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									Welco m e to

SPotlight                       on   trinity
                                     2 01 0 s p ring gala

A fund raising
event to benefit
Trinity School

Saturday April 17, 2010
5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Trinity School at River Ridge
the miSSion
       of TR ini Ty School

     the mission of trinity School is to
impart basic ordered knowledge about
the world and to train students in basic
 intellectual skills and qualities of mind
 so that they might be of use to god in
   the wise care and governance of his
     creation and in the building of his
     kingdom. We accomplish this by
   establishing a culture marked by the
     discovery of truth, the practice of
  goodness, the creation of beauty and
   the development of intellectual and
          aesthetic habits of mind.
      trinity School is a community of
  learners characterized by the rigorous
    exploration of reality, the free and
     disciplined exchange of ideas and
    active participation in the fine arts.
                     Sp oT l i ghT on TR ini Ty : table of contents

table of ContentS
greeting from the headmaster........................................................ 1
evening Program overview............................................................ 2
            menu. . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................ 2
            musical Performances and Speakers........................................ 3
Committee and Special acknowledgements.......................................... 4
gala Volunteers. . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................ 5
Wine Corks and grab bags............................................................. 6
business Sponsors / advertisers....................................................... 7
the Debut of the art gallery........................................................... 19
            how to Use the art order form............................................. 19
the art gallery. . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................ 20
            Prints. . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................. 20
            Pricing. . . . . . . . . . ............................................................. 36
            note Card Sets. . ........................................ ..................... 37
original Works of art . . . . . ............................................................. 39
Wall of Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................. 43
group events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................. 44
auction rules. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............................................................ 60
live auction items. . . . . . . . . ........................................ .................... 61
Directions to trinity School............................................................. 67
Why trinity School for your Child’s education?........................................ 68

         Sp oT l i g hT o n TRini Ty : greeting from the headmaster

it is a pleasure to welcome you to trinity School’s 2010 Spring gala, “Spotlight on trinity.”

tonight we celebrate trinity School by featuring an art gallery with works by students, faculty,
alumni and other members of the trinity community.

most of the art you will see this evening was created as a part of trinity’s regular art program.
During tours with visitors, one of the highlights is always the art room, where people
regularly comment on how impressed they are that all our students are able to create the
kind of art they see in front of them. as always, our students never cease to amaze! their
consistent pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness --whether in physics class, while reading
great works of philosophy, theology or literature, or during their many extracurricular
activities-- makes it an honor to work with them daily in this endeavor.

tonight as you enjoy the gallery, the dinner, the conversation and the live auction, please
consider giving generously to sustain the mission that makes this all possible.

We depend upon and deeply appreciate all the sacrifices that make trinity School possible --
from our students’ commitment to the kind of excellence you will see and hear this evening,
to the hard work of the faculty and staff, the financial sacrifice and thousands of volunteer
hours put in by our parents, to the generosity annually poured out at this event.

thank you and have a wonderful evening.

god bless,

Jon balsbaugh

               e v e n i n g pRog RAm ove Rview : overview / menu

e V e n i n g P rogram oVerVie W
5:00 p.m.
registration and the debut of the art gallery
• enjoy 63 works of art available for you to order as reprints and note cards
• 41 original Works of art donated to trinity for you to purchase
• group events - sign up for parties and events throughout the next year

5:00 p.m. - 6:55 p.m.
hors-d’oeuvres and Cash bar
music provided by trinity School orchestra students

6:50 p.m.
Closing of Silent auction for the original Works of art

7:00 p.m.
Dinner served in the auditorium

7:50 p.m.
Student musical entertainment
Personal stories from students, teachers and alumni

8:30 p.m.
live auction

9:30 – 11:00 p.m.
auction Checkout

special thanks to trevor spriggs for the live auction media support
and to
andy grams | design solutions for the design and layout of the gala book.

       e v e n i n g pR o g RAm ove Rview : performances and speakers

l e t ’ S S h i n e the S P otlight!
Welcome and Prayer. . . . . . . . .................... Jon balsbaugh
Spotlight on trinity School. . . .................... Jon balsbaugh
Spotlight on music and art Programs............. David Jorlett
“lullaby”and“finale”from “brundibar”........... trinity School Chamber Singers
                                                Directed by David Jorlett
Spotlight on academics. . . . . ..................... Dr. David o’hanley
“Java Jive”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................... trinity School girls’ Quintet
                                                                    Catherine Demarais, mary rumpza,
                                                                    Katie Stephenson, melisa Sturman, helen Zuelke
Spotlight on alumni. . . . . . . . . .................... hannah brummer
“Climbin’ Up the mountain”. ..................... trinity School boys’ Quartet
                                                  Danny Demarais, matt glover,
                                                  David gruber, Dan Schwab
Spotlight on family life. . . . . ..................... Daniel hagen
“halleluyah!”, “Singabahambya” ................ trinity School Chamber Singers
two Swahili Songs                               With Jim rolland, Conga drum
Spotlight on Student life 2007 trinity............. lucy ennis
                                                    trinity School graduate

live auction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..................... Paul mcCartan, auctioneer
                                                                  rod Johnson auctioneering

Closing remarks. . . . . . . . . . . . ..................... Jon balsbaugh

Dance in the Commons. . . . . . .................... music provided by the trinity School Jazz ensemble
                                                     Directed by Karen edge and mary helen o’hare

                        Sp ec i Al Acknowledgemen TS : committee

th e 2 01 0 g ala team lea D er S
headmaster.................................................Jon balsbaugh
gala co-chairs...............................................rochelle platter
                                                            Jill blair
data management.........................................chris valentas
group events team.........................................kymi kieffer
                                                          marilyn hellweg
                                                          christin croll-carlson
group event coordinators........ ..........................ann andersen
                                                           catherine mulvey
decorations team...........................................angie cox
                                                           becky rombach
                                                           Julie schnell
art gallery team............................................nadine reinhardt
                                                            Julie hrbacek
                                                            christine brickweg
                                                            amie kieffer
executive chef..............................................Joe kohaut
program coordinator.......................................molly druffner
entertainment..............................................david Jorlett
                                                           mary beth amundson
                                                           karen edge
auction checkout...........................................nadine reinhardt
tech support................................................dave beskar
development............................................peg louiselle
facilities management..................................steve hendrickson
beverage manager......................................tom bowar
invitations...............................................nancy caneff
design & layout of gala booklet........................andy grams (alumnus)

          Sp ec i A l Acknowledgemen TS : volunteers

th e 2 01 0 g ala VolUnteer S
      gwen adams                                    chuck Jones
      kathi albain                                  Janice Jones
      Jody anderson                                 ed kaiser
      tonya anderson                                elizabeth kaiser
      Judy beskar                                   kim kelly-sommer
      christine bittner                             mary klein
      Jim bittner                                   tony klein
      marcia bowar                                  allison kohaut
      mary bredenerg                                karen maunu
      campus division                               leroy maunu
      bill carr                                     lorraine mcmanmon
      robyn cook                                    bruce olson
      lucy cunningham                               charlene olson
      dick dahl                                     claire pintozzi
      Julie dahl                                    louise schwab
      sally ennis                                   christine smith
      ann hagens                                    steve sommer
      ray hagens                                    Jerri tafesse
      vanessa howard                                mary thompson
      brenda ingram                                 mike walker
      Jim ingram                                    Jennifer wilson
      kathy Johnson                                 ann Zenda-Johnson
      sheila Johnson

               thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers.
              we couldn’t do it without their help and support.
                our apologies for any accidental omissions!

             Sp oT l i g hT on TRini Ty : w ine corks & grab bags

g r a B Bag s
Don’t forget to buy your grab bag at the gala! for only $20, you get a bag with gift card(s)
enclosed to use at your favorite restaurants and shops! the card(s) in each bag has a value
of up to $50! and no leSS than the $20 you paid! there is no way to lose on this one! buy
many, buy often, and enjoy the surprise! When the gala book went to press,this was just a
sample of our gift card inventory

godiva chocolatier, box of chocolates 25.00
1        ken gorg golf shop, 20.00 gc
2        cracker barrel, cert.for two, 48.00
3        big discount liquors, bottle of wine, 20.00
4        great harvest bread, fresh bread basket 25.00 (day of gala)
5        satay 2 go, 15.00 gc
6        beaumonde salon, product basket $45
7        wild bird store, 25.00 gc
8        abdallah chocolate, 20.00 gc
9        half price books, 20.00 gc
10       snuffy’s malt shop, 20.00 gc
11       brunswick Zone Xl, 3-80.00 family bowling certificates, 240.00
12       caribou, 2 lbs coffee beans, 20.00
13       Jensens café, 15.00 gc
14       let’s dish basket, over $30
15       starbucks, basket/coffee beans, over $40
16       burnsville bowl pkg, $40
17       outback steakhouse, cert.for two, 48.00
18       great harvest, $20

W i n e co rK s
buy a wine cork at the gala for $20 and take home the bottle with the corresponding number.
there are at least two bottles of wine with a retail value of $130 each, and the vast majority
of the bottles retail for $20 and higher. What a great way to try some new wine, chosen and
donated by other trinity families!

                     ThAnk you
                 To ou R co Rpo RATe Spon So RS

                             black Sheep Café
                   Christopher Kisch insurance agency
                            transmission Shop
                            grove endodontics
                            lundstrom Center
                           ameriprise financial
                             Donna Dahl, CPa
                          metric auto Works, inc.
                         minnesota orthodontics
                     Wells fargo financial advisors
                          black Diamond liquors
                       Picture Perfect art & frame
                              Postal Dispatch
                             Color Direct, inc.
                     andy grams | Design Solutions

Andy – these ad should be a half-page ad.

                                  
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                                                    ♦   
                           
                  
                          
                                         ♦   
                             ♦   
                                       ♦   
                           ♦   
                                                    ♦   

           Donna M Dahl, CPA
            “Serving all your business and personal tax & accounting needs.”

          Credentials:                                       Services Offered:
           Over 20 years as a CPA                              Business Taxes
           Masters in Business Taxation                        Personal Taxes
           Big eight (now Big four) firm                       Estate & Gift Taxes
           experience                                          Tax & Estate Planning
           Personal service; meet at your                      Accounting & Payroll
           office or home                                      QuickBooks Consulting

                                   Donna M Dahl, CPA, MBT
                                   Certified Public Accountant
                                  Masters of Business Taxation
                                     Office: 651-554-0367
                                     Cell: 651-999-9800
                                     Fax: 651-554-0367
To our Friends at Trinity School at River Ridge
     Wishing you a successful gala event!

         Supporting Educational Excellence

Daniel Kuplic, CPA , CRPC
Senior Financial Advisor
Suite 550 Centennial Lakes V
3600 Minnesota Drive
Edina, MN 55435
(952) 841-8106
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA and SIPC.

             THANK YOU
       to the dedicated faculty
      and staff of Trinity School
    who pursue the ideals of truth,
        goodness and beauty,
    and inspire us to do the same.

                THANK YOU
     to the dedicated volunteers
     of the 2010 Gala. We truly
     appreciate your generous
        gift of time and talent!

         From the Families
          of Trinity School
  Over 30 Years of Import Service
                                                   Acura • Audi • BMW • Honda
                         o rk s is
  M e tr ic A u to W                             Hyundai • Infiniti • Izuzu • Jaguar
                            u to
    a fu ll -s e rv ic e a                       Mini • Land Rover • Lexus • Mazda
                           o st ic
   re p a ir & d ia g n                            Mercedes • Nissan • Porsche
                         p re m ie r
  ce n te r, a n d a                              Saab • Subaru • Suzuki • Toyota
                           sh o p .
    im p o rt -r e p a ir                                Volvo • Volkswagen

                                                    670 Commerce Dr., Suite 150
                                                    (in Crossroads Commerce
                                                    Center, West of Sam’s Club)

       "Where Broadway Meets West Broadway"

                Musical Theater Workshops:
                Annie, Jr.* (ages 8-12)
                Four performances!
                Dates: June 14th - July 18th
                Times: Mon-Thurs, 10-4:30
                         (call for early drop-off options)
                Tuition: $850 (by April 30)
                         $990 (after April 30)
                Bye Bye Birdie* (ages 12-19)
                Three performances!
                Dates: July 12th - August 7th
                Times: Mon-Thurs, 12-4:30                        1617 North 2nd Street
                Tuition: $699 (by April 30)                     Minneapolis, MN 55411
                         $800 (after April 30)
                *Placement audition required
                *Includes Dance, Voice & Drama       
                *Directed by Broadway pros!!                    (Ask for our summer brochure)
Black Diamond Wines & Spirits
 Featuring a Large Selection of Highly Rated & Hard to Find
              WINES, BEERS & SPIRITS
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    Home To Over 800 Wines
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Located at the corner of                 651-294-0990
Hwy #3 & Diffley Rd.                Open Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm
525 Diffley Rd, Eagan                     Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm
             Present this coupon at Black Diamond to receive
                           10% OFF your purchase.
           Not valid on sale items or on beer only purchases.
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Am a z i n g, h a n d c raf ted espresso, co ee and baker y a nd
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            co r n e r, i n the hear t of S outh S aint Paul.

               Vi s it us b oth on the corners of
              7 t h Ave & S outhview B oulevard
         Picture Perfect Art & Frame
             898 South Smith Avenue
             West St. Paul, MN 55118
                       (651) 455-7595

  Quality Custom Framing at Affordable prices
Bring in any art purchased or any art at all by May 22nd, 2010 and
                  Receive 10% off the framing
          Plus 20% will be donated back to the school!
 Our service is unparalleled and our prices are very competitive
           Hours: Tues, Wed & Fri 10-6; Thurs 10-8; Sat 10-4
                     Closed Sunday and Monday
                 5113 W 98th St Bloomington, MN 55437
                 in the Normandale Village Shopping Center
                 West 98th Street & Normandale Blvd.


10% 0ff on custom graduation and special occasion
      banners, posters, and announcements.

Announcements & Invitations

Banners & Signs
      Paper, vinyl

Note Cards & Postcards

Art Reproductions
      Fine art papers, canvas

Mounting & Laminating

       Postal Dispatch is proud to support Trinity’s Spring Gala
                  by reproducing students’ artwork
               and donating the printing of this catalog.

    Trinity Dad
  serving Trinity
     families                               Free Loaner Car

               My name is Russ Blair and I started working for
            Transmission Shop Inc in 1990. I’ve been a
            “car guy” all of my life. I am now an owner at the
            Transmission Shop Inc in Richfield. I have always
            tried to help people with their car decisions. I try to
            take a common sense approach to things. I believe
            that if you help people whenever possible, when you
            need help, someone will be there to help you.
We believe that our customers come first and it's up
    to us to do whatever we can to help them.
                  EVERY TIME!
         For our friends and family we do all types of
                 auto repair and maintenance.
            Call me to find out more about special
                 discounts and services for all
                     Trinity School families.

                Located at 6958 Cedar Ave So
                     North of 494 and South of 62
                    1 mile north of Mall of America
                       11 minutes from Trinity!
             Call Russ for all your transmission
                   and auto repair needs.
                    Shop 612-861-1666
                    Cell 612-889-2486
Andy – I think this ad should be a half –age ad. I’ll confirm with Peg.
          Serving Trinity families for over 15 years

Producing award-winning designwork, high quality brand creation and
  development, marketing consulting, photo restoration, illustration
         and other traditional art production, and offering a
               network of print and web vendors to
             meet and exceed any of your visual needs

                  let’s turn that vision into reality

 W W W . A N D Y G R A M S . C O M
the art gallery
 h ow To u S e T he ART o R de R foRm

  With the art gallery’s standard prices for reprints
  and note cards, the need for silent-auction bid
  sheets is nearly gone. you’ll be using an art
  order form instead, and it works much like an
  order form at iKea since most of what you buy
  tonight will be placed as an order. your reprints
  and note cards will arrive at trinity in 1 – 2 weeks.

  as you enjoy the art in the art gallery, you’ll
  notice that each art piece is numbered both in
  your gala book and on the work of art on display
  in the gallery. When you find a piece you’d like to
  order, just write down the item # of the art work,
  then choose between four reproduction sizes,
  three paper finishes, and whether you want the
  art mounted on 3/16” gator foam or not. the
  pricing is surprisingly affordable and simple to

  you’ll also record the number of sets of note
  cards you order on your art order form. Keep
  the order form with you throughout the art
  gallery and bring it to the auditorium when you
  are seated for dinner. it will be collected during
  dinner and your order will be processed.
                           ART g Alle Ry : prints 1-4

1    portrait for louis-francois Bertin
     baisch, Jeannette
                                               2    penguin family
                                                    bellomo, amanda
nC                                             nC

3    mary
     bittner, rachael
                                               4    Tree at Sunset
                                                    bittner, rachael
nC                                             nC

                           ART gAlle Ry : prints 5-8

5    “hay” after vangogh
     bowar, David
                                           6     “chair” after vangogh
                                                 Cassellius, Sadie
nC                                         nC

7    Bluebirds
     Clifford, monica
                                           8     mother and child (max. 10 prints)
                                                 Doffing, Julia

                           ART g Alle Ry : prints 9-12

9    Sunshine landscape
     Doffing, Julia
                                            10     flowers in a vase
                                                   Dols, rachel
nC                                           nC

11   venetian Boat Scene
     ennis, Sarah
                                            12     peacock
                                                   flynn, emily
nC                                           nC

                         ART g Alle Ry : prints 13-16

13   emperor falls, British colombia
     grams, andy
                                            14   Sunset - montana sky
                                                 grams, andy

15   Sunset - Rocky mountains, co
     grams, andy
                                            16   moon - mt. Robson, British
                                                 grams, andy

                         ART gAlle Ry : prints 17-20

17   forest - Jasper national park,
                                           18   Ballerinas in pink
                                                griffith, Katie
     grams, andy                           nC

19   man in a window
     griffith, Katie
                                           20   pen and ink
                                                gross, Chris
nC                                         nC

                         ART g Alle Ry : prints 21-24

21   girl Artist
     gross, theresa
                                           22    owl
                                                 haas, nora
nC                                         nC

23   landscape chalk pastel
     Johnson, madeline
                                           24    Abstract
                                                 Kaiser, Joe
nC                                         nC

                         ART g Alle Ry : prints 25-28

25   Three pears
     Kuplic, Kelly
                                          26     madonna and child
                                                 lundsford, lisa

27   madonna and child
     lundsford, lisa
                                          28     calla lily
                                                 maslow, rebecca

                         ART gAlle Ry : prints 29-32

29   charcoal of peasant girl
     maslow, rebecca
                                             30   Teacups & oranges
                                                  maslow, rebecca
nC                                           nC

31   Richard diebenjkorn’s “cityscape
     i,” from 1963
                                             32   Apples
                                                  nepper, rebecca
nC   moss, Joseph                            nC

                         ART g Alle Ry : prints 33-36

33   Asian girl
     niemeyer, Katelyn
                                          34     flowers on a Table
                                                 niemeyer, Katelyn
nC                                         nC

35   pears
     Patrick, erin
                                          36     garlic
                                                 Pearce, matthew
nC                                         nC

                        ART gAlle Ry : prints 37-40

37   pears
     Peine, Claire
                                         38    girl in Braids
                                               Peine, marisa
nC                                       nC

39   orange Ballerina
     Peine, marisa
                                         40    Sea Turtle
                                               Peine, marisa
nC                                       nC

                         ART gAlle Ry : prints 41-44

41   Single Sea Turtle
     Pomputius, ariel
                                          42    peacock
                                                Pomputius, Celeste
nC                                        nC

43   girl in a hat
     Putzier, anne
                                          44    loneTree
                                                Putzier, anne
nC                                        nC

                         ART g Alle Ry : prints 45-48

45   portrait of a young girl
     Quinlivan, Carmen
                                           46    purple acrylic of female face
                                                 raway, anne
nC                                         nC

47   old man
     raway, Kaitlyn
                                           48    yellow Bird
                                                 raway, Kaitlyn
nC                                         nC

                          ART gAlle Ry : prints 49-52

49   African Boy
     reinhardt, mary
                                                  50   garden pastel
                                                       reinhardt, mary
nC                                                nC

51   pencil portrait of a statue of Julius
                                                  52   lady in hat
                                                       Schutt, hanna
nC   rumpza, Joe                                  nC

                          ART gAlle Ry : prints 53-56

53   chicago cityscape
     Scotting, ashleigh
                                           54    “pool hall” after vangogh
                                                 Skarman, Daniel
nC                                         nC

55   monkey
     Smith, matthew
                                           56    Apples
                                                 Stark, gabby
nC                                         nC

                           ART gAlle Ry : prints 57-60

57   Ship
     Stella, madeline
                                            58    The Spirit of fall
                                                  Stella, madeline
nC                                          nC

59   modern Trinity door
     Winker, rebecca
                                            60    Abstract Tree
                                                  Wolff, Jordan
nC                                          nC

                     ART g Alle Ry : prints 61-63

61   grapefruit
     Wolney, apryl
                                       62    Stormy Sea
                                             Wolney, apryl
nC                                     nC

63   poppies
     Wyder, Julia

                       ART gAlle Ry : pricing

Pr iCing
approximate   textured fine art          Canvas   optional mounting
Dimensions    Paper or Semi gloss                 on 3/16” gator foam
              Photo Paper                         (allows art to be hung
                                                  as is, or is suitable for

11 x 14       40.00                      50.00    add        1.00

18 x 24       60.00                      75.00    add        3.00

24 x 36       100.00                     110.00   add        6.00

36 x 48       160.00                     200.00   add        12.00

   note CarD SetS
f e AT uR ing ART wo Rk f Rom The A RT gAlleRy

  each set of note cards contains eight cards, one of each
  design listed in the following descriptions. the oversized 4”
  x 6” cards are printed on quality notecard white paper, have
  matching white envelopes, and are packaged in an attractive
  commercial-quality transparent plastic box.

  you may also create your own custom set of eight cards with
  a single art image on the card. this set of eight identical cards
  and matching white envelopes will be packaged in the same
  quality box, suitable for gift-giving. you have a choice of any
  images in the gallery where the listing indicates (nC).

  each card is blank on the inside and has two lines printed on
  the back of the card. the first line says, “trinity School at river
  ridge, eagan, mn” and below this the student artist’s name
  appears with the title of the art piece.

  the quality of these cards allows us to charge more, but we’re
  selling these fabulous art note Cards for $10 per set. these
  sets will make great house-warming gifts, hostess gifts, and
  are perfect for relatives and neighbors. you’ll enjoy sending
  notes of encouragement, birthday wishes or “Just thinking of
  you” expressions with these beautiful cards.

  Place your order at the gala and these cards will be ready for
  you to pick up at trinity in 1 -2 weeks.
                       ART g Alle Ry : note card sets

a   kingdom creatures : 2 Penguins, 7 bluebirds, 12 Peacock(flynn), 22 owl, 40 Sea turtle,
                            41 Single Sea turtle, 48 yellow bird, 55 monkey

B   Bountiful : 25 Pears (Kuplic), 30 teacups & oranges, 35 Pears (Patrick), 36 garlic,
                 37 Pears (Peine), 56 apples (Stark), 58 Spirit of fall, 61 grapefruit

c   impressions : 5 hay, 6 Chair, 19 man in a Window, 21 girl artist, 24 abstract (Kaiser),
                    54 Pool hall, 59 modern Door, 60 abstract tree

D   land and Sea : 4 tree at Sunset, 11 Venetian boat Scene, 31 Diebenjkorn’s Cityscape,
                     44 lone tree, 53 Chicago, 57 Ship, 60 abstract tree, 62 Stormy Sea

e   Beauty : 9 Sunshine landscape, 10 flowers in Vase, 18 ballerinas, 23 landscape, 28 Calla lily,
              29 Charcoal of Peasant girl, 50 garden Pastel, 63 Poppies

F   custom : Create eight cards from one image.

Silent aUCtion

  the following art selections have been
  generously donated by professional
  artists within the trinity School family.
  Some donors are parents of trinity
  School students and alumni, others are
  trinity school teachers and some are
  alumni launching their art careers.

  Since there is only one of these pieces
  available, they will be offered as a
  silent-auction item and the highest
  bidder takes the masterpiece home!

  bidding begins when registration opens
  at 5:00 p.m. and will close promptly at
  6:50 p.m. prior to dinner. Check the bid
  sheet often because you can be outbid
  by others and once the item is declared
  “Sold!” at 6:50, the item is gone!
                     Si l enT AucT ion o Rigin Al S : 501-504

501   Tom Bowar – 24 x 18 color photograph
      mounted on gator foam
                                                  502   Robert cunningham – 18 x 24 color
                                                        photograph, matted and framed
      canadian forest and lake                          lake

        image not available

503   Tim carlson – 20 x 30 oil on canvas
                                                  504   Tom Bowar – 20 x 16 color
                                                        photograph, mounted on gator foam

                     Si l en T Auc T ion o Rigin Al S : 505-508

505   Amie kieffer – 18 x 18 acrylic
      lady Slipper
                                             506     Ryan murray – color photograph,
                                                     matted and framed
                                                     Quiet village

507   Ryan murray – color photograph,
      matted and framed
                                             508     katie Ritchie – icon

      italian Buildings

                    Si l en T Auc Tion o Rigin Al S : 509-512

509   Jennifer Soriano – painting
                                               510   Jennifer Soriano – painting

511   Jon Balsbaugh – color photograph,
                                               512   Jon Balsbaugh - color photograph
                                                     matted and framed
      waterfall                                      purple flower in vase

              wA l l of phoToS : fi X ed price photos

                                     Jennifer Soriano, trinity School art teacher,
                                     is donating photos from her international
                                     collection that will enhance any décor. there
                                     are beautiful landscape, architectural and
                                     seaside photos that you can group together
                                     or feature as an individual piece in your den,
                                     family room, bedroom or bathroom. mrs.
                                     Soriano’s artistic eye for photography will
                                     capture you as you view these exquisite pieces.
                                     look for these 29 matted originals on the
                                     curved wall going up the stairs in the commons.

                                     each photo has its own item number and the
550-578   Jennifer Soriano –
                                     first person to write their bid number on the bid
                                     sheet takes the photo home!

                                     550 - 564
                                     medium sized photos
                                     approximately 5” x 7” matted
                                     offered for $15 each.

                                     565 - 578
                                     large photos
                                     approximately 8” x 10” matted
                                     offered for $25 each

           groUP e VentS

last year we offered 13 group events at the gala and we heard fantastic
feedback from so many people that we aspired to offer more this year. you
told us how fun and well organized the events were and that you met new
people who have helped solidify your trinity experience. it’s not just your
kids that are making new friends!

We are pleased to present over 30 group events for you to participate in.
Some are for families and some are just for adults; most of them involve food
and many of them include drinks. you’ll get the most of out these if you
check your calendar first and then
decide prior to the gala which events you want to sign up for. many of these
events are family friendly and will help your children get involved, so let
them weigh in on some events that sound fun to them.

the group event sign ups will open at 5:00 p.m., so arrive on time to avoid
disappointment. We predict that some of these will sell out quickly!

thanks go to the many trinity parents who are hosting or supporting these
events. they will pay all the expenses for their event, allowing 100% of the
ticket sales from the group events to go toward the gala revenues, and these
go directly to help fund school expenses and teacher salaries. all you need to
do to participate is to write your bidder number on the event sign up sheets
in the “group event” section in the Commons. the cost of your tickets will be
tallied with your gala invoice and you’ll pay for the events, by cash, check or
credit card, at the end of the gala during check out. it’s just that easy!
                                gRoup even TS : 600, 601

600: “Backyard Broomball tournament - olympic style!”
Calling all broomball players (with or without experience)! adults and kids in grades 6 and up
are invited to an evening on the ice! broomball wasn’t an official olympic sport in Vancouver this
year--but after trinity’s backyard broomball tournament scheduled for January 29, 2011 the olympic
committee may change its mind!
teams of three will compete for the gold and other fun prizes in a friendly--but competitive--game
of family broomball. Players are welcome to bring their families to cheer them on. all ages will enjoy
the games and festivities--inside and out. Complete with dinner-time concessions that rival any mn
WilD game or Super bowl party--brats, hot dogs, nachos, beer, wine, soda and plenty other game-
time treats.

hosts:                Kurt neil and June Klaphake, mark and lisa acker, gary and lorilee Petrangelo

Date:                 Saturday, January 29, 2011, 4 p.m.
location:             1847 faro lane, mendota heights
number of guests:     12-21 broomball players, plus any family members who would like to come and
                      cheer or skate!
Cost:                 $50 per family

601: “play ‘tricks’ on Your Friends: a “500” (card game) tournament”
relax and socialize while playing the card game “500”, tournament style! teams of players—both
experienced and new to the game--will compete by playing the “tricks” of the game. trinity alums
will fill in as partners where needed to ensure fun for all!

hosts:                Jim and nadine reinhardt

Date:                 Saturday may 22, 2010
                      7:00 - Social with adult beverages and appetizers
                      8:00 - tournament time
location:             reinhardt home, 1905 Sioux Ct. burnsville
number of guests:     16
Cost:                 $ 20 per person

                                gRoup even TS : 602 , 603

 602: “’summa Wrestling’: an evening to explore, learn, and discuss
        the thought of st. thomas aquinas”
Come for an evening of food, libation, and stimulating thought centered on the brilliant and holy
life and work of St. thomas aquinas. led by Dr. Christopher thompson, an expert on aquinas and
academic Dean at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, guests will be introduced to aquinas,
his core ideas, his influence on Christian thought, and the relevance of thomistic principles today.
Selections from aquinas’ premier work, Summa theologica, will serve as the foundation for what
promises to be an enriching and lively discussion. Don’t miss this opportunity to gather with friends
for an evening that will feed the body and soul!

hosts: Jim & Sally ennis and Chris & mary thompson
       (a portion of this event is being sponsored by John bultman & april yarbrough)

location: the ennis home, roseville
Date: Saturday evening, august 14, 2010, 6 p.m.
number of guests: 8
Cost: $ 50 per person

603: “time for tea: an elegant mother-Daughter afternoon”
Sharing tea is one of life’s true pleasures. mothers and daughters, enjoy it together along with old
and new trinity friends. Sandi Waldron and her daughters anna and Christina will brew and serve
the perfect pot of tea and serve it elegantly with punch and a variety of homemade tea sandwiches,
scones, and sweets. you will partake in the elegant ritual of conversation while indulging in delectable
savory and sweet treats. our tea will include time to sit and enjoy the sounds of beautiful music
performed just for you!

Date: Saturday, June 5th, 2010, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
location: the Waldron home, 5660 alta ave., inver grove heights
number of guests: 20 guests, mothers with one or more daughters
Cost: $ 20 per person or $50 per family

                                gRoup even TS : 604 , 605

604: “a men’s smoker: good cigars, good Beer, and a good time!”
men, kick back and relax at the end of the week with a good cigar! tom Waldron will host this “men’s
smoker”. you will enjoy a fine smoke; in fact, four unique high quality cigars from different regions
will be provided. and, a good cigar calls for a good beer. So, a variety of beers and tasty snacks will
complement the cigars. any cigar not smoked may be taken home to enjoy at leisure. Don’t miss this
chance to enjoy the finer things in life with good friends!

host:                  tom Waldron

Date:                  friday, august 20, 2010, 8 p.m.
location:              Waldron home, 5660 alta ave., inver grove heights
number of guests:      6 men
Cost:                  $ 50 per person

605: “note this! adult piano (Keyboard) Workshop”
Do you wish you had kept up with piano, as your mother said you should? are your children playing
and you’d love to make beautiful music, too? this two hour workshop is for you! on one evening in the
music room at trinity, instructor eileen Wilkin will introduce you to the fundamentals of music and the
piano keyboard. you will also do some rhythm and ensemble activities, and even play a simple piece
by the end of the workshop. Participants will go home with hand-outs on workshop activities, as well
as a book of simple arrangements of piano classics. ann andersen will provide refreshments during
your break.

instructor:            eileen Wilkin. eileen holds an m.m. in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from
                       the University of oklahoma. She has taught both private and group lessons fo
                       more than ten years.

Date & time:           monday, June 14, 2010, 5:30-7:30pm. two hours, break included.
location:              trinity School - music room
number of guests:      16 participants
Cost:                  $ 25 per person

                                gRoup even TS : 606, 607

606: “a soaring experience: eagle Watching over the mississippi river!”
the sight of eagles soaring captivates all of us! your hosts the Zuelke family invites you to spend this
winter afternoon at their home on the bluff, which they share with bald and golden eagles, foxes,
deer, and many other creatures. everyone in the family will enjoy the viewing from indoors near the
cozy fire, and the more adventurous will be able to hike the woods, led by “junior rangers” helen
and erich. added attractions are the nearby ancient indian burial mounds. you’ll want to bring your
binoculars and camera. an afternoon with good friends, good food, and god’s marvelous creation will
be the perfect winter retreat!

hosts:                 Craig and Jane Zuelke

Date:                  Saturday, february 26, 2011, 1:00-6:00 p.m.
location:              the Zuelke home and environs, n4393 1130th Street, Prescott, Wi
number of guests:      25 adults and children
Cost:                  $ 20 per person or $50 per family

607: “a Heart Warming Valentine’s 500 party”
try your hand at winning hearts (and spades and clubs and diamonds!) at this mid-winter gathering
designed for fun. your hosts will delight in dealing out the great drinks, appetizers, and prizes!
there’s no better way to manage february than an evening with friends

hosts:                 hal and Jane Palmer, Jeff and Kathy gleason

Date:                  friday, feb. 11, 2011 at 7pm
location:              2501 Kennelly Place, burnsville, mn
number of guests:      8
Cost:                  $ 20 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 608, 609

608: “We’re ‘Fondue’ You! Join us for a warm winter evening!”
Spend time chatting, laughing, and enjoying a delicious slow meal with friends you may not have
met yet... fondue is the perfect meal for a January evening! enjoy the best of a selection of cheese,
chocolate, and oil fondue favorites, complemented by fine wines and the best beers. indulge!

hosts:                 bjorn Carlson and Christin Croll Carlson, elliot and rebecca brubaker

Date:                  Saturday, January 29, 2011
location:              the Carlson home, 3703 black hawk lane Court, eagan, mn
number of guests:      8
Cost:                  $ 40 per person

609: “swing Your partners! a Family Barn Dance!”
 Pull on your boots, grab the kids, and have a grand evening at an old-fashioned family barn dance!
fun for all, your hosts will treat you to delicious harvest treats, lively music and dancing, games for
the kids, and prizes. enjoy the festivities during the beautiful country autumn.

hosts:                 mark and molly Druffner, Dan and Colette hagen
                       (a portion of the event sponsored by Kevin and Diane o’hehir)

Date:                  late September tba, 6-10 p.m.
location:              norwich farm (the Druffner home), hudson, Wi
number of guests:      10 families
Cost:                  $ 60 per family

                                 gRoup even TS : 610, 611

610: “Fore! a ladies’ Foursome golf outing”
ladies, make plans now for the ideal summer outing with friends! your hosts have arranged for a day
at the Straight river golf Course in faribault for a pleasant nine hole round for four. Straight river
golf Course is an 18 hole public golf course with a great combination of an executive and par 3 course,
as well as a wonderful practice facility with a driving range and practice putting green. after play,
you’ll enjoy a light summery lunch with refreshing drinks at the club house.

hosts:                 liz and Steve haglind

Date:                  monday, June 14, 2010, noon tee time
location:              Straight river golf Course, faribault, mn
number of guests:      4 ladies
Cost:                  $ 40 per person

611: “Buon appetito! a Fabulous italian Feast!”
italian food is famously fabulous, and your hosts will serve some favorites and some fancy at this
gastronomical tour. Whet your appetites with amazing antipasti, then savor a sampling of delicious
pastas, and finally indulge in decadent desserts, all complemented by italy’s fine wines. life doesn’t
get much richer!

hosts:                 Chris and Kathleen huntington, brian and Jennifer mak
                       (a portion of this event is being sponsored by Kevin and Diane o’hehir,
                       Pamela larkin, and richard mclay)

Date:                  Saturday, october 16, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
location:              the mak home, 1106 ottawa ave. St. Paul, mn 55118
number of guests:      8
Cost:                  $ 50 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 612 , 613

612: “thanks for the memories! scrapbooking Day with the pros”
Prepare your graduating senior’s memory book, or treat your wife (or mother or sister or yourself)
to a fun day of catching up on the family records. at this event, scrapbookers will find many tools to
use, as well as traditional and digital scrapbooking guidance. beginners welcome, with one-on-one
consultations to help you get started. this is a chance for beginner and experienced scrappers alike to
try out different tools - you can use a variety of punches; die-cut machines; circle, oval, and straight
cutters; decorative scissors; and templates.

We’ll provide yummy snacks and a buffet lunch to keep up your energy for your project!
Please include your e-mail when you sign up, so we can contact you, and indicate your experience
level. in addition, you can pre-order or buy available Creative memories merchandise with a 15%
discount! Contact Charlotte Swanson by may 1 to pre-order.

all profit from purchases will also be donated to trinity School. of course, you are under no obligation
to purchase anything; we are only bringing products for ideas and because scrapbookers always seem
to need more adhesive or just a slightly different color of paper!

host:                  Charlotte Swanson, Charlene olson, Paula breimhurst, Sue Kieffer
                       (a portion of this event is being sponsored by Karen and leroy maunu.)

Date:                  may 22, 2010, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
location:              trinity’s media Center
number of guests:      30 scrapbookers
Cost:                  $ 20 per person

613: “tastes of andalusia: spanish tapas Dinner”
enjoy more than a little bit of fun with your hosts and friends at this Spanish tapas dinner. tapas—
appetizer sized servings of savory delights--originated in the andalusia region of southern Spain.
this fabulous meal features a bright salad, lemon chicken, lime shrimp, spicy meatballs and flavorful
spinach balls, and more!

hosts:                 Doug and linda Kuplic

Date:                  Saturday, July 31, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
location:              the Kuplic home in inver grove heights (6854 blaine ave e)
number of guests:      8 adults
Cost:                  $ 40 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 614 , 615

614: “an evening of Fun, with a twist: martinis and music”
as Sinatra might say, “i get no kicks from champagne”… but an evening singing his songs and others
at the karaoke microphone is sure to be a blast! Join this group for fabulous martinis, scrumptious
appetizers, and a trip down memory lane singing the old favorites. it’s sure to put a “twist” on the
ordinary evening out!

hosts:                 beth and Jim Conway,
                       Jeanette and tom leighton
                       Julie and bob Schnell

Date:                  friday, July 9, 2010, 7 p.m.
location:              the Schnell home, 6709 Southcrest Drive, edina, mn 55435
number of guests:      12 adults
Cost:                  $50.00 per person

615: “some like it Hot; some not: ‘Hands-on’ indian cooking class and Dinner”
learn to prepare a savory indian dinner and enjoy it with friends! your hosts will invite you to choose
from among traditional favorite indian recipes. Dishes may include tandoor chicken, fish masala,
sweet potato curry, vaal nu dal, and pulao. naan, a favorite indian bread, and kulfi – saffron and
pistachio ice cream—will complete the meal. you will savor the memories as much as the rich, warm
flavors of india.

hosts:                 manohar and tammi Shintre

Date:                  5 – 8 pm, Saturday, november 6, 2010
location:              the Shintre home, 6269 bolland trail, inver grove heights, mn
number of guests:      4 adults
Cost:                  $50.00 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 616, 617

616: “the craft that celebrates Your character: Jewelry making and luncheon”
Spend a relaxing few hours with friends crafting beautiful earrings for yourself or as gifts. Janean
milliren will host and serve a lovely luncheon in her beautiful hastings home while you are inspired by
the charming surroundings of the gardens and pool. Jewelry making supplies are included, as well.
Plan on the perfect summer Saturday!

host:                  Janean milliren

Date:                  Saturday, July 17, 2010, 11 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
location:              the milliren home, hastings, mn
number of guests:      10 (ladies, a girls’ group or mothers and daughters welcome)
Cost:                  $30 per adult or $20 per child

617: “a summer Day on the river: more Family Fun!”
grab your swim suit, you’re fishing gear, your flip-flops, and you’re family and head on out to
lakeland, minnesota on the beautiful St. Croix river!. on this day of summer fun, you’ll join the Kuplic
and Putzier families and their guests for a whole day of fun:

• Sitting on beach in the sun, watching the boat traffic go by and listening to the waves on the shore
• riding the speed boat up and down the scenic river
• Swimming and rafting
• Spiking and setting the beach volleyball
• Canoeing
• fishing
• gobbling up brats, burgers, and all the fixings
• Watching the bonfire as the sun sets

Cabin and deck are 15 feet above the beach with a wonderful view of the river. this spectacular day at
the cabin is only 20 minutes from trinity.

hosts:                 Paul and Veronica Putzier, Dan and theresa Kuplic
                       (a portion of this event is being sponsored by marc and Jane matsoff)

Date:                  Saturday July 24, 2010, 1:00 – 10:00 p.m.
number of guests:      four families, up to 20 people for the day.
Cost:                  $20 per person or $75 per family maximum

                                 gRoup even TS : 618, 619

618: “Family Fun in the sun (and in the water, and on the field…): a great Big Barbecue”
Come and enjoy a traditional backyard barbeque with hotdogs, hamburgers, paddle boat races,
fishing, a bonfire, s’mores, soccer and other games. bring the whole family and make new friends!
enjoy beautiful Crystal lake and the ridgway’s shoreside home right in burnsville.

hosts:                John and Dawn ridgway

location:             the ridgway home, 1709 Keller lake Drive, burnsville
Date:                 Saturday, July 10, 2010, 6:00-10:00 p.m. (rain date Sunday, July 11, 4-8 p.m.)
number of guests:     25 families welcome!
Cost:                 $ 50 per family

619: “a tour of Venison cuisine”
Description: this fine dining experience will allow you to sample corn fed venison steaks prepared
three different ways: grilled marinated loins with a béarnaise sauce, Sautéed tenderloin steak with
a teriyaki glaze and red wine and slow cooked round steak with vegetables and topped a morel
mushroom sauce.

hosts:                John and Dawn ridgway

Date:                 october 2, 2010, 7:00-10:00 p.m.
location:             the ridgway home, 1709 Keller lake Drive, burnsville
number of guests:     8 adults
Cost:                 $ 75 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 620, 621

620: “Wine tasting at the cherokee tavern, ‘the bustling neighborhood place!’”
the Cherokee tavern is a West Saint Paul landmark, established in 1933! your hosts Jim and Sue Casper
invite you to join the family for an evening, as well as your friends from trinity and beyond, for a
special wine tasting event at the historic tavern. you’ll enjoy tasting a variety of wines and sampling
the inn’s famous appetizers. musical entertainment enliven the latter part of the evening. Welcome
to the “bustling neighborhood place”!

hosts:                Jim and Sue Casper
                      (a portion of this event is being sponsored by bill and bJ Kranz).

Date:                 Saturday, november 8, 2010, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. or whenever
location:             Cherokee tavern, 886 Smith avenue South, West St. Paul
number of guests:     60 adults
Cost:                 $ 25 per person

621: “let’s get this party rollin’! Barbecue, Beer, and a pedalpub tour!”
imagine strolling the historic streets of St. Paul’s ramsey hill with friends on a lovely summer
evening. now, imagine the same scene on the Pedal Pub, a rolling pub for up to 16 people. this is
great fun, combining exercise (sort of) with a party on wheels! We’ve secured two peda lpubs for the
night, so be one of 30 guests to meet at the griffith’s home, then tour for approximately 45 minutes
on the pedal pub. afterwards, you will enjoy a casual barbecue dinner in our yard.
Please join us for what will surely be a night to remember!

hosts:                bill and Christine griffith

Date:                 Saturday, august 28, 2010, 4:30-8:30 p.m.
location:             the griffith home, historic ramsey hill neighborhood, St. Paul
number of guests:     30 adults
Cost:                 $ 50 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 622 , 623

622: “a sizzling summer Kick-off! new York strip Dinner for 6”
Steaks on the grill are the harbingers of summer fun, and your hosts for this fabulous cook-out
will help you open the season in style! you are invited to sample delicious appetizers, savor grilled
mesquite-smoked new york Strip Steaks, indulge in special desserts, and enjoy fine wines to
complement the menu. Kick off summer with sizzle!

hosts:                 Steve and anne Viltoft

Date:                  Saturday may 22, 2010, 6 p.m.
location:              the Viltoff home, 15774 Cobblestone lake Parkway, apple Valley, mn
number of guests:      6 adults
Cost:                  $ 60 per person

623: Dinner and Discussion with Dale ahlquist
Dale is the President of the american Chesterton Society and can be enjoyed regularly on local and
national television and radio. Dinner for six (6) will be served at the home of bryan and Carla lomax
on friday, may 14, 2010. Dinner will be followed by lively conversation and discussion.

hosts:                 bryan and Carla lomax

Date:                  friday, may 14, 2010
location:              the home of bryan and Carla lomax, Cottage grove
number of guests:      6 people
Cost:                  $50/person

                                 gRoup even TS : 624 , 625

624: “strength, Balance, Flexibility, and coordination: Focus on Your ‘core Values’ the pilates Way”
you’ve heard everyone talking about it; now try Pilates for yourself! nicole atkinson is an aCe certified
Stott Pilates and yoga fit trained instructor, and she will introduce you to the fundamentals of
Pilates floor exercises in a friendly, supportive environment. if you want to see how you can improve
coordination, posture, body awareness, and strength, this mat Pilates class provides the perfect low-
impact workout. People of all ages and health backgrounds benefit from this powerful contemporary
program, so now’s the time to give it a try!

host:                  nicole atkinson

Date:                  Saturday, may 15, 2010, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm.
location:              trinity School gym
number of guests:      20
Cost:                  $ 10 per person

625: “proclaiming the ’the Fifth gospel’: the Holy land as the story of our Faith”
former trinity headmaster bill Wacker and his wife adella visited the holy land in December 2009.
mr. Wacker will retell the story of the trip to this complex and remarkable land that is sometimes
called “the fifth gospel” for the way the places, people, and events tell the good news of our faith
tradition. Join your hosts beth and Jim bulger for a lovely dinner at their home, prepared by mary
bredenberg, then “tour” Jerusalem, bethlehem, and other sites in the words and images the Wackers

hosts: beth and Jim bulger

Date:                  friday, april 30, 2010, 6:30-10:00 p.m.
location:              the bulger home, 1907 Woods lane, burnsville, mn
number of guests:      6 adults
Cost:                  $ 50 per person

                                 gRoup even TS : 626, 627

626: “pigskin and picnic! a Fall Family Flag Football outing”
gather the family with all its energy and appetite for the most fun fall afternoon! your hosts will
organize the whole gang into a great flag football game. you’ll be ready for the old fashioned
barbecue picnic to follow, too! burgers, watermelon, cole slaw, and ice cream will satisfy the hungriest
running backs. Join new and old friends of all ages, and don’t “pass” up this chance for the perfect
fall afternoon!

hosts:                 bjorn Carlson and Christen Croll Carlson, rod and angie Cox

Date:                  Sunday, September 19, 2010, 11 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
location:              blackhawk lake Park, eagan, mn
number of guests:      18 families
Cost:                  $ 30 per family

627: “a secret garden pool party!”
Kids and former kids, live your storybook memories as you play, swim, snack, and share stories at this
summer pool party in “the secret garden”. your hosts are serving an old fashioned sundae bar; enjoy
your ice cream in the shade or eat it fast before it melts in the sun! there’s even a real “Secret garden”
playhouse for playing make believe. gather a group of children, a few neighbor families, or your
trinity carpool bunch and share this perfect summer day—just like in the storybooks! note: the pool
and pool chemicals are professionally maintained.

hosts:                 bruce and Kim Doffing, Sandy ostby

Date:                  Saturday, august 7, 2010, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
location:              the Doffing home, 13100 Pleasant Place, burnsville, mn
number of guests:      25, adults and children
Cost:                  $ 20 per person or $40 per family maximum

                                 gRoup even TS : 628-630

628: “a taste of australia: steaks on the Barby!”
head to adventure in the gaffney’s “outback” and enjoy a trip “down under” without leaving home.
your hosts will treat you to a fine steak dinner, grilled aussie style, complemented by tasty sides
and authentic australian refreshments. Close out the evening with a relaxing movie. it’s a vacation
without the fuss!

hosts:                 brian and mary lynn gaffney

Date:                  Saturday, may 1, 2010, 6:00-10:00 p.m.
location:              the gaffney home, 2100 e. 115th St., burnsville
number of guests:      6 adults
Cost:                  $ 40 per person

629: “girls night out! an evening of Bunco and Fun”
Calling all bunco fans! Join us for an evening of appetizers, drinks, laughter, and conversation while
shakin’ your way through rousing games of bunco. ladies, meet your friends here and make new

hosts:                 lori Schumacher and ellen Drasin

Date:                  Saturday, may 15, 2010, 7:00 to 10:30 p.m.
location:              4047 Deerwood Place, eagan, mn
number of guests:      24 ladies
Cost:                  $ 20 per person

630: “Family Fun on (an along!) the river: tubing and gourmet Dining on the lovely st. croix”
the Schifskys will pick up their guests in Prescott in their sport boat. they have planned a fun
afternoon of music, tubing, dining on a gourmet asian lunch and enjoying the beautiful scenery
along the St. Croix. once reaching afton, the group will enjoy a yummy ice-cream treat at Selma’s old
fashioned ice-cream parlor before returning to Prescott. Wear your bathing suit and bring your sense
of adventure!

hosts:                 mike and Doris Schifsky

Date:                  Saturday, July 17, 2010, 11:00a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (negotiable)
location:              St. Croix river, beginning and ending in Prescott, Wi
number of guests:      4
Cost:                  $ 30 per person

                    S p oT ligh T on TR ini Ty : auction rules

hoW to n aV i g at e t h e g a la!
registration       you will be given a name tag, a bid number and your dinner table number at the greeting

the ticket table   this is the easiest way for you to purchase drink tickets for the cash bar, wine corks and
                   grab bags. We’ll use a cashless system for these items – just write your bidder number in
                   the space provided and your purchases will be added to your invoice.

the art gallery    Student and alumni art has been provided by the artists for the gallery. you may order
                   these works of art as reproductions in a variety of sizes and on various papers, and your
                   reprint will be available for pick up in two weeks.

                   additionally, six beautiful sets of note cards are available for you to purchase or order this
                   evening. five of the sets combine stunning assortments of art on the cards (with the
                   students’ names indicated on each card), and a sixth set allows you to create a set of 8
                   cards with a single image printed on all eight cards in this custom set.

group events       these dinners and themed parties are limited to a certain number of bidders at a set price
                   as defined on the bid sheet. you’ll find these in section #600 and once the slots are full,
                   that’s it! So sign up early. all the hosts have agreed to cover the costs of the event allowing
                   trinity to receive the full proceeds. you may purchase as many available slots as you

silent auction     there are some original Works of art which will be sold to the highest bidder by silent
                   auction bids. the winner will be determined at the close of the silent auction,
                   approximately 6:50 p.m. listed values are the donor’s estimates, and are not warranted for
                   market value or tax purposes.

live auction       items will be on display during the entire evening. the live auction will begin after dinner
                   in the auditorium. During the live auction, bidders are encouraged to wave their hands,
                   jump up and down and do whatever it takes to get noticed. biD high anD biD often!

checkout table     Checkout will be available after the live auction and fund-a-need is completed. Please do
                   not ask the cashiers to check you out prior to this time. for your convenience, we accept
                   cash, check, Visa, Discover or masterCard.

                   all sales are final. We cannot accommodate exchanges or refunds. Please refrain from
                   asking donors for exchanges or refunds. all items must be paid for and removed this evening.

    liV e
aUCtion itemS
                                     live Auc Tion i Tem S : 1-4

1 : lake elbow lodge Family getaway - 4 night mid-week package
Donated by Chris ashbach, lake elbow lodge - Value: $600

looking for a family vacation destination that has something for everyone? lake elbow lodge offers “the best
resort on the lake” with all the lake and beach activities you’d hope for plus hiking, mini-golf, biking trails and
great canoeing. the beach is one of the nicest in northern minnesota with 600 feet of fine sand that faces west
to enjoy the afternoon sun and sunsets. enjoy the lakeside restaurant, sheltered marina, mini golf, coffee bar,
kids club. it is meticulously maintained and guests receive the full attention they deserve. this package includes
spacious accomodations for your whole family!
more info at

2 : Homer Hanky time at target Field (twins vs. orioles on may 7) + dinner gift certificate
Donated by law offices of John edmund Daly

What is rare to get and hot, hot, hot? that’s right! a pair of premium seats twins’ tickets! you’ll be among the
premiere group of fans to step into the brand new target field to cheer on the minnesota twins. We don’t want
you to worry about making dinner on the way to the game, so we’re including a $50 gift certificate to a great
restaurant. then get out your homer hankies and watch the twins take on the baltimore orioles on may 7, 2010.

3 : timberwolves Behind the scenes Basketball package for 6
Donated by rod Johnson auctioneering and rod Johnson, “the Voice of the timberwolves.”
additional donation courtesy of the minnesota timberwolves

experience a rare treat with a complete pro basketball package for six people! you’ll select the game of your
choice (except the lakers) in the 2010-2011 season and then your evening begins with a behind-the-scenes
tour of the target Center with rod Johnson. Watch the timberwolves warm up before the game and enjoy six
premium seats as you watch the game! (note that the tickets are in two sets – one set of two tickets, and a
second set of four tickets.)

4 : rustic autumn getaway!
Donated by: Chuck & Janice Jones
Choice of two dates: either Sept. 16 – 22, 2010 or oct. 7 – 13, 2010 - Value: $1400

rustic yet modern a-frame cabin nestled in the treetops on ham lake, Wisconsin. Conveniently located just
two hours north of St. Paul and one hour south of Duluth (near Danbury), this private, quaint, rustic getaway on
a quiet, private lake is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the autumn colors!. two bedrooms, a loft and two
bunk beds in the unfinished basement sleep 12 comfortably. amenities include a fireplace, wrap-around deck,
large sandy beach and pontoon from which you can soak in the fall colors and catch a “bird’s eye view” of a
giant eagle’s nest on the south side of the lake.

                                    live AucT ion i Tem S : 5-8

5 : classic Dinner with the Balsbaughs and Your Favorite Faculty member
hosted by tom and Jeanette leighton and bob and Julie Schnell
Date to be determined by winning bidder and hosts.

a delightful opportunity for you to have your own dinner party with Jon and Jen balsbaugh and the faculty
member and guest of your choice! With the guest list in place, you don’t have to think about preparing the
meal or your home, as Jeanette and Julie will do all the planning, cooking and serving at the Schnell’s home.
the leightons and the Schnells, trinity parents and your gracious hosts for the evening, will take care of every
detail to make this sumptuous dinner an evening to savor and remember.

6 : Join the Favre Fan club! Will he or won’t he? Pre-season Vikings tickets for 3 people
Donated by: Jim and lori Schumacher and Sandra Jeska - Value: $375

last year’s winner of these 3 pre-season Vikings tickets ended up with some of the hottest tickets of the year –
it was favre’s debut game as the Vikings’ quarterback. there’s no predicting what will happen this year! favre
or no favre, we love football and we love the Vikings! the winner will receive the tickets when they are issued
in early fall.

7 : Yachting excursion in the apostles’ islands Date: July 16 – 18, 2010
Donated by: Steve and Kim Kelley-Sommers

looking for a unique boating experience? Join “Captain Steve” aboard this beautiful 32-foot morgan sailboat
for a weekend dream sailing trip with your family (or a group of 4-5 people). the Sommers family is donating
the sailboat, fuel and captain – you will buy and bring your own food to accommodate your own tastes. Steve
and Kim will provide cooking suggestions and provide a packing list, so even a novice will soon be comfortable
aboard this fine vessel. We’ll sail during the day and sleep in the boat, either in the marina or just off one of
the apostle islands. Don’t worry about the necessities – this 32’ morgan has a toilet and a kitchen. Docked in
Cornucopia Wi, 20 minutes from bayfield.

8 : custom-Built cherry Wood Wine rack
hand crafted by Chuck Jones, custom cabinet builder and craftsman - Value: $1300

make sure to notice the beautiful wine rack holding our bottles of wine at the wine cork table at the gala. this
21-bottle rack has been created by trinity parent Chuck Jones exclusively for the trinity School Spring gala. this
will be a beautiful piece of furniture in your home and provide enjoyment for years. this exclusive wine rack
would make a statement in your own home or could be a unique and thoughtful gift for the wine lover in your

                                  live Auc Tion i Tem S : 9, 10

9 : Bromschwig Biplane ride
Donated by Kurt and lisa bromschwig

Who doesn’t gaze up in the sky when the sound of a plane engine catches our attention? if you’ve ever seen an
antique biplane flying overhead, you’ve probably envied the people on board. now you can join a professional
pilot aboard his privately-owned antique 1943 beechcraft Staggerwing biplane for a 30-45 minute tour over the
twin Cities. you and two other guests will depart from the hangar at flying Cloud airport in eden Prairie while
Kurt bromschwig offers his flying expertise, and might even tell you the history of his unique plane, which, you
might be relieved to know, is not an open cockpit biplane. Date to be arranged to suit pilot’s and passengers’
schedules, with weather permitting. Please do not bid if you are prone to motion sickness.

10 : Winter igloo in Your Backyard
Donated by ben and lucy Cunningham - Value: royalty status at your block’s winter carnival

Celebrate next winter with your own custom built igloo. make a backyard family adventure in the midst of your
minnesota winter. impress your children and the neighborhood when ben Cunningham and the adventure
Co-op teaches your family how to build this snow marvel nine feet in diameter. once erected your snow igloo
will provide unique opportunities to enjoy even the harshest of winter weather. Use your igloo as a winter
playhouse, snow fort, backyard get-away --- even sleep inside for a night! the possibilities are endless -- so
plan ahead with your winter imagination.

                                      live Auc Tion i Tem S : 11

11 : Wisconsin cabin summer getaway
Donated by mark and Dawn Whittenburg

offered for the first time at the trinity live auction, a lakeside cabin on bone lake, just 60 miles from
minneapolis/St. Paul on June 21 – 27, 2010. bone lake is rated one of the top 5 muskie lakes in Wisconsin. you
can also enjoy golf, shops in the area, St.Croix Casino and many other local establishments.

the cabin is a 2-bedroom, 1000 square-foot knotty pine cabin on the west side of 1800-acre bone lake. the
master bedroom has a king size Sleep number bed and the kid’s bedroom sleeps four with bunk beds and a
trundle bed. you can set up the aero bed and the sleeper couch if you need sleeping arrangements for more
than six people during your stay.

relax as you view the lake and its sandy beach through the large living room windows, or play with the kids on
the flat lot or along the 100 feet of lakeshore you’ll have to yourself. in the evening, enjoy the fire pit close to
the lake which is stocked with plenty of wood. you may use the owner’s kayak, canoe and paddleboat on this
prime recreation lake, and if you bring your own boat, there is a boat launch one mile north of the cabin. you
can tie your boat to the aluminum dock on the property.

the cabin’s lower level has the eat-in kitchen, sitting area and patio door that walks out to a large deck. the
owners recently remodeled the bathroom with a new toilet, custom hickory cabinets, granite counter top, slate
floor, slate shower and custom pebble shower floor. With newer carpet and tile, you don’t even have to “rough
it” when you enjoy your summer vacation this year!

With no neighbors on either side of the cabin, your get-away will be quite peaceful. Please note that you may
bring dogs, but no cats due to the owner’s allergies.

                                   live AucT ion i Tem S : 12-15

12 : one Week at camp du nord, Feb. 20 – 27, 2011
Donated by ymCa Camp du nord - Value: $ 4200

looking for a fabUloUS family reunion venue? you’ve found it here!
mid-winter break will be a thrill! you’ll have exclousive use of thor’s lodge in Du nord Village (near the
boundary Waters Canoe area Wilderness) feb. 20-27, 2010. this log cabin sleeps 16 and includes six private
bedrooms, a woodburning stove, spacious kitchen, 4 additional beds, deck, (2) 3/4 baths, handicapped
accessible. enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing over 35 miles of incredible trails that start at your cabin
door and lead into the bWCa Wilderness. if you’ve been disappointed in the snow base in the twin Cities, this is
the place to be! the snow is deep through march and the northwoods setting is incomparable. you’ll also enjoy
hiking, sledding, sauna and outdoor crackling fires. Combine bidding resources with several other families for
this mid-winter retreat

13 : graduation open House planning, prep and clean-Up
Donated by the Campus Division of People of Praise, tonight’s dinner servers - Value: Keeping your sanity!

Whether you have an up-coming graduation party or another big gathering, take the stress out by getting
tonight’s servers from the Campus Division to make your event a success. after consulting with you, we’ll
do what it takes--invitations, menu planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, serving, cleaning. your only
obligation: set the date and pay for the food. leave the rest up to the students in the Campus Division and this
year you’ll really enjoy your own party or graduate’s open house!

14 : premium seats at trinity’s commencement
Value: one less reason to cry at graduation

reserved seating for 10 at trinity’s Commencement on June 12, 2010. you’ll have 10 front-row seats so you can
make a leisurely entrance without the hassle and stress of getting to the ceremony in a panic!

15 : Framed landscape pastel
framing donated by Picture Perfect art and frame, Value $500
Pastel by trinity student madeline Johnson
you’ve seen this beautiful artwork during the art gallery (see page 25, #23) and one of our business sponsors
has donated the professional frame craftsmanship. take home this gorgeous picture tonight!

                Sp oTligh T on TRini Ty : directions

                        Dodd r

                                      ames Crossing

                                                 o’neill Drive
                                           lone oak Pkwy
                                    northwest Pkwy

Directions to river ridge - 601 river ridge Parkway
located east of i-35e off of i-494.

from i-494:
exit at Dodd road heading South
turn left on northwest Pkwy
turn left at lone oak Pkwy
turn right on o’neill Drive
follow to ames Crossing.

TriniT y School
                      AT r iver r idge

 trinity School at river ridge is a minnesota 501 (c)3 nonprofit corporation
 in compliance with irS Code Section 170(f)(8). trinity School does not
 discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in
 administration of its educational policies, admissions, scholarships or athletic

 Please make your check out to “trinity School.”
 your donations and gifts are tax-deductible.

 trinity School at river ridge is a classical liberal arts school in the Christian
 tradition for 7th—12th grade students. With a student body of 360 students,
 girls and boys are taught separately by teachers whose enthusiasm ignites a
 passion for learning.

 trinity School’s test scores are consistently among the highest in minnesota,
 helping trinity earn the U.S. Department of education’s 2008 blue ribbon
 School award, recognizing trinity’s seniors who scored in the top 10% of
 students nationwide on norm-referenced tests.

 trinity School at river ridge was established in 1981 and is affiliated with two
 other trinity Schools in South bend, indiana and falls Church, Virginia.
 (651) 789-2890
WWW.t r i n i tySC h o o l S .o r g

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