him stay at table
becoming a fussy eater, offer a variety of           when he's finished. One day he'll understand
foods packed with calories and nutrients, such       that it's good manners to stay put until others
as avocados, kidney beans, and cheeses. Choose       have finished eating, but if you try to enforce
foods with interesting colours, tastes, and          that kind of discipline issue right now you'll
textures to stimulate her interest and her           risk his happy eating.
appetite. But because of her tiny tummy, your
toddler won't be able to eat very much in one
sitting, so offer small snacks between meals.
How to be inventive
                                                                        Do you knowsomeone
Now is the time to get inventive when it comes
to serving food to your child. Most toddlers
                                                                           ho ants
                                                                          w w to join
love dips and spreads, so let them dunk
vegetables and breadsticks into a nutritious
                                                                         CHCH South Parents
dip such as guacamole, hummus or cheese                                        Centre?
sauce. You can also give your toddler soft dried
fruit such as apricots, prunes or raisins. If she                      Please contact Lucretia on
has a particularly finicky day, try offering a
nutritious drink by blending together fruits,
                                                                       339-6637 to find out m ore
milk, and yogurt -- a meal in a glass!                                       about becom ing
                                                                        a Parents Centre M ber

                  Recipes                                3. Working quickly (before the chocolate solidifies),
                                                            put a few spoonfuls of the chocolate mixture in
                 As it is soon Easter, here are a
                                                            each cup of the muffin pan, forming little nests.
                 few recipes for you to make and
  share with your family at this special time of         4. Put a few egg-shaped candies in each of the little
  year.                                                     nests. If they won't stick, use a dab of peanut
                                                            butter or marshmallow cream to glue them in.
                                                         5. Let the nests cool.
  Chocolate Truffles
  Why not make this sweet treat for your special
  friends and give as Easter gifts.
  This recipe makes approximately 40 truffles.
  What you need:
                                                           Bunny Biscuits
                                                           A special treat for the kids, they'll just love
   6 ounces of cream cheese                                the mallow tails.
   2 teaspoons milk                                        What you need:
   8 ounces icing sugar                                       6 ounces of cream cheese
   8 ounces chocolate drinking powder mix                     2 teaspoons milk
    Chocolate sprinkles                                       8 ounces icing sugar
  What you do:                                                8 ounces chocolate drinking powder mix
1. In a bowl, mix together the cream cheese and               Chocolate sprinkles
   milk. Stir in the icing sugar and chocolate powder.     What you do:
2. With clean hands, roll the mixture into marble        1. Preheat oven to 350F, Gas mark 4, 180C.
   size balls and then roll the balls in chocolate
                                                         2. Cut the butter into small cubes and mix with the
   sprinkles to coat.
                                                            flour in a mixing bowl until like fine breadcrumbs.
                                                         3. Stir in the muscovado sugar, ground cinnamon and
                                                            the grated lemon rind.
                                                         4. Stir in the egg yolk and enough water to mix into
  Candy Bird Nests                                          a soft dough.
  A great party treat.                                   5. Knead dough on a floured surface until smooth
  What you need:                                            then roll out a quarter inch (0.5cm) thick.
   1 cup of chocolate chips                              6. Cut out biscuits with a rabbit cutter.
   1 & ½ cups of cereal (cheerio’s, rice crispies,       7. Place on un-greased baking sheets and bake for
   cornflakes etc)                                          10-15 minutes until a pale golden colour.
   Candy that looks like bird eggs (peanut M&M's,        8. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.
   jelly beans, or yogurt-covered almonds)                  Decorate with currants for eyes and
  What you do:                                              marshmallows for tails, fixing them with a little
1. Put a piece of aluminium foil on top of a muffin         decorating icing.
   pan. Make indentations in the foil in each of the
2. Have an adult melt the chocolate chips in the
   microwave or over boiling. When they are melted,
   mix the chocolate with the cereal in a large bowl.

                      Book Reviews                      team studying specific cancers, teaches medical
                                                        students and attends international conferences. He
                                                        also has three children, and he wanted to be a
                                                        better father. Bruce interviewed over 75 fathers
                    The books that are
                                                        (and many of their families), with occupations
being reviewed below are available to
                                                        ranging from pig farmers, to the Prime Minister of
loan from our library. See pg29/30 for                  Australia and more recently Peter Hillary son of Sir
the full listing of books & DVD’s                       Edmund Hillary, to get their views on how they
available.                                              balance demanding jobs with being a good dad.
                                                        Bruce has compiled this resource for men so that
                                                        they might learn from the experiences of others,
                        THE      BABY       BOOK        and become better fathers. The experiences of
                        William and Martha Sears,       many men show that, if a little time and planning go
                        a paediatrician and a           into it, work can make better fathers and better
                        registered            nurse     fathering can help you in your work.
                        respectively, team up with
                        two of their doctor sons to
                        update their 1993 guide to
                        "attachment      parenting."
                                                                                ENTERTAINING &
                        Advocating a "high-touch                                EDUCATING BABIES
style of parenting to balance the high-tech life of                             & TODDLERS
the new millennium," the authors teach new parents                              Gee, Robyn & Meredith,
how to bond with their babies through seven
fundamental behaviours, including breastfeeding,
"baby wearing" and setting proper boundaries.
                                                                                 Part of the Usborne
When parents keep close to their babies by bringing
                                                                                 Parents’ Guide series, this
them into bed at night and picking them up when
                                                        is a concisely written handbook for parents of
they cry, the infants develop better, the authors
                                                        children from birth to 5years old. This guide
argue; rather than becoming spoiled, they become
                                                        contains a wealth of information arranged in short
more healthy and independent. From tips for a
                                                        chapters that don’t intimidate. Chapter headings
healthy birth, getting your baby to sleep and
                                                        include; ‘Things to feel & hold’, ‘imitating &
feeding him the "right fats," to information about
                                                        pretending’ and ‘music, songs & rhymes’. A
early health concerns, the major steps in infant
                                                        comprehensive chart provides a guide to the stages
development and troublesome but typical toddler
                                                        of development from birth to 2&½ years. This chart
                                                        summarizes development in terms of general
                                                        physical factors as well as specific visual, manual,
                                                        verbal and auditory milestones and suggests toys
                       FATHERING FROM                   and activities related to each. In fact, the entire
                       THE FAST LANE                    book is packed with hundreds of play and activity
                       This book has been written       ideas to support your child’s growth. You will also
                       for men who want to be           find more than 20 songs and rhymes with actions
                       better fathers. It shows         for parents & children to learn together. The book
                       how busy men can find ways       is extremely user friendly, with many small and
                       to give their children the       charming illustrations that clarify concepts.
                       time they need from their
                       dads.     Bruce     Robinson,
                       Professor of Medicine at
                       the University of Western
                       Australia is a busy man.
                       He is a practicing lung
                       specialist, leads a large

                                                                 Christchurch South
P O Box 33-033

                           KIMBERLY BLANKETS
  Luxurious all wool thermacell baby blankets available now
                   through Parents Centre
Baby will love being wrapped and tucked up in these warm blankets which are perfect for all seasons and will
probably become an attachment offering comfort and support, Kimberly Air Cell/Thermacell Wool Blankets feature a
cell-like weave that allows maximum air circulation to efficiently regulate body temperature. While light and airy,
cellular blankets have all the strength and robustness offered by wool. Air Cell baby blankets have been used for
♦ Natural pure new wool for dry comfortable warmth
♦ Thermacell weave retains body heat on coldest nights while enabling excess heat and body moisture to dissipate
♦ Woven to form a lightweight air cell to give your baby freedom of movement
♦ Soft luxurious feel of brushed wool that will not itch or shed fibres
♦ Bound on all sides with 100% baby-safe non toxic, satin binding
♦ Manufactured in New Zealand
♦ Machine washable
♦ “Ultra-Fresh” treated

Kimberly Blankets Limited has recently formed a national arrangement with Parents Centre to offer their products at a
discount to all our members. Buying at a reduced price from Christchurch South Parents Centre will also support our
centre and help us to continue to offer the best service possible to all our members.
♦ Size - 100 x 150 cm - $50 for Christchurch South Parents Centre Members & $60 for non-members (Baby
    Factory’s price is $60)
♦ Size – 180 x 225 cm - $90 for Christchurch South Parents Centre Members & $100 for non-members (Baby
    Factory’s price is $110)
♦ Colour – ivory (samples are available during Antenatal Classes – ask your leader)
                            Please contact us on 332-5651 to buy one

                         Guidelines for using your thermacell baby blanket
                               *From Binary Systems NZ website -

♦ Always use your blankets with a sheet and do not use in a way where multiple blanket layers can overlay the
  baby’s face
♦ Do not use many layers as overheating has a higher risk factor than coolness
♦ Initially monitor baby’s temperature (by feel) until comfortable amounts of cover are established
♦ Allow the baby to have some limb movement and always ensure that the head area remains clear of cover
♦ Duvet covers are not recommended until 12 months

               Digital Natives⁄and                       Ministry of Education’s “eLearning Fellowship” and
                                                         studied how new technologies could enhance pre-

               how to parent                             schoolers’ story writing and telling. During the
                                                         study Jo let eight of her 4-year olds get their little
               them.                                     hands on a range of software such as KidPix and
                                                         GarageBand, and hardware such as digital cameras
PC’s, laptops, Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, MSN,        and laptops to extend their interest in telling their
Mp3, mobiles, digital cameras…our children are           own stories. With KidPix children use a microphone
growing up in a digital landscape. How do we             to tell their stories alongside a slide show of their
navigate this new ‘space’, that was non-existent         illustrations. Using movie-making software, some of
when we were kids? How do we maximise the                the children made a movie with either still photos
potential benefits and avoid the pitfalls?               of props or photos of their own artwork. Jo
                                                         recommends the art and design software KidPix,
With much of the media focused on the negative           because it is open-ended, giving children lots of
aspects of computer use, parents could be excused        creative licence.
for feeling a little anxious and concerned about all
the new technologies in our children’s lives. And        To ease some anxiety over the children’s use of the
yet, for most New Zealand children, digital              equipment, Jo says rules were set up. With cameras
technologies are increasingly part of their lives.       this meant wearing them on a wrist strap, no
                                                         running with them or going in the sand pit; on the
Derek Wenmouth, eLearning Director of CORE               computer the rules included taking turns and
Education, believes we should capitalise on the          regularly saving work to avoid heart break. She
opportunities computers provide. He says it is           says pre-schoolers can only do what they have been
important to understand that the real benefits lie       shown, so they will get so much more out of new
in the way their use may help develop creativity,        technologies if parents get involved.
collaborative skills, and innovative problem-solving.
Some ways parents can get involved                       Maths educator, Jan Savell, says computers can be
    As you use these technologies yourself, model        used very effectively to develop children’s
    appropriate behaviours, especially not letting       mathematics, but much depends on the teacher and
    computers or cell phones displace family             the software. Children need software that is
    interaction                                          flexible enough for them explore the programme at
    Talk about the excitement of new discoveries         their own pace. It must be interesting enough to
    and ideas you’ve been exposed to                     motivate the child, and at just the right level of
    Be prepared to learn with your children – play       challenge so he is eager to persevere without
    some of their games with them                        getting bored or discouraged.             With these
    Locate the family computer in a family space,        guidelines Savell says, “computers accelerate
    and encourage shared experiences at the              children’s ability to learn at the next level”.
    Encourage the use of the internet as a research      In Christchurch, Debbie and Shane Hollebon
    tool and discuss the relevance and reliability of    parents to Joe (12) and Georgia (15), navigate their
    the information gathered                             way through the relationship challenges that come
    Use the technologies available to communicate        with their digitally wired kids, but are happy overall
    with your children, e.g. text them from time to      with the balance that they have achieved. The
    time, send them emails.                              highly     engaging      and     visually   appealing
                                                         characteristics of many games are incredibly
While older children get introduced to new               attractive to children. “Joe can get quite obsessed
technologies through school and their peers, it is       with it,” Debbie says of his latest game,
often up to parents or technologically literate Kindy    Rollercoaster Tycoon. However, on the positive side,
teachers to get pre-school children on the road to       they point out that it does challenge him to think
creative computer use. Jo Culbert, head teacher at       strategically and introduces him to business ideas.
Westmere Kindergarten in Auckland has just               In the game, player design their own rollercoaster
completed a research sabbatical year with the            park from scratch and have to test the financial

viability of their product. This includes opening it      CORE Education is a not-for-profit educational
to customers and gauging the profit margins on            research and development organisation, with a
each of the rides                                         commitment to the educational benefits of new
Though the Hollebons say the children’s use of the        technologies.
computer has been the cause of some conflict, they
have found that taking the time to understand the         Resources for parents of Digital Natives
games their children enjoy has helped them                Some good websites for parents to use with
negotiate with them about when to finish playing          younger children:
and given them an appreciation of the fun factor          • is an excellent early
and challenges they involve. Shane and Debbie                reading and early maths sit with a New Zealand
believe the use of the computer gives their children         focus from Sunshine books.
an additional bonus of skills and experience they         • Heaps of links to
would not necessarily get at school such as                  children’s sites based on TV or movies: Bob the
strategy, design and calculations skills.                    Builder, Kim Possible, Thomas the Tank Engine
Things they would recommend                                  etc.
    Being aware of balance by encouraging other           • A major, secure
    non-digital activities                                   portal site with links to games, reference
    Getting to know the digital games and products           material, links, news and activities for all ages
    your children use                                     • A range of activities, colouring
    Being rigid in sticking to time slots – children         templates, games and multimedia (click and
    get used to the limits from the start                    listen) storybooks
    Having the computer located in the main living        • for favourites such as
    area so that its use can be monitored and social         the Teletubbies, bob the Builder, Fireman Sam,
    interaction continue                                     Postman Pat and Andy Pandy
    Banning games containing graphic/realistic            Is there a cost involved?
    violence                                              Some of the best sites require a subscription or
                                                          registration and sometimes this involves a payment.
Joe and Georgia love to play SingStar Party, a Play       Galaxykids for example, charges $59.95 per year
Station game with Karaoke features allowing kids to       for its reading module. However, many others are
test drive their pop star abilities.                      free, and even the major subscription sites have
After noting that interest in music seemed to be on       free samples to download. The main cost is the
the decline among students, mark Edwards, a               time it takes to see whets on the sites.
primary school teacher from Rutherford Primary in         How do I know if they are safe?
Auckland was inspired to test the theory that             Information on internet safety can be obtained at
music-making software and games such as SingStar There are technical things that
Party can increase student enthusiasm for music           can be done to ensure children’s safety on the
learning. He designed 12 lessons utilising music          internet, such as installing security software like
technologies and software for a selected class of 9       Cyber Patrol or Net-Nanny to block undesirable
and 10-year olds. He says he got very positive            material, or use a filtered internet provider such as
feedback. Good music composition software, such           Watchdog. The ‘History’ section of your browser
as Garage-Band and Acid Express gave students the         will also list which sites your children have been
opportunity to create their own music – something a       visiting. Most of the main educational sites, such as
recent survey showed kids most want to do as part         Yahooligans, only contain secure and safe links
of their music education.                                 within the sites, so there is little risk of
                                                          accidentally linking to inappropriate sites once
While new technologies can be another challenge           there.
for parents, they do play and will continue to play an
important part in our children’s lives.           It’s    Cate Broughton, pp54-55, Parenting, Issue
comforting to know that, with a little guidance and       24, August 2006
thoughtful input they can be a positive presence
and not something to fear.

                                                    Natural Fertility NZ Inc
                           Notices                  This is the re-branded name for Natural Family
                                                    Planning. NFNZ provides advice on how to
                  New Products
                                                    identify the fertile time in the reproductive
                  ♦ See our full page pad
                                                    cycle. This can be used to avoid pregnancy or
  for Kimberly Blankets Thermacell all wool
                                                    to try and conceive. For further information
  blanket 27/32-micron wool blend. Great
                                                    contact your local educator on 0800 178 637.
  for gifts.
♦ Lovely and soft towelling burp/change
  cloths 50x30cm bound $5 members $5.50
                                                         PlunketLine can still be accessed on
♦ Flannel/wipes 23x23 edged pack of 5 $5
                                                                    0800 933 922.
  members $5.50 non-members
                                                      When you call PlunketLine you call will be
     Contact Sonja on 322-9591 if you wish                  answered by a Plunket Nurse.
     to purchase any of the above items               PlunketLine staff are professionally trained
                                                             experts in Well Child Health.
Do you have any items you want to buy or                       We are here to help you!
sell? If members have any items they want to                24hours a day,7 days a week.
buy or sell let us know and we will put a couple
of lines in the next newsletter. (Not applicable
                                                    For Breastfeeding help
to businesses). Phone Andrea on 332-3533 or
                                                    NZLCA has an 0800 number. This line is
e-mail to
                                                    specifically available for consumers who wish
                                                    to obtain contact details for a NZLCA
Moving House????   Please remember to let us
                                                    Lactation Consultant living in their area. This
know what your new address is so that you
                                                    service is not intended to duplicate the Plunket
don’t miss out on your ‘Kiwi Parent’ magazine!
                                                    0800 counselling line therefore no lactation or
Mail us a change of address card to PO Box
                                                    breastfeeding counselling will be given via the
33033 Barrington Christchurch, or phone the
                                                    NZLCA 0800 line.
Membership Coordinator, Lucretia on 339-
6637.                                               An IBCLC (often called Lactation Consultant
                                                    for short) is a breastfeeding specialist
To Advertise -    Space is available in this        qualified to prevent, recognize, and resolve
newsletter    for     advertising.     We  have     breastfeeding problems. All members of
competitive rates and a membership of around        NZLCA hold the professional qualification of
100 households. Free advertising is available in    International Board Certified Lactation
the members shopping discount page to               Consultant (IBCLC).
business who offer a discount to our members.
                                                    Any mother, family member, or health
Advertisements are free to Parents Centre
                                                    professional interested in obtaining the
Members (not applicable to businesses).
Size/type       One issue     Three issues          contact details of an IBCLC can phone 0800 4
 Full page           $60          $50 per issue     Lactation (0800 452 282) during daytime
(A5 size booklet)                                   hours.
Half page            $40          $35 per issue
(A5 size booklet)
Business card size   $20          $15 per issue

Pamphlet insert      40 cents     40 cents
                     per insert   per insert
Please phone Kay on 337-6255 or e-mail to

                    10 Rules for                     *'Comfortable' Clothes - whatever your
                                                     definition is.
                    running a                        *The only clean item of clothing you have -
                                                     because although you have washed everyone
                    successful coffee                else’s clothes you haven't washed yours!

                    group:                           *The best clothes you have because all your
                                                     other clothes are in the wash!
(From a mother who has a coffee group phobia)
                                                     10. All mothers and babies are to be treated
1. All members are to show their house at it's       with love and respect and valued for the unique
worst at least once during membership.               contribution that they bring to the group.

2. The words "It does get better" are                May your coffee group thrive and become a
forbidden                                            place to welcome the company of others who
                                                     find themselves at this challenging time of
3. Crying is compulsory at least once during         life.

4. If crying is not your thing let us know who it
is that you want 'erased' - we will take care of
them for you!

5. Membership will be terminated if the words
"everything is wonderful" (emphasis on
wonderful) are used as a regular description of
your current circumstances (especially when
everything isn't wonderful)

6. The following definition of the word "FINE"       Websites
is accepted to ensure group honesty –                Don’t forget to have a look at the Parents
F = Fed up                                           Centre website.
I = Insecure                                         Check out the “Chatterbox” forums where you
N = Neurotic                                         can chat live. Some of the discussion forums
E = Emotional                                        include: Breastfeeding; New parents, Toddler
                                                     time; Trading post, Book reviews; Pregnancy
7. When anyone uses the word fine to describe
                                                     chat, Centre chat;
their current situation they must be sat down,
given a hot drink and something delicious to eat
- they obviously need some nurturing.                These are parenting sites
8. Fantastic food feasts are essential. During
this time no mention of dress size or use of
the word 'diet' may occur.

9. For each time you are seen well dressed the
                                                     Riddle Answer: There are only 3 people - a daughter, her
group must also see you wearing one of the
                                                     mother, and her grandmother. The mother received 25
following items of clothing:                         books from the grandmother and then gave 8 to her
*Slippers.                                           daughter.

                                 Members Retailers Discounts
            BABY & TODDLER                                                           HOLIDAYS
      EQUIPMENT, TOYS & CLOTHING                                              Smiths Farm Holiday Park
                        In Step                                                  Linkwater RD 1 Picton
              Bishopdale Shopping Centre                                          Ph/Fax 03 574 2806
                      Ph 359 8506                           
         10% off shoes not already discounted.                                 10% disc. off season only.
Wonderful range of footwear for infants through to adults.     Farm based, 22km from Picton. Range of tent/caravan sites
             Trained staff will expertly fit.                              & cabins. Modern, friendly & clean.

                                                                               Homesit Christchurch Ltd
                        Every Educaid
                                                                              Ph 352 6778 or 027 254 8111
                     34-38 Sandyford St,
                                                                         Easy affordable Homesits or Housecalls
                         Ph 365 6675
                                                                        While you’re away! PC Members Discounts
                        15% discount.
                                                                             15% off Homesits & housecalls
                 More than just a toy store.
                                                                          30% off homesits exceeding 60 days.
  The Every Educaid shop sources children’s books, games,
 toys & resources from all over the world to ensure parents
  can give their children an educational edge through play.                       PHOTOGRAPHY
    Plenty of off street parking & great family facilities.                      While You Wait Studios
            Let the children play while you shop.                                 131 Manchester Street
                                                                                       Ph 366 6267
                      3 Wise Monkeys                                                 10% off all prints.
                               Specialist in portraiture. Colour or B/W. Family, individual,
    10% discount (please quote PC10CHC when ordering).               business or portraits. Photos on film or digital,
   3 Wise Monkeys is an internet based company offering                           no appointment needed
funky stuff for cool kids (& parents too!) - 3 Wise Monkeys
t-shirts, Oi Oi Nappy Bags, Kecci Nappy Bags, Dou Dou Soft                    Brian Isbister Photography
 Toys, Underarm 81 Kids Cricket Shirts & lots more. Check                           Phone 0800 100 324
              the website for great gift ideas!                10% off all photography, enlargements & framing (excludes
                                                                               special promotional prices)
                   Little Miss & Mister
               368A Colombo St (opposite Spotlight),
                                                                                BEAUTY/MAKE UP
                        Ph. 377 7119
                                                                                       Joanna Giles
        10% discount for purchases of $50 or more
                                                                                Cosmetic Imaging Services
                 (sale items not included).
                                                                                        Ph 385 5615
Fabulous baby & children’s clothing designed and made in NZ.
                                                                                       10% discount.
                       Exclusive label
                                                               Learn secrets of professional makeup applications, individual
                                                                  or group of 5 for 2 hours @$50 each. Special occasion
                   CHILD SAFETY                                       makeup application and gift vouchers available.
           Kiddie Lok Child Safety Services Ltd                                     CLASS HAIR DESIGN
                  Ph 0800 12 SAFE (7233)                                   123 Farrington Ave, Bishopdale Mall,
                Website:                                           Ph 359 8606
                 Email                     15% discount to any PC members & family on all in-salon
12.5 % discount to PC Members on all products Your one stop             services. Please refer to PC when booking.
 child safety shop! We have one of the largest child safety
    product ranges. By simply installing a few, but highly
effective safety products you could help prevent a childhood
  accident. Kiddielok would be happy to discuss your child
                    safety needs with you


                                  Members Retailers Discounts
                     CYCLES ETC                                                          GIFTS
                         MacScoots                                                       Stevens
                        Ewen & Tanya                                                  Riccarton Mall,
                      Ph/Fax 981 9498                                                  Ph 348 6907
         10% disc. off hire rates to PC members.                               The Palms, phone 386 3378
    Bicycle trailers and Kids trailers available for hire.                     Northlands, phone 354 4169
      Great for a family weekend away or something                 10% discount on everything in store, including current
           more for the hard-core cycle tourist.                                  promotional discounts.

                    Bivouac Outdoors                           New Zealand owned & operated company offering quality
               Cnr Colombo & Lichfield St,                           homeware products at affordable prices.
                       Ph 366 3197
               20% off all full price stock.                                              Jiggle
Stockists of Mountain Buggy, Macpac frontpacks and child                          Personalised Jigsaws
   backpacks, Icebreaker & many other great outdoor                                       Louise
              equipment & clothing brands.                            
                                                                                    Ph 021 114 0865
               HUB - your bicycle centre                       Create family fun using your own special moments. Send us
                 Shop 6, Tower Junction,                       your favourite digital photo and we'll make it into a unique
                       Whiteleigh Ave                         jigsaw. A treasured way to record family memories. Various
                        ph 982 4982                                           styles and shapes available.
                       fax 982 4984                                          20% discount for PC members.
   Present your valid Christchurch South Parents Centre                           PHOTOCOPYING
   card at HUB (near Raeward Fresh) to receive 10% off                                 CopyQuality
            everything except labour charges.                                    All Digital Copy Centre
                                                                          Cnr Manchester St & Cambridge Tce
            COFFEE MORNING FUN                                                         Ph 963 8899
                         Funky Feet                                           Email
                            Zoe                                       Free pick up and delivery on all jobs over $50.
                        Ph 326 7857
  Capture the memory of your child’s cute feet or hands in
   plaster forever, mould made at session, plaster relief
               received at later date. Min 6
people per group, ·$3 off each imprint—usually $18 now $15.

                      Coffee Culture
      The Palms, Cnr Marshland & New Brighton Rds,
                         Ph 385 5588
         10% off our great range of food & drinks.
    An extensive range of drinks both steaming hot and
  refreshingly cold & a lite snack menu of slices, muffins,
                      bagels & paninis.
   Very child friendly, including a play room for the kids.

                          MEMBERSHIP CARD

                                 Christchurch South Parents Centre Library
                                 Members can borrow books or videos from the library – a list of books
                                 available is printed towards the end of the newsletter. Contact Susan
                                 on 332 8004 if you are interested in loaning any of the books or

                                 If you have any suggestions for new books that you would like to see
                                 included in our library contact Susan on 332 8004 or send e-mail to

TITLE                                                  AUTHOR                           SUBJECT
A Handbook for Happy Families                          Irvine, John                     Parenting
A Paediatrician In Your Pocket                         Polon, Melvyn                    Health
An Introduction to Active Movement x7                  SPARC                            Parenting
Babies                                                 Green, Christopher               Babies
Babies Need Books                                      Butler, Dorothy                  Learning To Read
Babytalk                                               Johnsons                         Babies
Baby & Child – From Birth to Age Five                  Leach, Penelope                  Babies – Pre-School
Becoming A Parent x7                                   Parents Centre                   Babies
Before your Kids Drive you Crazy, Read this!           Latta, Nigel                     Parenting
Beyond The Baby Blues                                  Goss, Arlene                     Postnatal Depression
Bottlefeeding Without Feeling Guilty                   Fox, Judith                      Bottlefeeding
Breastfeeding – Giving Your Baby The Best You’ve Got   Department of Health             Breastfeeding
Childbirth As It Really Is (x2)                        Grayson, Sandra                  Pregnancy
Childbirth Choices                                     Bennett/Etherington/Hewson       Pregnancy
Childhood Medicines                                    Buchanan, Neil                   Health
Choose to Hug, Not to Smack (x3)                       Commissioner of Children         Parenting
DIY for Kids x4                                        Kenny, Les & Roseanne            Children
Down Came the Rain                                     Shields, Brooke                  Postnatal Depression
Eating for Healthy Breastfeeding Women x2              Ministry of Health               Breastfeeding
Entertaining & Educating Babies & Toddlers             Gee, Robyn & Meredith, Susan     Babies & Toddlers
Fathering From the Fast Lane                           Robinson, Bruce                  Parenting
Five To Eight                                          Butler, Dorothy                  Learning To Read
Food For Under Fives                                   Stanton, Rosemary                Feeding
                                                       Mirosch, Natascha & Johns,
Going it Alone                                                                          Pregnancy & Birth
Good Food For Kids                                     Hillis, Anne & Stone, Penelope   Feeding 5-12 Yrs
Good Food Healthy Children                             Duff, Gail                       Feeding
Healthy Food for Babies & Toddlers                     Westcott, Patsy                  Feeding
Healthy Kids, Happy Kids                               Finn, Lynda                      Children
High Chairs and Children                               Waddell, Sandie                  Pregnancy/Disabled
Just A Mother                                          Woods, Gael                      Motherhood
Lessons From My Child                                  Dowling/Nicoll/Thomas            Disabled Children
Let Parents Choose                                     Coddington, Deborah              Education
Making Birth Easier                                    Robertson, Andrea                Pregnancy
Mothers Matter Too                                     Phillips, Jenny                  Postnatal Depression
Moving to Learn x2                                     Crowe, Robyn & Connell, Gill     Education and movement
New Toddler Taming                                     Green, Christopher               Parenting Toddlers
New Zealand Baby & Toddler                             Tomson, Helen                    Babies & Toddlers
New Zealand Baby & Toddler Recipe Book                 Schroder, Margaret/Karicare      Feeding
New Zealand Pregnancy Book (x2)                        Pullon, Sue                      Pregnancy
New Zealand Tots and Toddlers                          Gribben, Trish                   Babies & Toddlers

Of Course I Love You…Now Go To Your Room                Levy, Diane                      Parenting
Ourselves As Mothers                                    Kitzinger, Sheila                Birth & Parenting
Parenting Guide - Baby Basics                           Fallows, Carol                   Babies
Parenting Guide - Baby Food                             Fallows, Carol                   Feeding
Parenting Guide - Baby Health                           Fallows, Carol                   Health
Parenting Guide - Baby Sleep                            Fallows, Carol                   Sleeping
                                                        Whiteford, Barbara &
Postnatal Exercises                                                                      Exercise
Preparing For Birth x3                                  Robertson, Andrea                Pregnancy
Preparing For Birth: Mothers                            Robertson, Andrea                Pregnancy
Preparing For Birth: Fathers                            Robertson, Andrea                Pregnancy
Raising A Son                                           Elium, Don & Elium, Jeanne       Parenting
Raising Boys                                            Biddulph, Steve                  Parenting
Rocket Your Child into Reading                          French, Jackie                   Parenting
Sleep Right, Sleep Tight                                Cummings/Houghton/ Williams      Sleeping
Something New Every Day x2                              Reid, Sarah                      Toddler Activities
Stepfamily Life                                         Newman, Margaret                 Families
The Baby Book                                           Sears, William & Sears, Martha   Babies & Toddlers
The Complete Book of Breastfeeding                      Eiger, Marivn & Olds, Sally      Breastfeeding
The F Word                                              O’Bien, Bill & Taylor, Rachael   Child Health
The New Bestfeeding                                     Renfrew/Fisher/Arms              Breastfeeding
The New Pregnancy and Childbirth                        Kitzinger, Sheila                Pregnancy
The Parentalk Guide to Being a
                                                        Harding, Jim                     Grandparents
The Reading Bug                                         Jennings, Paul                   Reading
                                                        Macdonald, Kathy & Centre,
The Sleep Book                                                                           Sleeping
The Smart Parents Guide                                 Briddock, Barbara                Parenting
The Tenth Month                                         Haslett, Lynne & Eder, Lyn       Babies
TheTrouble with Women                                   Dobbie, Mary                     Parents Centre Origins
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding                        La Leche League International    Breastfeeding
They Look So Lovely When They’re Asleep                 Levy, Diane                      Parenting
Toddler Taming                                          Green, Christopher               Toddlers
Treasures Baby Book (various)                           Magazine                         Babies
Understanding Your Baby                                 Hayes, Eileen                    Babies
What To Eat When You're Expecting                       Eisenberg/Murkoff/Hathaway       Diet
What To Expect The First Year                           Eisenberg/Murkoff/Hathaway       Babies
When The Breast Fairy Comes                             Roberts, Stacey                  Girls in Adolescence
Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney x12                 Public Trust                     Legal
Your Pregnancy (x3)                                     Ministry of Health               Pregnancy & Childbirth
A Sister for Hugo x2                                            Keep Kids Safe in Cars – Plunket
Aiming for Natural Birth                                        9 Months at Large – Karicare x2
Babycare                                                        Music for Dreaming II
Baby Tired Signs                                                Parenting Harder not Smarter
Begin with Love                                                 Relaxation Baby Bath Technique
Breastfeeding the Best Beginning – La Leche League              Sleepy Signs
Buckle Up Your Unborn Baby                                      Special Delivery x3
Cord Bank x2                                                    The Birth of Neko Pilara x2
Follow Me Mum x2                                                The Importance of Touch
Guide to Infant Feeding                                         You & Your Child: Bedwetting
Helping New Zealand Families – through Parents Centre           You & Your Child: Sleeping Problems
It’s Time to Sleep x2


SUPPORT NETWORK - Christchurch Area
 BARNARDOS NEW ZEALAND                                            PARENT TO PARENT - CANTERBURY
 353 6440 (Regional Office)                                       338 0959 or 0508 727 228
 Home based childcare at a reasonable cost.                       Support for parents of children with special needs.
 Family support, parent education, social work

 BEREAVED PARENTS                                                 PARENTLINE
 Lynn 329 9962 or Jan 981 4997                                    381 1040 (24 hrs 7 days a week)
 Bereaved parents offering mutual support.                        Family and personal support for the troubled and anxious
 Meets once monthly in the evening.                               parent.
 366 0856 or 027 471 3325                                         385 4640
 Lactation consultant service.                                    Support, information and advice. Courses available for all
 366 8128                                                         332 5651 - answerphone
 Salvation Army – advice and assistance with household            Support, information and advice. Courses available for all
 finance - clearing of debts.                                     parents.
 CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU                                           PLUNKET FAMILY CENTRE
 366 6490                                                         348 9447
 Help and information related to services available in            For any problems related to parenting new babies ie.
 Christchurch.                                                    feeding, sleeping, etc. Mobile unit for home visits. Daytime
                                                                  visits to centre.

 378 7300 (Ministry of Education)                                 348 9447 or 365 1646
 Parenting information and support. Advice on finding ECDU        (Plunket Family Centre)
 facilities in your area.                                         Support and counselling for postnatal depression –
                                                                  Postnatal Adjustment Programme.

 FATHER & CHILD TRUST                                             PREGNANCY HELP
 982 2440                                                         366 3355
 Email:                            Crisis contact point for people distressed by pregnancy and
 A group run by fathers for fathers to support and provide        early motherhood. Information, home help, childcare,
 information for fathers of all ages and situations, one-on-one   transport, clothing and equipment. Arrange to have test
 support, special programmes for PND in males and teenage         done for free.
 fathers, and Father & Child magazine.
 0800 380 517 or Roz 347 8504                                     366 8804
 Provide support and information to parents/guardians of          Counselling for the impact of children          on    couple
 infants and children with Gastric Reflux Disease throughout      relationships. Violence counselling.
 New Zealand.

 LA LECHE LEAGUE                                                  SIDS CANTERBURY               (Sudden      Infant     Death
 338 8447 Answerphone                                             Syndrome)
 Breastfeeding support and information.                           364 8747
 Monthly meetings in local areas.                                 24 hour telephone counselling and information for anyone
                                                                  concerned or affected by a cot death.
 365 2789                                                         GROUP (S.A.N.D.S)
 Information relating to midwives and childbirth services.        021 103 4911
                                                                  Counselling and support groups. Includes support for
                                                                  anyone affected by a miscarriage.
 MULTIPLE BIRTH CLUB                                              TRAUMA & BIRTH STRESS
 348 6211                                               
 Monthly meetings, equipment hire, fortnightly coffee groups.     Email:
                                                                  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suffered as a result
                                                                  of a traumatic birth experience.


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