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                       partners along the journey
                                of change

2008   annual report
| Partners along the Journey of Change

                                                    rt 2008
                          ge – Annual Repo                                                                       elve years we
   A Journey of Chan                                                                       n. Over the past tw
                                                               ed a   diverse populatio                         homeless. With
                                        Services has serv                                  or at risk of being
   Since 19    17, Emma Norton                                       meless situations                           meless and at risk
                                            en coming from ho                                milies who are ho
   have focu    sed on serving wom                   cus has expa     nded to helping fa
                          ma’s Place, this fo
   the addition of Em
                         ciency.                                                                                   ange for Emma
    achieve self-suffi                                                                       08 was a year of ch
                                                                   ou  r residents and 20                            08. Jodi Pfarr
                                            ney of change for                                   ctor January 1, 20
    Engaging      with ENS is a jour                              sitio n of Executive Dire                       lities, being a
                                         arr assumed the po                                  aging housing faci
     Norton    Services as Jodi Pf                              -risk   populations, man                          duced the Getting
                                        of working with at                                  ess. Jodi Pfarr intro
     came to    us with a history                                  ni ng her own busin                               head in a Just
                                         s of poverty and ow                                    sidence. Getting A
     nationa   l presenter on issue                            ace an   d Emma Norton Re                           ting Ahead and
                                       ents at Emma’s Pl                                      dge programs: Get
     Ahead     program for resid                                ating   two new cutting-e                             and powerful
                                        t project incorpor                                     ative offer a unique
      Gettin’   By World is a pilo                              ook an    d the Circles initi                    assessment allow
                                        ting Ahead workb                                     and system. This
      Circles.   Together, the Get                                     in the community                                  utes to a
                             tify and address ba
                                                        rriers with                               plan greatly contrib
      framework to iden                                                       iers. This type of
                             te a plan that ad       dresses those barr
      individuals to crea
                            essful outcome.                                                                                       from the
       relevant and succ                                                                                    te the data gained
                                                                                    to m anage and evalua                          and new
                                                             ilder Foundation                                position transfers
                                  e services of the W                                    n took place with
        Ms. Pfarr secured
                              th                                    ff re-organizatio                                sidential Housing
                                          programs. Some sta                                    e GRH (Group Re
        implem    entation of these                             as we    were awarded mor                              ement to stay
                                         s were necessary                                        ve a covenant agre
        hires.  Additional change                                    Plac  e residents now ha                       g establish a sens
                                          ) residents. Emma’s             al of stabilizing fa
                                                                                                 milies and helpin
                 h Ramsey County                                                                                           vings over a
                               for at least two ye
                                                        ars with a go                                 rsonnel at a cost sa
         with the program                                                       e night security pe
                              EP. We hired ou        r own Emma’s Plac
          of community at
          commercial contra                                                                     debt through mat
                                                                                                                   ching grants,
                                                                  to w   orking ENS out of                               are pleased to
                                           cated themselves                                         t applications. We
           The bo  ard and staff dedi                        onal giving     and additional gran              an from the Lega
                                                                                                                                   cy Fund.
                                ise  rs, increased pers                              inue to pay back the lo                         c Plan.
           additional fundra                                the black. We cont                                 ned in the Strategi
                                   pleted the year in                                      ete the work outli
           report that we com                                      ect teams to compl             the Park Square Th
                                                                                                                        eater, a Jumpin’
                                             with staff on proj
           Board   members worked                                    out:  a theater benefit at                     giving levels (a
                                            egies were carried                                   n of Daisy Erbes
            Many   new funding strat                         . Anthony    , and the promotio                   introduced at the
                                   t  at Faith UMC, St                                    was designed and
            Jehosephat concer                  for 12 months). A
                                                                        new ENS logo
            minim   um of $200/month
            Dinner.                                                                                                     Staff meetings
                                                                                                 by Board and staff.
                                                                     ic pl an was developed                            donors to match a
                                            Jodi Pfarr a strateg                                   money from new
             With  the leadership of                                 embe    rs worked to raise                           many ways. We
                                            basis and Board m                                        lunteers helped in
             were   held on a regular                              ndraisi    ng events. Other vo                       and the United
                                             invite others to fu                                  ches, organizations
             chal lenge grant and to                          dual dono     rs, gifts from chur
                                     e support of indivi                          government source
              are grateful for th                        , foundations and
                                      , corporations
              Methodist Women

                                                            d Chair
                                      Mary Gates, Boar
2008 Combined Financial Statement
(Emma Norton Residence & Emma’s Place, January 1-December 31, 2008)

supporT and rEvEnuE ToTal                 2008          2007

Contracts and grants                  $440,799      $406,739                        2008 Revenue
Contributions                        $ 369,542      $ 329,745                               1%
                                                                                                         Contracts and Grants
                                                                       Rental Income/                    28%
United Methodist Women                $ 80,524       $59,838           Related Income
In kind contributions                $ 200,849      $200,955

Rental income/related income         $ 445,259      $383,648      In kind contributions
                                                                                   13%                  Contributions
Other                                 $ 19,926       $51,532                                            24%

                                                                                              United Methodist Women
Total support and revenue $1,556,899              $1,432,457

Program Expenses                   $ $1,196,273    $1,141,928
                                                                                         & General
                                                                 Program Depreciation/        5%
                                                                                                             Public Relations &
Program Depreciation/Amortization $ 143,218         $ 132,067            Amortization
Management and General                 $ 74,096     $ 137,273

Public Relations and Fundraising       $ 56,267      $ 91,985

                                                                                          Program Expenses
Total Expenses                     $1,469,854     $1,503,253                              81%

Net Income (loss)                     $ 87,045      $ (70,796)

NET ASSETS-Beginning of year        $ 1,803,443    $1,803,443

  Net Assets- End of year          $1,890,488     $1,803,443
| Partners along the Journey of Change
Programs and Services
NEw Logo A CoLLAborAtivE EFFort                                              iCE CrEAm ANd ALL thAt JAzz
The new Emma Norton Services soaring birds logo is the                       Faith UMC, St Anthony, rocked with the lively music of the “Jumpin’
product of many skilled people who recognized the need to                    Jehosephats” at the benefit concert for Emma Norton Services. The
update our graphic appearance and warmed to our mission.                     band donated their services and the concert was jointly sponsored by
                                                                             Emma’s Place families, ENS Board of Directors and ENS staff. Hotdogs,
In 2008 our PR committee sought the help of the Hall-Kelley Design           chips and ice cream sundaes were enjoyed by over 300 guests
Company in Marine on St. Croix, MN. They were jammed with                    before the concert. Young Adults from Hennepin Avenue UMC & EP
commercial jobs but Debra Kelley, one of the principles in the firm, had a   staff organized outdoor games and activities for children and youth.
winning suggestion. She also teaches Media Graphics at the University
of Minnesota and was willing to assign our needs as a class project.         Following the event, Don Bauer, ENS Board member, sent this note
                                                                             to Emma’s Place: “I agree with all the praise that was spoken during
Eight teams of four students each applied their talents to the project       the Jazz Concert. But those things did not impress me as much as
as a final exam in the media graphics class. The resulting presentations     the kids of Emma’s Place. I can’t remember when I’ve seen such a
were all so professional and outstanding that members of the ENS             well-dressed, well mannered and polite group of kids that age at
PR Committee had a difficult time choosing from among the ideas.             any function, including church, school, and family get-togethers.
In the end, the PR committee took parts of three different student           You, the parents and staff at Emma’s Place, are to be complimented.
presentations to come up with our updated brochure and logotype.             Your kids were probably our best advertisement at the Ice Cream
                                                                             and Jazz Fundraiser and I’m sure were a big part of the reason that
Some additional tweaking was done to the logo by a                           people responded so generously. They were a living reminder of
board member’s daughter, also a college design student.                      the good donors’ contributions can do. Keep up the good work!”

The final, soaring doves logo is a stunning illustration of the ENS
values as our residents prepare to once again fly on their own.

The Commons Area at Emma’s Place in Maplewood provides a wonderful           Emma’s Place provides permanent, affordable housing and supportive
space for families to gather together and build community.                   services for single parents with three or more children.
                                                                                     Partners along the Journey of Change |

EmmA’S PLACE YEAr-At-A-gLANCE 2008                                       A NotE From thE ExECutivE dirECtor
The year 2008 was about change & transitions. Five new families          Emma Norton Services ended 2008 in a positive place even after
moved into our community to begin their own personal journeys.           facing financial challenges at the same time as the economy began
We created “Covenants” with one another to build a stronger              a clear downturn. It was generous people like you who donated
community and celebrated In June with a covenant signing dinner.         even more time, energy and commitment to our mission that
Our community has really come together. We encouraged all                made it possible for us not just to survive, but to actually thrive.
residents to get involved with their precinct caucuses to let their      As you can read in our board president’s report, a staff and board
voices be heard!!! On election night we held a party for all residents   strategic plan was created, many new programs were implemented,
with a pot-luck dinner and Election Trivia games. For many it was        more agency structure was put in place, and new funding sources
the first time in their lives -- and for some, the first generation in   were secured. This was all made possible due to the passion
their family – to have voted. We celebrated National Day of Peace        and compassion of all those listed in the 2008 Annual Report.
with a Peace Pole dedication. Several local officials joined us, and     Thank you and bless you for what you give to the mission of ENS.
Congresswoman Betty McCollum provided a statement of peace
and support. The youth of Emma’s Place created art projects for this     With sincere gratitude,
event, showing their dedication to peace in community, families and      Jodi R Pfarr, Executive Director
the world. We reached out to the community of Maplewood at a back
to school barbeque with District 622 school teachers and officials.
Turnout was great and families connected with their children’s
teachers. Our youth involvement has been growing by leaps
and bounds; we have made a number of partnerships with other
agencies to enhance the quality of service to our youth. Mixed Blood
and Climb Theatres performed at our site. Parents got involved with
the University of Minnesota’s Early Risers Program, and Open Cities
Health Center held free dental screenings. We ended the year giving
thanks for our many blessings during a year of transitional change.      Emma Norton Residence Program Director Rhonda Bell working with

Staff members Gwen Ellis and Sharri Adams stand next to the Peace Pole   Emma Norton Services staff.
at Emma’s Place.
| Partners along the Journey of Change

                             Thank you to our many donors that helped support Emma Norton Services in 2008!
dAiSY ErbES                       American Cancer Society             United Health Group
SoCiEtY                           Ameriprise Financial                United Way
Daisy Erbes (1872- 1963)          The Patrick & Aimee Butler          U.S. Bank
managed the funds that                Family Foundation               U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban
were given to the Methodist       Chevron Humankind                      Development
Episcopal Women’s Auxiliary       Conrad Hilton Foundation
by Emma Hayes Norton in           Dorsey Whitney Foundation           PArtNEr
1921. Through her faithful        EMC Publishers                      ChurChES
care of these funds, they         Emergency Shelter Grant             Partner Churches donate           The Emma Norton Residence facility in downtown St. Paul
grew and helped what today            Program                         $2 per member annually to         is a 45-bed residence, offering long-term support and
                                                                                                        services for homeless women in transition, whose goals are
is Emma Norton Services           Emma Norton Designated Fund         benefit the programs and
                                                                                                        to become independent and self-sufficient.
become a reality. The purpose         Interest                        services of Emma Norton
of the Society is to encourage,   Family Supportive Housing           Services. This level of support   Cambridge UMC                   First UMC, St. Cloud
recognize and publicize               Center                          is vital to continuing our        Camphor UMW                     First UMW, Appleton, MN
financial gifts of $2,500 or      Flaherty Arden Bowl                 ministry for homeless women       Centenary UMC                   General Board of Global
more that help maintain the       General Board of Global             and children.                     Centennial UMC                  Ministries - UMC
vision and mission of Emma            Ministries – UMC                Arlington Hills UMC               Centennial UMW - Ruth Circle    Gethseman UMC
Norton Services.                  General Board of Global             Centennial UMC                    Centennial UMW - Sarah Circle   Glendale UMW
                                      Ministries – Women’s Division   Christ UMC, Maplewood             Central Park UMC                Glenwood United Parish UMW
PLATINUM: $25,000 +               Greater Twin Cities United Way      Fairmount Avenue UMC              Cherry Grove UMW                Grace UMC, Burnsville
                                  J. Pfarr Consulting, Inc.           Immanuel UMC, Corcoran            Chisholm UMW                    Grace UMW
GOLD: $10,000 - $24,999           Luna’s Maintenance Service          McGregor UMC                      Christ UMC, Maplewood           Grace UMW, Hendricks
Donald & Sandra Craighead         McKesson Corporation                Oakland Avenue UMC                Christ UMW, Cannon Falls        Grace UMW, Moorhead
                                  McNelly Foundation                                                    Cleveland Avenue UMW            Grace UMW, Warren
SILVER: $5,000 - $9,999           Minneapolis Foundation              CoNtributiNg                      Clinton UMC                     Grey Eagle UMC
Donald & Naren Bauer              Minnesota Annual Conference,        ChurChES                          Community UMC, Columbia         Hector UMW
Gail Fuad                             UMC                             Adrian UMW                        Heights                         Henning UMW
Clyde & Mary Gates                Minnesota Life                      Advent UMC, Eagan                 Community UMW                   Hillcrest UMW
Murray & Ruth Harpole             Minnesota Department of             Advent UMW                        Cushing UMW                     Hilltop UMC
Jodi Pfarr                            Human Services                  Akeley UMW                        Deer Creek UMW                  Homestead UMW - Kononia
                                  Move the Mountain Leadership        Albright UMC Youth Fellowship     Duluth UMW                      Circle
BRONZE: $2,500 - $4,999               Center                          Aldersgate UMC                    Eau Claire UMW                  Hope UMW, Blue Earth
Dorothy Anderson                  New Ulm Area Catholic Schools       Alexandria UMW, Jay Circle        Epworth UMW                     Hubbard UMW
Kenneth Ehrman & Sally Dyck       Olmstead United Way                 Arlington Hills UMC               Erskine UMC                     Humboldt UMW
Rodney & Diana Hanson             Open Your Heart to the Hungry       Arlington UMW                     Evangel UMW                     Immanuel UMC, Corcoran
Pearl Okubo                           & Homeless                      Atwater UMW                       Evergreen UMW, Wahpeton, ND     Janesville MN, UMW
Ronald & Judith Phillips          Ramsey County Housing               Belgrade UMW                      Fairmount Avenue UMC            Lake Crystal UMW
Anonymous                         RBC Wealth Management               Beltrami UMW                      Faith UMC                       Lake Harriet UMC
                                  Sauer Children’s Renew              Bethel UMW                        Faith UMC, St. Anthony          Lakeville UMW - Ruth Voll Circle
FouNdAtioNS,                          Foundation                      Blaine UMW                        Faith UMW                       Lamberton UMW
CorPorAtioNS                      St. Paul Foundation                 Brooklyn UMC                      Faith UMW, St. Anthony          Luverne UMW
ANd grouPS                        Steeple People Surplus Store        Brown’s Valley UMW                Faribault UMW                   Lydia: Zion UMC
Allianz Life Insurance Co.        Target                              Presbyterian                      First UMC, Ortonville           Christ UMW, Maplewood
Messiah UMW                     Walker Community UMC            Barbara Leary                 Marlys Behr                    Lynn Ihlenfeldt
Metro West District UMW         Wesley UMW                      Walter & Roxanne Lockhart     Judith & Robert Benke          Frederick & Janet Jacobs
Minnesota Conference UMW -      West Bethel UMC                 Elizabeth Lopez               Loretta Berhow                 George Johnson
Giving Through Channels         White Bear Lake UMC             Gwen Moorhead                 Christopr & Mary Bess Biegne   Karen Johnson
MN Annual Conference Local      Willmar UMW                     Win & Rev. Christie Neuger    Bonnie Beverly                 Marty Jones
Church Donations                Woodbury UMC                    Richard & Lynne Olson         Marion Bluhm                   Betty Jordahl
MN Annual Conference Love       Woodbury UMW                    K.B. Pasvogel                 Alan Bolte                     Delores Kaese
Offering                        Zion UMW                        Marie Piette                  Margaret Bosshardt             Clare & Martha Karsten
MN Annual Conference Love       Zion UMW, Danube                Gene & Mary Rick              Donna Brastad                  Richard & Judith Kary
Offering - EP Youth Program                                     Robert & Joyce Rosene         Bruce & Doris Broady           Dolores Keech
Montrose UMW                    iNdividuALS                     Wayne & Susan Shelton         Janis Callison                 Krause Kent
Motley UMW                      EMMA’S ANGELS:                  William & Kathleen Smith      Craig & Mildred Carlson        Phyllis Kerr
Nashwauk UMC                       $1000 - $2499                Murry & Marva Thurston        Ottilie Castriotta             Thomas & Sylvia Kienlen
North Mankato UMC               Greg & Ann Anklam               Siktoh & Linda Ting           Kathryn Colescott              Howard Kilby
Northfield UMW                  Kenneth & Michel Chin-Purcell   Mary Tyrrell                  Shirley Coyer                  Nancy Kobilka
Northwest District UMW          Rev. James & Marilyn Dodge      Nancy Weir                    Ann Crowley                    James & Linda Krause
Oakdale UMW, Silver Lake        Diane Ellis                     SUSTAINERS: $300 - $499       Mary Jo Dahlberg               Thomas Krenn
Oakland Avenue UMC              Gretchen Fogo                   Lisa Bartels                  Joan Daugherty                 Marit Lee Kucera
Oakland UMW                     Carol Fuller                    Robert Berkner                Cullen & Kimber Deveries       Myrna Kuehl
Oakwood UMW                     Don & Mary Hopkins              Rufus & Carolyn Campbell      Cathy Dillion                  Vivian LaRock
Osakis UMW                      Shirley & Ralph Jackson         Shirley Christianson          George & Marion Dingman        Barbara Lapensky
Osceola WI UMW                  Fae Jacobs                      Robert & Marlene Davis        Marilyn Dunshee                Sally Larson
Peace UMW                       Mary Ann Krinkie                Wanda Driver                  Vernon & Bonnie Eidman         Ruth Laube
Peace UMW, Morristown           Wes & Marie Mellgren            Jerry & Janet Ewing           David & Joan Elton             Elaine Leach
Pengilly UMW                    Mary Jo Monson                  Curt & Elizabeth Gumbrell     Jessica Eucken                 Don & Elaine Lee
Pine River UMW                  Barbara Moore                   Faye Hunt                     Elizabeth Everitt              Joan Lee
Portland Avenue UMC             Janet Morey                     Laurel Krause                 Judy Farber                    Philip & Elaine Lee
Portland Avenue UMW             Robert & Carol Rieke            Phyllis Kromer                Carol Foster                   William Lee
Princeton UMW                   Marilyn Rohlfing                Robert & Artie Lewis          Jerry & Nancy Gale             Beda Ann Lewis
Proctor UMW                     Joyce Schowalter                George & Florence Marks       Peter & Louise Gallagher       Daniel & Jeannin Lindh
Prospect Park UMC               Virginia Vandervest             Stephan & Adelle North        Ann Girres                     Sharon Link
Raymond UMW                     BENEFACTORS: $500 - $999        Loleta Scott                  Heidi Girsch                   Beverley Lloyd
Rosemount UMW                   Otis Anderson                   C.W. Seidel                   Charles & Florence Graham      Mary Alice Longsdorf
Salem UMC                       Andrew & Audrey Benjamin        Thoburn & Marjorie Thompson   George & Charlotte Gray        Cynthia Loveland
Sebeka UMW                      Susan Bosshardt                 Mary Yee                      Cindy Gregorson                Jean Lowman
Simpson UMW                     Ruth Ann Bothe                  PATRONS: $100 - $299          Mark & Patricia Grimes         Wendy Lucas
Simpson UMW SERRV Sales         George & Lois Carlson           Joan Adams                    Marilynn Gryc                  Diane Lunenann
Southwest District Council on   Edward Chapman                  Donna Albert                  Michael & Sally Guentzel       Joann Manteufel
Ministries UMC                  Victoria Conture                Martha Allen                  Dr. Natalie Hahn               Primoli Martin
Southwest District UMW          John Darlington                 Suzanne Almen                 Duane & Frances Hall           Susan Marx
St. Anthony Park UMW            William & Paula Foege           Dorothy Andersen              Nelda Hart                     Patricia Marzolf
St. Croix Valley UMW            Diane Fruci                     Beth Anderson                 Ralph & Sheryl Hayford         Hwwe Htun & Zaw Win Maung
St. Francis UMW                 S. Dinkin & Tara Fuad           Donna Anderson                David & Jean Hicks             Therese McDevitt
St. Paul’s UMC, Mendota         David & Shirley Hogan           Bettie Arthur                 Melanie Homan                  Cynthia McKee
Heights                         Ruth Hograbe                    Terri Ausen                   James & Janelle House          Patrick McLaughlin
Trinity UMC                     Raymond James                   Muriel Barnes                 Holly Hugart                   Arla McNeff
Trinity UMW                     Dr. Miriam Kim                  Catherine Beck                Ronald & Vida Hume             Darlene Miller
UMC Friendship Class            Michelle Lamm                   Dolores Becken                Sean Hunt                      Phyllis Minehart
R. Gordon & Sara Jane Minehart   Brian & Jacqueline Smillie     Kay Aswegan                    Donna Cerise                  Alvena Flair
Sara Modders                     Clarence & Mary Smith          Liza Atkinson                  Melinda Chouanard             Barbara Fleming
Ramona Mogg                      Charlotte Snook                Vonda Atkinson                 Lyle & Dorothy Christianson   Nancy Flury
Gwen Moorhead                    Donna Soderberg                Clark & Wauneta Averill        J.L. Christinson              James & Trisha Fluschbacker
Kristi Muller                    Marjorie Spannaus              Madolyn Babcock                Karen Clark                   M.E. Frankenstein
Elizabeth Murry                  Elizabeth Sites                Susan Bailey                   Rev. Judith Clark             Pamela Fuller
Carol Nelson                     Barcy Stricker Bergstrom       Suzanne Banner                 Rev. Debra Collum             Connie Gackstetter
Vickee Nelson                    Lori Sturdevant & Martin Vos   Adeline Banttari               Verne & Erma Comstock         Gregory Garman
Rhea Nyquist                     Dean Swanson                   Carol Beatty                   Laura Condon                  Michael & Laurie Garnter
Linda Oberg                      Jane Telleen                   Elizabeth Beetsch              Lois Conroy                   June Garrison
Mary Lynn Oglesbee               Sharron Tibrodeau              Marcia Benforado               Linda Cook                    Dorothea Garwick
Morten & Marilyn Olson           David & Martha Tiede           Neil & Ardis Bengston          Paula Coomer                  Dana & Karen Gauthier
Kay Olsen                        Marla Tipping                  Brian & Patricia Bentley       Margaret Corrigan             Diane Genova
Roger & Muriel Olson             Sara Van Allen                 Wilma Berg                     William & Annie Cox           Jeanette George
Donna Opp                        Mark Vanden Heuvel             Howard & Jane Bergstrom        Carolyn Crane Fisk            Clarence & Mary Ann Gervias
Gail Ann Orde                    John D. Walker                 Cynthia Bevier                 Patricia Cruse                Janna Geurts
David Paton                      Roy & Sarah Vanderwerf         Deborah Blees                  Marlis & Loren Davis          Carolyn Gibson
Lloyd & Rennae Peterson          Calvin & Janelle Vaubel        Patricia Blomquist             Diane Dedon                   Lynae Gieseke
Wesley Peterson                  James & Elizabeth Weninger     Trudy Bombardier               Dorothy Defreese              John & Leanna Ginocchio
Michael Phillips                 Bernard & Gloria Wesloh        Donald Borrman                 Donald & Janice Dehmlow       Lucy Gist
Bruce & Kathleen Pohlig          Polly West                     Joyce Bosard                   Rev. Delton & Joan Krueger    Brian Glesen
Barbara Post                     Randy & Roberta Whitman        William & Beverly Bosse        Camillo & Lois Desantis       Greta Glynn
Glen & Darlene Punchocar         Gordon & Mary Wilcox           Karen Bowlsby                  Bebe Diehl                    Barbara Golden
Sally Purvis                     Joyce Ann Wissiak              Claarice Boyer                 Keith & Patri Dohlman         Marguerite Grams
Linda Rebane                     Elizabeth Wolf                 Hubert & Cecelia Boyer         Marlene Donaldson             Roger & Mindy Greiling
Marion Redman                    Hannelore Wondercheck          William & Carmin Bridges       Francis Dosal                 Joann Grimes
David & Laurie Resch             Wilma Wooden                   Jean Brown                     David & Donna Drageger        Helen Grooms
Gordon & Pauline Richards        D.J. Woolfrey                  Shirley Browning               Shirley Drews                 Rhonda Grover & Elizabeth
Donna & Howard Rines             Helen Young                    Carol Brown-Mills              Jacqueline Easton             Klang
Thomas & Nancy Rohde             Judith Zabel                   Phyllis Bruce                  Warren & Rebecca Eck          Ole & Lynn Grundtner
Janice Rosenthal                 Sharon Zilka                   Martha Bruyer                  Barbara Edgar                 Gelene Gullekson
David & JoAnn Runkel             Anonymous                      Kathryn Bryan                  Luella Edin                   V. Ione Guyer
James Rustad                     FRIENDS: $1 - $99              Larry & Joyce Buegler          Carol Egan                    Ruth Haire
C.H. Sayles                      Marilyn Abram                  Sidney & Kathleen Buffington   Merle & Norma Elrod           Delaine Halberg
Kevin & Katherine Schill         Kay Acton                      Bruce Buller                   Leroy & Diane Elton           Mary Halet
Harriet Schroeder                Melissa Adams                  Mary Burns                     Roger & Elvana Engle          Constance Halfpenny
Maurice Schroeder                Thomas & Julie Adams           Paul & Susan Burrell           Marla Erickson                Mr. Hall
Miriam Rykken Schulz             Sandra Adelmund                Carolyn Buswell                Owen Erstad                   Christine Hamon
Stephen Schwahn                  Nancy Allison                  Don and Barbara Cain           Marjorie Erstan               Hyun Sook Han
Theodore & Kristine Schwarz      Karen Ament                    Sharon Carley                  Ida Mae Fabian                Jeanette Hanenburg
Mark Seeley                      Allene Anderson                Susan Carley                   Ruth Fabian                   Gladys Hanson
Clarene Seemann                  Barbara Anderson               Marcella Carlson               Phyllis Fairman               Phyllis Haroldson
Nancy Seiler                     Carole Anderson                Ann Carr                       Dale & Mae Faulds             Jessie Harper
Jarvis & Ruth Sejnoha            David & Susan Anderson         James & Sandra Carroll         Michael & Marcia Faust        Judith Hartman
Wayne & Susan Shelton            Joan Anderson                  Cheryl Carter                  Eileen Felton                 Howard Hase
Eva Shipley                      Karen Anderson                 Robin Carter                   Roger & Frances Field         Marion Hastings
Jennifer Simonds                 Karen Andrew                   Faye Caskey                    Margaret Fishbeck             Jeanette Hauschild
Susanne Skarolid                 K.I. Aswegan                   Kirsten & Michael Caskoski     Steven Fishbeck               Joan Heckler
                                                              Helen Lattary              Denise Mueller             Della Pribnow
                                                              Beverly Lawrence           Shirley Munson             Regina Price
                                                              Ken & Maxine Lebsock       Randeen Murphy             Lucille Prinsen
                                                              Ray & Betty Lee            Karen Nau                  Arthur & Nancy Pry
                                                              Jerome & Vestey Leising    Eileen Nelmark             C. & A. Purdham
                                                              Mary Lenarz                Donald & Patricia Nelson   Ferol Pursell
                                                              Melba Lewis                Douglas & Marilyn Nelson   Urho & Pamela Rahkola
                                                              Clarice Lien               Kenneth Nelson             Thomas & Nancy Raich
                                                              Carol Lindberg             Marybeth Nelson            Mary Randal
                                                              Cecilia Linstroth          Rhonda Nelson              Michael & Carol Redmond
                                                              Cecillia Lonetree          Ronald & Nancy Ness        Leone Reed
                                                              Frances Long               Janet Nevins               Elisabeth Reif
                                                              Lucille Long               Clarance & Jean Nichols    Muriel Reiman
                                                              Gist Lucy                  Arlen & Gaylee Nissen      Shirla Rensink
                                                              Barbara Luken              Carl & Jean Noren          Margaret Reynolds
Learning is fun in the after school program at Emma’s Place
                                                              Eric Lunde                 Nancy Nunn                 Martha Rice
                                                              Marilynn Macgregor         Ervin & Elizabeth Oelke    Elizabeth Richards
Jerris Heckler                 Patricia Juaire
                                                              Helen Madden               Vida Renee Ogilvie         Mildred Shaw Rideaux
Carter Hedeen                  Marilyn Juul
                                                              Velma Madeson              Sylvia Ogren               Isabel Rife
Bruce Heenwald                 Nancy Kane
                                                              Julia Malmgren             Florayne Olen              Jude Rikala
Carole Heinbuch                Joan Kaye
                                                              Nancy Mansergh             Janine Olmscheid           Barbara Roach
Julaine Heit                   Roberta Keller
                                                              Sheldon Manthei            Patricia Olsen             Lois Roach
Pearl Heitke                   Lucille Kernkamp
                                                              Julia Manworren            Arlene Olson               Marilyn Roberts
Jeanette Heller                Lynn & Joan Kidd
                                                              Sandra Marbry              Carole Mae Olson           Barbara Robinson
Alison Hennen                  Nancy Kipp
                                                              Kyle & Flora Markland      Fern Olson                 Jean Roemer
Shirley Hennen                 Jean Kirby
                                                              Vickie Marlowe             Sarah Olson                Gilber & Bonnie Rohde
Glen & Evelyn Henry            Mary Sue Kislingbury
                                                              Phillip & Martha Melcher   Frances Olson              Delores Roll
Earl Henspeter                 Linda Klein
                                                              Marjorie Masih             Janet Orescanin            Robert & Linda Roscoe
Mary Herbst                    Dorothy Kleinhuizen
                                                              James Mattison             Harold & Nancy Orth        Ruth Rose
Margaret Heubach               Marge Knowton
                                                              Claudia McClannahan        Margaret Osborne           Rae Rowe
Janelle Hille                  Georgine Knutson
                                                              Kristina McDermott         Fern Ostberg               Cyril Roy
Duane & Pamela Hilleman        Linda Knutson
                                                              Tracy McGrath              Judy Ottman                Sharon Ruhsam
Douglas & Losiem Hollie        Bill Koenig
                                                              Angela McLaughlin          William & Joan Overby      Mary Sample
R.W. Horn                      Jennifer Koontz
                                                              Helen Meier                Melba Pack                 Carol Samuelson
Janice Hougen                  Kay Kramer
                                                              James & Marilyn Melville   Shirley Parker             Carol Sandstrom
Donald & Carolyn Huff          Virginia Krause
                                                              Phyllis Metzger            Elaine Patras              Gordon Sangster
Joyce Huffman                  Marilyn Kreutz
                                                              Sandra Meyer               Owen Paukner               Deanna Saylor
John & Janice Iverson          Maureen Krinke
                                                              Joanne Meyers              Virginia Paulson           Greg Scanlan
Nancy Jacob                    Luanne Kroeger
                                                              Brad & Diane Miller        Janis Peabody              Mary Schloff
Arlene Jefferson               Ronald & Carinne Kronen
                                                              Linda Miller               Brad & Beverly Pederson    Elaine Schmidt
Kirk Jeffrey                   Eileen Krueger
                                                              Ruby Miller                Kay Pedretti               Esther Schneider
Ann Jensen                     Steven Kufus
                                                              David & Linda Miner        Laurene Pellerite          Virginia Schoenbohm
Harold Jensen                  Calvin & Donna Kuhnau
                                                              Jean Mitby                 Ann Peterson               Dennis & Marcia Schroeder
Walter & Kathleen Jobst        Carolyn Kuhn
                                                              Kelly Mitchell             Brenda Peterson            L.A. & R.L. Schrupp
Perry & Barbara Johnson        Bernadine Kuyper
                                                              John & Sara Modders        Elmer & Margie Pfarr       Paul & Wendi Seminari
Robert & Joycelyn Johnson      Arlene Kyte
                                                              Mary Moon                  Mark & Patricia Philips    Stewart & Katherine Shaw
Carolyn Johnston               Katherine Laitala
                                                              Donna Moores               Rev. Ms. Jeanne Powers     Woodrow Shearer
Barbara Jorgenson              Andrea Larson
                                                              Donald & Iva Mortensen     Marguerite Pramann         Marie Shippee
Judith Jost                    Lora Jane Larum
Marcella Shipton                  Jean Waldt                       Ross & Virgin Stickley         David & Lisa Blake            Marilyn Kreutz
Jennifer Simsonsen                Jack & Marie Walters             Sandy Craighead                Jewel Sarazin                 Gladys Hanson
Arlene Sivanich                   O.D. Wangensteen                 Wayne & Susan Shelton          Mary Gates                    Dick & Ruth Brink
Paul & Connie Smisek              Sharon Ann Warmuth               Mary jo Dahlberg               Joyce Schowalter              Susan Rasmussen
Polly Smith                       Bill & Martha Warner             Jarvis & Ruth Sejnoha          Peter Eberhardy               UMC
Eileen Snelson                    Steven & Rexanne Warner          David Elton                    Ginger Sisco                  Dennis Hirsch
Janice Soeffner                   Marilyn Wason                    Leonard & Rae Funk-Rowe        Ann Myers                     David & Joan Elton
Judith Sonstegard                 Cassandra Weidmann               Joan Elton                     Penny Teetz                   Wilfred & Myra Hirsch
Susan Sorenson                    D. Wen                           Leonard Rowe & Rae Funk        Janice Soeffner               Helen Johnson
Bruce & Gladys Southward          Luella Whiting                   Nancy Gale                     Janice Tigges                 Wayne & Susan Shelton
Cynthia Sowden                    Grace Wiggen                     Heidi Baldwin & Ryan Network   Marie Sorenson                Dorothy Kohle
Margaret Spriggs                  Phyllis Wilcox                   Mary Gates                     Tings 40th Wed. Ann.          Donald & Naren Bauer
Bernice Stenler                   Donald & Mona Will               Ray & Gloria Blacklock         Philip & Elaine Lee           Dr. S. E. & Ann Sanderson
Ross & Virginia Stickley          David & Aileen Williams          Faith UMC-St. Anthony          Linda & Sik-Toh Ting          D. Hunt
Larry & Montira Stivers           George & Patricia Williams       George & Charlotte Gray        Don & Naren Bauer             David & Joan Elton
Joe & Christine Stone             Lyle & Dorothy Williams          David & Susan Hague            Philip and Elaine Lee         Louis & Mamie Leach
Lorraine Stussy                   Frances Wohlwend                 Javis & Ruth Sejnoha           William & Joen Overby         Elaine Leach
Marjorie Sundberg                 Mary Bell Wolff                  Delores Keech                                                William & Shannon Rantz
Barbara Svedahl                   Cynthia Yanchury                 Sarah Circle –                 iN mEmorY oF                  Dan & Kathryn Miller
Philip Swanson                    Robert & Lorene Youngquist          First UMC St. Cloud         Basil Baker                   Jessica Moen
Lorraine Swanson                  Penny Zettler                    Carolyn King                   Richard Baker                 Annette Moen
Geraldine Synhorst                5 Anonymous                      Lucille Prinsen                Viola Duel Coleman            Grace Moses
Mary Tappe                                                         Marit Kucera’s Birthday        Kenneth & Marvel Blaske       Mark & Adele Dolan
John & Patricia Telfer            iN hoNor oF                      Philip & Elaine Lee            Charles Cole                  Thelma Omacht
Michael & Marilyn Temple          Dorothy Anderson                 Charles & Myrtle Lowe          Thomas & Beda Lewis           Lois Burkart
D.R. Thielen                      Marit Lee Kucera                 Charlotte Snook                Michael Cowley                L. Sorum
Edward Thom                       Philip & Elaine Lee              M/M Duane Malmstrom            Mark Cowley                   Anna Leighrom
Carolyn Thompson                  Dorothy Anderson                 Joyce Nedbalek                 Bryant Dunshee                Mary Star
Jennifer Thompson                     & Elaine Lee                 George Marks                   Mary Gates                    Mabel McLean
Donna Treichler                   Marit Lee Kucera                 Charles Marks                  Vernon & Khin Khin Jensen     David & Marie Shippee
Donna Trimble                     Katie Borschke                   Darlene Miller                 Sarah Feldhaus                Elaine Seal
James Uden                        Joann Seuser                     David G. Miller                Ralph Feldhaus                Barbara Taft
Elaine Underdahl                  Jean Brunzell                    New Ulm UMW                    Mona Gotchar                  Jean & Margaret Tifft
Julie Underwood                   Barbara Brunzell                 Sharon Weller                  Naomi Circle, Homestead UMW   Pearl Okubo
Mary Vaccaro                      Roy Buchanan                     Pearl Okubo                    Ron Gregorson                 Herman Zens
Martha Van Doren                  Eric Morter                      Carol Bergeson                 Carol Gregorson               Ardyce Zens
Holly Van Gulden                  Bruce & Gretta Buller            Trudy Bombardier               Vallborg Gustavson
Joanne Van Wechel                 Lucille Prinsen                  Jonathon & Cheryl Persighel    Walter E. Gustavson
Darlene Vandermyde                Prince Chapman                   Elizabeth Stites               Norm Hval
Lois Vandyck                      Barbara Nicholson                Jodi Pfarr                     Thomas & Beda Lewis
Dennis & Esperanza Viacrucis      Clinton & Shirley Christianson   Good Sam. UMC-Edina            Stan & Shirley Hanks
Vitalis, Karen                    Joel & Kim Christianson          P. Podobinski
Marlene Vogel                     Amy Goerwitz                     Diane Olson
Susan Von Mosch                   Nelda Rhoades Clarke             Martha Roberts

Since it’s beginning, Emma Norton Services has had no greater partner and supporter than the
United Methodist Women. ENS thanks all UMW units that donate through their districts as well as
those that donate through direct gifts.

We apologize for any inaccuracies or omissions.
                                                                                Partners along the Journey of Change |

in Kind donors

We would also like to thank hundreds of Individuals, Communities of Faith, Corporations and Groups for the invaluable “In-Kind”
donations you provided in 2008 including rent, paper products, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and gifts for residents,
to name a few. Your generous In-Kind gifts save the agency from purchasing these items, which means more resources are
available for important programs and services.

                                            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! thank you! Thank you!

Our volunteers make the real difference for our residents. They mentor families, tutor children after school, teach important
skills, arts and crafts, coordinate social activities and holiday parties, cook and serve meals, garden and do yard work, repair,
clean and paint in our facilities, and do many, many other things in our community with the women and families served by
Emma Norton Services. Working together, we learn and achieve great things. We are so grateful for your precious gifts of time
and passion.

Emma Norton Services board of directors 2008
Greg Anklam              Walter Lockhart           Officers
Lisa Bartels             Darlene Miller            President Mary Gates
Don Bauer                Janet Morey               Vice Pres. Naren Bauer
Naren Bauer              Pearl Okubo               Secretary Don Bauer
Ruth Ann Bothe           Oluranti Onadipe          Treasurer Walter Lockhart
Carolyn Campbell         Rennae Petersen
Edward Chapman           Judy Phillips
Sandy Craighead          Carol Rieke
Marilyn Dunshee          Kathy Schill
Ken Ehrman               Ruth Sejnoha
Gail Fuad                Jeri Watkins
Nancy Gale
Mary Gates
Shirley Jackson
Sally Larson

                                                                      We apologize for any inaccuracies or omissions. Please contact us to
                                                                              correct acknowledgments for future publications.
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                   Emma Norton Residence
                      670 N. Robert St.
                     St. Paul, MN 55101
                      T: 651.224.1329
                      F: 651.224.6520

                        Emma’s Place
                     2163 Van Dyke St.
                   Maplewood, MN 55109
                      T: 651.747.8766
                      F: 651.747.8768


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