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									                                              Published monthly by the USS Razorback Base
                                               of the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

                                                     Base Commander, Ray Wewers
                                                          Editor, David Grove

                                                   Current Executive Committee:
                       Base Commander          Ray Wewers           (479) 967-5541
                       Vice Commander          Paul Honeck             (501) 241-0691
                       COB                     Joe Mathis                   (501) 565-6021
                       Chaplain                Carl Schmidt         (501) 843-7855
                       Treasurer               Greg Schwerman             (501) 804-0386
                       Yeoman                  Bonny Zonner     (501) 316-6641
                       Webmaster               Greg Zonner     (501) 316-6641
                       Membership              John Barr               (501) 663-6622
                       Storekeeper             Bob Christians        (501)-922-1586
                       Holland Club            Lee Huss            (501) 922-1216
                       Memorials/Ceremonies    Billy Hollaway            (501) 758-3266

* Upcoming Events:
August---date to be determined---Play at Murry’s Dinner Theater or The Rep
September 15-22----National USSVI Convention---Alaska Cruise
                                                          August 2007

Commander’s Corner                            have to stand in line while we write                Central Region Director, Charitable
         Summer has arrived. It               checks to the theater. Make the                     Foundation Chairman, National
seems we have been blessed with a             check to me and I will provide a                    Junior Vice Commander and
cooler than normal June and part of           check and the list of people who are                National Commander for the base’s
July, but now the heat and humidity           paid to the theater host and all they               contribution to the Charitable
have arrived.                                 have to do is check your name when                  Foundation over the past two years.
         We held our July meeting             you enter.                                          Due to our generosity, it has been
last Saturday at the American Legion          My address is: Ray Wewers                           considered in our requests for money
Hut in Little Rock and it was well            918 Barborek Lane                                   for the Air-Conditioning Fund. We
attended. A highlight of the meeting          Russellville, AR 72802                              have just been approved for an
was Sheri Hollaway’s report that the                   September 15-22 is the                     additional $1000 for the fund.
bank account from the Convention              National Convention Cruise and                                Thanks to all the base
was being closed out and she was              there are still cabins available and                members who help with tours on the
writing a check for $599.01 to the            time to register for the cruise. Go to              weekends. I know several have
Base. A motion was made,                      the USSVI website and link to the                   been doing this for quite some time.
seconded and approved to put this             Convention 2007.                                    If you are able to help out on
money into the Razorback Air-                          October will be the Navy                   weekends, please give Greg Zonner
Conditioning Fund for the next unit to        Anniversary Dinner at a location and                a call and let him know. I know any
be installed. Minutes of the meeting          time to be determined. Al Malone is                 help will be appreciated.
are included in this newsletter.              considering organizing a golf day in                          If you have ideas on how to
         Our next activity is the             late September for base members,                    improve the base or have activities
Murry’s Dinner Theater production of          family and friends. At present, he is               that you think might be entertaining,
“Singing in the Rain” on Sunday,              planning to hold this event in Heber                please let your officers know so we
August 26. Doors open at 1100 and             Springs at one of their courses. If                 can make changes. This is your
we will eat lunch and then enjoy the          you are interested, please drop him a               base and we want to make it as
show which starts at 1245. If you are         note or call him at                                 enjoyable as possible to participate
planning to attend, please send me   or 501-362-                    in its activities.
your check for $26.00 per person in           2623.
your party so we can expedite our                      We have received letters of                Ray Wewers, Base Commander
entrance into the theater and not             thanks and commendations from the
                               Submarines Lost During the Month of August
USS Grunion (SS-216) 1-Aug-1942. 70 men lost.
USS S-39 (SS-144) 14-Aug-1942. No loss of crew.
USS Harder (SS-257) 24-Aug-1944. All hands lost (80). Commander Samuel Dealey, USN was posthumously
awarded the Medal of Honor for Harder’s fifth patrol.
USS Flier (SS-250) 13-Aug-1944. All hands lost (80).
USS Bullhead (SS-332) 6-Aug-1945. All hands lost (84).
After WWII
USS COCHINO (SS 345) 26-Aug-1949. One man lost. An additional six men from TUSK (SS 426) were lost
in rescue attempt.
                                USS Cochino August 26, 1949 - 7 Men Lost

Not much can be said about USS COCHINO (SS-345). Her career was stopped so short. Not by a foreign
enemy under combat conditions, but by the ocean she was born to travel through, under simulated combat
conditions, to test equipment and train her crew in the North Atlantic.

No member of her Naval crew was lost, but a civilian engineer riding aboard was, but not while aboard. There
were six Submariners lost, but from another boat, USS TUSK (SS-426), coming to assist.

Everything that happened that August, in 1949, could have happened to any other submarine under similar
conditions. Everything that could have or should have been done was done by the Submariners in her and
aboard TUSK. That's what they train for -- that's what they dread.

USS Cochino (SS-345), a Balao-class submarine, was the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for
the cochino, a triggerfish found in the Atlantic. Her keel was laid down by Electric Boat Company of Groton,
Connecticut. She was launched on 20 April 1945 sponsored by Mrs. M.E. Serat, and commissioned on 25
August 1945 with Commander W.A. Stevenson in command.

Cochino joined the Atlantic Fleet, cruising East Coast and Caribbean Sea waters from her home port of Key
West, Florida. On 18 July 1949, she put to sea for a cruise to Britain, and arctic operations. Her group ran
through a violent polar gale off Norway, and the joltings received by Cochino played their part on 25 August in
causing an electrical fire and battery explosion, followed by the generation of both hydrogen and chlorine gases.

Defying the most unfavorable possible weather conditions, Rear Admiral (then Captain) Rafael Celestino
Benitez (1917-1999), commander of the Cochino, and his men fought for 14 hours to save the submarine,
displaying seamanship and courage. But a second battery explosion on August 26 made "Abandon Ship" the
only possible order, and Cochino sank. The USS Tusk's valiant crew rescued all of Cochino's men except for
Robert Wellington Philo, a civilian engineer. Six sailors from Tusk were lost during the rescue.
Razorback Base Meeting              this event. Date and place to be   be brought before the National
Minutes                             determined.                        Officers at the Annual Business
July 28, 2007                                Old Business---           Meeting. There was none
                                    Restoration Committee has not      forthcoming.
Meeting called to order by base     met for some time. However,                Carl Schimdt led the
commander at 1600.                  Razorback now has two              base in a closing prayer.
        Tolling of the boats        functioning air conditioners.              Billy Hollaway made
conducted by Joe Mathis,            Additional units will be           motion to adjourn, seconded by
followed by Pledge of               installed as money becomes         Greg Schwerman, approved
Allegiance led by Jim Franks.       available. We have received        unanimously. Meeting closed
        Chaplain Carl Schmidt       another donation of $1000 from     at 1650.
led the group in prayer.            USSVI charitable Foundation                      ^^^^^
        Jim Stovall from            for Phase II of the air-
Houston, AR was introduced to       conditioning project.                         Navy News
the group.                                   Convention account
Greg Schwerman gave the             closeout---Sheri Hollaway
treasurer’s report. Motion made     reported that she is closing out
to accept by Al Malone and          the Convention Bank account
seconded by Lee Huss.               and will write a check to the
Approved unanimously.               base for $959.01. Billy            Dates in American Naval History
        Billy Hollaway accepted     Hollaway made a motion to put
the Storekeeper position from       the money in the Air-              August 1
Bob Christians. Thanks to Bob       conditioning fund. Approved        1958 - USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
for taking on the storekeeper       unanimously.                       submerges under Arctic ice cap
duties for the interim.                      Carl Schmidt has talked   near Point Barrow
        Billy Hollaway had          with Governor Beebe                August 2
nothing to report on the            concerning possible                1943 - PT-109, under command
memorial other than the             contributions to the Razorback     of LTJG John F. Kennedy, cut
veterans’ memorial is still being   Air-conditioning. The              in half by Japanese destroyer
pursued.                            Governor requested we get back     Amagiri
        Activities---Al Malone      to him after July when he gets     August 3
talked about the Murray’s           the 2008 budget available.         1958 - USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
Dinner Theater presentation set              Thank you letters for     is first ship to reach the
for August 26 at 1100. Please       contributions to the USSVI         geographic North Pole
send check for $26.00 per           Charitable Foundation from         submerged.
person to Ray Wewers, 918           Central Region Director,           1970 - USS James Madison
Barborek Lane, Russellville,        USSVI Charitable Foundation        (SSBN-627) conducts first
and Ar 72802. Al also is            Chairman and National Junior       submerged launching of
planning a golf outing for late     Vice Commander were read.          Poseidon nuclear missile off
September in Heber Springs.                  Razorback Base            Cape Kennedy
        There will be no            received a Sponsorship             August 6
meeting in September due to the     Certificate for the Boat           1945 - Atomic bomb detonated
National Convention.                Sponsorship Program. We are        over Hiroshima, Japan. Navy
        October is the Navy         sponsoring the USS Norfolk,        weaponeer, Captain W.S.
Anniversary Month and we plan       USS Oklahoma City, NSCC            Parsons, USN, armed the
to have a dinner with awards        Little Rock and NJROTC             atomic bomb on the B-29
and Holland Club inductions.        Dollarway.                         bomber, Enola Gay.
Mary Christians will coordinate              Base Commander asked      1990 - President George Bush
                                    if there was any new business to   orders Operation Desert Shield,
largest overseas deployment         completing first submerged         1965 - CDR Scott Carpenter
since Vietnam, to protect Saudi     under ice cruise from Pacific to   and 9 aquanauts enter SeaLab
Arabia after Iraqi's invasion of    Atlantic Oceans.                   II, 205 ft. below Southern
Kuwait.                             August 13                          California's waters to conduct
August 8                            1945 - Japan agrees to             underwater living and working
1972 - Women authorized for         surrender; last Japanese ships     tests
sea duty as regular ship's          sunk during World War II (15                     ^^^^^
company                             August in DC)                      Treasures Report: August 2007
August 9                            August 15
                                                                       BEGINNING BAL.:            $5626.85
1941 - Atlantic Charter             1953 - First naval officer
Conference is first meeting         appointed Chairman, Joints         DEPOSITS:
between President Roosevelt         Chiefs of Staff, Admiral           TOTAL DEPOSITS:            $ 000.00
and Winston Churchill               William Radford. He served
1945 - Atomic bomb dropped          from 15 August 1953 until 15       EXPENSES:
                                                                       News Editor                $ 123.93
on Nagasaki, Japan. Navy            August 1957.                       TOTAL EXPENSES:            $ 123.93
weaponeer arms the atomic           August 17
bomb.                               1942 - Submarines USS              ENDING BALANCE:            $5502.92
August 10                           Nautilus and USS Argonaut
1944 - Guam secured by U.S.         land 222 Marines on Makin          CHARITYS
                                                                       Boat AC Fund               $1715.00
forces.                             Island, first amphibious attack    ENDING BALANCE             $1715.00
1964 - Signing of Gulf of           made from submarines
Tonkin Resolution which is          1981 - 2 VF-41 aircraft from       Base Charity Fund          $2500.00
used as the starting point of the   USS Nimitz shoot down 2
Vietnam Conflict                    Libyan aircraft which fired on     TOTAL IN BASE              $9717.92
August 11                           them over international waters
1960 - USNS Longview, using         August 21
                                                                       Submitted by: Greg Schwerman
Navy helicopters and frogmen,       1951 - First contract for
                                                                       Base Treasurer
recovers a Discover satellite       nuclear-powered submarine                        ^^^^^
capsule after 17 orbits. This is    awarded.                           Base Storekeeper
first recovery of U.S. satellite    1965 - Launch of Gemini 5,         I have relieved Bob Christians
from orbit.                         piloted by LCDR Charles            as Base Storekeeper effective
August 12                           Conrad Jr., USN, who               July 28. We have several items
1944 - LT Joseph P. Kennedy,        completed 120 orbits in almost     in inventory and possibly too
Jr., USNR, the older brother of     8 days at an altitude of 349.8     much of certain ones; namely
John F. Kennedy, was killed         km. Recovery was by helicopter     USS RAZORBACK Black T-
with his co-pilot in a mid-air      from USS Lake Champlain            shirts and navy blue baseball
explosion after taking off from     (CVS-39).                          caps. The t-shirts are listed at a
England in a PB4Y from              August 22                          retail of $ 12.00 each and all
Special Attack Unit One (SAU-       1945 - First surrender of          sizes are available from S
1). Following manual takeoff,       Japanese garrison at end of        through 3XL. Let me know if
they were supposed to               World War II; USS Levy             you are interested in purchasing
parachute out over the English      receives surrender of Mille        one by e-mailing or telephoning
Channel while the radio-            Atoll in Marshall Islands          me at
controlled explosive filled         August 27                          and (501) 758-3266. For you
drone proceeded to attack a         1944 - USS Stingray (SS-186)       members of the USS
German V-2 missile-launching        lands men and supplies on          RAZORBACK Association, if
site. Possible causes include       Luzon, Philippines to support      you are interested let me know
faulty wiring or FM signals         guerilla operations against the    as soon as possible and I will
from a nearby transmitter.          Japanese.                          bring the shirts with me to
1958 - USS Nautilus (SSN-571)       August 28                          Seattle next month for the
arrives Portland, England                                              cruise. The baseball caps are of
good quality and retail for $      - OOD - "You're right, that is             investigate, but its periscope becomes
15.00 each. I am going to          close...I'm calling the skipper to         covered with green paint. It, therefore,
                                                                              believes itself to be underwater and
request from the base EC that      have a look."                              continues to rise. When it reaches a
we mark the shirts down to $       Meanwhile...                               convenient altitude, shoot it down
10.00 each or three for $ 25.00    - Chief of the Watch (COW) to              with Anti-Aircraft Fire.
and the caps down to $ 12.50.      the Auxiliary Electrician                  6) The Economist's Method: Induce
Also, we have a large number       Forward (AEF) - "Secure the                the United States of America to use
                                                                              seawater rather than gold to support its
of Dock at the Rock red t-shirts   anchor light."                             currency. The French will
which we are making available      - AEF - Secure the anchor light,           immediately start to sequester it in
to base members at no cost,        aye."                                      their vaults in such quantities that by
limit of one per member. If a                                                 the time supply and demand curves
non-member wishes to have                            ^^^^^                    cross, the submarines will either be
                                   How to find a Sub:                         (A) aground, or (B) locked up in
one, I would request a $ 5.00      High on the Navy's list of priority        French safe-deposit boxes.
donation be made for the boat's    problems is that of Anti-Submarine
air conditioning fund. Sizes       Warfare (ASW). The detection and                           ^^^^^
available are S, M and L and       localization of a submarine has proven
one 2XL. If you are in need of     to be a very difficult problem, indeed.
                                   The following methods are a few that
a USSVI Wal-Mart blue vest         have been advanced to help in this
with the large embroidered         area.
USSVI emblem sewn on the           1) The Physicist's Method: Irradiate
back, let me know as we have       the ocean with high-energy neutrons
                                   so that H2O becomes 4H2O.                        August Birthdays
5L and 5XL. These retail at $
                                   Submarines will become excessively         August 4th – Harold Pelton
39.50 each and again I will ask    buoyant and cannot submerge. Their         August 7th – John Albers
the EC to mark them down to $      disposition can then be undertaken         August 9th – Stan Walker
35.00 each for base members. I     with leisure.
                                                                              August 11th – Jesse Bryant
will get Greg Zonner to update     2) The Chemist's Method: Place in the
                                   ocean large quantities of lysergic acid.   August 11th – Ray Wewers
the website very soon to include
                                   The fish population becomes terrified      August 12th – William Nichols
all items available. If you have   at the prospect of loneliness and          August 12th – Larry Hobby
special needs and requests,        clusters about submarines in a frenzy      August 17th – Lindell Johnson
please let me know.                of affection and admiration, thereby
                                                                              August 22nd – Joe Blanchett
                                   constricting the movement of
                                   submarines to a level of difficulty.       August 23rd – Bill Hollaway
Bill Hollaway
                                   3) The Engineer's Method: Construct a      August 23rd – James Barnum
Submarine Humor
                                   large filter system having a mesh of       August 25th – Riversaleh Saleh
Overheard on the conn of a fast-
                                   about eight meters and pump ocean          August 25th – Nicholas Proctor
                                   water through it at the rate of 15
attack submarine:                                                             August 25th – Stew Burner
                                   million liters a day. This will
- Junior Officer of the Deck       recalculate the oceans daily. Because      August 25th – Sandy Stephens
(JOOD), while looking through      of the mesh filter, only submarines        August 27th – Juanez Stilt
                                   will be trapped.
the periscope - "There it is       4) The Mathematician's Method:
again!"                                                                             Happy Birthday!
                                   Construct a large Klein bottle that can
- Officer of the Deck (OOD) -      contain the necessary numbers of
"What?"                            submarines. Note that the submarines       REMINDER: Watch out for
- JOOD - "That light...the last    are initially outside this bottle.         kids returning to schools
two times we came to periscope
                                   However, the outside of a Klein bottle     in your neighborhood.
                                   is also its inside. Therefore, the
depth, it's been there...right     submarines are inside this bottle. (Two
behind us. I think we're being     dimensional submarines may be
followed."                         disposed of by a suitable Mobius strip)
- OOD - "Let me take a look."      5) The Ballistician's Method: Equip all
                                   surface ASW ships with green paint.
- A few seconds later...           On detecting a submarine, spread the
                                   paint over the sea surface and remain
                                   quiet. The submarine rises to
                                                                                                   Our Creed
                                                                     "To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their
                                                                                                  lives in
                                                                      the pursuit of their duties while serving their Country. That
                                                                    dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source
                                                                       motivation toward greater accomplishments. A pledge of
                                                                                                loyalty and
                                                                             patriotism to the United States Government."
                                                                                         WW II Boats on Eternal Patrol
                                                                    Sealion (SS-195)      S-36 (SS-141)        S-26 (SS-131)
                                                                    Shark I (SS-174)      Perch (SS-176)       S-27 (SS-132)
                                                                    Grunion (SS-216)      S-39 (SS-144)        Argonaut (SS-166)
                                                                    Amberjack (SS-219)    Grampus (SS-207)     Triton (SS-201)
                                                                    Pickerel (SS-177)     Grenadier (SS-210)   Runner (SS-275)
                                                                    R-12 (SS-89)          Grayling (SS-209)    Pompano (SS-181)
                                                                    Cisco (SS-290)        S-44 (SS-155)        Dorado (SS-248)
                                                                    Wahoo (SS-238)        Corvina (SS-226)     Scuplin (SS-191)
                                                                    Capelin (SS-289)      Scorpion (SS-278)    Grayback (SS-208)
                                                                    Trout (SS-202)        Tullibee (SS-284)    Gugeon (SS-211)
                                                                    Herring (SS-233)      Golet (SS-361)       S-28 (SS-133)
                                                                    Robalo (SS-273)       Filer (SS-250)       Harder (SS-257)
                                                                    Seawolf (SS-197)      Darter (SS-227)      Shark II (SS-314)
                                                                    Tang (SS-306)         Escolar (SS-294)     Albacore (SS-218)
                                                                    Growler (SS-215)      Scamp (SS-277)       Swordfish (SS-193)
                                                                    Barbel (SS-316)       Kete (SS-369)        Trigger (SS-237)
                                                                    Snook (SS-279)        Lagarto (SS-371)     Bonefish (SS-223)
                                                                    Bullhead (SS-332)
                                                                                     Cold War Boats on Eternal Patrol

                                                                            Scorpion (SSN-589)                 Thresher (SSN-593)
                       IN GOD WE TRUST

                                         Little Rock, AR 72227                               Pledge of Allegiance
                                         144 White Oak Ln.
                                                                    "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
                                                                    and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
                                         David Grove
                                                                               indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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