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Issue At A Glance                                CEO REPORT AND                                      T h e
                                                 COMMENTS                                            continues
CEO Report                                       By Dave Semerad                                     to shed
and Comments                                 1                                                       j o b s
                                                 The Recession That Never Ended -                    because
Safety Day                                   2   Where Do We Go From Here?                           demand
                                                                                                     for con-
                                                 It’s difficult to keep reporting the same old       struction
Spring Membership                                news, but if you read about the economic            remains weak. According to the Census Bureau,
Meeting                                      2   recovery, you wonder why Minnesota’s                construction spending was down 34 percent
                                                 construction industry is so slow to recover.        from March 2006 - November 2010.
Calendar of Events                           2
                                                 While the national recession is reported to have    While $884 billion was invested in construction
                                                 officially ended in June 2009, the construction     in 2009, that amount shrank $100 billion in
Annual Meeting                               2
                                                 industry has continued to suffer from job losses    2010, to a ten-year low. That decline in
                                                 and ever-tighter margins.                           construction activity has largely been driven by
Letting Schedule                             2                                                       a collapse in private sector demand. Since 2008,
                                                 At the start of 2011, the industry’s national       the percentage of overall construction activity
New Members                                  4   unemployment rate was 20.7 percent, roughly         that is financed by the private sector has
                                                 twice the overall unemployment rate. During         declined from 76 percent to 60 percent.
                                                 the past 12 months alone, the industry has lost     Developer financed construction sectors, like
Members in the News                          6   over 100,000 jobs. Few regions have been            new office, retail and hotel development, have
                                                 immune as construction employment contin-           been particularly decimated, experiencing
CHASE Participants                           7   ued to decline in two-thirds of the 337             between 50 percent and 30 percent declines in
                                                 metropolitan areas for which employment data        activity.
                                                 is available. In short, the construction industry
STP Graduates                                8   continues to suffer from depression-like            In addition to the private sector declines, the
                                                 conditions.                                         industry also suffered from drops in local and
Pay Safety Forward                           8                                                       state construction funding. Indeed, many state
                                                 Minnesota is one of the states where the            and municipal governments made dramatic
                                                 recession has been characterized as a depression.   reductions to their capitol programs in reaction
                                                 Since 2006, state construction unemployment         to declining tax revenue. These steep drops in
        AGC of Minnesota                         has declined 37 percent, or 30,000 jobs.            private and public sector construction activity
           MISSION                               Unemployment in some industry sectors has           were offset somewhat by large, temporary
          STATEMENT                              exceeded 50 percent.                                federal programs, including the base
 To enhance the legislative and economic                                                             realignment and stimulus programs.
    strength, image and well-being of            In one Minnesota trade, for example, average
   the Minnesota construction industry           monthly hours reported were down 49 percent                                    Continued on page 3
    by adding value in all that we do;           from 2007-2010. In another, for the same
     consistently maintaining our core           period, average monthly hours were off 39
values of skill, responsibility and integrity.   percent.                                                                 SPRING 2011 | Page 1
                                                         SAFETY DAY
Although the economy continues to have a major impact on our industry, the importance of safety is still recognized as a critical
component of doing business. Almost 300 attendees visited with exhibitors, participated in 35 hours of classes, received certifications,
and heard from lunch speaker Mark Seeley, climatologist at the University of Minnesota, at this year’s Safety Day. Thanks to Carciofini
Company (breakfast sponsor) and Hilmerson Safety Services, Inc. (lunch sponsor) for their support. Mark your calendars for Safety
Day 2012 – Thursday, March 8.

   Attendees from Dunwoody College of            The hands-on signal person exam, part              Attendees visit with exhibitors
     Technology model the safety cap                 of the certification process for
        given as a registration gift                        session attendees

                                        SPRING MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                                        Thank you to those who attended the quarterly
                                        membership meeting and congratulations to the
                                        companies recognized as continuous members during
                                        the program. Your support is greatly appreciated. The
                                        complete list of continuous members is available at
                                        307. Watch the Weekly Update for information on the
                                        summer meeting.

                                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS
        5                Golf Tournament,                                             7:30 am                   Denise Woods
                         Fox Hollow Golf Club, St. Michael
        29               Sporting Clays Fundraiser,                                   12:30 pm                  Denise Woods
                         Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, Prior Lake
        1                AGC-Mn/DOT Grading Forum,                                    All day                   Tim Worke
                         Location TBD
        1                Holiday Reception,                                           5:00 - 7:30 pm            Denise Woods
                         Location TBD
                             c dul       r l e ve s s s       l e     r nt       ag m or .
                           A she eofAG C- eatd e nt i alo avaiabl unde Eve satwww. c n. g

 ANNUAL MEETING – SAVE THE DATE                                                 2011 MN/DOT LETTINGS
Mark your calendars for our 93rd Annual Meeting, to be held on
Wednesday, January 25, at The Northland Inn in Brooklyn Park.               May 20                  July 22             October 28
Details will be available this fall at and through            June 10                August 26           November 18
the Weekly Update.                                                          June 24              September 23          December 16
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Continued from page 1
The stimulus in particular proved helpful, but was not a panacea.
The roughly $135 billion in construction investments kept many           FINAL.pdf.
construction firms from shutting down and saved tens of
thousands of construction jobs. Outside of the $49 billion in            Some will argue that new measures and regulatory reforms aren’t
transportation related investments, however, much of the stimulus’       needed and the industry will recover on its own. Considering that
construction funds have been invested more slowly than many              the construction industry has accounted for twenty percent of the
anticipated. As a result, the impact of the stimulus has been            jobs lost during the downturn, even though it accounts for only
diluted as the investments spread out over what is likely to be a        five percent of the workforce, it is clear that extraordinary measures
five-year period.                                                        are necessary to reverse the stagnation and get the industry back on
Worse, the amount of money the stimulus brought to the
construction market proved much smaller than the overall                 AGC of Minnesota’s involvement in the Building Jobs Coalition is
contractions being driven by diminishing private, state and local        part of a plan designed to stimulate the vertical industry in
demand for construction. In other words, the broader downturn in         Minnesota. On March 19, the Coalition met with Governor
construction activity eliminated far more jobs than the stimulus         Dayton and key members of the Governor’s Cabinet to urge the
was able to save or create.                                              Legislature and Governor to pass a generous bonding bill. The
                                                                         Governor’s $1 billion bill was rolled out in late January as a job
Additionally, the stimulus created unrealistic employment                creation and economic stimulus measure. To date, there has been
expectations that could not be realized. Many communities                no real action on this proposal. In view of Minnesota’s $6 billion
expected to have an increase in the demand for workers, but so           deficit, most legislators will have a difficult time with the
many jobs had been lost in the downturn that experienced                 Governor’s proposal, even though the Governor and many
workers who had been laid off were the first to be called back if        legislators ran on a job creation platform.
jobs became available.
                                                                         The Building Jobs Coalition helped pass a Jobs bill in April 2010,
Even as the construction market has continued to tumble, robust          and this year the Coalition has been back at the Capitol with new
economic recoveries in Asia and South America have begun                 measures to spur the building sector of Minnesota’s construction
driving prices up for key construction commodities. Since 2009,          economy.
the cost of diesel has risen 28 percent, copper shapes are up 13
percent, and aluminum and brass mill shapes rose 12 percent.             In short, the message of the Coalition has been similar in concept
Overall, the cost of construction materials increased nearly five        to AGCA’s. Measures include banking regulation reform, environ-
percent between January 2010 and 2011.                                   mental streamlining, Krummenacher case reform regarding a
                                                                         municipality’s right to award nonconforming variances, permit
These price increases are not as extreme as the double-digit             extensions, TIF District extensions, tax base adjustments for
increases from earlier in the decade. However, they are occurring at     vacant buildings, a “This Old House” tax valuation exemption
a time when the amount construction firms can charge for finished        program, tax credits for new markets, state housing tax credits,
projects has stagnated because of the intense competition for an         land assembly programs, lifting the moratorium on nuclear power
ever diminishing amount of work. The most recent data available          construction, small business loan guaranty programs, support of
from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the price for completed           HEAPRA funding and, of course, the bonding bill mentioned
projects remained almost flat during the past 12 months. As if           earlier. As of this writing, legislation has been signed into law
declining demand, rising costs and stagnant returns weren’t              during this session addressing the Coalition’s platform on
enough, federal investment policies are causing considerable             environmental review streamlining (HF 1, SF 42) and the
uncertainty for the growing number of construction firms that            Krummenacher case (HF 52, SF 13).
have come to focus on federally-funded projects. That is because
Congress has yet to pass long-term infrastructure investment             We believe that Minnesota’s construction industry, especially the
legislation addressing our aging inventory of water, road, transit, or   vertical sector, needs a boost. We look forward to reporting later
aviation systems.                                                        this year on how our industry is improving and what legislative
                                                                         plans we have for 2012 to continue moving the industry forward.
AGC of America’s Building a Stronger Future: A New Blueprint for         The Coalition’s Delta Force group is already planning for the 2012
Economic Growth is a plan that demonstrates the                          session.
overwhelming need for new investments and incentives for our
nation’s infrastructure. This plan will be used on Capitol Hill to       As we say frequently, thank you for your continued support of
explain to lawmakers how to boost private sector demand, tackle          AGC of America and AGC of Minnesota. We will continue
the infrastructure debt, and ease regulatory burdens to help the         working tirelessly to defend against harmful legislation and
industry recover and meet the nation’s goals for long-term               promote positive reform that will benefit our members and all
economic competitiveness. The Plan can be reviewed at                    Minnesotans.
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          AGC NEWSLETTER                                                            NEW MEMBERS
Constructive Comment Newsletter is published
quarterly for members of Associated General Contractors   Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration (Specialty Contractor)
of Minnesota, a statewide trade association of general    Randy Nielson, President
contractors, specialty contractors, and affiliated        2501 Minnehaha Avenue
suppliers involved in the construction of buildings,      Minneapolis, MN 55404-4119
highways, heavy industrial, and municipal utility
projects. Founded on Wednesday, December 11, 1918,        (612) 623-8018
by six contractors meeting at the Minnesota Club in       Fax (612) 623-8012
St. Paul, AGC of Minnesota is a chapter of Associated
General Contractors of America and American Road
and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).          Company Profile: Founded in 1954, Acme Tuckpointing & Restoration is a
                                                          union affiliated masonry restoration contractor that provides the following
Telephone:            (651) 632-8929
                                                          services: tuckpointing, brick & block repair/replacement, sealant replacement,
Fax:                  (651) 632-8928
                                                          chemical cleaning, waterproofing, thru-wall flashing repair/installation, concrete
Toll Free:            (800) 552-7670
                                                          repair, deck coatings, masonry, and painting/coating.
                                                          Though Acme specializes in work on commercial and industrial buildings, we
AGC STAFF DIRECT DIAL & EMAIL                             have a lengthy history of repairing and restoring all types of masonry buildings
David Semerad                                             in Minnesota, including churches, schools, public buildings, and multi-unit
Chief Executive Officer                                   housing.
(651) 796-2182                                        Asphalt Recycling Solutions, Inc. (Specialty Contractor)
Dan Hannan                                                Donn Johnson, President
Safety Director                                           6230 10th St., #310
(651) 796-2192                                            Oakdale, MN 55128                                         (651) 379-1196
                                                          Fax (651) 379-1197
Martha Henrickson                               
Director – Workforce Relations
                                                          Referred by: Nathan Reede, Upper Plains Contracting, Inc.
(651) 796-2194                                     Company Profile: Asphalt Recycling Solutions, Inc. is a specialty contractor
                                                          focusing on asphalt recycling and soil stabilization. Cold Planing or Milling,
Julie Moore                                               Process in Place or Full Depth Reclamation, Salvage and Stockpile, and Cold
Executive Assistant                                       In-Place Recycling, along with Soil Stabilization, are the processes we currently
(651) 796-2189                                            perform. Our main office is in Oakdale, with a satellite office and shop in Sioux                                          Falls, SD. Currently we have projects in the Dakotas, Nebraska and Minnesota.
Patricia Lynch
Office Manager                                            Custom Welding & Metal Fabricating, Inc. (Affiliate)
(651) 796-2181                                            Travis Mick, Sales                                          701 Julep Road
                                                          Waite Park, MN 56387-1463
Jane Sanem                                                (320) 251-1306
Director – Member Services                                Fax (320) 251-3037
(651) 796-2187                                  
                                                          Company Profile: Since 1988, Custom Welding & Metal Fabricating, Inc. has
Dave Waggoner                                             manufactured asphalt plant equipment and performed repairs. We also produce
Accounting                                                custom fabricated metal goods and services for all industries. At CWMF, our
(651) 796-2184                                            top-of-the-line fabricating equipment and superior knowledge will provide you                                       with everything you need.
Denise Woods
Director – Communications & Events                        Eide Bailly LLP (Affiliate)
(651) 796-2186                                            James Ford, Partner
                                                          5601 Green Valley Dr. #700
                                                          Minneapolis, MN 55437
Tim Worke                                                 (952) 918-3524
Director – Transportation & Highway                       Fax (952) 944-6166
(651) 796-2185                                                                            Company Profile: Eide Bailly is a regional public accounting firm serving clients
                                                          from 19 locations nationwide, including two in Minnesota. Ranked among the
Page 4 | SPRING 2011                                                                                                  Continued on page 5
Continued from page 4
top 25 firms in the nation, Eide Bailly provides assurance, tax, and   Referred by: Valley Paving and Advanced Concrete Sawing
consulting services to building and highway construction compa-        Company Profile: New Look Contracting, Inc. provides
nies. The firm’s business model is based on going “beyond the          excavation and site work, demolition, sewer and water for
numbers” to help clients with their financial, operational and busi-   highway/heavy and commercial projects throughout Minnesota
ness challenges.                                                       while also extending some services nationwide. New Look also
                                                                       provides culvert slip lining and hydro excavation services.
FPI Paving Contractors, Inc. (Specialty Contractor)
Chad Nelson, CEO                                                       Siegel Brill, P.A. (Affiliate)
3230 Rice St.                                                          Steven J. Weintraut, Attorney and Shareholder
St. Paul, MN 55126-3047                                                100 Washington Ave. S. #1300
(651) 484-0385                                                         Minneapolis, MN 55401-2151
Fax (651) 484-5327                                                     (612) 337-6100                                                      Fax (612) 339-6591
Company Profile: FPI Paving Contractors, Inc. began operation
in Little Canada in 1995 as Frattalone Paving, Inc. In December        Company Profile: Once, clients called their lawyers “counselor.” At
of 2004, two of the five original owners purchased the company         Siegel Brill this uncommon event still occurs. Siegel Brill brings a
and renamed it FPI Paving Contractors, Inc. Owners, Chad W.            tradition of 75 years of personalized and principled advice and
Nelson, CEO, and LeRoy L. Jelen, president, have over 40 years         insight to our role as a valued member of your team. Siegel Brill
of combined knowledge and experience in commercial and                 acts as a trusted legal advisor and counselor to all of its clients.
industrial asphalt paving. They are committed to continuing the        Whether you are starting a business, running a business, facing
reputation of excellence this company has earned.                      litigation, preparing an estate plan, or closing a deal, Siegel Brill
To ensure your entire job is handled with the utmost detail and        offers counsel grounded in the law and focused on the big
finished in a timely manner, our professional services include         picture. Steven represents businesses and individuals in a variety of
estimating, project management, and general contracting.               civil litigation, including employment, commercial, construction,
Satisfied customers in the Twin Cities metro area include building     real estate, and land use litigation. He has successfully litigated an
contractors, developers, municipalities, parks, business owners,       array of cases to jury verdicts, court orders, arbitration awards,
schools, churches, and golf courses.                                   appellate court opinions, and favorable settlements. Steven also
                                                                       provides employment counseling to companies and individuals,
                                                                       and represents clients in commercial transactions. He enjoys
Meyer Contracting Inc. (General Contractor)
                                                                       counseling clients and assisting them in reaching their objectives in
Kathleen Meyer, CEO
                                                                       an efficient and intelligent manner.
11000 93rd Ave.
Maple Grove, MN 55369-4100
(763) 391-5959                                                         Spec 7 Group, LLC (Specialty Contractor)
Fax (763) 391-5960                                                     Kathy Wickstrom, CEO                                            430 Oak Grove St. #100
                                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55403
Referred by: Dave Bice, Bald Eagle Erectors                            (612) 871-0040
Company Profile: Meyer Contracting Inc. has over 25 years of           Fax (612) 871-4096
experience in design-build General Contracting, Earthwork &  
Demolition, Utilities, Lift Stations, Concrete Structures, Bridge      Company Profile: Spec 7 Group, LLC specializes in waterproof-
Work, Noise Walls, and Landfill Construction and Closures. As a        ing and specialty roofing to include below grade foundations,
SBE, DBE, MBE, and WBE Certified general contracting                   paver/plaza decks, tunnels, balconies, green roofs, storage tanks,
construction company, Meyer Contracting Inc. is the only general       elevator pits, air/vapor barriers, and repair by injection.
contracting and heavy equipment, woman-owned minority
contractor in the State of Minnesota. Our dedication to building
strong client relationships is evident in our long list of repeat      Yaw Construction Group, Inc. (Specialty Contractor)
clients. In 2010, over 67% of revenues were generated from repeat      Gilbert Odonkor, President
clients. Open communication with a client before, during and           4640 Lyndale Ave. N.
after project completion is imperative to this success. As a result,   Minneapolis, MN 55412
Meyer Contracting Inc. has developed a level of trust, and             (612) 522-4748
integrity in the industry.                                             Fax (612) 259-8525
New Look Contracting, Inc. (Specialty Contractor)                      Referred by: Tom McCrossan, C.S. McCrossan, Inc.
Jon Mitchell, V. P.                                                    Company Profile: Yaw Construction Group, Inc. specializes in
19696 County Road 72                                                   carpentry, concrete, demolition, heavy construction, highway
Elk River, MN 55330                                                    construction, and building construction.
(763) 241-1596
Fax (763) 241-9196
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                                            MEMBERS IN THE NEWS

Congratulations to AGC members recognized at the AGC of America national convention: Adolfson & Peterson Construction
(Construction Safety Excellence Award); Ames Construction, Inc. (Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award); JE Dunn
Construction (Construction Safety Excellence Award); Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (Aon Build America Award); and PCL
Construction Services, Inc. (Construction Safety Excellence Award)

The University of Minnesota’s Science Teaching & Student Services building, on which McGough was the general contractor, received
LEED Gold certification.

Scott Otis, Adolfson & Peterson Construction, was selected as the winner of the Minnesota LECET 2010 Safety Driven Annual
Award. Other AGC of Minnesota finalists were: Erick Grochow, S.R. Weidema, Inc.; John Logelin, Xcel Energy; and Matt Storlie,
Minnowa Construction, Inc.

Finance & Commerce’s 2011 Minnesotans on the Move included Scott Ganske, Mortenson Construction; Greg Hosch, Harris
Companies; Dan Juntunen, Wells Concrete; and Dan Yarano, Fredrikson & Byron, PA.

Congratulations to Knutson Construction Services, celebrating their 100th year in business.

The Egan Company board of directors announced that Collins Electrical Systems, Inc. (ColliSys) has become part of Egan Company.

Congratulations to AGC members recognized by the Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association: 2010 Work Zone Safety Awards – Knife
River Corporation – North Central; 2010 Asphalt Paving Awards – Hardrives, Inc., KGM Contractors, Inc., Rachel Contracting,
LLC, and Southern Minnesota Construction Co., Inc.; 2010 Industry Ecological Commendations – Bituminous Roadways, Inc.,
Hardrives, Inc., and Knife River Corporation – North Central.

Terry Swor was named CEO/chairman of the board, and Daniel Larson was named president, of American Engineering Testing, Inc.

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company was named 2010 General Contractor of the Year by the American Subcontractor Association
(ASA). They also received a 2011 Award of Excellence from the Minnesota Construction Association (MCA).

The Builders Exchange of St. Paul announced their 2011 officers and directors. AGC members are: Tom Pitra, PCL Construction
Services, Inc., vice president; Pat Forliti, Olympic Companies, Inc., immediate past president; Darrel Bugel, Harris Companies,
treasurer; Jeff Claude, Cemstone Products Co., director; and Bennett Jones, Advanced Concrete Sawing, Inc.,

Kraus-Anderson Construction Company named Bob Carter senior project manager, Diane Duguay director of employee relations
and diversity, and Lyn Ringold project manager.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction received the Seven Wonders of Engineering Award from the Minnesota Society of Professional
Engineers for work on the University of Minnesota’s Pleasant Street storm sewer and chilled water line improvements. They were also
recognized by the Minnesota Concrete and Masonry Contractors Association for concrete work on the Kenrick Avenue Park and Ride.

Congratulations to AGC members named to Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal’s Top 25 Accounting Firms: LarsonAllen (2);
McGladrey (3); Baker Tilly Virchow Krause (7); Grant Thornton (8); Wipfli (9); Boulay, Heutmaker, Zibell & Co. (11); Eide
Bailly (12); HLB Tautges Redpath Ltd. (16); and Boyum & Barenscheer (21).

Sara Portner, Frana Companies, Inc., was appointed chair of the board of directors for the Minnesota Society of Certified Public

Heather Grazzini, Carciofini Company, and Randy Swanson, Ironwood Companies, Inc., have been named to the Specialty
Contractors Council for 2011-2012 by The Associated General Contractors of America.

Kyla Clayson joined Adolfson & Peterson Construction as a field engineer.

Brock White Company LLC acquired the Appleton and Wausau, WI branches of Brick & Supply, a division of Black Creek Lime Stone
Company. The branches will operate under the name Brick & Supply – A Brock White Company.

Jack Mickelson has joined Cemstone Products Co. as an account representative.

Matt Semerad is now a project manager with Engineering & Construction Innovations, Inc.
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                                              CHASE PARTICIPANTS
Congratulations to the following companies, recognized during the Minneapolis Safety Day luncheon for continuing to qualify for the
Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program: Adolfson and Peterson Construction, Berg Drywall/Plastering/Painting,
LLC, Bituminous Roadways, Inc., L.S. Black Constructors, Inc., Carl Bolander and Sons Company, Frattalone Companies, Inc.,
Gresser, Graham Construction Services, Inc., Hardrives, Inc., Hunt Electric Corporation, JE Dunn Construction Company,
Minuti-Ogle Co., Inc., Mortenson Construction, Parsons Electric, Q3 Contracting, Inc., Ryan Companies US, Inc., Sellin Brothers,
Inc., Truck Crane Service Company, Inc., and VEIT. CHASE is a partnership between AGC of Minnesota and MNOSHA designed
to promote and recognize superior safety standards and practices in the construction industry.

Company representatives are shown with Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner Ken Peterson and Dan Hannan, AGC of

                                                                                                         SPRING 2011 | Page 7
       ASSOCIATED GENERAL                                                         STP GRADUATES
          MINNESOTA, INC.
                                                       Two more students have completed the 10-unit Supervisory Training Program
         Capitol Office Building                       (STP), for a total of 197 graduates since 1989. Classes will resume in September.
        525 Park Street, Suite 110                     For information about the program, contact Pat Lynch at or
       St. Paul, MN 55103-2186                         651-796-2181.

Michael Welch
Ulland Brothers, Inc., Carlton

Brian Maki
Lakehead Constructors, Inc., Superior, WI

SECRETARY-TREASURER                                          Robin Draper (Phillippi                    Gunnar Thompson (Nodland
Tim Crennen                                             Equipment/Truck Crane Service Co.)               Construction Co., Inc.) and
Knife River Corporation – North Central, Sauk Rapids      and instructor Russ Hultmann                Dave Semerad (AGC of Minnesota)
                                                                                                       (Gunnar attended STP through
PAST-CHAIR                                                                                                    a LECET grant)
Dave Lenss
Graham Construction Services, Inc., Eagan

Lauren Colbeth (CLC Representative)
PCL Construction Services, Inc., Burnsville                                 PAY SAFETY FORWARD
Chris Duininck
Duininck, Inc., Prinsburg                              On the heels of a successful safety
                                                       recognition luncheon last year, AGC
Tony Grazzini (CLC Representative)                     of Minnesota and the Laborers
WTG Terrazzo & Tile, Inc., Burnsville
                                                       Employers        Cooperation        and
Kendall Griffith                                       Education Trust (LECET) will be
Mortenson Construction, Minneapolis                    doing it again, again, and again this
                                                       year. The “Pay SAFETY Forward”
David Hammargren                                       initiative will visit three contractor
Hammargren & Meyer, PA, Bloomington                    sites for a complimentary BBQ lunch
                                                       to recognize their commitment to
Brian Mathiowetz
                                                       safety. There is no better way to say thanks for the effort to keep jobsites safe than
The Mathiowetz Construction Company, Sleepy Eye
                                                       with a free lunch. With volunteered resources from both LECET and AGC, the
Todd Schilling                                         grill is on and food is served! If your company is interested in becoming eligible
Knutson Construction Services, Minneapolis             for a jobsite lunch, you must meet the following criteria.

Alissa Schneider                                          • Be an active participant in the Construction Health and Safety Excellence
Danny’s Construction Co., Inc., Shakopee                    (CHASE) program.
Tom Sloan                                                 • Be a signatory member of the Laborers collective bargaining agreement and
PCi Roads, St. Michael
                                                            participate in the LECET Safety Driven program.

Todd Taggart                                           No need to enroll. Once your company has met the above requirements, you’re
Grant Thornton, LLP, Minneapolis                       automatically entered in a random drawing for the three lunches this year.
                                                       For more information about the CHASE program, contact Dan Hannan at
                                                       651-796-2192 or For information regarding the LECET
David Semerad
                                                       Safety Driven program, contact Dwight Engen at 651-429-1600 or
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