COT 122 - Medical Typing and Transcription by dandanhuanghuang


									           COT 122 - Medical Typing and Transcription
                      SPRING 2009, 3 Credits
               Outlined Self Paced Course Syllabus

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Reviews medical terminology and develops the skill of listening to
Audio CDs containing recorded medical case histories and records, and transcribing the material
into accurate form on a computer using word processing software. Prerequisite: COT 102 or 40
words per minute keyboarding skill.
        Some background in medical terminology is highly recommended.

INSTRUCTOR/FACILITATOR: Kathy Marrs                           PHONE:(W)623-1822

TEXT:          Hillcrest Medical Center - Beginning Medical Transcription Course, 6th Edition,
               Novak/Ireland, Delmar 2004, ISBN #1-4018-4108-2

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to
transcribe medical reports using correct capitalization, number, punctuation, abbreviation, symbol
and metric measurement rules. Spell correctly both the English and medical terms and abbreviations
presented, either by memory or by using a dictionary/reference book, increase proofreading and text
revision skills. Define the knowledge, skills, abilities, and responsibilities required of a medical
records transcribing professional. Students will demonstrate an in depth knowledge and proficiency
of general medical terminology.

METHODS OF INSTRUCTION: Reading, hands on practice through transcription from the audio
CD, tests and quizzes, and instructor assistance as necessary.

ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION: Students are required to complete and turn in assignments as
scheduled on a weekly basis. The course work must be completed utilizing Audio Transcription
Exercises on CD. All medical reports for each chapter, as well as the four tests, will be contained on
the CD. These dictation CDs are the property of Great Basin College and one copy will be
signed out to each student, only for the duration of the semester.

ASSIGNMENTS: Please refer to attached course outline. There are 10 inpatient case studies with
multiple documents. Due to the nature of this course, case studies will be graded primarily on
submission provided error factor is not excessive or repeated per assignment. Each case study has a
value of 50 points. Students will be required to repeat those lessons which do not demonstrate
sufficient progress. Should student opt not to repeat or correct assignments, points will be deducted
in accordance with test point system.
For each week assignments are turned in late, 10 points will be deducted. Assignments which must
be repeated will not be considered late if they were originally turned in on time, corrected and
returned to instructor within one week from the date noted by instructor on that particular

Assignments should be turned in to the class specific file located on the top of the instructor’s file
cabinet in the ASC. Each time you come in for tutoring, or to work in the Academic Success
Center, you must log in on Tutor Trac. Graded assignments will be returned to a personal file
located at the front desk/reception area for reasons of student confidentiality. It is imperative that
students take responsibility for checking this file on a regular basis in order to facilitate
communication and succeed in course study. Please do not remove assignments until semester

                  Learner Outcomes                       Measurements/Assessment
        Transcribe medical case histories and       Evidenced in weekly case studies,
        records into report format using a word     quizzes and vocabulary exercises
        Use correct capitalization, numbers,        Quality of reports, weekly quizzes and
        abbreviations, symbols & metric rules       skill exercises in each case study
        Correctly spell both English and            Master the vocabulary in each
        Medical terms by memory or utilizing        specialty area and successfully
        medical dictionary                          complete all related assignments
        Implement your in-depth knowledge of        Instructor observation of the quality
        medical terminology in a variety of         and efficiency demonstrated in all
        transcription situations                    types of medical reporting
        Utilize the knowledge you have gained       Successful completion of Hillcrest
        to execute the skills, abilities and        Beginning Transcription course.
        responsibilities required of a certified    Receive your certification of
        medical transcriptionist.                   completion.

QUIZZES and TESTS: Textbook, medical dictionaries, and on-line medical references may be
utilized for test and quiz completion.

There are 10 written quizzes relating to the case studies. Quizzes consist of terms and definitions as
presented in each case. Quizzes should be taken following completion of the case study to which it
refers. For each week quizzes are turned in late, 2 points will be deducted. A maximum of 6 points
per quiz will be deducted.

There are four inpatient (Hillcrest) transcription tests for this course. All tests will be documents
transcribed from the audio CD. Tests will be graded on accuracy using a point system relative to
error factors. The course outline stipulates when each test should be taken. Ten points will be
deducted from individual test grade achieved should test not be completed as per outline.
Quizzes are available from the instructor. All dictation tests are to be transcribed from the
audio CD. After completion, tests will be graded and logged, then placed in your personal student
file for your review. Tests may not be removed from the college premises.

GRADING: All course work, including case studies, quizzes and tests, is worth a total of 1200
points as follows:

               Case Studies                   10 @ 50 points ea.      =500 points
               Quizzes                        10 @ 20 points ea.      =200 points
               Tests                          4 @ 125 points ea.      =500 points
               Attendance/Participation       Factored in all of the above

Extra Credit: Is intended to supplement performance on a particular assignment, quiz, or test.
Extra credit may be achieved through completion of one or all of the 10 textbook proofreading
exercises. Proofreading exercises will be worth 20 points each. One point will be deducted for each
error missed; however, students will receive an automatic 5 points for each extra credit assignment

Test point system: The following point system will be utilized for grading on all transcription
tests:         English words misspelled             -          1 point each
               Medical words misspelled             -          1 point each
               Number usage incorrect               -          1/2 point each
               Punctuation, spacing, style and format errors - 1/4 point each

SCALE:                 1200-1122 pts          =       A
                       1121-1074              =       A-
                       1073-1038              =       B+
                       1037-990               =       B
                       989-978                =       B-
                       977-942                =       C+
                       941-870                =       C
                       869-834                =       C-
                       833-798                =       D+
                       797-750                =       D
                       749-714                =       D-
                       <713                   =       F
                       Withdrawn              =       W
                       Incomplete             =       I (see requirements)

DROPPING THE COURSE: If you decide to drop the course, you must officially withdraw by
April 24, 2009. Withdrawal forms are available at the front desk.

INCOMPLETE GRADE: An "I" (Incomplete) grade can be given to students who have completed
at least three quarters of the course work and who maintain a “C” or better in the course. It is the
responsibility of the student to contact the instructor and request an "I" grade. Students must contact
me prior to the last week of the semester, otherwise the letter grade earned will be the grade

PROGRESS: This is a self-study class and you are responsible to schedule your study sessions to
complete all homework and tests, per course outline by semester's end. It is best to maintain regular
study times to ensure progress, and enhance successful course completion. Communication is the
key to success. Instructor realizes that situations may occur which prevent timely completion of
assignments. Students are urged to communicate these situations to instructor as soon as possible in
order to ensure equitable result. Instructor reserves the right to withdraw students submitting
excessively un-excused delayed assignments or students who discontinue course work without

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students are required to complete all assignments independently.
Students are required to observe all rules and regulations as stipulated by Great Basin College when
visiting and utilizing resources available at the college center.

INSTRUCTOR HOURS: Will be established following completion of student orientation and
determination of schedules to best facilitate students. Instructor hours will be posted in the
Academic Success Center within the first two weeks of the semester.

Qualified students with physical or documented learning disabilities have the right to free
accommodations to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at Great Basin College. For
assistance, contact the Disabled Student Services Office at (775) 753-2271.

Attachment: Course Outline

                 COT 122 - Medical Transcription
                                 Course Outline
                                  SPRING 2009

            Class               Assignment
        Week 1, 1/26            Orientation, review of text, begin Case 1
         Week 2, 2/2            Complete Case 1, and Written Quiz 1
          Week 3, 2/9           Complete Case 2, and Written Quiz 2
         Week 4, 2/16           Hillcrest Test 1 - Correspondence
          Week 5, 2/23          Complete Case 3, and Written Quiz 3
          Week 6, 3/2           Complete Case 4, and Written Quiz 4
           Week 7, 3/9          Complete Case 5, and Written Quiz 5
          Week 8, 3/16          Hillcrest Test 2 - Operative Report
                                SPRING BREAK 3/23 – 3/28
          Week 9, 3/30          Complete Case 6 and Written Quiz 6
          Week 10, 4/6          Complete Case 7 and Written Quiz 7
          Week 11, 4/13         Complete Case 8 and Written Quiz 8
          Week 12, 4/20         Hillcrest Test 3 - Pathology Consultation
          Week 13, 4/27         Complete Case 9 and Written Quiz 9
           Week 14, 5/4         Complete Case 10 and Written Quiz 10
         Week 15, 5/11          Hillcrest Test 4 - Discharge Report
         Week 16, 5/18          Ensure all reports, quizzes and tests are submitted

**Special Note: All case studies and written quizzes must be completed and turned in
no later than 5/15/09. Hillcrest Test 4 must be completed and turned in no later
than 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, 2009.


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