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					Matt Newmark
                                                                                               6765 Garde Road
                                                                                               Boynton Beach, FL 33437
                                                                                               Phone (561)-512-1147

                                   Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
                                  DeVry Institute of Technology; Decatur, GA (June, 1999)
               Main Focus: Business Application Programming (COBOL/C++/VB/PowerBuilder[Oracle DBMS])
                Methodology: Real world problems solved with hands on, team focussed, competitive exercises
                                    Illinois State University: Department of Psychology
                    Completed 115 Credit Hours towards a Bachelor of Science, Organizational Psychology
                                University of Hartford: Department of Arts and Sciences
                          Completed 57 Credit Hours towards an Associate of Arts, General Studies
Computer Programming                                                    Certifications ( ID: 75126)
          PowerBuilder Development (Versions 4, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8)                 Computer Technical Support (11/03)
              Conversions/Migrations (16 to 32 bit, PB Versions)                 Technical Help Desk (08/03)
              Porting (COBOL, C++, and VB to PowerBuilder)                       Master Windows XP (3/03)
              Reports, File operations, GUI design/enhancement                   Master Windows95/98 (3/03)
              Testing, Debugging, Error Detection/Correction                     Windows 95 Administrator (8/99)
          Product Installation Development                                       Windows 98 Administrator (8/99)
              InstallShield Professional 3, 5, 5.5, 6.2                          Master High IT Aptitude (8/99)
              InstallShield Developer 7, 8                                       Master Windows 95 Power User (8/99)
              DemoShield 7.5                                                     MacOS Power User (8/99)
              WISE Installer Products                                            PowerBuilder 8 Programmer (5/03)
          Database Design/Development                                            PowerBuilder 7 Programmer (6/00)
              Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i (Personal/Standard/Enterprise)                 PowerBuilder Programmer (8/99)
                   PL-SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Migration                COBOL II Programmer (8/99)
              Sybase SQL Anywhere 5                                              MS Access Programmer (8/99)
              Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 6                                       RDBMS Concepts (05/03)
              Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 7, 8                     Microcomputer Skills and Knowledge
              SQL, MS Access, DB2, Informix                                      IBM-PC Based Systems
          COBOL II (PC/MF, Porting code to PowerBuilder)                         Apple Macintosh Based Systems
          C/C++, Visual Basic, HTML, XML                                              Install/troubleshoot SCSI Devices
          Documentation, Flowcharting, Diagramming, Design             Networking/Networking Theory
          Automation scripting                                                   LAN, WAN, Client/Server, Peer, ATM
Personal/Soft Skills                                                              TCP/IP, NWLink IPX/SPX, NetBEUI
          Adaptability; Fast Learner                                             Traffic Analysis, Network Design
          Strong Writing Skills (Inc. Technical)                                 Microsoft Networks: Peer, IP
          Interpersonal Communication                                  Operating Systems/Software
              Public Speaking; Impromptu, Debate                                 Microsoft: Windows (All Versions)
              Leadership; Training, Management                                   OS/2, Linux, NetWare, MacOS, Unix
              Team Development, Presenting                                       Office Applications: Microsoft, Corel
Awards                                                                            Graphic Design/Editing: Adobe, Corel
          Baxter Award of Excellence (two-time)                                  Internet Applications: All
          Info Tech Certificate of Appreciation                                  VNC, VMWare, PCAnywhere, Citrix
          #1 call taker (10-time)                                  Packet Sniffers, Firewalls, IIS 4.0, IIS 5.0
                                         Employment History (List)
11/02 - 3/03   InstallShield/PowerBuilder Programmer        Baxter Healthcare Corp; Tampa, Florida
7/99 - 10/02   PowerBuilder Programmer/Analyst              Info Tech, Inc; Gainesville, Florida
8/97 - 7/98    Second Level Technical Support Specialist    Digital Equipment Corporation (; Alpharetta, Georgia
6/92 – 7/97    Consultant                                   Creative Concepts Computing; Various Locations (NY, NJ, IL, GA)
                                      Employment History (Detailed)
11/02 -       InstallShield/PowerBuilder       Work included the migration of existing InstallShield 6.2 Professional projects to
3/03          Programmer                       InstallShield Developer 8.0 InstallScript MSI projects. Installs were enhanced
              Baxter Healthcare Corp           based upon system and user requirements documentation both before and after the
              Tampa, Florida                   migration.
              [Contract: (I-Tech Solutions)]
                                               Developer 8.0 installations (Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI) were created for
                                               new products. Integration of new common code performed across 5 major product
                                               installs. A front-end for the CD Suite Installer was created using DemoShield 7.5.

                                               Responsible for the daily build process by which the QA testers, marketing, and
                                               support personnel received the latest bug fixes and enhancements to both the
                                               products and their installations. Wrote a program that automated the process.

                                               Responsible for supporting the QA, marketing, sales, customer service, and
                                               development departments with regards to the new daily installations. Support was
                                               phone, email, and in-person based.
7/99- 10/02   Programmer/Analyst               Primary work involved the CIO Award-winning and Computerworld Honors
              Info Tech, Inc                   Program nominated software FieldManager™, a heavily report-based construction
              Gainesville, Florida             management suite of applications. Work included design, maintenance, and
              [Permanent]                      enhancement of the GUI, behind the scenes functions, and reports.

                                               FieldManager is a PowerBuilder 6.5.1 App (Migrated from 4 to 5 to 6.5.1
                                               currently being Migrated to 8.0) using Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5 as the backend.
                                               Work is currently in progress to add Oracle and Sybase Adaptive Server; this
                                               includes conversion of report datawindows and inline SQL code where necessary.

                                               Other work included Trns*Prt, a multi-platform client-server PowerBuilder
                                               application with versions for Oracle, DB2, and Sybase backends, included design,
                                               maintenance, and enhancement of the GUI, and report objects. SPMS (PB
                                               6.5.1/Oracle), a reporting and management software package for Indiana DOT,
                                               included Migration of several large reports from Mainframe COBOL II to Oracle-
                                               based PowerBuilder datawindows as well as creation of new user-specified reports
                                               and windows.

                                               As the primary InstallShield resource at Info Tech, I created and maintained
                                               several InstallShield Professional projects.

                                               Responsible for level 3 technical support of city, county, and state government
                                               agencies as well as local contracting firms using the FieldManager suite of
7/97 - 6/98   Technical Support Specialist     Provided second level technical support for a proprietary software package
              Digital Equipment Corporation    running on IBM-PC (Windows 3.x, 95, NT 3.51, NT 4.0) and Apple Macintosh
                        systems. Provided support for general internet applications such as mail, web
              Alpharetta, Georgia              browsing, newsgroup reading, ftp, telnet, etc. Performed network and modem
              [Contract (ASI)]                 connectivity troubleshooting and support for customers. Trained
                                               new employees in the use of the proprietary call logging system. Assisted in the
                                               design of the support Intranet.
5/92 – 6/97   Consultant                       Services included the creation of COBOL/CICS business management systems,
              Creative Concepts Computing      computer software/hardware/peripheral upgrades for private consumers, network
              New York, New York               and systems maintenance for small businesses, purchase consultation for private
              Atlantic City, New Jersey        and small business consumers, web site production and maintenance for private
              Normal, Illinois                 consumers, administration of online bulletin board messaging and gaming
              Atlanta, Georgia                 systems, production of business database and spreadsheet solutions, and general
              [Self-Employed]                  technical support for all of the services provided.
                                   References Available Upon Request

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