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DESSERT MENU                                          Our coffee and espresso are organic and

                                                      Irish Coffee                                6.75
Cake                                                  With Irish whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream.

Cheesecake                                    4.75    Chocolate Blankie                           5.95
                                                      Hot chocolate and Bailey’s, served with whipped
Mocha Layer Cake                               5.25   cream
The perfect dark chocolate, after dinner treat!
                                                      Coffee                                         2.50
Carrot Cake                                   5.25    Cappuccino                                     3.25
                                                      Espresso                                       1.75
                                                      Latte                                          4.00
Warm Treats                                           Au Lait                                        3.50
Warm Chocolate Babka                          3.75    Mocha                                          4.50
                                                      Hot Chocolate                                  3.75
Warm Baklava                                  3.95    Steamed Milk                                   3.50

Saul’s Blintz                 one 4.75 two 8.95       TEA                                            3.25
Crepe filled with farmer cheese                       Our teas are loose leaf and served in a pot.
                                                                English breakfast (organic)
Pudding                                                         Earl Grey
Bread Pudding                                 3.95              Green
Made with challah and chocolate chips,                          Chamomile
served warm with whipped cream.                                 Mint Herbal (organic)
Chocolate Pudding                         3.25
Dark chocolate topped with whipped cream.
Tapioca Pudding                         2.95
                                                      ICE CREAM
Coconut milk, cardamom, nutmeg and whipped            Straus Family Creamery Organic Ice Cream
cream. Non-Dairy!                                     Vanilla
                                                      Single Scoop       2.25     Double Scoop       3.95
Rice Pudding                                2.95
With golden raisins, topped with whipped cream.       Saul’s East Bay Mud                        5.95
              *Make it A La Mode for 1.95*            A slice our House made Brownie topped with
                                                      whipped cream, Straus vanilla ice cream,
                                                      chocolate sauce and toasted almonds.

COOKIES         (subject to availability)             Our Sundae                                 5.25
Russian Tea                                   2.00    Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate
Black and White                               2.00    sauce, almonds, and whipped cream with
Macaroons                                     2.00    a shot of espresso on the side.
Linzer                                        2.00
Kichel                                        2.00
Meringue                                      2.00
Hamantashen                                   2.00    With vanilla ice cream in a very tall glass.
Chocolate Chip                                2.00    Classic Root Beer Float                        5.95
Rugelach                                      2.25    Our most popular.
MandelBroit                                   1.25
Halvah                                        3.95    House-made Soda Float                          5.95
Chocolate Salt Cookie                         1.75    Ask about our seasonal flavors.
Chocolate Dipped Caramel Nut Bar              2.50

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