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									                                                           December 2007

Liz Marrs, Certified PP, PLS
NALS Region 1 Director
c/o M. Ray Bradford, Jr., Esq.
50 Columbia Street, Suite 73
Bangor, ME 04401
Email: marlmpe@aol.com
Telephone: 207-947-0173 (office)
Cell: 207-478-9428
Fax: 207-941-6713
                                        Region 1
     Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York,
                         Rhode Island, Vermont

                               Director’s Message
Happy New Year to each of you! I trust you had a great holiday. Now we are off to another busy
and exciting year. It is a time to reflect on our accomplishments of 2007 and set our goals for
2008. Will we succeed in accomplishing all of our goals this year? Perhaps not but it is
important to strive to improve and set goals in both your personal and professional life.

I have enjoyed serving as Region 1 director and it was my hope that I make a difference in some
small way. I feel I have obtained some of the goals that I set when I accepted the nomination
and was voted in as your director, however increasing the treasury and providing great
continuing legal education at the conference would have been more difficult to accomplish
without the help of my NALS friends, mentors, and leaders.

Although I communicate through my newsletters, reply to all inquiries, send congratulations and
cards when in order, I wish time would allow me to do more. Communication is such a huge
integral part of membership.

The expiration of my term is fast approaching and soon Marion Sarcuni will be your Region 1
Director. I’m sure Marion has goals she wishes to accomplish during her term and will keep us
informed. Marion is a fun-loving lady and she has a great deal to offer to Region 1. Those who
attended the conference in Auburn, Maine last September had the opportunity to meet Marion.

                                    Exciting News
As I indicated in my previous newsletter, Region 1 received a $350 grant from NALS
Foundation. In November I met with a group of ladies in the Brunswick, Maine area who are
interested in forming a chapter. It was both a pleasure and opportunity for me to meet with these
ladies employed in the legal community, and each of them was excited in learning more about
NALS and what it has to offer. It is my understanding that many, if not all of them, are
interested in becoming a NALS member but wish to wait until after the holidays to pursue the
possibility of forming their own chapter. I will continue to work with these potential members
and hopefully their chapter will be created in the near future.

                                    New Members
As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, I would ask all local/state Presidents of this Region to
notify me with the contact information on new members in their chapter/state. It is not possible
for me to receive the membership information from NALS Resource Center immediately as it
does take some time to process the membership application. It would be helpful if you
(president) would send me a quick email with the new member information so I could send a
welcome letter from Region 1 within a few days of her/his membership.

Also, if there is any news from your chapter/state that you wish me to include in my newsletter,
please email me.

I wish to welcome the following members who have joined NALS in the last few months:

Tisha LeClair – Connecticut
Carole Auclette – Massachusetts
Leslie D. Mansur – Massachusetts
Carol A. Miller – Massachusetts
Nicole Perry – Massachusetts
Telma Pires – Massachusetts
Kristin Gagnon – Maine
Pamela Dillon – Maine
Laura Woodbury, ALS – Maine
Jamie Carey – Maine
Kathleen Harkins – Maine
Shawna Small – Maine
Sonia Abbate – New York

Mandy Miller – New York
Serena Thompson – New York
Sharon A. Byrne – New York
Rosemary Finnerty – New York
William Fullam – New York
Monique Henderson – New York
Vanessa Hunt – New York
Doris Lopez – New York
Damaris Poggy – New York
Patricia L. Seward – New York
Lauren Witman – New York
Lorna A. Woodham – New York
Flor Zervoudis – New York
Dawn Gonzalez – New York
Michelle Kauhaus – New York
Judith A. Cady – New York
Lillian Smith - Vermont

Welcome ladies and I hope I have the opportunity to meet you in one of the upcoming
conferences. I did have the pleasure of meeting Leslie Mansur, Pamela Dillon, Laura Woodbury,
Jamie Carey, Kathleen Harkins, Patricia Seward, Judith Cady at NALS functions. It is my hope
that I meet the others at future NALS conferences.

                 AND NATIONAL FORUM
                                   St. Louis, Missouri
                                   October 11-14, 2007

                                                          by Julie Abernathy, PP, PLS
                                                             NALS Secretary/Treasurer

       Meet NALS in St. Louis! We saw the arch, rode helicopters; some even found the
casinos, and we gained vast amounts of knowledge for our personal and professional lives
through networking, education and fun.

Thursday, October 11

       The Thursday morning session was once again open to the local legal community.
Approximately 20 students from the Hickey College paralegal program attended the ethics
session. Kathleen Shaul, Esq. led the discussion on ethics in the workplace and offered
suggestions on how to set our ethical compass, including several scenarios.

       In the afternoon, attendees were able to choose from either the Avery session, presented
by Karl Schoen, on technology and software innovations or Unlocking the Mystery of the Legal
Description, presented by John T. Coghlan, Esq. During this session, the attendees learned more
about real property legal descriptions, survey measurements, abbreviations, terms, calculations,

       The afternoon wrapped up with the Meet the Board/Swap Meet. NALS President, Kathy
Siroky, PP, PLS, introduced the Board and staff from the Resource Center (Saundra Bates,
Membership Services Manager; Stacey Blanchard, NALS Executive Assistant; Jay Moore,
Communications Manager; Diana Price, Education/Certification Manager; and Tammy Hailey,
CAE, Executive Director). Nominations and Elections Chair, Cathy Hankins, PP, PLS
announced that Dee Beardsley, PP, PLS from California will serve as the 2008-09 president,
Kathy Siroky, PP, PLS from Wyoming will serve as immediate past president, and also
announced that Faynell Poe, PP, PLS from Texas will serve as the Foundation Chair for 2008-
2009. Cathy then introduced the candidates for 2008-2009. The Sixth Annual Swap Meet,
where states, regions, and chapters displayed their wares, was a success.

       The Welcome Party, sponsored by Legal Directories Publishing Co., Inc., concluded the
day with a 50s theme. President Kathy recognized all life members in attendance as well as
NALS past presidents. Members dressed up in their favorite 50s outfit, with some even being
authentic blouses, skirts and even sweaters from Grandma. Dinner was great, but the fun and
laughter was priceless.

       The NALS Past Presidents in attendance were:

                      Marty Schiff, PLS
                      Anita Cottrell, PP, PLS
                      Marie Ringholz, PP, PLS
                      Jill Hale, PP, PLS, CLA
                      September D. Holmblad, PP, PLS
                      Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS
                      Catherine Hankins, PP, PLS

Friday, October 12

       Friday began with President Kathy welcoming attendees, review of the conference
schedule and encouraging everyone to visit the exhibit hall and marketplace and show our
appreciation to the corporate sponsors. President Kathy gave information on upcoming
conferences, and encouraged members to utilize Journey House to assist with travel needs.

                The Professional Development Conference will be held in Tulsa OK at the
                 Doubletree Warren Place March 6-9, 2008. The “Grand Opening” of the new
                 NALS Resource Center will be included in the schedule. Reservations may be
                 made up until Feb. 19, 2008, (800) 801-1317. For travel arrangements, please
                 call Journey House Travel at (800) 251-6559.
                The National Forum will be held in Norfolk, VA September 11-14, 2008 at the
                 Marriott Waterside. Norfolk is rich in history and boasts beautiful beaches and
                 water activities. The Marriott reservation number is 1-800-874-0674

       The three Award of Excellence finalists were introduced and Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS,
presented each with a plaque.

        Jeannie M. Shaw, PP, PLS, a member of the Mississippi Division of NALS and the
         Gulf Coast ALSP chapter;
        Mary Baldecchi, PP, PLS, CLA, a member of NALS of Nevada; and
        Debbie Wheeler, PLS, CLA, TSC, a member of Texas ALP and NALS of Amarillo.

         The leadership team and the past presidents in attendance were again recognized. The
first timers were asked to stand and other attendees were encouraged to introduce themselves to
the first timers and make them feel at home.

       Tammy Hailey, CAE, NALS Executive Director, gave an update on the Resource Center.
She also announced that a print depicting NALS and the new Resource Center will be designed
by Jay Moore and provided only to members who register for the March conference during the
St. Louis conference. Many members took advantage of getting their registrations in early to
receive the print.

       Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS, NALS Foundation Chair gave some historical background on
the Foundation. She announced that grants of over $10,000 were given to 2 regions, 7 state
associations, and 20 chapters this past year. In addition, the Foundation has sponsored the NALS
Jett Awards and keynote speakers in both Tulsa and at the Fall Forum and strives to keep the
good of the profession in the public eye through two recognition awards: The Leadership Award
and the Scales of Justice Award. Mary Jo acknowledged the Foundation’s appreciation to the
regional directors for their generous support during their summer conferences and ability to
support the new Resource Center.

       Mary Jo encouraged everyone to participate in the silent auction and announced that the
Gotta Have It Now option expired at 4 o’clock on Friday. We were also reminded about the
Foundation “NALS Got Talent” Gala event on Saturday night where members would have an
opportunity to vote by contributing dollars for the favorite talent.

        Attendees were enlightened by Atlas Lee who gave a presentation on Preparing for
Disaster. Mr. Lee gave a proactive approach in disaster preparation. He also shared with us not
only his stories about disasters in the past, but gave us many ideas on how to prevent
catastrophes in our offices, with proper preparation, in case of a future disaster. He also

reminded us that the reasons we come to conferences is to learn, refresh, revive, and have fun.
We had no problem accomplishing any of those requests.

        Mary Lenhart, PP, PLS, gave us some ideas of the attractions we can visit in the Norfolk
area, all within a short car drive from the hotel. Cathy Hankins, PP, PLS, shared an online
fundraising idea selling magazines. Information on this fundraiser was available in the
registration area.

        The Meet and Mingle lunch was a sit-down plated lunch this year and went over well
with attendees. Each corporate sponsor in attendance gave a presentation about their company’s
services. Our corporate sponsors and exhibitors were Avery, California University of
Pennsylvania, Cookie Lee Jewelry, FedEx, NAPPS, New York Video Conference Center,
ServeNow.com, SetDepo, and NALS of Virginia.

        Something different this year was the afternoon schedule. Not only was dessert served in
the Exhibit Hall, but attendees were encouraged to bid on “Gotta Have it Now” items, as well as
purchase their “Twenty Bucks” tickets to place in the Chinese auction bags. Many items were
also included in this year’s silent auction. The Foundation Trustees made their way around the
room to assist with members. The exhibitors/corporate sponsors had plenty of time to get to
know our members and to encourage them to drop their names in their drawings.

        Friday evening was open for all attendees to go to dinner, do more sightseeing, or just
spend quiet time in their rooms catching up with friends. Several regions took advantage of this
time to rehearse for their presentations scheduled during the Gala the next evening.

Saturday, October 13

        Saturday morning brought more legal education sessions. Attendees could choose
between two sessions, the first being “Protecting the Family Assets” which was led by Philip A.
Kaiser, Esq. He spoke on how to protect family assets by utilizing trusts, corporate insurance
policies, and off-shore investments. Another session “Do You Know Where Your Children
Are...Online?” was led by Senator John Loudon who showed us how the world is becoming
increasingly familiar with MySpace and how that affects our children. The National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children is a great source to receive information in your areas on internet
sexual predators, pornographers, etc.

        Following the coffee break, attendees had a choice between attending a session on “The
Discovery Code” led by Angela R. Morelock, CPA, CFE, Certified Forensic Accountant. This
session went into electronic white-collar crime, recovering, searching, acquiring, and
maintaining evidence and ways in which computer forensic examiners are involved in the
discovery process. The other session was a focus group session “What can be done to encourage
participation at local, state, regional, and national conferences?” led by Jill Hale, PP, PLS, CLA
and Cathy Hankins, PP, PLS.

        At the Recognition Luncheon, Patti Infanti, PP, PLS handed out certificates of
appreciation to Peggy Sullivan, PP, PLS and Lisa Tanner, PP, PLS, NALS of Missouri members
for their hard work and dedication for the meeting. President Kathy also announced members in
attendance who sought the challenge of their profession by receiving their CLE award this past
year. Helene Wood, PP, PLS, assisted President Kathy by handing out note cards to members in
attendance who have attained their certifications this past year. The “Let the Journey Begin”
winners will be announced at a later time due to the new database software at Resource Center.
Be on the look out for those winners. The two Award of Excellence judges in attendance were
introduced and thanked for their time and efforts in selecting the Award of Excellence winner.
Each was given a plaque of appreciation on behalf of NALS. It was then announced that Jeannie
M. Shaw, PP, PLS was selected as the 2007 Award of Excellence winner!

       After lunch attendees again had a choice between two sessions. The first was on “Indian-
Tribunal Law: More than Keeping the Peace” led by Russell A. Brien, Esq. Mr. Brien is a
Northern Loway Indian, who served as the first Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of the Iowa
Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska. During this session, the attendees learned that there are over 560
recognized Indian Tribes in existence in North America and that each tribe has their own set of

        The second session was a Focus Group on “NALS is not the only organization available
to legal support professionals today. What makes us different? Why should someone join
NALS instead of choosing another professional association? What is our niche?” led by Kathy
Siroky, PP, PLS, Joani Yingling, PP, PLS, CLAS, CNSA, and Jay Moore. The results of this
session were reported to the attendees on Sunday. (See Sunday session below.)

         After a break in the Exhibit Hall, two more sessions were offered. “When the Show
MUST Go On” was led by Cindy Hopkins. This session dealt with trial presentation technology.
The other session was “Violence in the Law Firm” led by William A. Deal, CPP. Mr. Deal gave
statistics on workplace violence and said every company should be prepared on how to deal with
workplace violence. Most companies and firms have written policies.

       Members were then off to their Regional meetings before heading for the Foundation
Auction hoping they held the winning ticket for the prize(s) of a lifetime! Along with the
drawings for silent auction and ticket drawings, the drawing was held for the Sweet Dreams Bed
Give-a-way, Sheraton bed. Norma Henley from Gardendale, AL won that drawing.
Congratulations! Also, a drawing for a $100 gift card was made from among all the members
who sent their sweepstakes/auction items in to the Resource Center by the September 10
deadline – the lucky winner was Mary Burns, PP, PLS.

         At long last, one of the most anticipated events of the conference was at hand as
attendees cheered, applauded and voted with $$ for their favorite NALS Got Talent group. From
skits, to lip synching, our talented region members sang, danced and wowed the audience. The
acts were:

       Region 1       "Pause-otively Hot!" with Liz Marrs, PP, PLS, Anita Cottrell, PP, PLS,
                      Marion Sarcuni, Renee Lindsey, PLS, Karen Mills, Judy Cady, and Leslie
       Region 2       “East Coast Girls” with Cindy Lane-Hughes, PP, PLS, Patti Infanti, PP,
                      PLS, Karen Jackson, PLS, Jacquelyn Hannigan, PP, PLS, Debra
                      Coulbourn, PLS, Rita Ann Gilson, PP, PLS, and Christina Carroll
       Region 3       "Hu’s on First?" with Heather Koerner, PLS (Prez. Bush) and Brenda
                      Jones, PLS (Condi Rice)
       Region 4       "Dancing Phool," with Leslie Keys, PLS
       Region 5       “What's Your Fine?” with Barb LeCaptain, Kathy Cline, PP, PLS, CLA,
                      Renee Kleinjan, DeAnne Brooks
       Region 6       “Never Ready for Prime Time Players doing a tribute to Ray Stevens”
                      with Julie Abernathy, PP, PLS, Faynell Poe, PP, PLS, Reba Peden, PP,
                      PLS, Misty Lewis, PP, PLS, Helene Wood, PP, PLS, and Ione Mixon
       Region 7       “The SPLATS” with Linda Tjaden, Angel Gonzalez, Brandy Bewley,
                      Sheryl Christophersen, Traci Spahr, Debbie Taylor, Marcie Carter, Celine
                      Straub, and Ann Lang
       Region 8       “Leader of the Snack” with Raisinettes Karen Becker, PP, PLS; Karen
                      McElroy, PP, PLS; Barbara Leach, PP, PLS; Dawn Fountain, PLS and her
                      husband, Rick "Big Hunk" Fountain, and Joani Yingling, PP, PLS, CLAS,

BUT – not to have a lag in entertainment, Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS and Cathy Hankins, PP,
PLS offered a public service announcement on behalf of the NALS Past Presidents, as well as
the region directors kicking off the event with their own vaudeville act.

       And the winner – obtaining the most votes, was Region 6! Congratulations everyone.

Sunday, October 14

        NALS Foundation Chair, Mary Jo Denman, PP, PLS, announced that $3,852 was raised
during the NALS Got Talent Gala, $11,342 from the sweepstakes and silent auction, with a
grand total for this conference of $15,194. Mary Jo then introduced the Closing Keynote
speaker, Briana Walker. Briana spoke on “Dance Anyway – Overcoming Adversity.” Briana
was involved in an automobile accident when she was 23, became paralyzed from the waist
down, but refuses to allow that unfortunate event to change her life for the worse. She shared
with us her stories of “after the accident” and has proven to be a very successful person who
makes the best, and most, of her life. She assisted with the beginning of a new foundation
“Welcome Home Foundation.” Briana appears on television “Overstock.com” ads, as well as
competitive chair dances. Briana has one book out already, and is working on her second book,
Does This Wheelchair Make My Butt Look Big? See the @Law article from the 2007 Spring

        Dee Beardsley, PP, PLS, Strategic Planning Chair thanked members for their invaluable
input through the Environmental Scans and focus groups throughout the year. At this conference
members participated in two focus groups. The scribes then reported on the results of both

sessions. A link to the reports from the two scribes are published on the website. Members may
retrieve that information from the leaders page.

        Helene L. Wood, PP, PLS, reported on the first focus session. The first focus group
session was facilitated by Jill Hale, PP, PLS, CLA and Cathy Hankins, PP, PLS. The purpose of
this session was to find out what the attendees thought could be done to encourage participation
at local, state, regional, and national conferences. For a complete report on this focus group
session, please visit www.nals.org/leaders/index.html.

        Patricia Infanti, PP, PLS, reported on the second focus session. The second focus group
session was facilitated by Kathy Siroky, PP, PLS, Joani Yingling, PP, PLS, CLAS, CNSA, and
Jay Moore. The purpose of this session was to find out what attendees felt about the fact that
NALS is not the only organization available to legal support professionals today. What makes us
different? Why should someone join NALS instead of choosing another professional
association? What is our niche? Discuss what programs we need to deliver to be of value to
tomorrow’s members. For a complete report on this focus group session, please visit

       Thanks to our Missouri members, Tammy Hailey, CAE, and our Resource Center staff
who created a great “Meet NALS in St. Louis!” conference!

    Region 1 Conference – Springfield, Massachusetts

Although it seems like June is many months away, trust me it will be here before we know it.
My term as Region 1 Director terminates in March and incoming Region 1 Director Marion
Sarcuni will be installed. Until that time it is my responsibility and duty to seek the hotel for our
2008 conference. I’m working with the Hilton Gardens in Springfield, Massachusetts and should
have a signed contract shortly. Thanks to our NALS Massachusetts member Linda Livingstone I
was able to obtain various RFPs (Request for Proposals). Upon receipt of these proposals I
copied and delivered them to Marion Sarcuni while both of us were in St. Louis last October for
the NALS Educational Conference.

Hotel prices continue to increase and I faced that same concern last year. However, I did
manage to get a cheaper cost once I spoke with the manager at The Springfield Sheraton.
Although the Sheraton was rather pricey the manager indicated during our conversation that the
same company owned the Hilton Gardens Inn and she suggested that I consider that hotel due to
the size of the attendance of Region 1 members. She eagerly volunteered to discuss this with the
other manager and it appears that the selection for our conference will be at the Hilton Gardens
Inn. Lodging is $125 plus tax and once things are in place you will need to contact the hotel to
make reservations and supply them with your credit card information. In order for the Hilton
Gardens Inn to provide this lodging cost, some of the rooms may contain king and queen size
beds, not two double beds.

I’m told that this hotel is easy to locate as it is located on the grounds of the Basketball Hall of
Fame. The hotel provides free parking, free wireless internet, as well as a microwave and
refrigerator in each room.

Please mark your calendar and make plans now to attend the Region 1 conference which is
scheduled for June 27-29, 2008 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Both Marion and I are looking
forward to seeing our friends, as well as meeting first-timers, at the conference. Please
remember, we are only an email away to answer any of your questions.

I will be working closely with Marion in the next couple months and after March (after the
NALS Leadership Conference) all questions and concerns will need to be directed to Marion.
I’m certain that Marion will be sending a newsletter to each of us updating us with the upcoming
conference once she is installed as Region 1 Director.

             Other 2008 NALS Regional Conferences
Region 2:      July 18-20 – Arlington, Virginia

Region 3:      July 18-19 – Lexington, Kentucky

Region 4:      Undetermined at this time

Region 5:      Undetermined at this time

Region 6:      Undetermined at this time

Region 7:      June 27-28 – Newport, Oregon

Region 8:      June 26-29 – Tucson, Arizona

                    NALS Professional Development
                      & Education Conference
                          Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Professional Development & Education Conference will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the
Doubletree Warren Place, March 6-9, 2008. The “Grand Opening” of the new NALS Resource
Center will be included in the schedule. For early bird cost your registration was to be
postmarked no later than December 1, 2008. However there is still time to register, you can
receive the regular registration cost if your registration is postmarked no later than January 15,

Also, the deadline for making room reservations at the group rate of $95 per night is February 1,
2008, and be certain to mention that you are a NALS conference attendee. The hotel reservation
telephone number is (918) 495-1000.

 57th NALS Education Conference & National Forum
                Norfolk, Virginia
Please mark your calendar now to attend the 57th NALS Education Conference &
National Forum in Norfolk, Virginia, September 11-14, 2008, at the Marriott Waterside. Since
this national conference will be on the East Coast it should be more feasible and cost effective
for Region 1 members to attend. The Marriott reservation number is 1-800-874-0674

Travel Arrangements: Call Journey House Travel at (800)-251-6559 for all your travel

Certification Exams: Applications for March certification exams (PP, PLS and ALS) must be
postmarked by January 1, 2008. Take that step, send in your application for the March exam,
and if I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. YOU CAN DO IT!!

Also, please note that the Online Study Group is an excellent tool and resource to help you
prepare for the certification exam. As noted below, the Online Study Group is held at 8 p.m.
central time Tuesday evening and the following topics will be discussed in the months of January
and February:

January 8 – Written Communications
January 15 – Office Procedures and Legal Knowledge (ALS); Office Procedures and
              Technology (PLS); Legal Knowledge and Skill (PLS)
January 22 – Ethics, Human Relations & Judgment (ALS); Ethics and Judgment (PLS and PP)
January 29 – Legal Knowledge and Skills (PLS); Substantive Law (PP)
February 5 – ALS Review
February 12 – PLS Review
February 19 – PP Review
February 26 – Test Taking Tips

Foundation Grant Deadline: Does your Chapter or State need additional funds to increase
membership, encourage certification, or perhaps promote marketing? Perhaps NALS Foundation
can help. To be considered for a grant, complete and mail a NALS Foundation grant application.

Online Study Groups: The Online Study Groups are held at 8 p.m. central time on Tuesday
evenings. See schedule by going on NALS website (www.nals.org) and click on certification
and then click on online study group.

Online Learning Center: Earn CLE credits by joining a chat. The chats begin 8 p.m. central
time. See schedule of sessions by going on NALS website (www.nals.org) and click on online
learning session.

Online Community: If you haven’t used this terrific feature I encourage you to do so. Should
you have a question or concern or just want to share a message with members on a topic relating
to NALS this is the feature you use. This feature is monitored throughout the day and evening.
You will receive a reply to your message.

                                   Proud Moments
I’m proud to announce that Marlene McDonald, a member of NALS of Northeast Maine,
obtained her ALS certification by passing her exam taken in September 2007.

                                        In Closing
As I stated in my previous newsletters, I am available at all times to answer any questions, listen
to any concerns or issues, and help in any way to make your journey with NALS a pleasurable
one. I will keep you informed during my term and I will gladly include any events or news your
State wishes to share with others. Please feel free to contact me at any time, as it is my hope that
I have the opportunity to meet as many members of this great Region as possible throughout my
term as Director.

Until my next newsletter, be happy, keep safe, and enjoy life.


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