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					                           The Buffalo Burger
Choose items from the following menu that would total at least 100 points. You may do
any combination of items to reach that total. You may turn them in as you complete each
item. Neatness, effort and following directions are very important!

Appetizers (20 points each)

      Choose at least 8 terms (see highlighted words) from this chapter and make a mobile.
       Place the term on one side and either the definition or a drawing of it on the other side.

      Make a matching or fill-in-the blank quiz of at least 10 of the terms in this chapter (see
       highlighted words). Put the correct answers on a separate sheet of paper.

Main Course (40 points each)

      Draw or trace a full page outline of the United States. Label the areas for the Native
       American groups from this chapter (Iroquois, Cheyenne, Hopi, and Kwakiuti). Include
       color and at least three illustrations.

      Research (book or internet) one of the following topics and write a half page in
       paragraph form including at least five important facts not included in our text book: one
       of the Native American groups mentioned above, Navajo Code Talkers, or totem poles

      Design a totem pole to represent your family. Use a full sheet of unlined paper and
       include animals or other images that represent things of importance in your family. On
       the back, explain the significance of the images you chose.

      Write a poem or song about the information in Chapter 2. You must include the name of
       some of the Native American groups and at least six terms in this chapter, and it must
       make sense. It may be free verse and does not have to rhyme.

      Do a four-block drawing on unlined paper. Each box should include a drawing of an
       event or characteristic mentioned about a particular one of the four tribes discussed in
       Chapter 2. Label the event and tribe for each picture.

      Read a book about one of the four tribes discussed in Chapter 2 (Iroquois, Cheyenne,
       Hopi, and Kwakiuti) and design a poster that shows a particular event described in the
       book. On the back of the poster include the name of the book, the author, and a statement
       about the event in the drawing.
Dessert (20 points each)

      Make a model of a tepee, decorating it as we have discussed and seen in pictures the
       Native Americans may have done. It should be able to stand on its own.

      Write three journal entries as if you are a young person living in a Native American
       village. This should total at least the front of one page and include the activities of the
       adults in the tribe based on what we have read and discussed about life among these
       groups of people. You must include at least five detail facts.

Parent Signature (worth 5 points): ____________________________________

Students will start on one activity of each menu together as a group. This provides
instruction in a research or technology skill and allows them to start out with a set of
points already completed. They will be given adequate work time throughout the study
of each chapter to complete just about all 100 points without needing to do much at home
if time is used wisely. The full point value is given when each activity is completed as
long as all instructions for that activity are followed, the information is accurate, and it is
neat and shows effort. The menu grade counts as a test grade and should be a good way
to boost social studies grades as well as my young people’s understanding of the time
period and material being discussed.

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