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                    in the Community
                                        FROM THE                Dean
                                                   Institute for Private
                                                   Enterprise. The Provost
                                                  and deans from three UNC
                                                 schools had the privilege of
                                              interacting with the former
                                         prime minister of Thailand, a vari-
                                        ety of UNC-Chapel Hill alumni and
                                        Thai government and business offi-
Dear Alumni and Friends,                cials as we sought ways to enhance
                                        student and faculty exchanges
    During this springtime of global    throughout Southeast Asia.
unrest, I am especially proud of the        KI Asia made local arrange-         Dean Cronenwett with Dr. Kobkul
                                        ments for me with the nursing           Phancharoenworakul, dean of the
many ways in which School of                                                    faculty of nursing at Mahidol
Nursing students, faculty, and staff    leaders of Thailand. In Bangkok, I      University, Siriraj, and Dr. Supanee
are engaged in partnerships with        worked with the dean and directors      Senadisai, director of nursing, faculty
communities, local and global, and      from Mahidol-Ramathibodi and            of medicine, at Mahidol University,
                                        Mahidol-Siriraj to plan the interna-    Ramathibodi.
with our alumni, through the work
of the Alumni Association and the       tional conference on chronic illness
SON Foundation Board. These part-       that our School will co-sponsor         I could learn about Thai culture,
nerships shape how we learn, what       with Mahidol and Yale Universities      food and religion, in addition
we learn and the nature of the citi-    in January 2006. At Chiang Mai          to learning about Thai nursing
zens we become in this world.           University, the dean and I began        education and research.
    In January, I had the opportunity   negotiations for a partnership              One is forever changed by
to develop a stronger understanding     similar to the one we have with         immersion in another culture. It is
of our world as I represented the       Mahidol University, where our           why the faculty of this School and
School of Nursing at a meeting in       faculty participates in doctoral        University promote cross-cultural
Bangkok, Thailand, that included        education of Thai nurses.               experiences at home and abroad.
the boards of the Kenan Institute           The trip was an incredible expe-    I hope you enjoy reading about the
Asia (KI Asia) and the Kenan            rience, enhanced each day by the        many ways in which your School is
                                        warmth and hospitality of our Thai      engaged in the world in this issue
                                        nursing colleagues. I spent             of Carolina Nursing. If you are far
                                        evenings in Bangkok with our            away from Chapel Hill, I also hope
                                        recent doctoral graduate, Kwan          you remember the dogwoods and
                                        Amnatsatsue, and with Renu              the way the campus looks in the
                                        Pookboonmee, a faculty member           full bloom of spring.
                                        from Mahidol-Ramathibodi, who
                                        recently completed a post-doc year
                                        in Chapel Hill. In Chiang Mai, I
                                        visited with current doctoral student
                                        Nada Lukkahatai and her mother,
Dean Wipada Kunaviktikul and            the head of nurse-anesthesia at         Linda Cronenwett, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Dean for International        Chiang Mai Hospital. Faculty mem-       Dean
Relations Dr. Achara Sukonthasarn
of Chiang Mai University with
                                        bers and deans at both universities
Dean Cronenwett.                        graciously hosted events where
                                                                                         Spring 2003 NURSING
                                                      E NGAGEMENT         IN THE     C OMMUNITY I SSUE
                                                         Local Community
                                                         6 You Get What You Give:
                                                                SON Students Aid Community,
                                                                Build Skills through Volunteer Efforts

                                                         8      New Service-Learning Project Creates
                                                                Campus-Community Partnership

                                                         Statewide Community
                                                         10 Sustainable Solutions:
                                                                Nursing Education for Golden Leaf Counties
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                                                         14 A Partnership in Reducing Health Disparities
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                                                      ON THE COVER: School of Nursing students Melissa Dedmond and Jenny Neifeld
                                                      practice their skills for SHAC, UNC’s Student Health Action Coalition. The organization,
                                                      which is staffed by students and faculty mentors from each of UNC's health affairs
                                                      schools, is the oldest student-run free clinic in the country.

               Congratulations to Dr.      leadership and therapeutic                                    Dr. Susan Pierce
               Judy Miller on being        jurisprudence.                                                was elected by the
               the Carolina recipient of                                                                 American Nurses
               the UNC Board of            Congratulations to Dr. Diane                                  Association House of
               Governors Award for         Holditch-Davis, recipient of the                              Delegates to serve on
                Excellence in Teaching.    Southern Nursing Research Society’s                           the 15-member ANA
    Miller      Established in 1994 by     2003 Distinguished Researcher Award.            Pierce        Congress on Nursing
the BOG, the awards are given to a         She was chosen in recognition of her       Practice and Economics. She will serve
tenured faculty member from each UNC       established program of research that       a four-year term and her duties will
campus to recognize and reward excel-      has enhanced the science and practice      include focusing on nursing’s approach
lence in teaching. Miller will receive a   of nursing in the Southern region.         to emerging trends within the socioeco-
$7,500 stipend and a bronze medallion                                                 nomic, political and practice spheres of
to mark the honor.                         Dean Linda R. Cronenwett has               the health-care industry; recommend-
                                           been chosen to serve as a research         ing policy alternatives to the ANA Board
                 Dr. Joanne Harrell        group member for the Hastings Center’s     of Directors; and updating, disseminat-
                 received the American     Ethical Issues in Improving Healthcare     ing and assuring implementation of the
                 Heart Association’s       Quality and Safety Project. She will       Code of Ethics for Nurses. In addition to
                 2002 Katharine A.         serve for two years.                       serving as a member of the congress,
                 Lembright Award in                                                   Pierce was selected by ANA’s governmen-
                 honor of her contribu-    Congratulations to North Carolina State    tal affairs office to serve on ANA’s
    Harrell      tions to cardiovascular   University doctoral candidates Kathy       Committee on Legislation.
nursing research. The award was estab-     Alden, SON clinical assistant professor,
lished in 1987 in honor of an AHA staff    and Carol Durham, SON clinical             Kim Larson, a SON PhD student, has
member who played a significant role        associate professor, who were inducted     been appointed dean of the Barton
in the development of the AHA Council      into Phi Kappa Phi, NCSU’s oldest and      College School of Nursing in Wilson,
on Cardiovascular Nursing.                 most prestigious honor society. Only 1%    North Carolina.
                                           of the university’s graduate students
                Congratulations            were inducted this spring.                 Rebecca Gary, also a SON PhD stu-
                to Drs. Jo Ann                                                        dent, won a Dean’s Award for Graduate
                Dalton and Sheila                          Congratulations to         Student Research Benefitting North
                Englebardt, winners                        Drs. Dennis Cheek          Carolina. Her winning research submis-
                of North Carolina                          and Sandy Funk,            sion was "The effectiveness of home-
                Nurses Association                         both of whom accepted      based exercise in older women with
                awards at the 2002                         fellowships in presti-     diastolic heart failure." The University-
annual conference. Dalton was honored                      gious national organi-     wide award was presented to Gary in
with the NCNA Board of Directors Award         Cheek       zations this past fall.    March as a part of the UNC-Chapel Hill
for her outstanding contributions to                       Cheek was honored          Graduate School’s centennial celebration.
nursing in North Carolina. Englebardt                      with becoming a fel-
received the Informatics Nurse of the                      low of the American        Several SON students won prestigious
Year Award in recognition of her inno-                     Heart Association and      academic scholarships recently from
vation and leadership in the field of                       the Council of             the North Carolina League of Nursing.
nursing informatics and educational                        Cardiovascular             They include doctoral students Kim
technology.                                     Funk       Nursing, while Funk        Larson and Kerry Thompson and
                                           was elected an honorary fellow of the      master’s students Kelly Berry and
                 Dr. Diane Kjervik         American Academy of Nursing.               Melanie Stephens. The NCLN
                 has been appointed as                                                Academic Scholarship Fund is adminis-
                 a leadership fellow in    Jane Campbell, a SON adjunct               tered by the Foundation for the
                 UNC’s Institute for the   faculty member and clinical nurse          Carolinas.
                 Arts and Humanities       specialist in gerontology at UNC
                 Academic Leadership       Hospitals, was selected as one of the
    Kjervik      Program for 2003.         top 100 nurses in North Carolina in
In addition to providing a stipend, the    practice and commitment to the
award will allow Kjervik to expand her     profession by The Great 100, Inc.
scholarship related to women’s health,

                                                                                    ROLL CALL

New Full-Time Faculty
Dr. Gail Mazzocco accepted the          Dr. Vicki Kowlowitz joined the
position of statewide Area Health       SON this fall as the director of the
Education Centers (AHEC) nursing        School’s Center for Instructional
liaison, joining the faculty in         Technology and Educational
February 2003. Mazzocco formerly        Support and a clinical associate
served as an associate professor at     professor. Before joining the SON
the University of Maryland School of    she served as a research assistant
Nursing and was involved with           professor in the UNC-Chapel Hill
Maryland’s AHEC program since its       Department of Family Medicine.
                                        Dr. Debra Brown, a newly
Dr. Rumay Alexander has accepted        appointed assistant professor,
the position of director of the SON’s   joined the SON this past summer.
Office of Multicultural Affairs, join-   Most recently, she served as a
ing the faculty in April 2003.          program associate for the Office
Alexander formerly served as presi-     of Multicultural Affairs at the
dent of a health-care consulting        University of Michigan School of
company specializing in change          Nursing.
management, leadership develop-
ment and workforce and diversity        Kathy Moore, director of admis-
issues. She has held positions with     sions and students services, recently
the Tennessee Hospital Association,     accepted a faculty appointment as a
most recently as the senior vice        clinical assistant professor.
president for clinical and profes-
sional services, and served as a        In a move to recognize the strong
board member and chair of the           working partnership between the
diversity committee for the             School of Nursing and UNC
American Organization of Nurse          Hospitals, Dean Linda R.
Executives.                             Cronenwett and Dr. Mary Tonges,
                                        UNC Hospitals senior vice president
Dr. Shielda Rodgers joined the          and chief nursing officer, have
SON faculty in July 2002 as a clini-    accepted positions within one           Rodgers
cal associate professor. She comes to   another’s institutions. Cronenwett
UNC from North Carolina Central         will serve as the associate chief
University where she served for four    nursing officer for academic affairs
years as an associate                   at UNC Hospitals, and Tonges will
professor.                              serve as the associate dean for UNC
                                        Health Care at the School of

                                                                                  SPRING 2003   3

                 Cultural Competence: A Visiting Scholar Shares Her Expertise
                     Cultural competence: it’s one of the                                 context of prejudice, racism, hetero-       "more" of a particular disease or
                 hottest topics in health-care education                                  sexism and intolerance in their lives.      condition.
                 today. But what is it and how does one go
                 about getting it? The SON’s Ethnic
                 Minority Visiting Scholars Task Force                                        Ask useful assessment questions             Overcome biases and distance
                 invited Dr. Nilda Peragallo, an associate                                with an immigrant population.               through coordinated activities.
                 professor and the director of the Pan-                                   Answers to questions like "Where were       Develop ongoing linkages with target
                 American Health Organization/World                                       you born?" or "How long have you            communities through volunteer work
                 Health Organization Collaborating                                        been in this country?" and "How             or audit local university or communi-
                 Education and Practice Center at the                                     many years of school did you receive        ty college classes and programs that
                 University of Maryland at Baltimore                                      before and after coming here?" can          explore diversity and cultural
                 School of Nursing, to share her                                          provide preliminary information             competence.
                 perspective on the issue in late January.                                on the acculturation of the patient
                 Dr. Peragallo is a leader in the cause to                                and their literacy capabilities. The
                 promote culturally competent HIV/AIDS                                    country of origin may be relevant to             Dr. Peragallo suggested several
                 prevention education among Hispanics                                     the health issue at hand.                   resources for learning more about cultur-
                 in the United States and has devoted                                                                                 al competence. One such resource is the
                 the majority of her career to outreach                                                                               US Department of Health and Human
                 efforts with Hispanic communities.                                           Seek out learning opportunities by      Services’ Health Resources and Services
                 Here are a few of the suggestions she gave                               developing experiences with clients         Administration website found at
                 during her visit for developing                                          who are different from your cultural
                 cultural competence.                                                     group. Examples of learning activities      It features many free publications on
                                                                                          include focusing on a particular dis-       minority health. Another good resource is
                                                                                          parity and tracking the issue through       the DHHS’ Office of Minority Health web-
                     Remember that excellent nursing                                      several clients or critiquing the larger    site found at You
                 competence supports cultural com-                                        aggregate risk and epidemiological          can learn more about statistics on minor-
                 petence. Learn to routinely and skill-                                   facts and figures of clients in order to     ity health, upcoming conferences and
                 fully ask patients to describe them-                                     tease apart the socioeconomic and           OMH’s new initiative to make recommen-
                 selves, including the history and                                        prejudicial practices that make a par-      dations for national standards to assure
                                                                                          ticular group look like they have           cultural competence in health care.

                                                                                          Minority Students and Faculty
                                                                                          Attend National Conferences
                                                                                               The School’s Ethnic Minority           National Black Nurses Association
                                                                                          Visiting Scholars Task Force chose and      conference in Houston, Texas, July
                                                                                          granted stipends to several minority stu-   24–28, 2002, and Carlos Jara-Acosta
                                                          Photo courtesy of Nancia Odum

                                                                                          dents and faculty members to attend         and Monica Sanchez attended the
                                                                                          national nursing conferences in the         National Association of Hispanic Nurses
                                                                                          summer of 2002. The initiative is a way     conference in Miami Beach, Florida,
                                                                                          to promote mentoring relationships and      July 17–19, 2002.
                                                                                          encourage minority students to pursue           Each was chosen based on their
                                                                                          nursing leadership roles.                   academic excellence, service to the
Nancia Odum, Wendell John and Nena Harris attended                                             Students Nena Harris, Nancia           community and School and the ability
the 2002 National Black Nurses Association conference                                     Odum and Wendell John attended the          to be ambassadors for the SON.
in Houston last summer.

                 4   CAROLINA NURSING

                                                                                                                                                     A Semester

                                                                                                   Photo by John Young
                                                                                                                                                     at Sea
                                                                                                                                                     Sonya Montgomery, a SON
                                                                                                                                                     clinical instructor, was select-
                                                                                                                                                     ed from a highly competitive
                                                                                                                                                     pool of applicants to serve as
                                                                                                                                                     a nurse practitioner this past
                                                                                                                                                     fall for the University of
                                                                                                                         Audrey Booth (MSN
                                                                                                                                                     Pittsburgh’s Semester at Sea
                                                                                                                         ’57) led an initiative to
                                                                                                                         honor the memory of         program. She cared for 650
                                                                                                                         the SON’s first dean,       undergraduate students,
                                                                                                                         Dr. Elizabeth L.            faculty and staff while
                                                                                                                         Kemble, with a grave        onboard the ocean liner that
                                                                                                                         marker noting her           took them to places such as
                                                                                                                         important role in the       China, Japan, Kenya, South
                                                                                                                         School of Nursing.          Africa, India, Brazil and Cuba.
                                                                                                                                                     The purpose of the trip was
                                                                                                                                                     to comparatively study struc-
                                                                                                                                                     tural changes occurring in
                                                                                                                                                     the world today. “The most
A Fitting Memorial for a Nursing Pioneer                                                                                                             rewarding aspect of Semester
                                                                                                                                                     at Sea is the fact that we
                                                                                                                                                     were not traditional tourists,”
     Dean Elizabeth L. Kemble led the           Booth visited Dean Kemble’s grave a      we—faculty, students and alumni—                            explains Montgomery. “The
School of Nursing from its founding in      few years ago during the SON’s fiftieth       remedy this oversight by placing an                         program allows for home
1950 until her retirement in 1969.          anniversary celebration. What she            informational plaque on the grave site."                    stays in each country, and
During her 19-year tenure as the            found there, however, was a great disap-         The plaque, pictured here, was                          we had the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                     interact with national leaders
School’s first dean she touched many         pointment to her. "I delivered a floral      placed on Dean Kemble’s grave on July                       such as South African Bishop
students’ lives, including that of Audrey   arrangement from one of our events to        23, 2001. Today, thanks to the efforts of                   Desmond Tutu, winner of the
Booth, the School’s first MSN graduate       the Kemble grave in the new Chapel           a particularly grateful student, all visi-                  Nobel Peace Prize. He told the
in 1957. Booth credits Dean Kemble          Hill cemetery and was struck by the          tors who pass by Dean Kemble’s grave                        group, ‘To whom much is
with giving her the knowledge and           lack of information there on her leader-     can learn about her important role in                       given, much is expected.’
skills to develop a successful nursing      ship role in the first years of the history   making the SON one of the top nursing                       He said we must not forget
                                                                                                                                                     what we’ve seen and that we
career and inspiring her to serve the       of the School which we were so enthusi-      schools in the country.                                     have a responsibility. I think
SON herself as an associate dean for a      astically celebrating," she recalls.                                                                     this experience taught me
number of years.                            "I proposed to Dean Cronenwett that                                                                      that we as a nation have
                                                                                                                                                     to look beyond our own

The NBNA Conference: A Student’s Perspective
BYWENDELL JOHN                               was to bolster the value of health            conference as a whole enhanced
MSN student                                  screening and detection and to                our professional development and
                                             identify various strategies to decrease       provided a plethora of master’s and
    This past July the National              the morbidity and mortality of                doctoral prepared mentors to provide
Black Nurses Association held it’s           minority populations.                         guidance and inspiration in our
thirteenth annual institute and                  Workshops ranged from how to              endeavors.
conference in the beautiful city of          obtain research funding to pain                   Nena, Nancia and I truly appreci-
Houston, Texas. The affair gave              management and from bioterrorism              ated the generous assistance of the
Nena, Nancia and me a wonderful              to complementary health. During               Ethnic Minority Visiting Scholars
opportunity to interact with                 the institute, we attended various            Task Force and the UNC-Chapel Hill
outstanding minority nurses who              focus groups and discussed ways to            School of Nursing Foundation that
have excelled in their education             incorporate the social dynamic into           made attending the conference
and careers.                                 the mitigation of minority health             possible.
    The purpose of the conference            issues. These workshops and the

                                                                                                                           SPRING 2003           5
local community

                           You Get What You Give
                                               SON Students Aid Community,
                                               Build Skills Through Volunteer Efforts

                                           BY SARAH   MCCONNAGHY                   working on her own during the           around 10 to 10:30 p.m., but we
                                                                                   summer. She will work through the       stay until the last patient is seen.”
                                               Every Wednesday evening, stu-       spring and train the next set of new        In addition to their Wednesday
                                           dents from the School of Nursing        volunteers that will take over after    clinic, SHAC students also sponsored
                                           join their peers from UNC’s fellow      she graduates.                          special sport physicals and kinder-
                                           health science schools to operate a         Students coordinate and staff the   garten clinics that were held on
                                           free medical clinic in Carrboro.        clinic, which is hosted by the          Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this
                                               These volunteers are members of     Carrboro Community Health Center,       fall. Neifeld worked at both pro-
                         “I think it is    the Student Health Action Coalition     and work Wednesday nights. Faculty      grams and says, “They were both
                                           (SHAC), an organization comprised       members from each of the schools        great opportunities to focus on
                   wonderful that the      of students in nursing, dentistry,      accompany them to serve as their        specific physicals that together can
                                           medicine, pharmacy, physical thera-     clinical and administrative advisors.   take a long time on a normal SHAC
                     people who can’t      py, public health and social work.      Dr. Ed Halloran is the SON’s faculty    night.” Shots For Tots, a program to
                                           Formed by students in 1968, SHAC is     representative.                         give kindergarten-bound children
                   afford health-care      the oldest student-run free clinic in       “I think it is wonderful that the   their necessary immunizations,
                                           the country.                            people who can’t afford health-care     used to be a special event, but now
                   services can come           SHAC allows students to learn       services can come to a student-run      is available during the regular
                                           from each other, especially because     clinic for no charge at all,”           Wednesday medical clinic.
                    to a student-run       of the interdisciplinary interaction,   Dedmond says. “The patients get             SHAC is not the only way that
                                           and serve the community’s medical       the care they need, and students        SON students volunteer in their
                  clinic for no charge     needs. Patients come from tradition-    get to improve their skills.”           community. In November 2002, the
                                           ally underserved communities that           SON senior Jenny Neifeld is one     SON Alumni Association and BSN
                   at all,” Dedmond        often face economic and language        student who thinks SHAC has             students teamed up for a second
                                           barriers. SHAC provides efficient        improved her clinical skills. “I have   time and sponsored a blood drive.
                   says. “The patients     health care that attempts to educate    really enjoyed working with SHAC,       Senior Amy Brenneman and junior
                                           recipients and prevent further med-     especially in the lab,” she says.       Erin Seitz were class leaders for the
                     get the care they     ical problems.                          “Because of SHAC, I feel very com-      event in which enough blood was
                                               “SHAC serves a wonderful and        fortable with my immunization and       donated to serve 120 people.
                  need, and students       much-needed purpose,” says SON          blood drawing skills.”                      Brenneman, who is on the 2003
                                           senior Melissa Dedmond, who                 Neifeld gets to the lab around      Senior Class Board, started the blood
                       get to improve      began volunteering with SHAC last       5:20 p.m. and checks in on the on-      drive in April 2002. “I thought it
                                           spring. Older and outgoing volun-       site pharmacy. Patients come to the     was a good way to get the nursing
                          their skills.”   teers trained her so she could start    lab after their check-ups with third-   students to give back to the commu-
                                                                                   and fourth-year medical students.       nity that is helping to educate us,”
                                                                                   She says that her main tasks are        she says.
                                                                                   immunizations and blood work, both          Seitz and Brenneman met with a
                                                                                   of which involve lots of paperwork.     Red Cross organizer to plan the date
                                                                                       Neifeld’s night “usually ends       and time for the event and e-mailed
                                                                                                                           SON faculty, students and staff to
                                                                                                                           encourage their participation. On
                                                                                                                           the day of the blood drive, they set
                                                                                                                           up the registration area in the

                                           6   CAROLINA NURSING
Jenny Neifeld, standing, often practices the skills she uses with her SHAC patients with fellow classmate and SHAC volunteer, Melissa Dedmond.

ground floor lobby of Carrington        Association want to make the blood         hopes future drives continue to
Hall. During the event, they helped     drive a tradition. “I'd love to see more   reach their blood product goals.
sign in, register and recruit donors.   donors and more pints collected,”               “As student nurses we are learn-
After the donors are signed in, they    says Seitz.                                ing how to care for patients, and
go to the Blood Mobile, a Red Cross          The blood donated by the School       giving our patients blood products
bus that comes to donors to collect     stays in the area, so it could directly    will eventually be part of our job.”
the blood.                              affect patients that students interact
    Both the students and Alumni        with in the near future. Brenneman

                                                                                                 SPRING 2003          7
local community

                       New Service-Learning Project
                       Creates Campus-Community
                                         BY SUNNY SMITH   NELSON
                                         Wednesday, November 20,
                                         8:55 a.m., Medical Drive
                                         outside of Carrington Hall
              “This project gives            They come tumbling off the
                                         yellow school bus, one by one,
                 high school stu-        zipping their jackets against the
                                         cold, swiping errant strands of hair
                dents a sense of         from their eyes, making jokes with
                                         their classmates and feeling rather
                   hope that they        important and grown-up. These
                                         sophomores and juniors from Cedar
                can develop the          Ridge High School in Hillsborough,
                                         North Carolina, have arrived at the
                skills and moti-         School of Nursing after nearly four
                                         months of classroom preparation,
                vation to enroll         eager to learn what college—and a
                                         career in health sciences—is really
              in our University          all about.
                                             They are participants in the
                  and become a           SON’s new Service-Learning
                                         Project—high school students
                      nurse.…”           who have spent the semester in a
                                         health occupations career education
                    DR. RICHARD REDMAN
                                         class learning about the many
                                         professions available in the health-
                                         care field and at least two hours a
                                         week in tutoring sessions with a
                                         SON student mentor. Now that
                                         they have learned about the many
                                         educational and professional
                                         options open to them, they are ready
                                         to see health care in action.          Meghan Linthicum and Ryan Bateman were fascinated by the SON’s human
                                                                                patient simulator. They were able to visit real patients at UNC Hospitals
                                                                                later that day.
                                         10 a.m., The Clinical
                                         Education and Resource                 lung sounds, mischievously check-      tor. Eyes a-glow and questions a-fly-
                                         Center, Carrington Hall                ing one another’s reflexes in a        ing, the students are proof-positive
                                                                                sensory testing session and, most      that the project is working. Their
                                             Divided into four groups, the
                                                                                importantly as the word in the hall-   SON student mentors who are help-
                                         students rotate throughout different
                                                                                way goes, visiting “Stan the Man,”     ing lead the tours know that those
                                         CERC labs, listening to heart and
                                                                                the School’s human patient simula-     many hours of helping with science

                                         8   CAROLINA NURSING
                                        been learning in my community             part of my career and private life. I
                                        health and clinical education classes.”   have found nothing more fulfilling
                                            As student leaders for the project,   than working for others in order to
                                        James, Giles and Hudson worked            better the entire community.”
                                        with Redman, Moore and faculty                Once the students are boarded
                                        advisors from Cedar Ridge to design       up on the bus for their return to
                                        a tutor/mentor training program,          Cedar Ridge, Redman and Moore
                                        develop a system of scheduling and        reflect on the effectiveness of the day
                                        coordinate the twice-weekly tutori-       and the new program. Their com-
                                        als. Moore also helped them design        ments echo one another, saying that
                                        a volunteer bank of undergraduate         everyone benefitted from the visit
                                        and graduate nursing students to          and the effort that went into the
                                        serve as mentors throughout the           months leading up to it.
                                        year. Weekly meetings with faculty            “This project gives high school
                                        advisors and a reflection journal         students a sense of hope that they
                                        helped round out the experience.          can develop the skills and motiva-
                                            The daylong visit to the Carolina     tion to enroll in our University and
Taneesha Stephenson tested Ashley       campus, coordinated once a semes-         become a nurse, and it provides
Brooks’ reflexes during one of the
                                        ter by the nursing students, was the      nursing students the opportunity to
interactive skills labs.
                                        culmination of their efforts.             model nursing as a career option
                                            “Community partner-defined             while critiquing the social factors
and math homework, giving pep
                                        goals and students’ reflection are        and structures that influence life
talks and lending a listening ear to
                                        critical components that distinguish      circumstances among students from
fears and aspirations have been
                                        service-learning from other types of      varied backgrounds,” says Redman.
worth the effort.
                                        clinical or fieldwork experiences              Moore nods her head in agree-
    Dr. Richard Redman, the SON’s
                                        that students typically have in nurs-     ment. “This program offers a win-
associate dean for academic affairs,
                                        ing education,” says Redman. “The         win situation for both their students
and Kathy Moore, director of the
                                        students reflect on their experience      and ours. We all grow as we learn
Office of Admissions and Student
                                        and relate it to the larger social        more from, and about, each other.”
Services, check in on the students
                                        issues behind the needs he or she is
periodically. Redman and Moore are
                                        responding to in the community.
the “proud parents” of the project,
                                        Our hope is that our students will
having created it through a grant
                                        realize the impact of civic engage-
from UNC’s Assisting People in
                                        ment and continue their involve-
Planning Learning Experiences
                                        ment throughout their career.”
Service-Learning Program
(APPLES) as a service-based honors
                                        Noon, UNC Hospitals
project that would engage senior
nursing students in the community           It’s now after lunch, and the
while helping them earn credit          high schoolers have moved on to
toward graduating with honors.          UNC Hospitals to visit the NC Jaycee
    The three senior SON honors         Burn Center. James and fellow men-
students who have been instrumen-       tor Ben Furnas lead them through
tal in helping Redman and Moore         the hallways, telling them about the
get the project off the ground are      nature of the unit and what to
Mary Elaine James, Terri Sue Giles      expect. The students are excited
and Crystal Hudson-Blackwell. They      about the prospect of seeing actual
look at the project as more than a      patients and nurses in person.            Getting hands-on experience with Stan the Man was one
way of graduating with honors.              The day for the SON mentors is        of the highlights of the students’ visit. Pictured here are (l-
                                        long, and answering question after        r) Whitney Mitchell, Jasmine Torian, Ashley Brooks,
    “More than anything, I believe I                                              Danielle Wilson and Taneesha Stephenson.
have gained a deeper understanding      question from these inquisitive teens
of working with the community,”         can be a little overwhelming, but it
says James. “I have found working       is well worth the effort, they say.
with the community to be extremely          “I hope that working with the
challenging, but also very reward-      students has helped them consider
ing. It also has helped reinforce and   nursing as a career,” says James. “I
supplement the principles I have        know after this experience that serv-
                                        ice activities will continue to be a

                                                                                                 SPRING 2003           9
statewide community

                                                 Sustainable Solutions
                              Nursing Education for Golden LEAF Counties

                             “We believe this       It is August 2002 and the dead-     making it the only UNC-Chapel Hill       the SON director of admissions and
                                                line for the Golden LEAF grant pro-     project to be funded by the organi-      student services, says the prospective
                            program has the     posal is approaching. A team of         zation. The grant will support a col-    students with whom she has spoken
                                                School of Nursing faculty members,      laborative effort to prepare associate   are most interested in the family
                       potential to build a     administrative leaders and advance-     degree- and baccalaureate degree-        nurse practitioner (FNP) and adult
                                                ment officers, led by Dr. Jean           educated registered nurses in            nurse practitioner (ANP) programs.
                             group of nurse     Goeppinger, a faculty member who        Alamance, Durham, Edgecombe,             “They’re telling me that they want
                                                holds joint appointments with the       Granville, Halifax, Nash, Vance and      to contribute to their communities
                           practitioners that   Schools of Nursing and Public           Wilson counties to become nurse          where there is an insufficient supply
                                                Health, comb through the grant          practitioners. A major goal of the       of health-care providers or lack of
                            will earn higher    guidelines to prepare a response.       grant is to make it easier for nurses    access to providers for uninsured
                                                    They submit “Sustainable            to continue working, living and con-     patients,” she says. “They like this
                       salaries, remain in      Solutions to Economic Distress,         tributing in their home communities      option because it will prepare them
                         their communities      Tobacco Dependence, Limited             while they are students in the SON’s     to fill a provider gap that is in their
                                                Health Care Access and the Nursing      RN to MSN and MSN programs.              communities.”
                        to contribute to the    Shortage: Nursing Education for             To offer the RN to MSN and MSN           Many of the people Moore has
                                                Golden LEAF Counties,” one of five       programs to the eight counties, the      heard from have been working for
                          workforce, stimu-     proposals submitted by UNC-Chapel       SON is partnering with area com-         more than 10 years and are at a
                                                Hill schools and departments. Soon,     munity college nursing programs          point in their careers where they are
                          late the economic     the SON team learns that there are      and NC Area Health Education             ready to do something different. She
                                                384 applicants statewide requesting     Centers to design new ways of deliv-     says they’re excited about the prospect
                       life of the area and     more than $96 million.                  ering the programs. The grant also       of enrolling and feel the program is
                                                    Golden LEAF, Inc., created by the   provides for scholarships that will      tailor-made to fit their needs.
                      serve as role models      State of North Carolina in 1999 to      cover the cost of tuition, books, a          Keeping highly skilled health-
                                                receive and distribute half the funds   laptop computer, access to an            care workers in the area will con-
                      for others to follow.”    from the settlement of litigation       Internet service provider and a          tribute to improved health-care
                                                against tobacco product manufac-        small stipend.                           access and a healthier workforce
                          DR. JEAN GOEPPINGER   turers, plans to make about $15             As soon as the announcement of       and economy for each of the coun-
                                                million in awards in 2003 for pro-      the grant is made, inquiries begin to    ties, another goal of the grant,
                                                grams benefitting areas in the state     come into the Office of Admissions        explains Goeppinger.
                                                considered rural, economically          and Student Services from prospec-           “We believe this program has
                                                challenged and tobacco-dependent.       tive students living in the counties     the potential to build a group of
                                                The SON waits.                          targeted for the program, five of         nurse practitioners that will earn
                                                    In late November Golden LEAF        which are designated as shortage         higher salaries, remain in their
                                                announces its awards and the SON        areas for health professionals such      communities to contribute to the
                                                learns that it will receive $200,000,   as nurse practitioners. Kathy Moore,     workforce, stimulate the economic

                                                10   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                                            Photo by Steve Exum

life of the area and serve as role        activities in those areas will include   their lives, explains Goeppinger.        A Golden LEAF grant is
models for others to follow,” she says.   on-site briefing sessions and a direct    Nurse practitioners build communi-       enabling the SON to offer
                                                                                                                            its RN to MSN and MSN
“We see this as a unique opportunity      mail brochure intended to inform         ty capacity, and as more people gain     programs in innovative
to introduce change in the health-        all nurses about the program.            advanced health-care expertise in        ways to registered nurses
care infrastructure and in the work-      Sessions will explain the curricu-       Golden LEAF counties, there will be      in eight NC counties.
force of these communities.”              lum, specialty options, part-time        more opportunity for entrepreneur-
     When students graduate they          and full-time options, prerequisites,    ial health services to develop, there-
will be prepared to contribute to         and application and admissions           by potentially stimulating the local
their home communities as nurse           process. Applicants will be invited to   economy.
practitioners in community and            Chapel Hill to meet faculty mem-             “The Golden LEAF priorities to
migrant health centers, public            bers and current students to begin       create and retain jobs, provide job
health departments, hospitals,            valuable mentoring relationships.        training and skills development and
schools, nursing homes and retire-        The School also will offer GRE           create a competitive workforce are
ment communities, occupational            preparation support in cooperation       all being addressed through this
health clinics and private medical        with the AHECs since this often          program,” she says. “More nurses
practices, among a host of other          seems to be one of the biggest barri-    will be educated to take a participa-
options, she says.                        ers to the application process. “We      tory approach that involves working
     By the end of February the           want to help overcome this per-          with the family and community to
School establishes an advisory board      ceived obstacle and provide the          define their health problems and
that will help shape the model that       needed support to help people suc-       seek solutions.”
will work best for offering the neces-    ceed,” says Moore.                           For more information, please
sary instruction. It is comprised of          As community-based health pro-       contact the Office of Admissions and
leaders from the SON and commu-           fessionals, nurse practitioners have     Student Services at (919) 966-4260
nity college associate degree nursing     tremendous potential to help mem-        or
programs and the AHECs located in         bers of vulnerable populations make
the eight counties. Recruitment           decisions about their health and

                                                                                                SPRING 2003          11
statewide community

                      Just What the Nurse
                      Manager Ordered
                      A New Leadership Program for
                      Clinical Managers

                                                BY CAMI   HARWOOD                      Continuing Education Department,
                            One of the most                                            Dr. Richard Redman, SON associate
                                                    All that hard work has finally      dean for academic affairs, and Dr.
                           critical positions   paid off. You’ve just been promoted    Cheryl Jones, an associate professor
                                                to nurse manager of your unit and      and MSN coordinator of the Health
                            in any nursing      you can see the rewards waiting in     Care Systems option, heard the
                                                the wings—more respect, more           same message from chief nursing
                       department today is      money, more opportunities to show      officers, members of the North
                                                off those leadership skills. But       Carolina Nurses Association and
                          that of front-line    wait—you haven’t been in this kind     constituents of the North Carolina
                                                of leadership position before. How     Hospital Association: clinical middle
                          manager ... They      do you balance your unit’s ever-       managers need more leadership
                                                growing needs with limited             training to prepare them for their
                        are running small       resources? How do you juggle the       role.
                                                needs of your patients with those of        “One of the most critical posi-
                      businesses when you       your staff? And how do you keep        tions in any nursing department
                                                morale up in the face of increasing    today is that of front-line manager,”
                      consider the number       patient workloads? It’s enough to      explains Redman. “The responsibil-
                                                make some nurse managers second-       ities and demands in any nurse
                      of employees and the      guess their decisions.                 manager position today are incredi-
                                                    Leading figures in North            ble. Often these clinicians are pro-
                       size of their budget.    Carolina’s health-care industry        moted into their managerial posi-
                                                know a lack of leadership experi-      tions with little formal education in
                                                ence or education is a problem for     management, yet they are running
                                                many of the state’s clinical middle    ‘small businesses’ when you consid-
                                                managers. Dr. Barbara Jo Foley, the    er the number of employees and the
                                                director of the School of Nursing’s    size of their budget.”

                      12   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                                        Miriam Greene,
                                                                                                                        clinical lead for
                                                                                                                        UNC Hospitals’
                                                                                                                        Oncology unit,
                                                                                                                        and nurse
                                                                                                                        manager Nancy
                                                                                                                        Cartledge work
                                                                                                                        closely together to
                                                                                                                        ensure smooth
                                                                                                                        opteration of their

     Heeding the call, Foley, Redman     ability to                             participant fee includes instruction,
and Jones worked with SON faculty        be informal, flexible and able to      faculty support for the required
members and staff in the CE              discuss topics that were important     managerial project, a clinical
Department to design the Certificate      to our facility,” were some of the     management textbook, all handout
in Leadership program, a weeklong        comments Foley received.               materials and breakfast and lunch
conference that centers on discussion        “I found the participants to       each day of the program.
of communication issues, ethical         be energized and engaged in the            According to Foley, the demand
dilemmas, organizational culture         program,” says Redman. “I think        for the program continues to grow.
issues, issues of leadership style and   they were very impressed that their    “I expect the demand for this pro-
budget and quality care. A manage-       employer would support their           gram to remain high for the next
ment project and follow-up two-day       participation and free them up         three to five years,” she explains.
institute round out the program. Real-   for a week so they could acquire       “Upon completion of the program,
life issues and everyday dilemmas        additional skills to become more       our graduates will be able to
presented through stories and case       effective and confident in their        describe successful leadership
studies form the basis of program.       responsibilities. This program         styles, identify key human resources
     The SON’s initial offering of the   provides an excellent opportunity      management issues, describe basic
program was held in September at         for health-care organizations to       cost and budgetary concepts, and
Wayne Memorial Hospital in               invest in their clinical managers      identify elements that are necessary
Goldsboro, North Carolina. Twenty-       and to help them acquire the skills    to create a climate of clinical
three participants from WMH and          necessary for carrying out their       excellence. Research has shown
three from Roanoke-Chowan                responsibilities.”                     that the nurse manager is critical
Hospital attended and reported posi-         The next certificate program will   to creating the kind of work
tive experiences overall. “The facul-    begin this spring at the William and   environment that is satisfying and
ty incorporated real issues into the     Ida Friday Center for Continuing       rewarding for nurses, and that
course teaching,” and “I loved the       Education in Chapel Hill. The          includes themselves.”

                                                                                             SPRING 2003          13
national community

                                A Partnership in
                                Reducing Health
                                 BY SUNNY SMITH   NELSON

                     North Carolina’s African Americans are more than two times as likely to die                  Chris McQuiston, an associate pro-
                     of diabetes, and its recent Hispanic immigrants are two to three times more                  fessor and Center director from
                     likely to acquire the disease than the state’s majority population.                          UNC-Chapel Hill, they are stronger
                                                                                                                  as a team than separate entities.
                     Hispanics are more than three times as likely and African Americans are more                 “The partnership among the uni-
                     than 10 times as likely to die from AIDS than non-Hispanic whites in North                   versities is one of the Center’s great-
                     Carolina.                                                                                    est strengths,” she explains. “We all
                     North Carolina’s African Americans are more than four times as likely and                    bring a different type of expertise to
                     Hispanics are nearly five times as likely to die due to homicide compared                    the Center and will learn from and
                     with the majority population.                                                                teach one another as we share the
                                                                                                                  common vision of reducing health
                                                                                                                  disparities and promoting social
                                     Health disparity, both in the        health disparities. The result: $15     change.”
                                 quality and availability of care, is a   million to fund health disparity            McQuiston, who shares the title
                                 major concern for the nation’s           research centers between partnered      of Center director with Dr. Betty
                                 minority populations. Getting to the     universities. Eight centers were        Dennis, chair of the Department of
                                 roots of the problem, from differ-       established across the country, and     Nursing at NCCU, and Dr. Sylvia
                                 ences in the safety of neighborhoods     among those universities chosen to      Flack, dean of the WSSU School of
                                 and access to affordable health care     host a center were Winston-Salem        Health Sciences, says the Center was
                                 to the lack of minority representation   State University and North Carolina     created to advance three primary
                                 in health-care research, service and     Central University, both historically   goals: to increase the number of
                                 education, is a daunting yet crucial     black universities, and the             minority nurse researchers; develop
                                 task.                                    University of North Carolina at         programs of health disparities
                                     The National Institute of            Chapel Hill. The Center is appropri-    research; and improve the way
                                 Nursing Research and the National        ately named the Center for              researchers collaborate with and
                                 Center for Minority Health and           Innovation in Health Disparities        conduct research with minority
                                 Health Disparities, both branches of     Research.                               populations and communities. This
                                 the National Institutes of Health,           Why one Center shared among         latter item is one of the most
                                 recently combined efforts to address     three universities? According to Dr.    important aspects of the Center,

                                 14   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Alonda Thomas, North Carolina Central University
                                                                                                                                                                              Drs. Betty Dennis,
                                                                                                                                                                              Chris McQuiston,
                                                                                                                                                                              Dean Linda
                                                                                                                                                                              Cronenwett and
                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. E. Joyce
                                                                                                                                                                              Roland celebrated
                                                                                                                                                                              the inauguration
                                                                                                                                                                              of the Center for
                                                                                                                                                                              Innovation in
                                                                                                                                                                              Health Disparities
                                                                                                                                                                              Research with a
                                                                                                                                                                              ceremony at NCCU
                                                                                                                                                                              in February.

McQuiston believes.                     NINR/NCMHD-Funded Health Disparity
    “We want to build community
                                        Research Centers
capacity,” she says. “We will be ask-
ing community members to identify
their needs and, based upon their       University of North Carolina at   University of Pennsylvania,
responses, match researchers and        Chapel Hill                       Philadelphia
students with expertise to identified    North Carolina Central            Hampton University, Hampton,
areas of need. We believe this          University, Durham, NC            VA
philosophy is critical to developing
the innovative methodologies that       Winston-Salem State University
                                                                          University of Texas, Austin
will be necessary to further the
agenda of health disparity research.”   Johns Hopkins University,         New Mexico State University,
The Center’s community partners to      Baltimore, MD                     Las Cruces
date include El Centro Hispano in
                                        North Carolina Agricultural and
Durham; El Centro Latino in                                               University of Washington,
                                        Technical State University,
Carrboro; University/ Community                                           Seattle
                                        Greensboro, NC
Wellness Center in Winston-Salem;
                                                                          University of Hawaii, Honolulu
and community groups in Bertie
County, North Carolina.                 University of California,
    “We are looking forward to a        San Francisco                     Yale University, New Haven, CT
true partnership with our partner       University of Puerto Rico         Howard University, Washington,
schools and communities,” says          Medical Sciences, San Juan        DC
McQuiston. “We are attempting to
level the balance of power between      University of Michigan,
partner schools and participants in     Ann Arbor
research programs—particularly
racial, ethnic and cultural             University of Texas Health
minorities.”                            Science Center, San Antonio

                                                                          SPRING 2003     15
national community

                                     Nurse Educators
                     How the SON is Helping
                              Supply Meet Demand
                                     BY SUNNY SMITH   NELSON                  nity colleges know the reality of the          “These innovative programs
                                                                              nursing shortage all too well. The         were created to challenge students
                                         Sure, you’ve heard the facts         shortage of nursing educators isn’t        to integrate knowledge and skills in
                                     about the nursing shortage: in           just limited to nursing schools,           nursing with education to under-
                                     2000, according to a study by the US     either. Nurse administrators and           stand how educational theory, cur-
                                     Department of Health and Human           educators in hospitals, rehabilita-        riculum development, evaluation
                                     Services, the shortage of full-time      tion centers, assisted living facilities   strategies and the use of educational
                                     equivalent registered nurses was         and other health-care agencies             technology apply to nursing educa-
                                     estimated at 110,000, or six percent.    also feel the effects of the nursing       tion,” explains Jones. “We believe
                    According to a   By 2010, the shortage is expected to     educator shortage. So how can the          these options will prepare students
                                     increase to 12 percent. And by 2020,     educational demands of complex             to fill important educational roles
            recent survey, faculty   if current trends continue, the short-   academic and health-care environ-          in academic, staff development or
        shortages were the reason    age will reach an estimated high         ments and future generations of            patient care arenas.”
                                     of 29 percent. Staggering statistics,    nurses be met in the face of this              Both the Health Care Systems
             for not accepting all   to be sure. But what do you know         shortage?                                  Area—Education master’s and
         qualified candidates into   about the nursing educator shortage?          Carolina’s School of Nursing          post-master’s options provide in-
                                         According to a survey conducted      is trying to address this critical         depth learning experiences about
         entry-level bacalaureate    by the American Association of           concern. Dr. Bonnie Angel, a SON           educational theory and practice
                                     Colleges of Nursing in 2000, more        clinical associate professor, Dr.          relevant to nursing. “These options
        programs. That translates    than one-third of nursing schools        Cheryl Jones, Health Care Systems          are designed to give nurses
              into 6,000 potential   that responded to a poll said faculty    coordinator and associate professor,       advanced knowledge and skills to
                                     shortages were the reason for not        and Dr. Barbara Jo Foley, director of      succeed in educational leadership
             nurses turned away.     accepting all qualified candidates        Continuing Education and clinical          roles and prepare graduates to
                                     into entry-level baccalaureate pro-      associate professor, are spearheading      develop, implement and measure
                                     grams. That translates into nearly       an effort to craft three educational       the impact of nursing educational
                                     6,000 potential nurses turned away       options to prepare future nursing          innovations in academic and
                                     because there was no one there to        faculty and help current nursing           health-care organizations,” says
                                     teach them. Shrinking budgets,           educators learn the best practices in      Jones.
                                     aging faculty and competition from       teaching: the Health Care Systems-             Because the classes are offered
                                     the private sector for well-educated,    Education Option in the master’s           through a combination of
                                     highly skilled nurses are all con-       program, the Health Care Systems-          traditional classroom settings and
                                     tributing factors to this shortage.      Education Option in the post-mas-          web-enhanced technologies, they
                                         Nursing faculty in North             ter’s program, and the Certificate in       offer students flexibility in meeting
                                     Carolina’s universities and commu-       Nursing Education.                         learning and educational needs.

                                     16   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                 Dr. Bonnie Angel,
                                                                                 center, is the program
                                                                                 leader for the
                                                                                 Certificate in Nursing
                                                                                 Education. The program
                                                                                 is one of three options
                                                                                 now available at the
                                                                                 SON for nurses interest-
                                                                                 ed in learning the latest
                                                                                 skills and knowledge in
                                                                                 nursing education.

                                                                                 tremendous response in our initial
                                                                                 offering of the program, and we
                                                                                 encourage all registered nurses who
                                                                                 desire to increase their teaching
                                                                                 effectiveness in clinical or academic
                                                                                 settings to apply for the next
“Students who enroll in the master’s    update in teaching theory and strate-    session.”
degree program complete 40-credit       gies. It is comprised of two four-day        Additional information is avail-
hours of coursework and an inten-       institutes on basic and advanced         able for all of these opportunities.
sive residency in a related educa-      principles of teaching, two focused      To learn more about the Master’s or
tional or practice site with expert     teaching workshops and an education      Post-master’s Health Care Systems
nurse educators,” explains Jones.       project. There are no prerequisites to   Area—Education Option, please
The post-master’s option is targeted    meet prior to enrollment, and the        contact the Office of Admissions and
at nurses who already have a mas-       program can be completed in one to       Student Services at (919) 966-4260
ter’s degree, and who are interested    two year’s time. Nurses earn at least    or
in gaining advanced knowledge and       76 CE credits for completing the         Information may be viewed on the
skills in nursing education to com-     program.                                 web at
plement their previous degree.              “We believe the activities includ-   degree/index.html.
Post-master’s students take 15-credit   ed in both institutes provide a rich         For more information on the
hours of coursework that also           learning environment that promotes       Certificate in Nursing Education
includes an intensive residency         interaction and collegiality among       continuing education program,
experience. Both master’s and           participants. The institutes are also    please contact the Office of
post-master’s options are offered       arranged to be flexible so that work-    Continuing Education at (919) 966-
for students interested in part-time    ing nurses can fit them into their        3638 or
or full-time study.                     schedules. The educational project       Information on the Certificate in
     The Certificate in Nursing          provides an opportunity for partici-     Nursing Education is also available
Education, first offered in the spring   pants to integrate program content       on the web at http://nursing.unc.
of 2002, is a continuing education      with a real-life educational need        edu/lifelong/nursing_ed_cert.html.
program open to all registered          that is relevant to their jobs and
nurses who want to learn more about     practice,” explains Angel, the
nursing education or who desire an      program coordinator. “We had a

                                                                                              SPRING 2003          17
international community

                                             Comes to South Korea
                                                                                                                BY MERLE MISHEL, PHD, RN, FAAN          audience, comprised of faculty
                                                                                                                AND MARCIA KAYE                         members, doctoral students, nursing
                                                                                                                                                        administrators and nurses in clini-
                                                                                                                    Uncertainty: it’s a feeling that    cal practices, were for the most part
                                                                                                                has touched the lives of countless      familiar with the Mishel Uncertainty
                                                                                                                people who are suffering or have        in Illness Theory, and a few had
                                                                                                                suffered from chronic illnesses. I’ve   even performed their own research
                                                                                                                dedicated my career to researching      on uncertainty and the scales for
                                                                                                                how to help patients manage the         measuring it. I found the research
                                                                           Photo courtesy of Dr. Merle Mishel

                                                                                                                uncertainty that arises from not        techniques and theory development
                                                                                                                knowing which treatment to pursue       of the faculty and students with
                                                                                                                or not knowing how to handle their      whom I spoke to be very advanced.
                                                                                                                emotions in the face of a recur-            Each of the several hundred
                                                                                                                rence. I’ve been fortunate that my      attendees brought a manual to my
                                                                                                                research on the topic has touched       keynote speech entitled “Uncertainty
                                                                                                                people around the world, so it was      in Illness: Theory, Intervention, and
                                       Dr. Cho-Ja Kim, advisor to SON                                           with pleasure I accepted an invita-     Application across All Age Groups.”
                                       visiting scholar Dr. Hee Young
                                       Song, and Dr. Merle Mishel
                                                                                                                tion last March to speak on uncer-      Following opening speeches by
                                       discussed the Mishel Uncertainty                                         tainty at the 2002 International        Dr. Moon Sook Jung, the director of
                                       in Illness Theory before Mishel’s                                        Conference on Middle Range              nursing, Dr. Dal Ung Kim, the presi-
                                       presentation on the subject at                                           Nursing Theory at Kyunpook              dent of the university, and Dr.
                                       Yonsei University.
                                                                                                                National University in Daegu, South     Byung-Chul Park, the dean of the
                                                                                                                Korea. Janet Stewart, a doctoral stu-   medical school, I presented an
                                                                                                                dent whom I mentor, accompanied         explanation of the uncertainty
                          The questions [asked at the conference}                                               me on the journey and joined me in      theory and supporting research.
                              were very complex, thoughtful and                                                 presenting talks at the conference.         In the sessions that followed, I
                                                                                                                    My presentations covered man-       lectured on uncertainty in chronic
                          proved that the doctoral students in this                                             aging uncertainty in chronic illness,   illness and uncertainty nursing
                                                                                                                the reconceptualization of the          intervention. Janet presented
                            university are well trained in critical                                             uncertainty theory and uncertainty      “Uncertainty in Childhood Illness:
                                    thinking and nursing theory.                                                management intervention. The            Parent and Child Perspectives” and

                                     18   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Dr. Merle Mishel
her test of a conceptual model of        val going on in the city and since I    well informed and asked insightful,       Dr. Merle Mishel and
uncertainty in childhood cancer. We      had forgotten my sun hat, I browsed     thought-provoking questions.              PhD student Janet
                                                                                                                           Stewart gave several
also led group discussions and ques-     through the stalls looking for one.          As all good things must come to      presentations on man-
tion and answer sessions. I must say     What did I find? A UNC baseball          an end, so did our time in South          aging uncertainty while
that the questions were very com-        cap! No, I did not buy it. I bought     Korea. Upon leaving, I was presented      visiting South Korea last
plex, thoughtful and proved that the     something a little more native to the   with a wonderful gift of two celadon      spring.
doctoral students in this university     area. But it shows that even far from   tea mugs, a most kind gesture.
are well trained in critical thinking    home UNC is never that far away!             Through this international
and nursing theory.                          After our time in Daegu and our     exchange I found that South Korea
    Janet and I were fortunate           brief excursions, we traveled north     is a beautiful country with excellent
enough to squeeze in some time to        toward Seoul, home of Yonsei            universities and doctoral programs
explore the city and the countryside     University. Most of the cities in       in nursing. The people are gracious
of Daegu both before and after the       South Korea have universities that      and friendly. We enjoyed our time
conference and found it to be a          offer doctoral programs in nursing,     together while we mutually gained
most beautiful city. We went on a        and we traveled here to give another    an even greater appreciation for the
city bus tour, which took us to          presentation on the Mishel              use of theory as a basis for research
Dosun-Sa, a very beautiful temple,       Uncertainty in Illness Theory. Janet    and an understanding of the process
with at least 100 steps to climb to      and I enjoyed meeting Dr. Cho-Ja        for developing theory. By sharing
the top. Once at the temple, a three-    Kim, advisor to our own SON visit-      knowledge and incorporating it into
story tall stone Buddha, singing         ing scholar Dr. Hee Young Song,         one another’s research, our univer-
monks and a mountain range in            and the approximately 85 faculty        sities grow. It is the proverbial “win-
the background greeted us. It was a      and doctoral students who attended      win” situation.
scene right out of Shangri-La. As        the two-hour presentation. The stu-
luck would have it, there was a festi-   dents at this university also were

                                                                                              SPRING 2003           19
international community

                                                                         A Powerful
                                                                        Exchange of
                                                The UNC-Mahidol University
                                                Nursing Scholar Exchange Program
                                                BY SARAH   WOOD                        ment of a doctoral nursing program       of several schools of nursing,
                                                                                       featuring internationally trained,       including UNC-Chapel Hill. Usually
                                                    In the summer of 2002, the         doctorally prepared faculty and          one or two students go to each
                                                schools of nursing at the University   more research opportunities and          school with which Mahidol has
                                                of North Carolina at Chapel Hill       government funding, administrators       established an agreement. They are
                                                and Mahidol University in Bangkok,     at Mahidol wanted to develop a pro-      assigned a mentor to help them
              “Nurses in Thailand are           Thailand, initiated an international   gram that would further support          with their doctoral research and
                                                faculty and doctoral student           and complement their efforts to          they audit classes that fit their inter-
               going through many of            exchange program. Dr. Barbara          develop nursing knowledge in             ests. Two students from the interna-
                the same struggles that         Germino, UNC-Chapel Hill               Thailand.                                tional doctoral program in nursing
                                                Beerstecher Blackwell Professor in         In the exchange program, a           at Mahidol University, Sermsri
                  we did in the United          Thanatology, was the first SON fac-     faculty member from the SON trav-        Santati and Pennapa Pakdewong,
                                                ulty member to participate in the      els to Thailand to teach a particular    are attending the SON this academ-
                   States in developing
                                                program. She spent three weeks in      course in his or her area of expertise   ic year. There also is an option for
                    nursing research.”          Thailand that summer, two of           each year. The faculty member is         Mahidol University nursing faculty
                                                which were spent teaching an           chosen based on the compatibility        to act as visiting scholars at UNC for
                                                intense seminar-style version of a     of their area of expertise and the       up to a semester, as well as opportu-
                          DR. BARBARA GERMINO   doctoral course on theories of man-    courses that Mahidol University          nities for postdoctoral work.
                                                agement in chronic conditions.         plans to offer. The next SON faculty         “Nurses in Thailand are going
                                                    Mahidol University approached      member to participate will be            through many of the same struggles
                                                the SON a few years ago about          Dr. Merle Mishel, who will travel to     that we did in the United States in
                                                developing an international            Thailand in February 2004.               developing nursing research,”
                                                exchange program to help them              Doctoral students from Mahidol       explains Germino. “It is imperative
                                                build their nursing research capa-     University can elect to spend up to a    to help each other as the world is
                                                bilities. With the recent establish-   year in the United States at any one     becoming even smaller and more

                                                20   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Dr. Barbara Germino
Dr. Germino posed before a tile mural in one of the temple buildings of the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The
Palace is actually a complex of palaces, temples and public buildings that represent hundreds of years of
Thai history, culture and architecture.

intensely involved. This internation-     health care for many women in           and the “progress nursing science
al program will prepare people who        Thailand, particularly for older        has made in the last ten years there
have familiarity with and knowl-          women or women in rural areas,          is amazing.” She hopes to return for
edge of Western nursing research lit-     with less education or with less        a planned international conference
erature, as well as Asian research lit-   exposure to modern medicine,            on chronic illness, which will be
erature, which is growing.”               explains Germino.                       co-hosted by Mahidol University
     Germino says it was interesting          Germino says she learned many       and the SON in January 2006.
to find that Thailand has many of          valuable aspects about the culture          Chiang-Mai University in north-
the same health concerns as the           of the Thai during her visit, as well   ern Thailand recently approached
United States does, but their ways of     as the feeling of community they        the SON about arranging a similar
addressing and treating these con-        have with other Asian countries.        exchange program there. According
cerns can be unlike our own due to        “Hospitality is a very important        to Dean Linda Cronenwett, that
cultural differences. Heart disease,      aspect of Thai culture, and the fac-    decision will be made this spring.
substance abuse and cancer are all        ulty, staff and students at Mahidol          “Both institutions gain oppor-
major problems common to both             University School of Nursing were       tunities to enhance cross-cultural
the US and Thailand, but the              incredible hosts. They enabled me to    learning and understanding among
specific kinds of cancer most preva-       see and learn a great deal about        our students and faculty through
lent are different. Cervical cancer,      Thailand and its culture in a very      this type of program,” says
which can be treated effectively in       short time and to gain an apprecia-     Cronenwett, “as well as new oppor-
its early stages in the United States     tion for the beauty and richness        tunities for collaborative research
due to correct diagnosis through          of Thai history and traditions.”        and teaching.”
pap smears, is the number one             She was happy to learn that the
killer of women in Thailand. Pap          Thai government has invested
smears are not a part of routine          significantly in nursing research,

                                                                                               SPRING 2003         21

                                          FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                                          that they come from various ethnic       group of future nurses or serve as
                                          backgrounds, different class years,      a mentor to a current nursing
                                          different geographical areas             student! But, we have many areas
                                          (including outside our state) and        in which you can also serve as
                                          different nursing backgrounds. In        alumni, and we would love to hear
                                          fact, perhaps the only thing that is     from you regarding your interests
    Dear Alumni, Friends                  common among the members of              and have your participation.
 and Colleagues,                          the Board of Directors is graduation          Chances are there are many
                                          from our School of Nursing!              ways that you could contribute
     First of all, thank you for elect-       The mission of the Alumni            within the Alumni Association.
 ing me to serve as president of our      Association is to “stimulate, nur-       We need input and direction from
 Alumni Association. I am honored,        ture, and support positive interac-      you—fellow alumni. I invite you
 as I know I lead one of the most         tion between the school and its          to become active with the Alumni
 elite groups of alumni anywhere!         alumni.” One of the tasks of the         Association. If alumni are to be the
     If you are unfamiliar with the       Board of Directors is to see that this   voice of the School, then we need
 Alumni Association, let me take a        mission is accomplished. Through         to hear from each of you! Please
 minute to introduce you to our           the many projects that are carried       feel free to contact me, or the
 Association. Our Alumni                  out by committees within the             Alumni Association’s executive
 Association is composed of over          Association, we are able to accom-       director, Anne Webb, at either son-
 6000 alumni. By virtue of gradua-        plish the mission. You may read or (919) 966-4619.
 tion, you become an alumni mem-          about these projects in Carolina             I look forward to hearing from
 ber. (It’s that simple—no hidden         Nursing. In this issue of Carolina       you and hearing your ideas for our
 inductions, fees or commitments!)        Nursing, you will read about the         alma mater!
 A Board of Directors guides the          annual meeting of the Alumni
 Association. These 23 alumni repre-      Association and the panel presenta-
 sent the diversity of our School in      tion on nursing given in November
                                          to the current junior class and the      Tonya Rutherford Hemming,
                                          14-month second-degree students.         MSN, ANP, RN (1993, 2001)
                                          I doubt I am alone when I say
                                          that there is no greater feeling of
                                          accomplishment than to talk to a

                                                                                            ALUMNI NEWS

                                                                             (LEFT) Melissa LeVine (BSN ’77,
                                                                             MSN ’81) checked Stan the Man’s
                                                                             heartbeat in the Monroe Human
                                                                             Patient Simulator Laboratory for
                                                                             Critical Care Skills Development.

                                                                             (BELOW) Olivia Griffin (BSN ’67) investi-
                                                                             gated one of the SON’s clinical labs.

Alumni Day 2002
    On November 2, 2002, over 120     comed the group. Members of the
alumni, family and friends gath-      Alumni Association Board
ered at Carrington Hall for the       Recognition Committee presented
annual School of Nursing Alumni       three outstanding alumni awards.
Day celebration. The morning was      Katherine Harper Kent (BSN ’95)
filled with greeting friends and       was presented with the Carrington
exploring new areas of the School.    Award for Community Service and
Alums got hands-on experience         two alums were co-recipients of the
with the new human patient simu-      2002 Alumni of the Year Award.
lator and spent time touring the      Mae Massey Carroll (BSN ’67) and
Biobehavioral Laboratory. They also   Jacqueline Lytle Gonzalez (BSN ’79)    Helen Bridges (BSN ’79) posed with a one
                                                                             of the uniforms that SON students wore
enjoyed information sessions about    shared the honor. Senior Laura
                                                                             in the ’60s. “Can you imagine wearing
the new building addition, continu-   Correll spoke to the group on behalf   one of these nowadays?” she said.
ing education opportunities and       of the current BSN students and
a display of historical SON           proved that some aspects of being a
memorabilia.                          nursing student never change.          of ’87 also had strong reunion
    Lunch was served on Carrington        The BSN Class of ’67 had the       groups. After the lunchtime festivi-
Lawn where Alumni Association         most members present as they cele-     ties most alumni headed to Kenan
President Tonya Rutherford            brated their 35th class reunion, but   Stadium for football and a continu-
Hemming (BSN ’93, MSN ’01) wel-       the BSN Class of ’62 and MSN Class     ation of their Carolina memories.

Mark your calendars now for the next Alumni Day celebration on October 18, 2003!

                                                                                          SPRING 2003            23
                                           ALUMNI NEWS

     Photo courtesy of Anne Doxey Turner

                                           The Class of ’62 enjoyed good attendance at their 40th reunion. Pictured are (first row, seated, l–r) Sabra Brew Taylor,
                                           Andé Gorcia Kirchenhelter and Undine Caudle Garner; (second row, l–r) Ann Doxey Turner, Ann Bennett Propert, and
                                           Ester Tesh; (third row, l-r) Judy Buxton Collins, Nancy Wills Hudock, Ann Davisson, Doris Bankert Anderson, Linda
                                           Knott Strother and April Longanecker Mayville; (fourth row, l-r) “Sistie” Boatwright Howie, Eugenia Allen Howell,
                                           Jane Huber Clark and Ann Hopkins Fishel.

                                                                                    Alumni Day is a time for all alumni to
Classes of ’62,                                                                     come back to the SON and enjoy fun
                                                                                    and fellowship together, but there is
  ’67 and ’87                                                                       something really special about sharing it
                                                                                    all with former class members. This year
                                                                                    several classes did just that as they built
Celebrate with                                                                      reunions around alumni weekend.
                                                                                                                     MSN Class of ’87 members

                                                                                                                     Deborah Betts and Gary Crotty
                                                                                                                     said they had a wonderful
                                                                                                                     time discussing SON memories
                                                                                                                     with Gary’s wife, Pat, at their
                                                                                                                     15th reunion.

                             24                CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                             ALUMNI NEWS

    Classmates from the MSN Class
of ’87 celebrated their 15-year                                                                                      The Class of ’67
reunion in style as they caught up                                                                                   boasted the largest
with one another while dining at                                                                                     reunion turnout for
                                                                                                                     Alumni Day. Pictured
the Weathervane Cafe. Classmate                                                                                      here are (l-r) Betty
Gary Crotty has published a                                                                                          Jones, Vivian Varner,
newsletter since the group graduat-                                                                                  Pay Haynes, Nancy
ed, which keeps them informed                                                                                        Crutchfield, Cherry
                                                                                                                     Howe, Margaret
about each other’s lives and helps                                                                                   Raynor, Carole
them stay in touch. Copies of the                                                                                    Wilmot, Susie Tonski,
class newsletters printed over the                                                                                   Barbara Jo Foley and
past 15 years were distributed to                                                                                    Olivia Griffin.
those in attendance.
    Thirty-five years had passed
since members of the BSN Class         members present at the gathering.       old hangout, the Rathskeller.
of ’67 studied at the SON, but they    That evening they enjoyed a casual      Saturday evening the entire
fit right in during alumni weekend.     dinner together and continued to        group gathered for dinner at the
The group met for dinner at the        share news and memories.                Governor's Inn. They enjoyed not
Sheraton Hotel on Friday night             The BSN Class of ’62 had            only the fun of catching up on new
where they first reunited for the       a great turnout for their 40th          events, but also discussing their
weekend. Dean Linda Cronenwett         reunion. They began the weekend         nursing school escapades.
gave the class an update on the        with a gathering with Dean                  Organizer Anne Doxey Turner
state of the School and they enjoyed   Cronenwett at the Radisson              said, “The weekend was enjoyed
a great party. Saturday they attend-   Governor's Inn on Friday evening.       by all. Mark your calendars —
ed the school’s Alumni Day celebra-    Saturday was spent on campus at         we want 100% attendance in five
tion and proudly had the most class    the SON festivities and visiting the    years!”

Alumni Career Panel Shares Working Experiences,
Advice with BSN Students
    “What is it really like to be a    years of experience and areas of
new grad in nursing?” This and         specialty. However, they all had one
many other questions were              thing in common with each other
answered honestly and with much        and the audience: starting out as a
humor by a panel of Alumni             Carolina nursing student.
Association Board members who              The idea, which was eagerly
spoke to junior and 14-month           embraced by the students, is a result
option BSN students this fall. The     of the Alumni Association’s enhanced
career panel was a way to bring the    goal of serving the student popula-
practical knowledge and experience     tion through education and men-
of School of Nursing alumni to cur-    toring. “The career panel was a
rent nursing students, but everyone    wonderful experience for both
learned something from the lively      students and Board members,”
and informative exchange.               says Hemming.
      Panelists Derek Chrisco (BSN         A future career panel is            Meg Gambrell (BSN ’01), Derek
                                                                               Chrisco (BSN ’91) and Courtney
’91), Meg Gambrell (BSN ’01),          being planned with different            Rawls (BSN ’01) enjoyed sharing
Mary Holtschneider (BSN ’95),          alumni representatives. If you          their perspectives as nurses work-
Zelda Moore (BSN ’78), Courtney        would like to share your experiences    ing in diverse fields with students
Rawls (BSN ’01) and Tonya              as part of a future panel, please       at the Alumni Career Panel.
Rutherford Hemming (BSN ’93,           contact the Alumni Association
MSN ’01) shared their diverse per-     at or
spectives based on their varying       (919) 966-4619.

                                                                                           SPRING 2003          25
                                    ALUMNI NEWS

The University of
North Carolina at
Chapel Hill School
of Nursing Alumni
Association Board
of Directors

Executive Committee:

Tonya Rutherford Hemming
(BSN ’93, MSN ’01)

BJ Lee Simpson (BSN ’93, MSN ’97)

Susan King-Zeller (BSN ’95)

Meg Gambrell (BSN ’01)

Carolyn Graham (PhD ’97)
Past President

Bonnie Angel (BSN ’79)
Faculty Representative

Bret Temming (BSN ’03)
Undergraduate Representative
                                    The SON Alumni Association Board of Directors held their annual meeting November 1, 2002. Pictured here are (first
                                    row, l-r) Meg Gambrell, Becky Olson, Tonya Rutherford Hemming, Jo-Anne Trowbridge Martin, BJ Lee Simpson; (second
At-Large Members:                   row, l-r) Bonnie Angel, Mary Holtschneider, Jo Lentz Williams, Courtney Rawls, Mary Lou Booth; (third row, l-r)
                                    Alyshia Smith, Carolyn Graham, Bret Temming, Derek Chrisco, Geraldine Laport, Anne Allen and Greg Simpson.
Prentiss Anne Allen (BSN ’67)
Mary Lou Booth (BSN ’57)
Derek Chrisco (BSN ’91)
Abby Ensign (BSN ’00)
Mary Holtschneider (BSN ’95)        Alumni Association Board Holds Annual Meeting
Michael Joyner (MSN ’00)
                                        The SON Alumni Association              The Board had an active year in       President Tonya Rutherford
Geraldine Laport (BSN ’55)
                                    Board of Directors celebrated their     2002 under a new structure of         Hemming (BSN ’93, MSN ’01)was
Heather Mackey (MSN ’01)
                                    achievements and made plans for         working subcommittees. They           installed as was President-Elect BJ
Jo-Anne T. Martin (BSN ’69)
                                    the future at their annual board        implemented an alumni survey, ran     Lee Simpson (BSN ’93, MSN ’97)
Susan Minnix (BSN ’95)
                                    meeting on November 1, 2002. This       strong recognition and scholarship    and Secretary Meg Gambrell (BSN
Becky Olson (BSN ’74)
                                    group of Carolina nurses from           programs and formed partnerships      ’01). Seven new board members
Robin Perry (BSN ’96)
                                    diverse backgrounds, class years and    with student groups through special   were installed and outgoing mem-
Courtney Rawls (BSN ’01)
                                    specialties enjoyed a lively, daylong   events. This year the focus will be   bers Helen Bridges (BSN ’79), Zelda
Greg Simpson (MSN ’01)
                                    discussion about the SON and the        on offering continuing education,     Moore (BSN ’78) and Melanie Bunn
Alyshia Smith (BSN ’89)
                                    importance of its alumni. Dean          reaching out to alumni in different   (BSN ’83) were recognized for their
Carole Barrow Warren (BSN ’71)
                                    Linda Cronenwett, Assistant Dean        geographic areas and mentoring        service. Carolyn Graham (PhD ’97)
Jo Lentz Williams (BSN ’69)
                                    Maggie Miller and Advancement           students. Recognizing Carolina        was given special recognition for
                                    Director Norma Hawthorne worked         nurses for their accomplishments      her role as past president and
                                    with the Board in the morning and       and encouraging participation         remains on the board for one year
                                    gathered feedback from these alum-      from all alumni are also goals for    as past president.
                                    ni representatives. One of the SON’s    2003. The Board will support the          The Board constantly seeks input
                                    most recent alumni, Ben Roberts,        campaign for the new building         and participation from all alumni.
                                    also spoke to the group about the       addition by purchasing and naming     Please contact Executive Director
                                    new 14-month option.                    a brick for the brick walkway.        Anne Webb at (919) 966-4619 or
                                                                                                         to get involved.

                                    26   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                               ALUMNI NEWS

                                                                                      Dean Linda Cronenwett and
                                                                                      Dr. Marcia Van Riper enjoyed
                                                                                      sharing the latest informa-
                                                                                      tion on genetics research
                                                                                      and the state of the school
                                                                                      at a Charlotte CE event.
                                                                                      Pictured here are (first row,
                                                                                      l-r) Jane Mayes Link (BSN
                                                                                      ’74), Brenda Gail Summers
                                                                                      (BSN ’74, MSN ’81), Amy
                                                                                      Walters Courson (BSN ’98),
                                                                                      Tonya Rutherford Hemming
                                                                                      (BSN ’93, MSN ’01) and
                                                                                      Alene Fuller Cooley (BSN
                                                                                      ’70); (second row, l-r) Danita
                                                                                      Winchester Terrell (BSN ’75),
                                                                                      Glenda Sue Wooten (BSN
                                                                                      ’82), Dr. Van Riper and
                                                                                      Dean Cronenwett.

Alumni Association Hosts Regional CE Events
    In addition to hosting social and   of March. Dr. Marcia Van Riper, an      for the event, which was held in the
networking events, the SON Alumni       associate professor at the SON, pre-    auditorium of Carolinas Medical
Association Board of Directors is       sented “Genetics and Nursing in the     Center. Another regional continuing
providing personal and professional     21st Century.” Following the educa-     education session, featuring a legal
development opportunities for           tion session, participants enjoyed      issues update, is planned for the
alumni. A current focus of this         brunch and an update on the School      Winston-Salem area on July 12.
effort is continuing education.         from Dean Linda Cronenwett. Not         Local alumnae Heather Thompson
The Association worked this spring      only did the event offer 1.5 contact    Mackey (MSN ’01) and Pat Dodson
to create top-notch programs at a       hours of ANCC credit at a special       Hayes (BSN ’67) are helping to plan
low cost for several groups of          rate, it also gave local alumni the     the day. If you would like more
SON alums in the communities            opportunity to meet one another         information on this event, please
where they live and work.               and learn together.                     contact Anne Webb at (919) 966-
    The first of these programs was         Charlotte alum Glenda Wooten        4619 or
held in Charlotte during the month      (BSN ’82) helped arrange logistics

Alumni Association Awards Scholarships
As part of its plan for student out-
reach, the Alumni Association Board
again awarded scholarships for the
spring semester to several deserving
nursing students. Recipients includ-
ed Master’s student Andrea Biondi,
seniors Debra Davis and Jewel Scott
and junior Mary Glenn Smith.
Members of the Board’s scholarship
committee reviewed nearly 30
strong applications for the four
awards. Dean Cronenwett and
Alumni Association President Tonya
Rutherford Hemming honored the
recipients at a celebration luncheon
on February 20. Both agreed that
these outstanding students will         Alumni Association President Tonya Rutherford Hemming and Dean Linda
                                        Cronenwett offered their congratulations to scholarship award winners (l-
bring strong talents to the nursing     r) Jewel Scott, Mary Glenn Smith, Andrea Biondi and Debra Davis at a cele-
profession.                             bratory luncheon this spring.

                                                                                            SPRING 2003          27

SON Alums Keep in Touch
through Regional Events
                                                                                  another in our local area.”
                                                                                      Southern Pines-area alumni
                                                                                  enjoyed lunch with Dean
                                                                                  Cronenwett in September. Cheryl
                                                                                  Banks Bachelor (BSN ’79) helped
                                                                                  organize this gathering of alums
                                                                                  from various classes.
                                                                                      A Wilmington-area committee
                                                                                  formed in 2001 and has been very
                                                                                  active. Headed by alum and faculty
                                                                                  member Betty Woodard (MSN ’87),
                                                                                  these SON graduates have hosted
                                                                                  two events so far and hope to con-
                                                                                  tinue getting together. Committee
                                                                                  members are co-chair Donna Bost
                                                                                  (BSN ’76), Tyler Baucom (BSN
                                                                                  ’96), Beth Chadwick (BSN ’81),
                                                                                  Denise Darden (BSN ’77), and
                                                                                  Robin Harper (BSN ’86). Together
                                                                                  they represent a wide range of nurs-
                                                                                  ing knowledge and also enjoy hav-
                                                                                  ing fun with fellow UNC grads. The
Bonnie Fields (BSN ’80), Nancy Scott Fuller, Dean Linda Cronenwett, Shawn Houck   committee put together one event
(BSN ’86), Karen Highfill (BSN ’90) and Beth Jaekle (BSN ’80, MSN ’85) met in     just to get to know younger alumni
October for a Greensboro-area alumni event.
                                                                                  in the area who recently started
                                                                                  careers and can benefit from the
    Alums are strengthening school        (BSN ’80), Beth Jaekle (BSN ’80,        advice of other Carolina nurses.
ties and getting the most out of          MSN ’85) and Nancy Caddy (BSN               Bringing the School out to
their Carolina nursing connections        ’71) were alumni organizers for an      alumni is also a goal of this year’s
through a new regional alumni             afternoon reception in October. Area    Alumni Association Board of
program. The program was put in           alumna Ann McPhaul (BSN ’65)            Directors. “Gathering feedback from
place to draw together alums in           provided a location for the meeting.    alumni who are doing the work
various communities and bring a           In addition to getting to know each     that we train our students to do is
bit of the SON to them. Three             other, the group heard an update        invaluable to the School,” says
groups have formed in North               on School events and had a lively       Anne Webb, Alumni Association
Carolina and spent time with each         discussion about nursing education      director. “Getting together with
other and Dean Linda Cronenwett           and the role of the SON in the state.   fellow alumni seems to be a real
this past fall. The participants          “The event gave many of us the          benefit for our graduates and is
enjoyed meeting other alums and           opportunity to reconnect with old       always lots of fun.” If you are
comparing notes on career opportu-        friends, but perhaps even more          interested in helping form a group
nities, health-care networks and          importantly it gave us the opportu-     in your area, please contact Webb
even social and family life.              nity to make new ones,” says Fields.    at or
Greensboro, Southern Pines and            “The breadth and depth of our           (919) 966-4619.
Wilmington were all places where          alumni network is quite amazing
regional events took place this fall.     and these events give us the oppor-
    In Greensboro, Bonnie Fields          tunity to link and get to know one

                                                                                       NOTEWORTHY NURSES

Noteworthy Nurses:
                 The 2002 Alumni of the Year

SERVICE. COMPASSION. EXCELLENCE. All words that describe nurses who
on a daily basis care for patients who span the human diaspora of age,
race, creed and color. The School of Nursing recently honored three of its
most outstanding nursing alums at the 2002 Alumni Day celebration with
awards that recognized their significant contributions to the profession.

Mae Massey Carroll,                       Jacqueline Lytle Gonzalez,               Katharine Harper Kent,
BSN ’67, MSN, RN                          BSN ’79, MSN, CNAA, RN                   BSN ’95, OCN, RN                          Mae Massey Carroll thanked
                                                                                                                             the Alumni Association and
    Carroll is co-recipient of the            Gonzalez is the other recipient          Kent is the recipient of the 2002
                                                                                                                             her fellow alums for the
2002 Alumna of the Year Award, an         of the 2002 Alumna of the Year           Carrington Award for Exceptional          day’s honor.
award given to SON graduates              Award. She has served as vice            Community Service, given to an
known for their outstanding service       president of patient care services       individual who has given remarkable
in the area of nursing, either            and chief nursing officer at Miami        service to the community, state or
through scholarly efforts, promotion      Children’s Hospital in Miami,            other beneficiary organizations
of health care or service to the field     Florida, since 1998.                     (though not necessarily through
of nursing.                                   After graduating from Carolina       direct nursing activity) and who has
    Carroll works as a psychiatric        in 1979, she began her career at         reflected favorably on the SON
clinical specialist at the Veterans       Charlotte Memorial Hospital (now         through this remarkable service.
Affairs Medical Center in Salisbury,      Carolinas Medical Center) in                 Kent started her nursing career
North Carolina, where she developed       Charlotte, North Carolina, as a staff    as an oncology nurse at Frye
the first post-traumatic stress disor-     nurse. In 1980 she moved to Miami        Regional Medical Center in Hickory,
der outpatient clinic for veterans. She   to work as a staff nurse at Miami        North Carolina. Not long afterward,
also developed STOP (Salisbury            Children’s Hospital, where she has       she was hired as a breast health          Katharine Kent received a
                                                                                                                             corsage from Alumni Affairs
Transitional Outpatient Program), a       held several nursing positions since     nurse at the Center for Breast Health     Director Anne Webb to note
program that allows homeless veter-       then, including assistant head           at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in          her special place at the
ans to participate in a wellness pro-     nurse, head nurse, nursing supervi-      Lenoir, North Carolina.                   SON on Alumni Day.
gram at the center during the day and     sor, associate director of nursing           In her capacity as a breast
reside at the local Rowan Helping         and director of operations.              health nurse, she performs clinical
Ministries during the night while             Gonzalez is active in her local      breast examinations, coordinates
awaiting admission into an appro-         nursing community, having served         breast health outreach programs,
priate rehab or treatment program.        as adjunct and guest faculty at          writes grants for breast health
    Carroll earned recognition as         Florida International University         awareness programs and counsels
the first African American to teach        School of Nursing, University of         breast cancer patients and their
nursing at the Louise Harkey School       Miami School of Nursing and              families. She also works as a
of Nursing at Cabarrus College of         Florida Atlantic University College of   volunteer with the Susan G. Komen
Health Sciences in Concord, North         Nursing. She works with a number         Breast Cancer Foundation and
Carolina, and the Decker School of        of Miami-area health-care councils       helped start a local affiliate of the
Nursing at Binghamton University in       and organizations, including Parent      foundation in the North Carolina          Jacqueline Lytle Gonzalez,
Binghamton, New York. She also            to Parent, an organization devoted       foothills. She currently serves on        pictured here with her
broke ground as the first African          to the support of families of children   the Dallas Komen Foundation’s             husband and mother, visited
                                                                                                                             Chapel Hill for the first time
American female to serve as com-          with disabilities, and is a member of    National Advocate Grant Review            since she graduated more than
mander at the JC Price American           several nursing organizations,           Committee.                                20 years ago.
Legion, Post 107, in Salisbury, North     including the National Association
                                                                                   If you know of any noteworthy nursing
Carolina, where she introduced            of Children’s Hospitals, American        alumni who deserve recognition, please
health education for Legionnaires.        Organization of Nurse Executives         fill out and return the alumni award
                                          and the Nursing Shortage                 nomination form found in the back of
                                          Consortium of South Florida.             this magazine.

                                                                                                 SPRING 2003            29
                                   DEVELOPMENT NEWS

The University of
North Carolina at
                                   The Generosity of Friends
Chapel Hill School of
                                   Dear Alumni and Friends,                 she and her husband had just com-           express this in the work you do and
Nursing Foundation, Inc.
                                                                            pleted their wills and it is their          the many ways you give back to us.
Board of Directors                     This was one of those extraordi-     intention to leave a major (and             We have now reached 42% of our
                                   nary days when the generosity and        anonymous) bequest to the School            $15 million campaign goal, and
Executive Committee:               thoughtfulness of alumni, friends        to use for scholarships. She plans to       have brought over $6 million in
Margaret Ferguson Raynor           and faculty gives me pause. I have       complete a planned gift information         private gifts to the School of
(BSN ’67)                          just opened four envelopes. They         sheet so that we can document this          Nursing. This is accomplished as
President                          were postmarked from Salisbury,          and count it toward our campaign            much by small donations as it is by
Franklin Clark, III
                                   North Carolina, Richmond,                goal. During lunch today Dean               large gifts. We still have some dis-
Past President
                                   Virginia, Rochester, New York, and       Cronenwett and I met with a group           tance to go. Yet, I am reassured by
                                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of them        of Raleigh alumni from the classes          your love for Carolina nursing and
Nancy Scott Fuller                 contained five one-dollar bills with      of ’59, ’70, ’73 and ’74. Each              know that because of this, we will
Vice President                     a note to apply the gift wherever        woman told stories about how her            fully fund our new building and
                                   there was greatest need and the          nursing education and UNC-Chapel            establish the scholarships and
Karen Coley Harrison (BSN ’65)
                                   cheer, “Go Heels.” This gift was as      Hill experience was a constant thread       professorships we need to create
                                   touching as the other gifts I opened     of dependability in their lives and a       our future.
Greer Cawood                       from family and friends who wished       source of support as they built upon
Treasurer                          to honor the memory of a wonder-         personal and professional successes.        With heartfelt thanks,
                                   ful alumna and her mother, both of           You constantly remind me of
                                   whom died of cancer.                     your compassion and your values
At-Large Members:                      Earlier, a highly regarded faculty   that are demonstrated by your desire
                                   member came into my office, closed        to give to others and create a future       Norma Singleton Hawthorne, MS
Evelyn Scott Alexander (BSN ’56)   the door, sat down and confided that      for those who come after you. You           Director of Advancement
Denise Taylor Darden (BSN ’77)

Barbara Jo Foley (BSN ’67)

Terry Graedon

Pamela Jameson (BSN ’76)

Steve Martin
                                   SON Foundation Board Update
Joyce Page                                                                       During an all-day planning session     monies to build early loyalty.
                                                                            called by President Margaret Raynor             Dr. Janet Askew Sipple (MSN ’70) will
Gary Park
                                                                            (BSN ’67) on November 14, 2002, the         chair the Major Gifts Committee and
Mary “Bebe” Rose (BSN ’64)                                                  Board of Directors of the School of         plans to co-host a fall 2004 reception for
Gwen Russell
                                                                            Nursing Foundation, Inc., met to estab-     alumni and friends in the eastern part of
                                                                            lish a new working committee structure      the state with Paul Chused. To support
Janet Askew Sipple (MSN ’70)                                                and identify strategic goals that would     the Campaign, Denise Taylor Darden
Carolyn Underwood (BSN ’79)                                                 help the School reach its $15 million       (BSN ’77) plans to entertain Wilmington
                                                                            campaign goal.                              alumni and friends in her home this
                                                                                 The meeting was facilitated by         summer. President Raynor will further
Honorary Emeritus Members:                                                  Carolyn Underwood (BSN ’79), president      explore efforts to link students more
                                                                            and CEO of Artecel Sciences, Inc., a        closely with Foundation Board goals with
Audrey Booth (MSN ’57)                                                      Research Triangle Park biotechnology        new board member Gwen Russell, parent
Frances Fox Hill                                                            company, who led individual and group       of Kim Russell (BSN ’02).
                                                                            visioning exercises that explored ways to       The Board also welcomed new mem-
Carolyn London (BSN ’56)
                                                                            grow major gifts and bequests, develop      ber Joyce Page of Durham. She joined
Thomas Norris, Jr.                                                          corporate and foundation contacts and       directors Evelyn Alexander (BSN ’56),
                                   Carolyn Underwood (BSN ’79) facili-      create stronger ties to alumni, students    Greer Cawood, Dr. Franklin Clark III, Dr.
Mary Ragsdale                      tated the fall 2002 Foundation Board
                                   meeting with group exercises and
                                                                            and friends of the School.                  Barbara Jo Foley (BSN ’67), Nancy Scott
                                   brainstorming sessions.                       By the end of the day, the working     Fuller, Dr. Terry Graedon, Karen Coley
                                                                            committees had identified nine major         Harrison (BSN ’65), Pam Jameson (BSN
                                                                            goals that included holding a gala event    ’76), Gary Park and Bebe Rose (BSN ’64)
                                                                            in spring 2003, identifying family foun-    in the lively discussion that established
                                                                            dations that could support the School       the action plan for the immediate future.
                                                                            and supporting student recognition cere-

                                   30   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                                   DEVELOPMENT NEWS

Class Gifts to Carolina First:                                                                                                             Class Gift Notes

                                                                                                                                           A “class gift” represents
Leveraging the Power of Individuals                                                                                                        the sum of individual gifts
                                                                                                                                           made by each classmate
                                                                                                                                           to the building fund. This
     When Bette Davis (BSN ’55) called                                                                                                     collective gift can have a
her classmates to urge them to support a                                                                                                   substantial positive impact
class gift that would name the Alumni                                                                                                      on the future of the SON.
Welcome Center Reception Room in their                                                                                                     If an average individual
honor, she hoped to get 100% participa-                                                                                                    gift or pledge is $25,000
tion. And, thanks to the generous support                                                                                                  to $50,000, a class gift
of her classmates, she did. On November                                                                                                    could generate enough
9, many of the first to graduate from the                                                                                                   collective impact to name,
School of Nursing reunited at Aurora                                                                                                       for example, the dean’s
Restaurant in Chapel Hill to celebrate a                                                                                                   suite ($200,000) or the
collective $60,000 gift to the building                                                                                                    undergraduate computer
fund. Joy Burton, Gwen Butler, Martha                                                                                                      laboratory ($400,000) in
Cline, Winnie Cotton, Bette Davis, Patsy                                                                                                   honor of a class.
Johnson, Geri Laport, Mary Leggette,
Janet Littlejohn, Gloria Peele, Ramelle                                                                                                    A significant gift from an
Starnes and Louise Thomas were all in                                                                                                      individual who contributes
attendance. Those who made individual          Bette Davis, Gwen Butler and Gwen’s husband, Robert, caught up with                         toward the class gift will
gifts or pledges of $5,000 or more will        one another and fellow classmates at the celebratory dinner at Aurora.                      also have a naming oppor-
receive added recognition on the Wall of                                                                                                   tunity in the building.
Honor plaque in the entry lobby of the        scholarship or a room in the new build-            Some of the most recent graduates
new building. Ed Starnes (AB ’56),            ing in honor of the class. They plan to        are also getting involved. Courtney Rawls     We are unable to count
painter and husband of Ramelle Starnes,       survey classmates about preferences soon.      and Meg Gambrell have launched a BSN          bequests toward a class
is creating a commemorative watercolor             The Class of ’69 also recently kicked     Class of ’01 effort to support the brick      gift, as they cannot be used
to hang in the reception room when the        off an initiative to support the new build-    campaign and have their class well rep-       for capital building funds.
new building is dedicated in 2005, also       ing. At this time, they are looking at sev-    resented on the paved walkway alongside
the 50th reunion of the class.                eral possible rooms for the class to name.     the new building addition.                    All gifts over $5,000 will
     Classmates Karen Coley Harrison and      Jo Lentz Williams and Jo-Anne                      These group gifts will add to those       be recognized on the Wall
Helen Wilson (BSN ’65), along with hus-       Trowbridge Martin are leading the effort.      made by the Class of ’56 ($350,000) and       of Honor.
bands David Harrison and Ronny Wilson,             Class of ’93 members Tonya                the Faculty Emeriti ($140,000).
gathered before the UNC v. UConn bas-         Rutherford Hemming, BJ Lee Simpson and             If you’d like to know more about          All gifts of whatever size
ketball game to begin exploring a Class       Jennifer Christian Wilkins are organizing      organizing a steering committee of your       are valued and welcomed.
of ’65 gift to the Carolina First             a class effort to coincide with their          classmates for a class gift, please contact
Campaign. Their hope is to present it at      upcoming 10th reunion. They are plan-          Norma Hawthorne or Anne Webb at
their 2005 reunion. They discussed            ning a collective gift to the building fund    (919) 966-4619 or
options, including naming an endowed          and will present it at Alumni Day this fall.

The Class of ’55 gathered for dinner recently to celebrate a collective $60,000 gift to the Building Campaign. Participation in the
Campaign was 100%. Pictured here are (l–r) Bette Davis, Ramelle Starnes, Gloria Peele, Gwen Butler, Joy Burton, Geri Laport,
Winnie Cotton, Patsy Johnson, Janet Littlejohn, Mary Leggette, Martha Cline, Dean Cronenwett and Louise Thomas.

                                                                                                 31   CAROLINA NURSING
                                  DEVELOPMENT NEWS

Planned Giving:
For Something                     The George Livas Leadership Award
You Believe In
                                       In March and June of each year the
Making a bequest to the           faculty who teach undergraduate BSN
School of Nursing testifies       students are asked to submit names of
to your concern for the           two graduating seniors, one from the 14-
welfare of others and for         month option and one from the 24-
your commitment to the            month option, who they feel best exem-
future of the School, its         plify nursing leadership qualities. Ballots
faculty and students. By          are prepared, faculty votes are tallied and
informing the University          the dean honors the recipients at a spe-
of your intention to benefit      cial ceremony or during commencement.
Carolina, you give us the              Turn back the clock. 1956. A group
opportunity to thank you          of senior BSN classmates gather daily at
now for your generosity.          the Carolina Coffee Shop where owner
For some, the combination         George Livas makes a place for them at
of a campaign gift or             the front window alongside Chapel Hill’s
pledge and a deferred gift        civic and business leaders. Nursing stu-
can result in significant         dents are among the first women on
financial advantages.             campus, and Mr. Livas wants them to feel
                                  comfortable. Sometimes, when they are         Dean Cronenwett and Carolyn London (BSN ’56) were appreciative of Sophia Livas
• You do not need to send         short on change, he treats them to lunch      and her daughter, Elaini Bingham, sharing a few memories of George Livas.
  us a copy of your will to       or a soda and offers help to solve a
  document a bequest.             particularly perplexing mathematical          modestly, with the interest accrued each         Carolyn London remembered how
• An easy, one-page deferred      problem. They make him an honorary            year enough to make two small awards.        classmates Landy Fox, Jess Carraway
  giving information sheet        class member as they prepare to                   When Mrs. Sophia Livas came to visit     Heizer, Coolie Monroe, Jane Sox Monroe
  is the only necessary           graduate. His warmth and good nature          Dean Linda Cronenwett in October 2002        and she were accepted by Mr. Livas and
  paperwork.                      are supportive and encouraging.               with daughter Elaini Bingham, she            what it was like to be a student at that
• The University understands           When Mr. Livas died suddenly that        recounted the era with Carolyn London        time. Their recollections have inspired
  that people’s intentions        year, still a relatively young man, the       (BSN ’56) and Jeff Dudley (BSN ’02), last    the SON to look for ways to build the
  may change and they may         women wanted to pay special tribute to        year’s 14-month option Livas Award           Livas Award fund. If you are interested in
  want to make later modi-        his memory. They established the George       recipient. Jeff, who is now working at UNC   contributing to this special fund, please
  fications. A documented         Livas Leadership Award and solicited          Hospitals, says the award is especially      contact Norma Hawthorne at (919) 966-
  bequest is considered a         contributions from some of Franklin           meaningful to him because it represents      4619 or
  revocable gift to the           Street’s notables. A small fund was estab-    special recognition by the faculty and is
  University.                     lished and over the years it has grown        a long-standing tradition in the School.
• All information is confi-
  dential and anonymous
  unless you tell us otherwise.
• Documented bequests
                                            George Livas                        2002: Jeffrey Dudley,                        1998: Laura Calamos
                                                                                      14-month option
  count toward the
  Carolina First Campaign.
                                       Leadership Award                                                                      1997: Jennifer Simms
• This is a VERY important               recipients from                                 Leslie Collins,
                                                                                         24-month option                     1996: Susan Richard
  way you can help us reach
  our $15 million goal.                the past 10 years:
                                                                                2001: Emily Joubert                          1995: Mary Holtschneider
Please visit\                                                      2000: Christopher Norwood                    1992: Becky Guess
giftplanning to learn more.
                                                                                1999: Jonathon Rector

                                  32    CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                                               ALUMNI NOTES

1970                                   1984                                    1997
Gwen Dorminey Sherwood                 Nancy Walters Harman (BSN)              Ginger Baity Ervin (BSN) completed
(MSN) was inducted into the            marked seven years at Womack Army       her MSN at UNC-Charlotte and is now
American Academy of Nursing in         Medical Center in Ft. Bragg, North      working as a family nurse practitioner
2001 and became president-elect of     Carolina, in June 2002 as a staff       in an internal medicine practice.
the International Association for      nurse midwife. In August, she
Human Caring. She is a professor       opened Birthwise of Central North       Yvette M. Pype Gramins (BSN)
and associate dean for practice and    Carolina in Chatham County, which       moved back to North Carolina after
outreach at the University of Texas-   provides home birth services and        living overseas with her husband,
Houston School of Nursing.             well woman care. She stays busy         who is a surgeon in the US Navy, and
                                       growing organic vegetables and          works at Presbyterian Hospital in
                                       herbs on her family farm, volunteer-    Charlotte.
1973                                   ing with the Chatham County Social
                                       Health Council, directing the choir     BJ Lee Simpson (BSN ’93, MSN ’97)
Maryann Patterson Ingersoll            at her church and raising her three     was awarded the National Association
(BSN) has returned to live in the      teenage sons.                           of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s
United States after three years in                                             Health Nurse Practitioner of the
Kuwait, though her husband still                                               Year Award during the 2002 NPWH
travels back and forth for business.   1985                                    conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.
She keeps busy with volunteer work                                             The award honors her dedicated
at Houston Children’s Hospital,        Cynthia Cumbo Klaess (BSN)              service promoting women’s health
KUHF Radio and the Houston             received certification in case man-     care and issues in rural North
Museum of Fine Arts. She is a mem-     agement. She now works as a             Carolina.
ber of the Holistic Nursing            cardiovascular surgery case manager
Association and hopes to certify in    at Rex Healthcare in Raleigh, North     Julie M. Schneider (BSN) has been
aromatherapy soon.                     Carolina.                               promoted to manager of Transplant
                                                                               Services at Memorial Hermann
Suzanne Limparis Ward(BSN)                                                     Hospital in Houston, Texas.
is now a licensed and nationally       1987
certified massage therapist in                                                  Niki Peaden Speri (BSN) and hus-
Maryland. She is also a part-time      Gary Crotty (BSN ’84, MSN ’87)          band Bill (BSBA ’97) became the
costume designer.                      finished his term as president and      proud parents of daughter Taylor
                                       past president of the Tennessee         Daune in August 2001. She also has
                                       Nurses Association.                     been promoted to operating room
1974                                                                           manager at NC Specialty Hospital in
                                                                               Durham, NC.
Carol Zimmerman Garrison (BSN)         1994
began her tenure as president of the
University of Alabama at               Cherie Smith-Miller (BSN) presented
Birmingham September 1, 2002.          “Why Are We Talking About Hearing
                                                                                            We w
She completed her MSN from UAB         Loss? I Have Lives To Save!” at the                           an
and her PhD in Epidemiology from       26th Annual Congress and Nursing                          from t to hear
the University of North Carolina in    Symposium of the Society of                         To u
1982.                                  Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck                    let C te your
                                                                                         your arolina         addr
                                       Nurses held in San Diego, California,                   ne          Nu      ess o
                                                                                                                         r to
                                                                                         spec w job, n rsing sh
                                       September 20-24, 2002.                                 ial a
                                                                                                    ccom ew add
1983                                                                                    fello
                                                                                              w al
                                                                                                         plish      re
                                                                                                               men ss, or
                                                                                              form s, please t with
                                                                                                     on p        use
Mary Maddrey Chandler (BSN) is         1996                                                               age

in the post-masters FNP program at
the University of Virginia and looks   Susan Kyle Foster (BSN) gave birth
forward to her graduation in May       to Megan Kyle Foster in December
2003. She completed her MSN at UVA     2001. Megan’s older sister, Emily
in 1992. She is married to the Rev.    Kathryn Foster, is three years old.
Dr. John Chandler (BA ’83). They
have two sons, Preston and Roland.

                                                                                             SPRING 2003               33
For more information on
School events, contact the
Office of Advancement.
                               Calendar of Events
Phone: (919) 966-4619          June
FAX: (919) 843-8241
                                    Nurse Practitioner Review Course                           June 3 – 5, 2003

                                    History Taking and Physical Examination:                   June 6, 13 and 20, 2003
For more information or to          Sharpening Your Skills
register for a Continuing
Education program, contact
the School of Nursing Office        Critical Teaching Strategies for Critical Thinking         June 7, 2003
of Continuing Education.

E-mail:     ■ Nursing Exploration Week                                      June 22 – June 27, 2003
Phone: (919) 966-3638
FAX: (919) 966-0870
lifelong/index.html            July
                                    1st Annual Advanced Teaching Excellence Institute:         July 29 – August 1, 2003
                                    Advanced Principles of Teaching in Nursing

                               ■ 14-month Second Degree BSN Option Commencement                August 10, 2003

                                    Writing for Publication with Elizabeth Tornquist           August 22, 2003

                               ■ First Day of Classes                                          August 26, 2003

                                    Legal Update                                               August 29, 2003

                                    Career Opportunities in Clinical Research: Understanding   September 2 – November 18, 2003
                                    the Roles & Responsibilities of CRA and CRC

                                    Strokes: Preventing & Managing "Brain Attacks"             September 4, 2003

                                    HIV Update 2003: Caring for the HIV Patient                September 11, 2003

                                    Teaching using Stories                                     September 13, 2003

                                    The Cutting Edge: Balancing Your Life                      September 18 – 19, 2003

                                    Diabetes Management in the Hospital Setting                September 30, 2003

                               ■ Distinguishes School of Nursing events from Continuing Education events

                               34   CAROLINA NURSING
                                                                  Please send your survey and news to:
                                                                  Associate Director of Alumni Affairs, School of Nursing
                                                                  UNC-Chapel Hill, Carrington Hall, CB #7460
                                                                  Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460
MAKE YOUR OPINION                        Count                    Fax: (919) 843-8241    E-mail:

    We want to know how we can best serve you, the nearly 6,000 distinguished alumni who are an important part of the School of
    Nursing family. Please take a moment to fill out and return this short survey to make your opinion count.

    1. What kinds of alumni programs interest you?
       Please rank each of the following on a scale of 1–5.
       1 = very interesting 2 = somewhat interesting 3 = neutral         4 = not so interesting     5 = not interesting at all
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       Regional Programs                               1    2 3        4    5
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    2. What types of articles do you most enjoy reading in Carolina Nursing magazine?
       Please rank each of the following on a scale of 1–5.
       1 = very interesting 2 = somewhat interesting 3 = neutral 4 = not so interesting             5 = not interesting at all
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    3. Would you like to plan a reunion for your class?         ❑ No ❑ Yes
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       ❑ No ❑ Yes, I’d like to help with:_________________________________________________________
    6. What can your Alumni Association do to better serve you?:

    Name (please include maiden name):_____________________________Class Year: ____ Degree:____________

WHAT’S NEW         With You?
    Keeping up with each other is hard to do these days. Please let Carolina Nursing share your news! Whether it’s a
    new job, a new address, or a special accomplishment, we’ll be happy to get the word out for you.

    Name (please include maiden name):                                    Class Year:             Degree:

    ❑ My address has changed. My new address is:


                                                                                   SPRING 2003          35
                                                                  Please send your nominations to:
                                                                  Associate Director of Alumni Affairs, School of Nursing
                                                                  UNC-Chapel Hill, Carrington Hall, CB #7460
                                                                  Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460
                                                                  Fax: (919) 843-8241    E-mail:
                                                                  For additional info, contact Anne Webb at (919) 966-4619

  The School of Nursing is accepting nominations for awards to be presented each year during Alumni Day. Please nominate that
  colleague or friend who has meant much to the profession and to the School of Nursing. Additional supporting material may be
  attached to this nomination form if necessary. A member of the awards committee may contact you for additional information.

  The ALUMNA/US OF THE YEAR AWARD is awarded to the UNC School of Nursing graduate who is known for distinction in
  nursing through scholarly endeavors, promotion of health care or professional service.

  Name of Nominee:                                                                                       Class:
                               FIRST                       MAIDEN                        LAST

  Reasons why nominee should receive this award:

  The CARRINGTON AWARD FOR EXCEPTIONAL COMMUNITY SERVICE is awarded to the UNC School of Nursing graduate who has
  given remarkable service to the community, state or other beneficiary organizations and has reflected favorably on the School of
  Nursing through efforts to benefit society (though not necessarily through direct nursing activity).

  Name of Nominee:                                                                                       Class:
                                FIRST                      MAIDEN                        LAST

  Reasons why nominee should receive this award:

  The HONORARY ALUMNA/US AWARD is awarded to a professional who possesses distinction in the nursing profession and has
  demonstrated outstanding support to the School of Nursing. This person is a non-graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing.

  Name of Nominee:                                                                                       Class:
                                FIRST                      MAIDEN                        LAST

  Reasons why nominee should receive this award:

  Your Name:                                                                                             Class:


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