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         Code               When
           1     Pre-Launch
           2     Launch
           3     Spring Commisssioning
           4     New Installation
           5     Scheduled Maintenance
           6     Troubleshoot/Repair
           7     Pre-Haulout
           8     Haulout
           9     Winterization
          10     02-03 Winter Project
          11     03-04 Winter Project
          12     Mid-Season Haulout

         Notes: This is a generic spreadsheet for keeping track of "To Do's" for your boat.
                Feel free to use it anyway you wish. Remember to change the Page Setup Header.
                It was originally set up for a CS30 sailboat then modified for a DeFever 41 Trawler.
                This worksheet has the codes that are typed into Col A in the second worksheet
                Col D in the second worksheet is automatically generated from Col A.
                Before printing, I usually sort the second worksheet by Col A and Col B or C.

275e087b-51b4-4e99-ba46-e219916d09c4.xls Codes 1                                                       12/5/2011
                                   2003 - DF41 MAINTENANCE & COMMISSIONING
SEQ Done                       ACTIVITY                            WHEN                          COMMENTS & SUPPLIES
 1   x Clean waterline saltwater scum                            Pre-Launch        Acid Cleaner, Salt-X
 1   x Clean, Inspect Misc. Hardware                             Pre-Launch
 1   x Clean, Inspect, Repair Hard Dinghy                        Pre-Launch
 1   x Fill, Charge, Test Batteries                              Pre-Launch        Distilled Water
 1   x Fill, Inspect Propane Tanks & Hose Connector              Pre-Launch        New O-Ring 2003. Tanks full.
 1   x Inspect Hatches and Locker Covers                         Pre-Launch        Lazarette hatch bottoms cleaned, repainted-Winter 2002
 1   x Inspect Head, Sinks, Faucets                              Pre-Launch
 1   x Inspect Hull Topsides and fittings                        Pre-Launch
 1   x Inspect, Clean Water Pump in-line filter                  Pre-Launch        New hoses from tanks to pump in 2002
 1       Inspect, Fill, Lube Steering Mechanism                  Pre-Launch        Check hydraulic fluid
 1   x Inspect, Lube Sea cocks                                   Pre-Launch
 1   x Inspect, Lubricate Engine Throttle/Shift Linkages         Pre-Launch
 1   x Inspect, Prepare Nissan 9.9HP O/B                         Pre-Launch        Plugs re-gapped, Gear Oil Changed
 1       Inspect, Recharge Fire Extinguishers                    Pre-Launch        Starboard saloon unit needs recharging
 1   x Install Basic Safety Gear                                 Pre-Launch
 1   x Install, Check Auto helm                                  Pre-Launch        V. Electronics re-checked, cleaned contacts
 1   x Prepare, Inspect Mooring Lines                            Pre-Launch        Lines washed-Winter 2002
 1   x Replace Batteries in Smoke/CO Detectors                   Pre-Launch        3-9V
 1   x Replace Water Pump Impeller                               Pre-Launch        Must remove pump from engine.
 1   x Re-Prime Engine And Start                                 Pre-Launch        Hydraulic lock prevention/corrections
 1       Wash, De-Grease Fiberglass Superstructure               Pre-Launch
 1       Wash, De-Grease, wax Topsides                           Pre-Launch
 1       Wax Fiberglass Superstructure                           Pre-Launch        Star-Brite Wax
 1                                                               Pre-Launch
 2   x Check/Adjust Stuffing Box                                   Launch          9/16" Socket. Repacked July 2002
 2   x Replace, Install Mooring Lines & Fenders                    Launch
 3   x Check, Connect Mast Wiring & Electronics            Spring Commisssioning   Spreader light not working (Port) - inside wiring problem.
 3   x Clean & re-paint Mast                               Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Flush, Fill Water Tanks & Lines                     Spring Commisssioning
 3       Inspect, Inflate, Install Aquapro, Nissan         Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Inspect, Lubricate Mast Gooseneck                   Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Install Bimini                                      Spring Commisssioning
 3       Install Davits                                    Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Install Mast Boom & Running Gear                    Spring Commisssioning   Topping Lift Block & Tackle, stow wooden crutch
 3   x Install Misc. Boat Gear                             Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Install, Check Loran & GPS                          Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Install, Test VHF & CB Radios                       Spring Commisssioning
 3   x Raise Mast, Shrouds                                 Spring Commisssioning   Add shim to make vertical
 3   x Varnish Cockpit Steps, Companionway, Frame          Spring Commisssioning
 3                                                         Spring Commisssioning
 4       Anchor Chain Plate and Lashdown                       New Installation
 4       Auto Pilot?                                           New Installation
 4       Battery Isolator?                                     New Installation
 4       Depthsounder?                                         New Installation
 4       GPS ?                                                 New Installation
 4       Install Ship's Bell                                   New Installation
 4       Remote Smoke/Heat Alarms?                             New Installation
 4       Replace Windshield Wipers                             New Installation
 4                                                             New Installation
 4                                                             New Installation
 4                                                             New Installation
 5       Bleed Diesel Furnace Coolant Line                 Scheduled Maintenance
 5       Change CAT 3208 Engine Oil, Filters, SOS          Scheduled Maintenance   Last done: '2418 Hrs, 12L 10W30, 1R-013(2)
 5       Change MG502 Transmission Oil & Screen            Scheduled Maintenance   Last done: 2418 Hrs. 2L - 30W
 5       Check, Clean Shaft Wiper                          Scheduled Maintenance   Emery Cloth
 5       Check, drain Racor Fuel/Water Separator           Scheduled Maintenance   Replaced with 10-micron at 2418 Hrs.
 5       Inspect, Change Engine Air Cleaner                Scheduled Maintenance   Last done: '2418 Hrs
 5       Inspect, Replace Engine Zincs (5)                 Scheduled Maintenance   Last done: 2418 Hrs. All Zincs 90-95%
 5       Inspect, Replace Genset Zinc                      Scheduled Maintenance   Last done: 1175 Hrs (+50)
 5       Remove Components, Clean, Lubricate Windlass      Scheduled Maintenance   Mid-Season and Pre-haul out
 5       Swing Compass                                     Scheduled Maintenance
 5       Varnish Exterior Teak                             Scheduled Maintenance   Sikkens Cetol Marine, Gloss
 6       Ballast?                                           Troubleshoot/Repair    Others have used 1,400-1,600#

 12/5/2011                                                          2       275e087b-51b4-4e99-ba46-e219916d09c4.xls DF41ToDos
                                      2003 - DF41 MAINTENANCE & COMMISSIONING

SEQ Done                      ACTIVITY                         WHEN                           COMMENTS & SUPPLIES
 6         Caterpillar PAR Analysis?                     Troubleshoot/Repair    $800?
 6         Check Bonding System                          Troubleshoot/Repair
 6    x    Clean, paint bow locker                       Troubleshoot/Repair    Zinsser 123 Primer
 6         Forward Head Leak                             Troubleshoot/Repair    Appears fixed after repair for lost nut.
 6         Inspect, check Propane Sniffer                Troubleshoot/Repair    Malfunctioning? New Unit
 6         Load Test DEKA Batteries                      Troubleshoot/Repair    Load Tester or Test Protocol, 7-years old??
 6    x    Remove, clean salt water wash down pump       Troubleshoot/Repair    New hoses and clamps 2003. Bow area painted.
 6    x    Remove, clean, repaint engine belt guard      Troubleshoot/Repair
 6    x    Repair leak in salt water wash down pump      Troubleshoot/Repair    New fittings from NE Equipment
 6         Replace Engine Antifreeze                     Troubleshoot/Repair    CAT Permanent Antifreeze
 6         Replace engine water temperature transducer   Troubleshoot/Repair    Reads high on both gauges
 6         Replace Freshwater Hose to Galley Sink        Troubleshoot/Repair
 6    x    Replace wash down pump hoses                  Troubleshoot/Repair    2003 - 1/2" ID, double clamped at seacock, deck
 6         Replumb Aft-Stbd Holding Tank, Macerator      Troubleshoot/Repair
 6    x    Replumb Fwd-Port Holding Tank, Macerator      Troubleshoot/Repair    Winter 2002
 6         Rotten Teak - Starboard 'eyebrow'             Troubleshoot/Repair
 6         Transmission Oil Pressure Switch              Troubleshoot/Repair    Clean or replace.
 6                                                       Troubleshoot/Repair
 6                                                       Troubleshoot/Repair
 7         Change Engine Fuel Filter                         Pre-Haulout        In Fall 2003. CAT 1R-0750
 7         Clean, Lubricate Windlass Foot Switch             Pre-Haulout
 7         Install Racor Fuel/Water Separator Filter         Pre-Haulout        Last done: 2,418 hrs. Racor 10 micron Filter
 7                                                           Pre-Haulout
 9         Disconnect Drain Hot Water Tank                  Winterization       Coat Hanger to trip check valve
 9         Drillio's Freshwater Hose by-passes              Winterization
 9         Inspect, Clean, Repair Dinghy Cover              Winterization
 9         Inspect, Clean, Repair Sail                      Winterization
 9         Inspect, Repair Bimini                           Winterization
 9         Inspect, Repair Sail Cover                       Winterization
 9         Lower Mast onto Wooden Crutch                    Winterization
 9         Shrink-wrap for winter with door, vents          Winterization
 9         Tighten Stuffing Box if left in water            Winterization       9/16" Socket
 9         Winterize Genset, Engine Seawater Cooling        Winterization       Plumbers Antifreeze - 12L
 9         Winterize Nissan O/B                             Winterization
 9         Winterize sea cocks, heads, sinks                Winterization       Plumbers Antifreeze - 4L
10         Anchor #1 & #2 Battery Boxes                  02-03 Winter Project
10         Build fixed helm seat                         02-03 Winter Project
10         Chart Drawer Replacement?                     02-03 Winter Project
10         Dock Steps                                    02-03 Winter Project
10         New Mast?                                     02-03 Winter Project
10         Replace Window Screens: Teak Frames, Bronze   02-03 Winter Project
10    x    Varnish Removable Teak                        02-03 Winter Project   Sikkens Cetol Marine, Gloss
11    x    Clean, inspect & repair Fenders               03-04 Winter Project
11    x    Clean, varnish Block & Tackle                 03-04 Winter Project   Sikkens Cetol Marine, Gloss
11    x    Cover for Hard Dinghy                         03-04 Winter Project   Material from J.K.
11    x    Paint Saloon Hatch Stringers                  03-04 Winter Project
11    x    Varnish Boat Hook,                            03-04 Winter Project   Interlux Goldspar Satin
11    x    Varnish Dinette Table                         03-04 Winter Project   Interlux Goldspar Satin
11    x    Varnish Saloon Hatches                        03-04 Winter Project   Interlux Goldspar Satin
11    x    Varnish Saloon Sole                           03-04 Winter Project   Interlux Goldspar Satin
11    x    Wash, inspect & repair lines                  03-04 Winter Project
12    x    Clean, Inspect Transducers                    Mid-Season Haulout
12    x    Inspect bottom, keel, thru-hulls              Mid-Season Haulout     Mid-season haul out
12    x    Inspect Prop-Shaft Alignment                  Mid-Season Haulout     Mid-season haul out
12    x    Inspect Prop-Shaft Cutlass Bearing            Mid-Season Haulout     Mid-season haul out
12    x    Inspect Rudder                                Mid-Season Haulout     Mid-season haul out. Slight leak found in post.
12    x    Inspect, Clean Prop                           Mid-Season Haulout     24LH23, 4-Blade
12    x    Inspect, Replace Bow Thruster Zincs           Mid-Season Haulout     2488.7 hrs. New Vetus (combo) oil plug/zinc
12    x    Inspect, Replace Zinc Anodes (2)              Mid-Season Haulout     Slightly oversized. One required filing.
12    x    Paint Bottom (before waxing topsides)         Mid-Season Haulout     Interlux Micron CSC (Blue). 1.5Gal, 20-workhours
12    x    Remove, Inspect Bowthruster Prop              Mid-Season Haulout     Set screw threads stripped?

 12/5/2011                                                        3       275e087b-51b4-4e99-ba46-e219916d09c4.xls DF41ToDos

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