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					February 11, 2010

Schaumburg Flying Club
Monthly Meeting

Chad Christenson
Jeff Puglielli
Norb Paprocki
Marc Hall
Angus Watson
Bob Bos
Tom Gaare
Don Dressel
Don Segreti
Bart Nee
John Rhymes
Ken Jarousch

Guest: Eric Bauerle – found the SFC website and was interested in learning more about the club

Jeff Puglielli

December 2009 results
January had 37.5 hours flown on both aircraft.

Revenue minus Reserves and Expenses for December was ($4,337.72).

Financing of 334SA Overhaul
Jeff Puglielli / Norb Paprocki

334SA is currently at Popular Grove AirMotive for its engine overhaul in February. The work is planned to
be completed by early March.

The entire overhaul expense is estimated now at $42,000 which includes new cylinders, cam, 2 new
vacuum pumps, new hoses, new shock mounts, and overhaul of the Oil Cooler, Alternator, Propeller,
Prop Governor. Essentially, all accessories on the engine will be new or newly overhauled. Additionally,
an Airwolf oil reclaiming system installed and interior reupholster including front and back seats and door
panels estimated at $1,800. The specific total cost will not be known until the overhaul is complete.
For details of the overhaul please contact Norb Paprocki.

The payment of the overhaul will use terms offered by Poplar Grove AirMotive. The terms are:
               Upon start of work                       $10,000
               Overhaul complete                        18,000
               90 days from start of work (balance)     14,000 (estimated)

There is a financial shortfall in the SFC 334SA overhaul reserve balance due to an under-funding of the
planned projected overhaul expense. The reserve fund portion of the SFC hourly flight rate charged to
members for each hour flown was under-estimated.

The shortfall will not be made up by an assessment to all club members. The shortfall is considered a
temporary condition that will be made up by dues and flight time charges throughout 2010. The additional
funding required for the 334SA overhaul will be made up by members depositing money on account with
SFC to be used toward future flight time (Pre-paid flight time). Nine members have come forward to
provide up to $2,200 each to be used for the 334SA overhaul which will be placed on account against
future flight time for each contributing member on either aircraft. Chad and Jeff will contact each of the
interested members by e-mail to confirm their commitment and make arrangements for the money to be
deposited in the SFC 334SA reserve account by March 5.

Hourly Flight Time Increase
To correct the financial shortfall in aircraft reserve in the future, it was discussed that a flight time hourly
rate increase is necessary. This is to adjust the new reserve requirements to allow for the anticipated
increased costs of future engine overhaul. The new rate will allow for a planned overhaul cost of:
                 334SA 182S        $45,000
                 309SP 172S        $30,000

This proposal was discussed and voted upon with a motion provided by Chad.
The motion stated: The hourly flight time rate be increased to:

                         334SA             $110.00/hour
                         309SP             $90.00/ hour

        All in Favor:  12
        Opposed:       0
        Motion accepted … the hourly rate increase will be effective immediately.


Norb witnessed the breakdown of the 334SA engine and was able to inspect the internal parts for wear.
He found that overall the engine was very clean but worn and an overhaul was needed. The main crank
bearings showed almost no wear, the main bearings and connecting rods did show wear. The cam and
lifters showed wear evenly. There was no major engine damage detected.

The prop has a slight seal leak and has not been overhauled in 10 years. The prop will be overhauled
and fully (static and dynamically) balanced during the overhaul.

The interior front seats’ leather is badly cracked and will be re-upholstered during the overhaul. The club
bought a ½ leather hide for the re-surfacing of the leather parts of the seats. The ½ leather hide will
cover the front seats but may not be enough to also cover the back seat. A decision on the back seat will
be made after we know how much of the hide is left after the front seats are completed.

The left door panel is also badly worn and will be repaired as best as can be done as part of the overhaul
expense. A replacement door panel could not be found at any of the salvage sites.

Left Tank Fuel Gauge
The left fuel gauge has been inaccurate for quite a while. It was unknown exactly what is causing the
problem. All pilots using 309SP would accurately determine the amount of fuel in the left tank by using
the measuring stick method which was considered a safe and adequate way of keeping track of fuel.

Recently one of the members attempted to take an IFR check-ride in 309SP. The examiner noticed the
inaccurate fuel gauge and waited to see what the pilot would do. The pilot began his takeoff roll and the
examiner immediately asked him to abort the takeoff. The examiner felt the pilot should have identified
the inaccurate fuel gauge as unsafe and grounded the aircraft. For not grounding the aircraft the IFR
check-ride was failed at the point of initial takeoff and the pilot will have to re-take the check-ride within
the next 60 days. The examiner also stated that the aircraft is unsafe for flight by any club member until
the fuel gauge is fixed.

After a group discussion it was decided to repair the left fuel gauge. Norb made the motion.

Motion: Repair the left fuel gauge on 309SP at a cost not to exceed $1000.

        All in Favor:  12
        Opposed:       0
        Motion accepted

Adjourn Meeting
Motion to adjourn:      Chad
Seconded:               Jeff

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