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									After the Census
Coober Pedy Census Coordinator Rose Berry organised a morning lunch for her
collectors at John‟s Pizza Bar in appreciation of the good work they did.
She said that the Coober Pedy area in the past had been regarded by the Australian
Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as a „troublespot‟, but not this time.
At Oxiana‟s Prominent Hill mine only two out of ninety people missed out on being
Rose said that the ABS had wanted to know what was meant by the term „dugout‟.
Over cakes and coffee the collectors related some of their experiences.
A couple parked on the side of the road camping overnight were surprised to find a
census collector knocking on their door, but were cooperative.
At one residence the owner eventually overcame the collector‟s resistance and finally
got him inside for a drink of whiskey (or two). The collector said he made sure he had
had a good feed before going back to collect the form. Another collector said the
routes ought to be changed so that one person didn‟t get all the whiskey.
One collector received a marriage proposal – „based on a solid foundation of instant
“There are a lot of lonely people out there,” said another.
At Mintabie it was difficult to find a collector. A person who had only recently come
to Australia got the job but hit a roo on one trip and rolled his car on another.
Some collectors did the job because they wanted to meet people.
Some occupiers were so keen they wanted to put their name down to be included in
the next census.
Rose thanked everyone for doing a good job.
She said that the normal count is down on the previous census, but the mail and
electronic counts are not finished yet.
The ABS said that the Census data will be released from July 2007 and will provide
government, businesses, individuals and community organisations with essential
information for planning and decision making.

Back: Guenther Wagener, Tim Webb, Leanne Witenko, Trevor Berry, Rose Berry
Front: Andrew Girvan, Lynn Stratton, Lyn Dougherty

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