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april 2008
                                whining and dining:
                                  students tell all about our
                                          local restaurants

                                cooking essentials:
                                             Rexburg’s top
                                        cooking appliances

                              commercial cooking:
                             what it takes to be the cook in
                                                 the kitchen

                                memorable messes:
                                 what’s your favorite family

                                        featured quiz:
                                  what’s you cooking style?

 rumble in the restaurant
independent and franchise restaurants go head-to-head
letter from the editor
     I   love food. I love to cook it. I love to eat it. Food brings people together for
         all sorts of occasions—birthdays, weddings, graduations, funerals. Food is in
     the center of our lives. I don’t claim to be a master chef. In fact, I am quite the
     opposite; I am a recipe following amateur. Despite this, there is something that
     I do claim to know: I know that food is a part of each of our lives. Any way you
                                                         slice it, food is fundamental to the
                                                         human experience. Delish’s focus
                                                         is not just on food; it is about the
                                                         events food brings. As an editorial
                                                         board, we hope that this magazine
                                                         will make you realize just how
                                                         much food is its own culture. Our
                                                         first issue brings this new concept
                                                         of a “culture of food” to mind. We
                                                         hope you enjoy Delish’s flavor. Bon
                                                                                 Kelsey Jones

                                           Kelsey Jones

                                       Senior Editors
                                         Stephanie Stone
                                            Cori Stowe
                                           Matt Ternus

                                  Contributing Writers
      Kate Barlow, Andrew Barton, Barry Bishop, Tiffani Boren, Brooke Curley, Brooke
      Domino, Crystal Fair, Traci Huntsman, Diana Jackson, Jake Jones, Angie Larsen,
       Janelle Magnusson, Annie McNeil, Erica Oates, Kristina Olson, Elizabeth Rich,
            Jacob Rogers, Elliot Seibold, Kathleen Thorson, and Jessica Tingey.

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table of contents

6    rumble in the restaurant
        A head-to-head look at local and independent restaurants in
        Southeast Idaho

15   memorable messes
        Students share their personal stories about their favorite foods

23   cooking essentials
        Top kitchen items that everyone should know about

27   commercial cooking
        An inside look at what it takes to be a professional chef

29   etiquette mishaps
        Painfully real incidents of our own local students

34   whining and dining
        Reviews of our tasty (and not so tasty) local restaurants

47   featured budget meal and quiz
        How do you plan a meal on a budget? Plus, are you a Barbecue
        Buddy or Saucy and Seductive?
A     modern phenomenon that many have begun to take for granted because
       of its growing commonality is the franchise restaurant. Almost everyone
now grows up in a town or a city populated by the same big-name restaurants
that everybody else knows in every other town or city. Take a drive down Main
 Street in Wherever, USA and count how many tall, brightly colored signs there
   are beckoning one and all to the familiar interiors of Applebees, Pizza Hut,
McDonalds, Wendy’s, The Olive Garden, and so many others. It’s commonplace
         by now to see these eateries even outside of the United States.
These restaurants with which we are all so       corner of every city in the world? Or
acquainted have come to dominate the             were they once the equivalent of a ninety-
dining landscape of many locales. Often          pound hometown restaurant weakling
their smaller, independent counterparts          before becoming the hulking culinary
                           are forced to close   behemoths that dominate the food world
                           their own doors       today? And did those brave entrepreneurs
                           in defeat as they     that opened such popular restaurants have
                           lose the coveted      so much ambition, or was it mere luck that
                           crowds to big-        helped them to conquer the Earth?
                           time franchises.              The United States began the
                           Rexburg itself        practice of modern franchising during
                           has seen the          the 1800s. Singer, a well known
                           total knockout        sewing company, began “granting
                           of Me and Stan’s      distribution franchises for their sewing
                           Restaurant and        machines” (Bassuk). From there, the idea
                           The Lost Creek        offranchising went from a blooming idea
                           Steak Company         to an explosion after World War II.
                           since Applebees               It was then that franchising became
                           came to town.         almost the epitome of the conquistador
        So how do these independent              ideal of the American dream. The story of
companies—the up and coming                      a familiar pizzeria illustrates that concept
underdogs—continue their operations              as clearly as any other.
despite the overwhelming competition             A long time ago
provided by the almost universally known         (1958 to be exact),
franchises with virtually limitless funding?     in a city not so far
We took a look at two types of businesses        away—depending on
and explored both the history and the            one’s geographical
present situation in this epic food battle.      location—two young
A title-bout of unimagined proportions is        brothers borrowed six
being fought in venues across the world.         hundred dollars from
And it’s going on now to sold-out crowds         their dear mother
all across Southeastern Idaho. The unde-         to buy some used
feated champions of the food world will          kitchen equipment
host the aspiring newcomers in a knockout        and open a pizzeria
gourmet brawl.                                   on a busy street
                                                 corner in Wichita,
Franchise Restaurants                            Kansas. From the
So how often do people stop and wonder           secret family recipe
about the origins of well-known franchise        and the ambition
restaurants? Where did they come from            augmented by the
and how did they begin? Were they                relative newness of
always multi-billion dollar food empires         the concept which
that just appeared one day on every street       helped the brothers to see the massive
potential of their enterprise, Pizza Hut was    suggest that Pizza Hut
brought into the world.                         has not been successful
       Before long, the brothers had            in other ways but that
created a uniform symbol and building           various factors might need
design for their restaurants which were         to be considered.
being franchised in various locations. They             One should take
went public on the stock exchange and           into consideration the
                                                concept that restaurants need not only
 “Dining out is not merely a                    exist to grow, franchise, and make billions
                                                of dollars. Could franchise restaurants
 business transaction; it’s an                  miss what dining is all about? Dining out
 experience and a generally                     is not merely a business transaction; it’s
                                                an experience and a generally good one
     good one at that.”                         at that. It’s memorable and enjoyable
                                                time spent with friends and family. It’s
were bought out by Pepsico; then Pizza          a great opportunity to commemorate
Hut spread like sauce and toppings all          or celebrate achievements and honors.
over the face of the planet. Now there are      Dining out can even be the place where
34,000 restaurants in 100 countries, with       budding, young romantics make their
obscene amounts of money pouring in             way through awkward but exciting first-
(                                 dates, young lovers experience the joy of
       The story of Pizza Hut is a mind-        an engagement, or older couples rekindle
                          boggling tale         aging flames. Do heavy-weight franchise
                          of financial and      restaurants cultivate an environment for
                          business success      these moments to occur? Or do competing
                          that will entice      independent restaurants offer a unique
                          every possible        atmosphere and setting which sets them
                          budding chef or       above the rest?
                          Who wouldn’t          Independent Restaurants
                          want to be like               Enter the new guy, the feather-
                          the Carney            weight hopeful full of dreams, the newly
                          brothers who          opened local restaurant standing in the
                          turned an idea        left-hand corner of the culinary ring. He’s
                          and some family       dancing around nervously as the crowd
                          dough into            gets riled up. Some are cheering, and
                          billions of dollars   some are booing. The hulking, undefeated
                          and thousands         heavy-weight franchise restaurant stands
                          of restaurants?       smug and proud in the right-hand corner.
                          But maybe             His robe is adorned by the logos of many
                          money should          corporate sponsors. The new-guy wears
                          not always be         his home-made robe that his mom sewed
equated with success. This is not to            for him the night before the match; his is

the only logo handwritten.                       ability to replicate, and an ability to train?
        Naturally the common spectators          Steed goes so far as to suggest that if any
are going to feel inclined to cheer for the      of these important factors are missing, a
familiar favorite, the heavy-weight. They        person
know his food, his atmosphere, and his           might
prices. The franchise fighter has gone the       want to
                                                                       “26.16 percent of
rounds and never lost. Who is little Joe-        reconsider       independent restaurants
Nobody in the shadowy left corner? He’s          opening a
going to have to come out running with           restaurant.
                                                                failed during the first year
secret moves and tactics that no one has         Steed
ever heard of. He needs to dazzle the            elaborates upon his ideas of the four
crowd and gain the momentum provided             ingredients. The most important idea that
by supportive fans.                              he presents is a unique selling proposition.
        A study done on the independent          And that means that beginning business
restaurant shows that “26.16 percent             owners needs to know what sets them
                           of independent        apart from the competition. He gives the
                            restaurants failed   example of opening a sandwich place
                            during the first     next to Subway and asks, “What is your
                            year of operation”   total package from A to Z that makes
                            (Parsa). This        your business unique and profitable in a
                            means that           sustainable way?” (1).
                            the unknown                  This is the unexpected left hook
                            underdog is in       of originality that gives the underdog a
                            desperate need       chance in the fight. People like familiarity;
                            of support; he       people like to know that if they go to TGI
                            needs a coach who    Friday’s in Florida they can still enjoy the
                            knows the ropes      same exquisitely delicious fried macaroni
                            and can teach him    and cheese that they love so much at the
                            how to have a        TGI Friday’s in Idaho Falls. There is nothing
                            chance at victory.   wrong with that; it’s common comfort.
                            Frank Steed is an    But being contradictory creatures, people
                            author who wrote     also crave originality. They want a reason
                            an article that      to try something new and that is the
provides that needed coaching, “Follow           local restaurant’s secret weapon. The
the right formula and your franchise can         franchise restaurant, by its nature, must be
flourish in a competitive marketplace.”          uniform or it can’t exist all over the world
        In his article, Steed provides four      and still be the same experience. The
key tips that should be followed to be           independent local restaurant, on the other
able to open a successful restaurant.            hand, has that freedom of experimentation
First, he says, four “ingredients” must          to draw crowds and become a favorite
be present in the entrepreneurial effort.        establishment of the community.
Does the restaurant have a unique selling                An excellent example of such an
proposition, a proven economic model, an         endeavor is Craigo’s; Rexburg’s most
popular pizzeria. We conducted a personal                Pizza Hut looks and tastes the same
interview with Jenn Ellsworth, one of               everywhere so people can trust them—a
Craigo’s managers, and                                               right hook. Craigo’s might
learned a lot about the                                                  need to just give up and
restaurant. Craigo’s                                              close their doors. The crowd
opened for business                                                 is going wild, screaming for
over twenty years ago                                              sauce. Pizza Hut rains down
as a hole-in-the-wall                                                    the punches: they make
restaurant and went                                                billions of dollars; they have
through some pretty                                                     commercials on T.V.; they
rough times in their                                                 have family attraction with
effort to become what                                              familiarity and even toys for
they are today. At times,                                            kids, and then the big one,
Ellsworth explained,                                                 a sock to the stomach that
Craigo’s was so under-                                             sends Craigo’s reeling to the
manned only one person would be in the             ropes: Pizza Hut has been in the business
restaurant to handle unexpectedly busy                                              for fifty years.
crowds. Now they’ve moved to a new                      It’s all over it seems. The lights
location which Ellsworth refers to as “more     are blurry; the ground is shifting; Craigo’s
of a family setting. And I like it that way.”   is going down. But suddenly Frank
She also revealed that on top of expansion      Steed and Rexburg are screaming out
plans in Pocatello in addition to their         encouragement. “Pizza Hut’s a bum! A
second location in Ammon, the popular           lousy stinking bum! You show him how a
pizzeria hopes to one day move as far as        fighter really fights!”
Provo. Locally, they’re ready to go head-               Craigo’s re-enters the fray, swinging
to-head with Pizza Hut.                         wildly and connecting. A survey we
                                                conducted shows that students at BYU-
Head-to-Head                                    Idaho almost unanimously prefer Craigo’s
Now we can give names to our prize-fight        to Pizza Hut—a thunderous volley of
competitors from the earlier metaphor.          blows to the gut. Craigo’s has been so
The confident franchise restaurant that’s       successful in Rexburg they had to move to
never lost a match in his life can be           a new location that accommodates more
Pizza-Hut, with his intimidating Pepsico        customers, and now they’ve opened other
sponsorship. The bright-eyed, unknown           restaurants
little guy can be Rexburg’s very own            in Ammon          “The crowd is going wild,
hometown pizza champion, Craigo’s.              and                    screaming for sauce.”
They’re about to go head-to-head, or            Pocatello;
crust-to-crust to be more precise.              people here
        The bell rings, and they go at it.      love Craigo’s—a jab at Pizza Hut’s left eye.
Pizza Hut delivers blow after blow to the       Craigo’s winds up and socks Pizza-Hut full
point that Craigo’s might be defeated in        on in the kidney—Craigo’s cares; they take
the first round. Pizza Hut is the largest       better care of their restaurant; they offer a
chain in the world—a vicious uppercut.          more intimate atmosphere, and they even

       provide dimly-lit booths for the hopeless     is that it’s mediocre, a place to go when
       romantics. Now Craigo’s comes full            Applebees is too full. Is that success?
       force with their secret weapon: they can      Across town Frontier Pies has encountered
       experiment; they’re not bound to one          the same struggle. Business is not thriving
       uniform menu; they have the capacity to       but enough loyal customers straggle in
       offer whatever they choose. From ranch        through the doors allowing them to stay
       dressing pizza sauce to the traditional       open.
       marinara, Craigo’s offers a variety of                Big Judd’s in Archer, BJ’s Bayou in
       specialty pizzas: Pesto Veggie, Chicken       Roberts, and Aussie Eats in Idaho Falls offer
       Ranch, and Barbeque Chicken to name           the most unique menus around. Giant
       a few. Their sour dough crust sets them       burgers, Australian dining, and alligator
       apart from the grease-ridden crust of         meat are available at those locations.
       Pizza Hut. Craigo’s has matchless dessert             Places like Ramirez and Fong’s offer
       pizzas: ranging from cream cheese “sauce,”    the same variety of affordable Mexican
       Oreo, and caramel toppings to a variety       and Chinese fare that a person might find
       of other options. But who wins the fight?     in any city. A world-map dotting franchise
       Who takes home the coveted gold-belt of       is probably not on the horizon for them,
       pizzeria triumph?                             but their business isn’t going anywhere
                                                     either. Some local restaurants seem to
       Victory                                       imitate their more famous counterparts
      This begs the question: how does one           rather than unique competition. Amici’s
      measure the success of a restaurant? Is it     is a newly opened Italian restaurant in
      successful if it merely manages to survive     Rexburg that has yet to offer anything
      and steal some of the patronage away           new to differentiate themselves from
      from their big-name counterparts? Or does      the already established Olive Garden
      it have to become a franchise that rakes in    and Johnny Carino’s. Perhaps a possible
      a fortune to really be considered a story of   budget problem might be the reason, but
      success?                                       creativity in entrepreneurship should be
             As mentioned earlier, when              fostered to make up for a lack of funds.
      Applebees brought its massive,
      intimidating name to Rexburg some of the       Conclusion
                                    small-time       Surprisingly, the answer to the mystery
   “But who wins the                eateries in      of success’s true nature may very well be
                                    its shadow       found in popular media. A certain trend
fight? Who takes home closed their                   has begun to crop up on channels such as
the coveted gold-belt of businesses.                 The Food Network and The Travel Channel.
                                    Others, like     For example, Rachel Ray—of The Food
   pizzeria triumph?”               Hard Hat         Network—travels the country on Rachel
                                    Steakhouse       Ray’s Tasty Travels. On the program she
      and Grill, managed to keep their doors         only enters locally owned establishments
      open. But that same survey we conducted        and promotes them to a national audience.
      about Craigo’s and Pizza Hut revealed that     Now, instead of just focusing on programs
      the common regard toward Hard Hat              which display famous cooks teaching
lessons on how to prepare certain recipes,    popular locations that people frequent
those cooks are traveling across the          when hoping for a high-quality meal that
United States and the world to experience     doesn’t come from an indifferent national
different locations’ favorite independent     manufacturer. Rupe’s Burgers has become
restaurants.                                  Blackfoot’s very own beloved restaurant.
        It’s significant to note the focus    Craigo’s is a favorite for families and
on local favorites and the extent these       college students in Rexburg; La Pizzeria in
programs are                                                                  Rigby attracts
going to, to              “So the underdog that wins the                      admirers from
praise their                                                                  all around,
efforts and            hearts of the crowd might not take and Chiz’s
promote them          home the billions of dollars but he’ll Restaurant has
nationally. In                                                                become the
an equally            take home the coveted victory belt.” main place
unlikely source,                                                              to go in St.
the importance of local restaurants is        Anthony.
comically illustrated by NBC’s popular        While the world may need its franchise
sitcom, The Office. Michael Scott, played     restaurants to provide a familiar location
by Steve Carrell, ignorantly introduces what to travelers in a hurry or an unwavering
he calls his favorite little, unknown New     menu to those who might not be in
York pizzeria, Sbarro’s—a pizza place found an experimental disposition, what
in almost every mall in the United States.    we’ve shown reveals that success is not
        The irony is revealing. Imagine the   measured in dollars. Rather, it’s found in
lack of personality in a world where only     those establishments that have become
franchise restaurants had place in our cities more than restaurants. They’ve become
and towns. The idea might at first seem       gathering places for friends and family,
insignificant but upon further analysis       hallowed halls where memories are made,
would reveal a serious deficiency in culture. a part of the culture of the community.
Restaurants aren’t always mere money-         So the underdog that wins the hearts of
making establishments, sometimes they               the crowd might not take home the
are cultural and community icons.                          billions of dollars but he’ll take
        The Sandpiper in Idaho                                   home the coveted victory
Falls has become one of                                                    belt.

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  memorable messes
Sweet Times with Ice Cream                  pudding together for cranking. A very
                 Ice cream has been a       confident and experienced cook, she made
long standing favorite in the family for    up a batch of root beer flavored ice cream,
generations. Grandma and grandpa            a traditional family favorite. This time, the
even had a code name for it—EM. When        family gathering included our two uncles
planning a “late night ice cream eating     and their large families. We enjoyed
fest” together,                                                            eating our
                                                                           large dinner
they would talk          “Though money was tight in the                    together, and
in front of the
children about           early years of their marriage, my                 everyone was
going to the            mom and dad made the ‘necessary anxious ice        get the
store to get
“EM,” the last          sacrifice’ to purchase a Blue Ridge cream started,
letters of “ice”                   Ice Cream Maker.”                       and into our
and “cream.”
The code was                                                               tummies.
necessary: if the kids ever found out what  “Crank, crank, crank” the Blue Ridge
they were missing, they were sure to sneak Maker churned. But even after a full
into the kitchen after bedtime!             thirty minutes, the liquid pudding didn’t
         My grandparents’ love of ice       seem any thicker. We cranked harder.
cream proved to be genetic—my parents       The pudding stubbornly refused to set
continued on the passion for the dessert.   up. Impatient, my uncles finally called it
Though money was tight in the early years quits and dished everyone some soupy ice
of their marriage, my mom and dad made      cream. It didn’t take long to realize the
the “necessary sacrifice” to purchase a     problem…Rachel had left out the sugar!
Blue Ridge Ice Cream Maker. Quickly, the    We were basically eating milk, eggs, and
main attraction of their frequent family    vanilla. Poor Rachel has never heard the
gatherings became cranking ice cream.       end of it.
There was something special and exciting            The mishap hasn’t kept the
to the young cousins in gathering around    Magnusson family from giving up on ice
the tub to take their turn cranking. As     cream. We still continue to crowd around
cranking time slowly passed (the process    the Blue Ridge Maker for cranking time
seemed a long thirty minutes), it became    together. In a way, it becomes a type of
harder and harder to anticipate when        campfire: a place to gather around to tell
the creamy treat would be done. And         stories, laugh at jokes, and become closer
when my uncles finally screwed off the      to one another. Get an ice cream maker
lid, it didn’t take long for everyone to    and try it sometime— but please don’t
immediately drop their games and line up    forget the sugar!
next to the ice cream maker with bowls in
their hands.                                               -Janelle Magnusson
         Unfortunately, not every gathering
could be this sweet. Once, my older sister
Rachel was in charge of putting the
Root Beer Ice Cream                         Searle, the activities chairperson in the
                                            Lake Ridge Fourth Ward.
Ingredients:                                        The ward Christmas party is due to
6 eggs                                      start at seven, and it’s already six-thirty.
1 1/2 can                                   The recipe Sister Searle gave her last week
  evaporated milk                           at church is sitting in a little holder one
or 1 qt. half and                           of my five brothers made in cub scouts
    half                                    years ago, the artificial flower coated in
1 Tbsp. vanilla                             a layer of grey snow accumulated from
2 Tbsp. root beer                           the numerous years. She started the
    flavoring                               funeral potatoes at five forty-five. After
3 cups sugar                                taking them out of the oven half an hour
1 large box of instant vanilla pudding      later, she taste-tested one flake of potato.
                                            Growing up in Idaho made my mother an
Instructions:                               expert on all things related to the simple
Mix pudding and let sit                     spud, so the look of disappointment on
Combine all ingredients                     her face was enough to make me sigh.
Fill can with milk to level line            The potatoes were begging to be placed
Crank ice cream until the cream has         back into the oven to ride the bubbles
thickened (about 20-30 minutes)             from the sour cream and butter longer.
Makes 30 servings                           Never one to deny the wishes of a potato,
                                            my mother promptly placed it back into
      Potatoes Formally Known as            the oven, hence the slight crunch on time.
                                                    She sniffs the air like an expert
                    Funeral                 hunting hound, finally satisfied with the
         Heat rises from the stove in the   smell of the cheesy goodness, and opens
kitchen, reaching up toward the ceiling     the oven door. A nearly invisible wave
in the vain attempt of escaping the         passes through the air to the ceiling as
confines of our                                                          all the wonderful
house. The              “Growing up in Idaho made my smells of funeral
sultry, seductive
smell of cheese
                         mother an expert on all things potatoes escape
                                                                         from their prison.
and potatoes               related to the simple spud.”                  She pulls the pan
piggybacked on                                                           out of the oven
the waves of heat, wafting throughout the   and sets it down on the stove. “The recipe
entirety of the upper floor of my family’s  is wrong,” she announces triumphantly.
humble abode. On the counter sat a large    Her funeral potatoes will be far superior
green mixing bowl peppered with little bits to any of the other ones brought by
of country-cut hash browns and remnants     assignment, assuming that no one else
of grated cheese and sour cream. Here and   figured out they needed to be cooked
there an onion bit could be spotted on the  longer.
large spoon my mother used to transfer              I peer over the edge of the pan at
the goopy substance from the bowl into      the orange creation for a moment, wishing
the aluminum pan given her by Sister        I could have a taste of it before we leave. I

  memorable messes
do not mind that it would burn my tongue.            Fortune seems to be smiling at me
        Of all the years I’d gone to a ward  today. Mom’s cheesy potatoes, as she
Christmas party, I had never seen funeral    calls them, are placed strategically on the
potatoes that looked so terribly tempting.   table next to our seats amongst five other
“Good work, Mom,” I say appreciatively,      aluminum pans bearing funeral potatoes.
glancing away from the pan so as to deny     I’m not quite sure why our ward serves
myself the temptation of sin.                something named with the generally
        She glows with pride at the praise   negatively-associated word “funeral” at
for a moment before glancing back at the     the festivities for Christmas, but I refrain
clock. She hands me two potholders and       from making a comment as families I never
the keys to our minivan as she carefully     see at church arrive and find a seat. Sister
grabs the potatoes in her stained oven       Searle quickly calls the disorganized and
mitts. I open the front door for her and     noisy conglomeration of people to order.
then unlock the van. After opening the               After the prayer, there’s a mad
noisy back door, I set the potholders in the rush to get in line. I’m relieved to notice
back. She sets the flimsy aluminum pan       that I’m amongst the privileged few who
down on top of                                                       manage to get a
them. We climb “The ward choir starts singing, scoop of potatoes
into the van                                                         from Mom’s pan.
and drive to the            and I feel as though I’ve                It’s the first pan to
church building.           escaped to another plane                  be emptied, leaving
Once at the                                                          behind little bits of
church, I               of living until the sopranos’                potatoes and cheese.
help Mom                    attempt to hit a high C.”                       The rest of
by opening                                                           the ward is forced
doors to the                                                         to have potatoes fit
north side of the building and then to       solely for a funeral. I can hear their cubed
the kitchen, awed to see all the members     potatoes crunching and cringe slightly
of the Relief Society busy warming up        before taking a bite of the heavenly cheesy
the ham that always seems to end up          potatoes. The ward choir starts singing,
dry. Mom spots Sister Searle as she sets     and I feel as though I’ve escaped to
the pan of potatoes down next to its         another plane of living until the sopranos’
undercooked counterparts and smiles          attempt to hit a high C. I glance around
slightly. “I cooked mine for half an hour    the room, wishing that I could share the
longer than the recipe called for.”          message of perfectly-cooked potatoes with
        Sister Searle looks at Mom for a     the entire congregation as they eat around
moment, obviously under duress from          their offerings worthy of the somber
her duties as the chairperson. She replies   atmosphere of a funeral.
with a noncommittal sound before turning
her attention to more important matters                                          -Erica Oates
as most members of the ward do while
talking to my family. We head to the
cultural hall.
Cheesy Potatoes
1 package - 32 oz. frozen potato shreds
2 - 10-3/4 oz. cans condensed Cream of
Chicken soup
2 cups sour cream (or sour cream
1/2 cup butter - melted
1 cup cheese - grated
1/3 cup onion - chopped (optional)

Mix condensed soup, sour cream,
melted butter, grated cheese and
chopped onion in a large bowl. Mix           I began to laugh maniacally as I stared
well. Add FROZEN shreds and mix until        at the pie. I was already formulating
shreds are coated with soup mixture. Put     a plan: we’d call our friends and make
into a 13x9x2 inch cake pan. May cover       some excuse not to come. Then we could
with more cheese or corn flakes. Bake at     bundle up and spend the evening in the
350 degrees for 60 minutes                   driveway forking the pie off the floor and
The Great Pie Incident                               Jesse returned with the spatula. As
        There were times I knew I loved my   I watched, a dumb wife-statue, he slid the
husband. There were times of confirming      pie back into its plate and smiled up at
happiness. But the moment I knew our         me—a god. I married the Pie God. The
marriage would succeed was the night of      pie was fine. Looking through the bottom
the Great Pie Incident.                      glass, I saw only a couple dark specks that
        A few months after we were
married, Jesse and I perfected apple
pie. We baked into the late hours of the
                                                “As I climbed into the car to go, our
night, neglecting homework and sleep            perfect pie somehow flew out of the
in favor of spending time together and
feeding our sweet teeth. A few weeks
                                                  dish and onto the floor of our 91
later, we were invited to a party where                         Honda CRX.”
the pie was to make its public debut.
As I climbed into the car to go, our perfect       shouldn’t have been there, and even those
pie somehow flew out of the dish and onto          might have been there to begin with (we
the floor of our 91 Honda CRX. I looked            didn’t have a dishwasher at this point). I
down at the empty pie dish, then at the            hadn’t spoken yet, and he looked at me
pie sitting under the gas pedal, and finally       expectantly.
up at Jesse. I was too shocked to speak.                  “This is why our marriage will
Ever the calm one in our relationship, Jesse       always, always work,” I whispered
reacted quickly. “I’ll fix it, sweetie—I’ll get    reverently.
a spatula,” he said. He left me. A Spatula!                             -Kathleen Thorson

   memorable messes
Apple Pie                                                                      inch from plate.
Pastry                                                                         5. Roll other
2 cups all-purpose flour                                                       round of pastry
1 tsp. salt                                                                    into 10-inch
2/3 cup plus 2 Tbsp.                                                           round. Fold
     shortening                                                                into fourths
4 to 6 Tbsp. cold water                                                        and cut slits
Filling                                                                        so steam can
1/3 to 1/2 cup sugar                                                           escape. Unfold
1/4 cup all-purpose flour                                                      top pastry over
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon                                                       filling; trim
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg                                                        overhanging
1/8 tsp. salt                                    edge 1 inch from rim of plate. Fold and
8 cups thinly sliced peeled tart apples          roll top edge under lower edge, pressing
      (8 medium)                                 on rim to seal; flute as desired. Cover edge
2 Tbsp. butter or margarine                      with 2- to 3-inch strip of foil to prevent
                                                 excessive browning.
1. In medium bowl, mix 2 cups flour and          6. Bake 40 to 50 minutes or until crust is
1 teaspoon salt. Cut in shortening until         brown and juice begins to bubble through
particles are size of small peas. Sprinkle       slits in crust, removing foil for last 15
with cold water, 1 tablespoon at a time,         minutes of baking. Serve warm if desired.
tossing with fork until all flour is moistened
and pastry almost cleans side of bowl
(more water can be added if necessary).          Southern Hospitality
2. Gather pastry into a ball. Divide in                 At least once a month, my whole
half; shape into 2 flattened rounds on           family gets together and we have a huge
lightly floured surface. Wrap in plastic         dinner. This is something that has been
wrap; refrigerate about 45 minutes or            going on for my entire life and when I
until dough is firm and cold, yet pliable.       think of my family I almost automatically
If refrigerated longer, let pastry soften        think of food and not just any food, good,
slightly before rolling.                         home-cooked Southern food. There are
3. Heat oven to 425°F. With floured rolling      a few things that must be understood
pin, roll one pastry round until 2 inches        to have a full and accurate concept of
larger than upside-down 9-inch glass pie         Southern cuisine—number one, there must
plate. Fold pastry into fourths; place in pie    be a high fat content. For example, if you
plate. Unfold and ease into plate, pressing      have a pot of green beans, it is absolutely
firmly against bottom and side.                  necessary to add at least 1 tablespoon
4. In large bowl, mix sugar, 1/4 cup             of pork grease for flavor which will turn
flour, the cinnamon, nutmeg and 1/8              a perfectly healthy pot of beans into a
teaspoonsalt. Stir in apples until well          savory, high-fat side dish. Of all classic
mixed. Spoon into pastry-lined pie plate.        Southern dishes, I think the one that I
Cut butter into small pieces; sprinkle over      could never get sick of is a little dessert
filling. Trim overhanging edge of pastry 1/2     called banana pudding.
        Banana pudding has been a                        One must always remember that
constant throughout my life and I hope            banana pudding is always good, but
that is something that will not change with       they very best time to eat this wonderful
time. It’s such a refreshing dessert that         confection is after it has been sitting
will always make me think of hot summer           overnight. It seems like that it would not
days, family, and everything that is home.        be very good especially when you look in
I can remember as a little girl going down        the dish and see that the bananas have all
to a hole-in-the-wall little restaurant called    started to turn black. However, I assure
Jimmy’s Grill with my dad. He would get a         you that this is peak time to partake!
hamburger, I’d have a hot dog and then we                If you are ever in need of some
would share a banana pudding. At the age          sweet Southern comfort just make some
of 7 the Grill closed but there are still times   banana pudding—ya’ll enjoy!
when I get a taste of that pudding in my
mouth.                                                                      -Elizabeth Rich
        This little dessert has always been
such a normal and comforting dish in              Banana Pudding
my life and because of that I assumed             3/4 cup sugar
everyone had had the opportunity of               2 tablespoons
partaking of. I held onto this thought until      cornstarch
I started college Idaho. I vividly remember       3 cups milk
one of the first times that I prepared dinner     4 egg yolks
as a college student and I decided that           1 teaspoon
I would fix banana pudding for dessert.           vanilla extract
Dinner went well and everyone enjoyed it          2 ounces (1/2
and then I announced what we would be             stick) butter
having for dessert and suddenly everyone          3 medium
was full. I could not wrap my head around         bananas, sliced
why all of the sudden no one felt like            1 (12-ounce box) vanilla wafers
they could eat anymore. Finally one of my
                                                  Mix together sugar and cornstarch and
“I announced what we would                        slowly add milk. This should be cooked
                                                  in the top of a double boiler, but you can
   be having for dessert and                      cook it over low to medium heat, stirring
 suddenly everyone was full.”                     constantly until it thickens--do not leave
                                                  it unattended. Slightly beat egg yolks
roommates spoke up and simply said that           and temper with a small amount of the
my dessert did not seem like it would be          hot custard; stir well. Add egg mixture to
very appetizing. I finally got them to try        custard pot and cook 2 more minutes.
one bite and then they were hooked on             Remove from heat and add vanilla and
the pudding. I was so relieved that they          butter. Let cool. In a 9 by 9-inch oven proof
finally tried it and liked it because I was       baking dish, alternate pudding, bananas,
started to question if I was weird because        and wafers, beginning with pudding and
of their elongated hesitation to try, what I      ending with pudding. Add topping, if
considered a normal dessert.                      desired.

What color are you today?
    Kitchen Aid
W     hen you walk into your kitchen and desire to make a tasty meal, your cooking expertise
      (or lack of) sometimes just isn’t enough to complete the task. From the countless hours
I have spent within the walls of my own kitchen, I have learned there are certain items I can’t
cook without. The following are a few of my secret ingredients to culinary success.

Spice Rack. As a novice cook, I couldn’t help but lament my tasteless chicken, bland
                stroganoff, and insipid soup. While reminiscing upon the great meals my
                mother used to make, I knew something was lacking and it was time to make
                a change in my cooking technique. My smartest kitchen purchase was a 16-
                jar spice rack. The thyme, bay leaves, and cumin carry my dishes to a whole
                new level of flavor. I am also able to experiment with spices and exercise my
                cooking creativity. Smaller spice racks begin around $12, but a rack with a
                variety of spices can cost up to $60. The best prices are usually found online.

                Knife Set. Any experienced cook knows that you shouldn’t use the same
                knife to cut a loaf of bread and fillet halibut. And who wants to
sit down and eat a steak with a butter knife? Having a knife set on hand has
made my cutting experiences much more productive. A knife set can be
purchased as low as $25, but you can spend hundreds of dollars on a set,
depending on the quantity and quality of the knives included.

Non-Stick Frying Pan. There is nothing worse than eating burnt food
that has been scraped off the bottom of the pan by a pre-occupied cook.
My non-stick frying pan helps me avoid such problems. Non-stick pans not only assist in
                                 skillful frying, but they also assure a quick clean-up. Most
                                 high-quality non-stick pans fall between the $30 to $60 price

Tomato Slicer. Although onions usually make me cry, slicing tomatoes causes me the most
frustration. Cutting tomatoes usually results in a pile of seeds and juice. Using a simple
tomato slicer can prevent such a tragedy. This tool cuts any size of tomatoes into
thin and even slices. The slicer can also be used to cut a variety of other
vegetables. For only about $10, tomato slicers can be purchased at any
store that sells specialty kitchen appliances.

                 Cream of Chicken Soup. Do you want everyone singing                  “Mmm
                 Mmm Good!” when they get a taste of your cooking? I learned early on
                 that it’s important to keep multiple cans of cream of chicken soup on hand
                 because more than half of my favorite recipes include it. Chicken soup is also
                 delicious to eat when prepared as directed on the can. Don’t ever let your lazy
                 Susan be without it. Cream of chicken soup can be purchased anywhere from
                 $.50 to $1.00, depending on the sales you find at any grocery store.

                                                                            -Traci Huntsman
B  eing a busy college student for the past few years, I have learned what kitchen tools help
   life run a bit smoother and make my kitchen time more efficient. My belief is that just
because I am in college doesn’t mean I have to eat like a 5-year-old. I’m sorry, but Macaroni
and Cheese and Top Ramen just aren’t going to cut it. The following are five kitchen tools I
have found to create the most flavorful yet simple cuisine:

                      Crock pot. You’ve probably seen these in every mother’s and
                      grandmother’s kitchen, and there’s a reason! Throw in some meat and
                      vegetables, or make some soup in the morning, and by the evening
                      you have yourself a wonderfully tasting, healthy, homemade meal. It
                      has the taste of an all-day prepared meal without the massive amount
                      of time preparation. They can normally be purchased for
                      around $30.

Non-stick pans and non-stick spray. These items will save you plenty of
scrubbing time when it comes to doing the dishes. They obviously keep your
food from sticking, but also help your food turn out tasting better instead
of burnt. The best part is that the time it takes to wash your pan is greatly
minimized. Non-stick pans run as low as $20, and non-stick spray will only cost
you about $3.

             Cleaning gloves. To keep soft, healthy hands, use cleaning gloves when doing
             the dishes or scrubbing the kitchen. Frequent exposure to water and cleaning
             supplies can take quite a toll on your hands. You can pick these up at any
             grocery store or Wal-Mart for around $2.

               Co-Co Motion. This little gem is wonderful after a long day of
               work or school. Just pour in the ingredients to make the hot
              chocolate, push the “start” button, and this machine will mix
and heat the hot chocolate for you. I also use it to heat water for herbal
tea. This is a great tool for that down time at the end of the day as well
as when visitors come over. They never cease to be amazed by the Co-Co
Motion! I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for about $30.

Panini Maker. This is the prized jewel of my kitchen. For those who enjoy a quality-
tasting meal, this is a cooking investment you will want to consider. Not only is it great for
                         transforming ordinary sandwiches to hot, great-tasting paninis; they
                         can also be used for grilling chicken, steak, fish—whatever you want. I
                         enjoy using sourdough bread with pesto sauce and a variety of meats,
                         cheeses, and vegetables—an Italian feast! Its non-stick surface makes
                         for easy clean-up. Prices run on the higher end for these panini-
                         makers (about $100-200), but you’ll be amazed at how they boost the
                         taste of your food up ten notches. William Sonoma offers an excellent
                         panini-making product.
                                                                              -Jessica Tingey

T   o the beginning chef, a cooking supply store can be an intimidating experience. I’m
    here to tell you the five absolute essentials you need in your kitchen. Many think they
need the top of the line mixer or fancy new cookware. Think again. The average kitchen in
America is overstocked with useless and unnecessary items. I would like to suggest that you
get back to the basics with the following essentials.

Large Soup Pot. This is the only real way to cook corn on the cob or make up a batch of
                    your famous chili. A good pot should have some heft to it, with a thick
                    bottom to prevent scorching on long-simmering soups. Stainless steel
                    is the way to go, and make sure that the handles are comfortable for
                    you to hold and sit well in your hand. Also, make sure that the model
                    you get has a lid, as many models don’t come with one. Cuisinart
                    Chef’s Classic Stainless 8-quart Stock Pot ($29.95).

Saucepan. A saucepan isn’t just for sauces. You can use them for gravies, rice, vegetables,
and soups. When looking for a saucepan, or any pan for that matter, always look for
something easy to clean, and that can hold about 3 to 4 quarts.
Again, look for a stainless steel pan with an aluminum core to
ensure even cooking. Also make sure that the pan has a sturdy,
long handle so you can lift the pot even when it is full! Pinzon 3.5-
Quart Stainless Steel Sauce Pan ($18.20).

                    Chef’s Knife. This knife is the most versatile item in the kitchen, and
                    will be the most used. Its gently curved blade allows for rocking motion
                    needed while cutting fruits, veggies, or meats. Look for a handle that is
                    molded to fit the hand and is comfortable to hold. Several models sport
                    either a plastic or metal handle. This is an investment that should last
                    you for years to come. Purchase Suggestions: Forschner victorinox Fibrox
                    8-inch Chef’s Knife ($22.95).

Jellyroll pan. This pan is also known as a cookie sheet and rightly so because it’s perfect
for baking cookies, brownies, or roasting a whole chicken. The most versatile and useful size
is 18 by 13 inches, with at least a 1 inch depth. You want to avoid
nonstick surfaces because they cause cookies to burn easier and
can’t be used with roasting racks. Your best bet is a heavy-gauge,
light-colored aluminum pan. Purchase Suggestions: Chicago
Metallic Commercial 18 by 14 inch Jelly Roll Pan ($15.95).

Large Skillet. A skillet is necessary when cooking steaks, chicken cutlets, pork chops, and
even vegetables. It browns foods evenly, which leads to a great flavor. To enhance this
                        feature, look for a stainless steel skillet with an aluminum core. This
                        improves the heat distribution. Also look for one with flared sides, a
                        handle that can withstand high heats from the broiler or oven, and a
                        heavy bottom. Purchase Suggestions: Wolfgang Puck Bistro 12-inch
                        Open Omelet Pan ($29.90).
                                                                               -Brooke Domino
 Mr Pizza
          A true Italian

(208) 785-3785
125 Nw Main St
Blackfoot, ID 83221
       commercial cooking
             The Art of Creation

             How does someone with a Master’s       beyond his youth. The day after
     Degree in English end up cooking for           completing his graduate studies at Idaho
     a living? For Jeff Hamblin, culinary arts      State
     instructor at BYU-Idaho, the art of creation
     originated in the family kitchen, rather
                                                    University           “Food brings people
                                                    and feeling
     than with words on a paper. “It all goes       no real              together, but it’s the
     back to chocolate chip cookies growing
     up, helping out just for the experience
                                                    inclination         coming together that
                                                    to pursue
     of licking the bowl at the end.” As part of    a career in                  matters.”
     their family culture, the Hamblin family all   English, Jeff
     helped out at meal-time. When he was in        packed up his young family and drove to
     the seventh-grade, his mother enrolled         the Western Culinary Institute in Portland,
                           him and some other       Oregon. After a series of happy accidents
“Culinary art is a neighborhood boys                where Jeff was able to secure a job and
                           in cooking 4H where      a place to live, it seemed his fate was to
mortal creation.” they learned to master            enter the food industry. He was offered
                           the craft of making      a job teaching before he obtained his
     banana sandwiches. On a mission to Italy       culinary certificate. Since then, he has
     for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day   been imparting his knowledge of culinary
     Saints, Jeff observed la madre, an Italian     creations to students at BYU-Idaho.
     mother, preparing food from the family                 Jeff maintains that you don’t need
     recipes from memory. On preparation day,       to be a professional chef to know how to
     Jeff would go home and try to recreate the     cook; you just need an understanding of
     Italian dishes for the other missionaries      ingredients to enhance the flavors that
     from notes scribbled on napkins at dinner      already exist. “Too often people rely on
     appointments.                                  recipes, but fail to understand the science
             His love of cooking persisted          behind cooking or the art that is in them.”
                          Quality Cooking


To save money and take advantage of                   Whether a professional chef, food
freshness, he advocates buying foods          connoisseur, or just a food-lover, we can
that are in season to use as a reference      all relate to the experience of food. We
point for your own creations. Whether you     can choose to experiment with foreign
create a momentary masterpiece or merely      ingredients or stick to the time-tested
a flop, the food in itself doesn’t make       recipes, but it all comes back to the art of
the experience, “It’s about serving other     creation. “Culinary art is a mortal creation.
people.” Jeff concedes that he is more        You make the dish and it is actually
skeptical when eating out because he is       consumed. A painting on the wall remains
evaluating the food from a professional       a painting on the wall. A recipe will never
standpoint. For this reason, he prefers to    be the same.” For this reason, Jeff Hamblin
eat at home. In social settings, however,     went into culinary arts, because each
Jeff refrains from judgment. He’s just        time he licked the beaters from Mom’s
grateful when others impart their family      chocolate chip cookies it was a new
recipes and share their home with him         experience.
because it’s “not necessarily about                                        -Tiffani Boren
the food, but the friendships and the
conversation. Food brings people together,
but it’s the coming together that matters.”

etiquette mishaps
 Students share stories about their             bite and realized why all of our eyes were
   embarrassing and interesting                 bugging out. “Um…so I’m guessing that
 experiences about chowing down.                cayenne pepper isn’t substitutable for chili
                                                powder?” she asked tentatively.
                                                        “Cayenne pepper!” I exclaimed.
Ashlee’s Famous Chili                           “How much did you put in?”
        My second year at college I
                                                        “I don’t know, about 3 tablespoons I
was very nervous about moving into a
different apartment complex with five new
                                                        We all groaned in unison, but
roommates. Since we were all complete
                                                not wanting to hurt her feelings tried to
strangers, we stayed mostly to ourselves
                                                reassure her. “It really isn’t that bad, Ash.
for the first couple of weeks. One evening,
                                                It just needs a little sour cream,” I said.
my roommate Ashlee suggested that we
                                                        My other roommates chimed in
do apartment dinners. I had never heard
                                                with remedies. “Yeah, I like it with a little
of this before and asked her to explain.
                                                cornbread mixed in.”
        “Everyone pitches in a dinner a
                                                 “Or how about adding a little milk.”
week,” she said. “That way we’ll save
                                                “I always eat chili with saltine crackers.”
money and get to know each other.”
                                                        One by one everyone at the table
        I was all for saving money, and
                                                tried to offer a way to tone down the
only having to cook one day a week was
                                                spiciness. Unfortunately nothing really
definitely a plus. And so it began—my first
                                                worked—the chili
experience with apartment dinners. Since
                                                wasn’t salvageable.                  Recipe:
it was Ashlee’s idea, she offered to go first                            Browned hamburger
and enticed us with stories of her famous                                1 small can tomato paste
                                                dinner was a
        The next evening, we all sat around
                                                catastrophe, our         2 cans tomato soup
                                                apartment bonded 1 bottle canned tomatoes
the dinner table anxiously waiting for
                                                for the first time
                              dinner. Once                               2 cans kidney beans
                                                that night.
                                                        A few            8 Tbsp. chili powder
                              had served
                                                months later
                              themselves, we                             Mix ingredients together –
                                                Ashlee felt the
                              all dug in. One
                              bite was all
                                                need to defend           heat – and enjoy!
                                                her chili and made
                              it took for us
                                                it again—this
                              to realize that
                                                time with the right ingredients. Finally
                              something was
                                                we got a taste of Ashlee’s famous chili
                              seriously wrong
                                                the way it was meant to be, and it was
                             with this chili.
         “Water! I need water!” Everyone
                                                                            -Angie Larsen
wheezed at the same time. Never in my
life had my taste buds been so completely
singed off.                                     Prince Charming and the Salsa
        “What’s wrong?” Ashlee asked at                The setting was a Mexican
 our strange reactions. Finally she took a      restaurant called El Charro’s. Decorated in
     the usual artistic ways of cacti and desert,    wearing a black blouse, so the salsa didn’t
     there wasn’t much to spark a conversation       show up on it.
     over. My date was my ideal Prince                       Jokingly, he mentioned that the
     Charming. He was tall, handsome, and shy        restaurant looked like a crime-scene with
     in a very cute way. Because I was nervous,      blotches of
     the evening had been slow. However, we          red salsa
     were both terribly hungry, and the chips        all over.
     the waitress had brought over had almost        Laughing
     disappeared. Almost.                            with him,
             Trying not to say something dumb        I agreed
     just to start a conversation, I absently        that it did.
     noticed that the salsa in the serving           Of course
     dish had been eaten. Glancing around, I         the waitress
     noticed that the salsa was kept in small        didn’t
     squeeze bottles usually used to serve           appreciate
                                   mustard. Taking   our sense of
“Perhaps my dating- the squeeze    bottle in one
                                                     humor, but
                                                     our food came quickly anyway. The rest
 conscious shouted, hand, I tried to                 of the afternoon was devoid of nervous
 ‘Don’t squeeze the squeeze the    salsa out, but
                                                     moments, and my date and I enjoyed our
                                                     outing immensely. Since then we’ve had
bottle too hard!’ but I nothing came.                many embarrassing dining moments. But
    didn’t hear it.”               I squeezed
                                                     because I married my Prince Charming, I
                                                     know that he won’t mind if I spill the salsa.
                                   Perhaps my                                   -Brooke Curley
     dating-conscious shouted, “Don’t squeeze        An Organized Mess
     the bottle too hard!” but I didn’t hear it.             Clutching several bottles of
     Using both hands I tried to get more salsa      sparkling cider, I cringed as Nikki almost
     out. SPLAT. A chunk of tomato had been          hit a mailbox. We had a group date
     clogging the bottle’s passageway.               tonight, and we had less than an hour to
             Looking up, I was aghast at how         finish making dinner and get dressed. We’d
     such a small bottle of salsa could spread       forgotten the cider and the bread at my
     out so far in a room. Because I squeezed        house and—I groaned.
     the bottle too hard, salsa splattered me,               “We forgot the bread!”
     the table, the wall beside us, the floor, and           “Dang it!” Nikki slammed on the
     my date. At first I was speechless…until my     brakes of her mom’s van, and made a quick
     date started to smile. It was obvious he        illegal U-turn in the middle of the road.
     was trying to hold back a laugh because         I shrieked as the side door slid open—
     he didn’t want to embarrass me, but once        apparently we hadn’t closed it all the
     we started laughing we couldn’t stop!           way—I barely stopped myself from falling
     Giggling, I tried to wipe the salsa off my      out the door and caught the sparkling
     blouse. My date asked me if I was okay,         cider just before it flew out. “Slow down!”
     and I said that I was. Luckily, I had been              “We don’t have time! We still have

etiquette mishaps
to buy the salad ingredients!”
                                                the door while the rest of us ran to the
        We zoomed back into my driveway,
                                                kitchen to carry out the food, Jessica still
ran and got the bread, and then took off
                                                missing her shoes, and Nikki frantically
for Nikki’s house,
                                                                        adding more
hoping no cops
                                                                        bobby pins to my
would see us.
                                                                        escaping hair. The
        Back at
                                                                        guys entered the
Nikki’s, Kim and
                                                                        dining room and
Jessica were
                                                                        we smiled, trying to
frantically cooking
                                                                        appear organized.
the pasta and
                                                                        The guys looked at
chopping up the
                                                                        us, the table, and
chicken. Telling
                                                                        the food.
Nikki’s brother
                                                                            “Wow, we had
to keep an eye
                                                                        bets going that
on the stove, we
                                                                        none of you would
all piled in the
                                                                        even be dressed
van and headed
                                                                        by the time we
to the grocery
                                                                        got here. This is
store, laughing
maniacally. We ran and grabbed some
                                                       We looked at each other and just
salad and got in the checkout line.
                                                started laughing.
Everyone was trying not to look at us.
                                                                            -Crystal Fair
Jessica was sitting inside the shopping
cart, holding the salad, and we were all
wearing sweats and flannel shirts, our          Winin’ and Dinin’ with the Elders
hair elaborately done up, our makeup                    “Elders, your lunch this Wednesday
sparkling. We tried to keep straight faces,     is with Sister Glaucia. She is going to start
but failed. We raced back to the house,         coming to church again, and has asked
frantically setting the table, finishing last   to put her name on the list to feed the
minute touches to the food, finding chairs      missionaries. Here’s her address; go do
to fit around the table. We finished at         your work.”
exactly 5:55 – the boys were arriving at                We thanked the Relief Society
6:00. Then Nikki’s dad came in. “Shouldn’t      President and headed out to the dirt-
you girls get dressed?”                         streets of Vila C.
        Everyone shrieked and jumped up—                That day could not have been
we nearly had an accident in the hallway,       hotter; temperatures were reaching past
as everyone tried to get into Nikki’s room      the hundreds, without humidity. The
at once. Amid a flurry of flannel and satin,    moisture of the tropical region only added
we pulled on dresses, zipped and buttoned       fuel to the fire. Elder Watts and I had just
each other, found shoes, fixed bobby pins,      finished our last appointment for the
and adjusted makeup. We’d barely finished       morning and started the two mile trek
when the doorbell rang. Kim went to anwer       through the red dirt fields of Iguassu Falls,
                                                Brazil for the home of Sister Glaucia.
Anticipating a cooled beverage and some      members of the church believed regarding
shade at her home, we entered walking        the Word of Wisdom; missionaries were
mode. Our walk in the blazing sun took       even stricter: we weren’t even allowed to
just under thirty minutes, long enough,      drink anything with caffeine. Elder Watts
and then some, for two white boys from       thirstily started chugging the cold drink.
the Northern US.                             As an experienced missionary I tried not
        The wonderful aroma of pasta and     to appear too hurried. When I lifted my
chicken, two of the four favorite foods      glass, the fumes of something that I had
in Brazil, filled the home. Lunch was just   smelled before wafted into my nostrils. I
getting finished so my companion and         paused and whispered to Elder Watts to
I sat on the couch and started to get to     stop drinking for a second.
know Sister Glaucia a bit better. She was             “Sister Glaucia, is this wine?”
a plump and happy woman, like most of                 “Yes, but it is only half wine. The
the women in the area. Her hands were        other half is water.”
somewhat leathery from the grueling                   While we were thankful that the
manual labor she had performed her entire    drink was only half wine we politely
life and her feet were dry and cracked       asked for some water or pop in place of
from walking everywhere in the heat in       our watered down wine coolers. Sister
flip-flops. She seemed to be the typical     Glaucia, embarrassed that she had offered
Brazilian mother: happy about life, and      missionaries wine, quickly and profusely
happy to feed whoever was under her roof.    apologized for serving us this watered-
        In the middle of the table was a     down wine cooler, explaining that it was all
HUGE bowl of steaming pasta and next to      she could give.
it a plate of hot fried chicken and some              The moment we discovered the
broccoli-like vegetable that had been        identity of the mysterious purple drink we
boiled and smothered in                                               found the topic of our
melted butter. Normally this                                          lunch message. We
would look delicious, but on a                                        had a good discussion
day as hot as this Elder Watts                                        with Sister Glaucia that
and I were more interested                                            afternoon. I think she
in what we were going to be                                           remembered a few
drinking.                                                             things as we helped
        Sister Glaucia took                                           her remember some
a pitcher out of the fridge                                           of the things that
that appeared to be Purple-                                           would help her in life.
Saurus-Rex (one of Brazil’s                                           That was the first and
most infamous ten-centavo                                             last time I have been
kool-aid imitations). A prayer                                        offered alcohol by a
was offered and the juice                                             member of my own
was poured, Elder Watts’ cup                                          church.
first and then mine. Now,                                                  -Elliot Seibold
apparently Sister Glaucia had
forgotten a few of the things

whining and dining

Students explore famed local favorites and
 dish out the truth. Do independent area
 restaurants have what it takes to impress
               picky eaters?

whining and dining

The Snake BiTe                                  the first time, our waitress was particularly
                                                attentive to our emptying water glasses,
         The Snake Bite, in downtown Idaho      which I greatly appreciated. While she
Falls, is eclectic, with a great combination    filled our glasses, she chatted with us
of comfortable ambience and delicious           about experiences her waitressing there
food. It’s a small place, with only about       had given her and made us feel like
20 tables max., and you seat yourself. A        regulars. And it’s not hard to become one;
fireplace greets you when you walk in,          most of the people at surrounding tables
and art flanks the walls, with local artists’   seemed like they frequented The Snake
names, information, and prices, just in case    Bite often. After just one visit, I consider
one of these works whets your appetite as       myself a regular!
much as the food. The whole feel of the                 As great as the setup of the
restaurant is very casual and comfortable,      restaurant is, the food is even better.
and the waitresses are laid back and very       Burgers and sandwiches take up most of
friendly. When I ate there with a friend for    the room on the menu, along with some
pastas, soups, and steak, and everything
has fun names that recognize Idaho’s                       The Backyard
geological features and that embrace the
open-range cowboy spirit. Each sandwich                    What is more American than hotdogs?
and burger come with a very fresh side            How about gourmet hotdogs and frozen
salad, and we ordered an extra side of            custard…? A seemingly odd combination
waffle fries, which they do a great job           of foods that The Backyard, a locally owned
preparing. I couldn’t stop eating them,           drive-through style eatery located in
despite how full I was by the end of the          Rexburg, proudly displays on their billboard.
meal. I ordered the Palisades Teriyaki            Altruistically, I was drawn to the idea of a
Chicken burger, and it was delicious!             local hotdog stand; to the little guy; to the
Their burgers aren’t just a patty on a bun.       small-town entrepreneur trying to make its
This was a delicious, juicy chicken breast        way in the cold harsh world. In other words
cooked in teriyaki sauce, with melted             I was rooting for The Backyard. That said,
cheese on top, two grilled pineapple              when I approach a locally owned restaurant,
rings, and a piece of crisp lettuce, all on a            I usually have a few expectations:
hamburger bun. It was huge, and it was            1. A warmer atmosphere and better
amazing! I was so impressed with this             customer service than national chains
burger. And this isn’t the only good thing        2. A higher quality food product and
on their menu. It is a little more expensive,     dining experience than national chains
but you’re definitely paying for quality          3. Marginally higher prices than national
food and pretty hefty portions.                   chains
         The best part about The Snake Bite                Perhaps my expectations were a
is that everything is just a little unexpected.   bit too high for a hotdog stand (I mean
When you walk in, it’s completely different       gourmet hotdogs, really?), because what I
from the typical, predictable restaurant.         got were cold slimy onions.
It’s just a great, casual, fun atmosphere                  But I get ahead of myself. As I
that is very inviting to come to. I highly        first stepped into the backyard themed
recommend this restaurant as a place              restaurant—literally, the interior is
worth going to, and since its business            painted like a backyard, complete with
comes from word-of-mouth, it really               uncomfortable picnic tables for seating—
becomes “your place.” I’ve only been there        and looked through the cleverly named
once and I already claim it as my own!            menu items, I was greeted by the girl
                                                  behind the register with a muttered, “Are
                          -Kate Barlow            you ready?”
                                                           When I ordered, the only other
                                                  words the girl offered to me as customer
                                                  service was the total cost. Needless to say,
                                                  she messed up my order.
                                                           I ordered a hotdog meal called the
                                                  “cowboy stampede,” which according to
                                                  the menu had Swiss cheese, grilled onions,
                                                  bacon, and barbeque sauce. When I

whining and dining

received the frankfurter, it was suspiciously
devoid of any of the other fix-ins aside        handful of greasy fries, the frozen dessert
from cold slimy onions. The meal came           did not sit well at all in my stomach.
with “fresh cut fries,” which were deep-fried           If given the choice between another
past the point of golden brown and had          visit to The Backyard or a national hotdog
taken on a rusty orange color. After eating     chain, like, say, Wienerschnitzel, I would
only a few of the sickly things, I gave up      have to save my altruism for celebrity
and moved on to the main course.                fund-raisers for Darfur, put on my
        To be honest, the actual hotdog was     lederhosen, and yodel my way all the way
pure beef, and after I excavated it out of      to Wienerschnitzel.
the mountain of foul tasting onions, it was
almost palatable. Almost.                       The Backyard rating: Poor.
        For the full experience I also
ordered the frozen custard of the day (mint                                  -Jake Jones
chip), which was good, but after choking
down an onion-plagued hotdog and a
Swiss Cheese: The tasteful
way to get your three-a-day.                  PiTa PiT
                                       Pita Pit is the place to be on a
                               Rexburg Saturday night. Group dates,
                               couples, families, friends, and groups
                               of roommates fill the cozy restaurant.
                               With its great food, reasonable prices,
                               and courteous service, it’s no wonder
                               everyone’s suddenly craving pitas.
                                       On any given Saturday the
                               restaurant is abuzz with laughter and
                               happy chatter. The college student crowd
                               is friendly and ready to become acquainted
                               with anyone they don’t already know.
                               When you stop by Pita Pit, it doesn’t
                               matter whether you come with or without
                               friends. Either way, you’ll have a few more
                               by the time you leave.
                                       The menu offers a wide selection so
                               anyone can find something to eat there.
                               The food portions are generous enough to
                               fill you up, but not so large that you won’t
                               fit through the door on the way out. And
                               the decent prices won’t empty your wallet.
                               Most meals there average $4-6.
                                       For anyone who is health conscious,
                               Pita Pit is just what you’re looking for.
                               They live up to their motto: “fresh thinking
                               – healthy eating.” They only use grilled
                               meats and fresh vegetables which are
                               rolled up in a white or wheat pita shell.
                               The meats include chicken, turkey, ham,
                               bacon, tuna, roast beef, and even lamb.
                               Pita Pit also offers a wide variety of “Veggie
                               Pitas,” unlike most other restaurants which
                               only have one or two vegetarian items.
                               There are Garden, Hummus, Falafel, Feta,
                               Cheddar, and American Swiss pitas. You
                               can add chips, a cookie, and a drink to any
                               pita, and they recently added a breakfast
                               menu which is available at any time during
                               the day.
                                       Not in the mood for a pita? Pita Pit
                               still has a lot to offer. Come in for their

whining and dining
soup of the day, a smoothie, or a salad.
Next time you need a good, quick meal,
try stopping by Pita Pit. There will be
something on the menu to satisfy your
cravings without breaking your budget.
Pita Pit is sure to please.

                    -Diana Jackson
                                                    After about 10 minutes, we were
da PineaPPle Grill                          ready to order but had not even been
                                            greeted by a waiter yet. We put our
       My husband and I had heard good
things about Da Pineapple Grill. However,   menus down and looked as hungry as
we will not add to them, after our recent   possible but could not catch the attention
experience at the restaurant.               of a waiter for at least another 10 minutes.
       We arrived at the Grill at around    Meanwhile, three other couples were
6 p.m. We were greeted by an agitated       seated, and we watched their waiter bring
waiter and told brusquely they would have   them water and make recommendations
us seated soon. We looked at the half a     on the menu. At length, a waiter
dozen empty, dirty tables, and decided      approached us and asked if we had been
they must have been understaffed at that    helped, and we replied that we had not.
time; why else would the place be such a    The waiter rushed off, saying something
mess? We were seated and given menus        about water and returned with two glasses
and were delighted at the many options      for us, only to leave in that same rushed
and seemingly decent prices.                manner before we could tell him we were
                                            ready to order.

whining and dining
                                              longingly for quite some time at the dishes
       After we noticed that the other
three couples, who had arrived after us,      being devoured around us as we waited.
were already enjoying their appetizers, our   However, when it arrived, we were actually
waiter returned to take our order. We tried   very pleased with the variety of the sushi
to ask him about the difference between       platter. The main dishes, though, proved
two plates that seemed similar to us,         a disappointment. My meat was tough
but he said, “Well, they aren’t that much     and my husband’s was raw and soggy.
different, but they sure taste different.”    Our fried rice was dry and flavorless. We
Whatever that meant. We decided to try        couldn’t decide if the food tasted like
them as well as a sushi platter. We gazed     leftovers, or just half-prepared entrees that
someone had forgotten about for a while,        prices. It is just too bad that they are real
then served to us anyway.                       world—decent restaurant in the city—
        We had finished all we could by         prices. They should probably appeal to the
the time our waiter checked back with us,       college students more. However, I later
and promptly asked for the check, so we         went for lunch and found that they offered
could leave as soon as possible. Overall,       a good deal for their special.
I would give the price range a three, the               Now, for a breakdown, atmosphere
atmosphere a two, the food a two, and           gets 4 out of 5. With few windows, I can’t
the service a negative one. To those            give it any higher than that. Still it was fine,
considering Da Pineapple Grill as a date        nothing amazing, yet nothing distracting
site, you would be better off eating last       either.
night’s lasagna or a fresh batch of Ramen               The service gets a 4.5. Service has
Noodles.                                        been consistently exceptional, save the
                                                flaw of asking the kitchen about several
                      -Chelsea Dixon            questions I had.
                                                        Food is a 5. I’m nervous to do it, but
                                                it could not have been any better in my
               amiciS                           opinion.
                                                        Price gets a 3. The prices aren’t
         What it lacks in visibility it makes   wildly high, just out of the comfort range.
up for inside. Rexburg’s very own Italian               That is an average of 4.1. Not too
restaurant is still a newbie off Main Street    shabby for Rexburg and simply the fact
and from the moment I stepped in, I             that it is in Rexburg increases it’s worth a
immediately feared that I would be let          bunch for me. Give it a try when you want
down. Everything smelled so wonderful;          a guaranteed exceptional meal, just pull
somehow I was sure that it would not live       into Taco Bell and look to the east.
up to the appetite in my mind.                          And if you’re looking for a sweet
         Service was thorough—though a          way to end your sensational taste
touch ignorant about what they offered. I       experience, tiramisu for dessert is the only
requested an appetizer, a sampler. I soon       way to go.
looked down and saw mozzarella sticks.
Great, I thought immediately. How thrilling.                               -Jacob Rogers
It turned out to be my favorite item. I was
told, upon asking, that it was handmade.
It all suddenly made sense: nothing that
good could be anything but fresh.
         Complimentary bread was offered.
It looked hard and uninviting. Still, I tried
it and was surprised by the wonderful
uniqueness of the taste. They had scored
again. Entrée’s arrived quickly and were
exceptionally large for this type of
restaurant. I may complain about the

whining and dining
                                                inside. Phad Kee Mow is, in my opinion,
        OriGinal                                the best of the noodle entrees. Key
                                                ingredient? Plenty of fresh basil. entrees.
     Thai reSTauranT                            Key ingredient? Plenty of fresh basil.
                                                        My favorites are the curries. Kaeng
        Walking into Original Thai              Ka-ri (Yellow Curry) is great comfort food;
Restaurant is a welcome respite from the        a creamy sauce full of meat and potatoes.
icy white flatness of Rexburg winter. It’s a    But I’m a sucker for basil, so the edge goes
small yellow room in an old building, oddly     to Kaeng Khiao Wan (Green Curry), which
shaped and a little run-down – a pleasantly     is sharper yet sweeter in flavor, thanks to
informal atmosphere. Spicy, tantalizing         coconut milk. Both contain chilis, so be
smells perfume the air while you peruse         sure to request the mild treatment if you’re
the extensive menu for a dish to warm           sensitive to spice. If not, crank it up and
the stomach. Thirty-odd hot entrees plus        enjoy the inner glow for hours afterward.
soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts… if             And for dessert? Sweet Sticky Rice
you’re the indecisive type, you might want      with Sliced Mango. Truth be told, I was
to clear your schedule for the evening.         skeptical at first. Fresh mango? In the
        The Bad News: it’s not cheap. Lunch     desert? I was wrong to doubt. Original
costs $7 and most dinner entrees ring in        Thai Restaurant is truly an oasis of exotic
around $9. A few delicacies go for $12          eastern flavor, right here in the western
or $15. The Good News: it’s totally worth       wilderness.
it. Of eight dishes sampled by this very           Bottom line…
devoted customer, two were good, two                    Atmosphere – 4/5
were delicious, and four rattled the gates              Service – 4/5
of nirvana.                                             Food - 5/5
        For first-time Thai diners I’d                  Price – 3.5/5
recommend Phad Thai, a classic fried-
noodle staple, or Satay, an appetizer of                                -Annie McNeil
grilled skewered meat dipped in peanut
sauce. Both are mild and tasty, but not too
terribly adventurous. The Fried Calamari
appetizer is superb, if you like that sort of
thing: tender squid, flakey batter, piquant
        Pad Med Ma Muang, another
noodle stir-fry, is a lovely example of
traditional Thai five-flavor blend: bitter,
spicy, sweet, sour, and salty (don’t worry;
“bitter” just refers to the nutty, smoky
taste of the browned garlic and cashews).
The result is a perfectly balanced, almost
mellow dish. I tried this one with tofu,
which was perfect: crisp outside, velvet
                                                   what my gut wanted—baked beans and
hard haT STeakhOuSe                                mashed potatoes. This ensured that my
                                                   full rack of barbecued ribs were in great
        If you’re looking for some good eats       company.
in the Rexburg area then you must stop in
                                                            While I waited for my mountainous
at Hard Hat. I ventured in there on a lonely
Friday night to find dates, friends, and           meal to arrive I gave into their free scones,
families all joined under one roof. The fun        that’s right FREE, served with warm honey
atmosphere of construction signs littering         butter. After three of these, you might
the walls, with local business at first was        second guess how much room you truly
nice, then a little distracting, as I wondered     have for your meal. I tried to exercise what
if I was eating in a giant commercial.             little restraint I had left and waited for my
         Opening the menu, one can see             meal. A full twenty-five minutes went by
the variety of food they offer for lunch and       before the sizzling baby back ribs arrived.
dinner. I decided to go with their ribs that       It was almost the longest twenty-five
weighed in at $12-16, depending on if you          minutes of my stomach’s life.
go half or full rack; I went with the full rack.
                                                            The ribs were two full lengths of the
With this choice, you have two sides to
choose from: salad, beans, baked potato,           plate and were broken in half in order to fit
mashed potato, or greens. I stuck with             all the fixings. As I picked up the one set
                                                   of the two rack special, I could smell the

whining and dining
                                                 bar inside Chiz’s gives it a truly
hickory tang of the sauce, and I could
already sense the tender moistness of the        “hometown” feel.
                                                         Once you are seated, you will notice
meat as my two fingers pressed against
the bone. My taste buds were now be-             that the pricing of the food is about what
ginning to get upset feeling teased, since       one would expect from any mainstream
I had not taken a bite yet. I smiled and         restaurant. The menu offers a variety of
indulged, and I must say it wasn’t what I        food from steaks, to chicken dishes, to
expected. I enjoyed it. I loved the taste; I     seafood. Many of the items I have been
loved the moistness, and most off all the        able to try from Chiz’s were excellent, but
messiness of the lathered sauce. The only        my favorite is the shrimp. Particularly, the
thing that I needed was more wet naps, as        shrimp which is butterflied, pounded out,
one wasn’t enough.                               dipped in tempura batter, and deep fried.
        Next time you’re in the mood for         Chiz’s is also famous for its ranch dressing
some good ole ribs, do your taste buds a         which is made fresh and even marketed at
favor and check out Hard Hat’s full rack of      local grocery stores in the area.
baby back ribs. You and your taste buds                  Overall, I would give Chiz’s a 4.5
won’t be disappointed.                           rating. The food is excellent, the pricing it
Rating: 4.5                                      fair, but I wish they had more seats. There
Price: $10-25                                    have been multiple times when I was
Service: Great ribs, but mediocre serve          unable to dine there because all twenty
time                                             seats were taken, and the waiting line was
                                                 extending out the door. They do offer the
                        -Barry Bishop            “to-go” option with their food, and this
                                                 can always solve the problem of seating. I
                                                 would definitely suggest Chiz’s to anyone
                                                 looking for a good dining experience. It is
                chiz’S                           an excellent place for dates, family outings,
                                                 and any other occasion where one wants
                                                 to eat excellent food in a very simple,
        We have all heard the saying, “Nev-
                                                 hometown atmosphere.
er judge a book by its cover.” And I can
think of no better way to describe Chiz’s.
                                                                        -Andrew Barton
This restaurant is located in St. Anthony, ID
and more specifically on the first floor of a
building that has a fairly unkempt look. At
first glance, you may begin having second
thoughts about dining there, but I assure
you that once you take your seat it will
all be worth it. Consider calling ahead
for a current head count as there are only
enough seats for about twenty people, all
of which are located at a bar inside the res-
taurant. Although it would be nice to have
the traditional restaurant setting, the single
featured recipe and quiz
Budget Meal: “Victor’s Food”
       As a college student, it can become difficult to stick to a budget
and still enjoy a meal. Below is an easy and delicious meal I invented
with a friend one day. It was really good, so I tried to recreate it at a lat-
er time and perfected the portions of each ingredient. My friend’s nick-
name is Victor Boy, so I named it after him; in his recipe book he named
it after me, “KP’s Food”. Though buying the larger quantities of food to
prepare it amounts to more than $5, the portion used is guaranteed to
stick within the budget.


                                                                1 cup rice
                                                                2 cups water
                                                                1 cup frozen peas
                                                                1 cup frozen carrots
                                                                ½ cup chopped
                                                                Two eggs
                                                                Splash of soy sauce
                                                                Splash of oil

1) Add rice, water, and a dash of salt into a medium pot. Bring to a boil, then
turn down heat to medium low and boil with lid for 15 minutes. Put aside.
2) Mix the peas, carrots, and onions together. Cook in a skillet, with a splash of
oil, until tender. Mix into rice.
3) Fry two eggs. Place on top of rice mixture and splash some soy sauce on top.
4) Enjoy!
               What’s Your Cooking Style?
1. What is the healthiest oil to cook with?
       a. Extra Virgin olive oil
       b. Who needs oil when you have a good marinade?
       c. Uhh… the oil they use to cook fries in. I think.
2. What is a tomato?
       a. A fruit
       b. Some vegetable that gets in the way of my
          steak on the grill
       c. The red things I don’t like on my Dairy Queen
          Flamethrower Burger
3. In which room do you normally dine?
       a. The dining room—with candles.
       b. Anywhere outdoors
       c. In front of the TV
4. Which kitchen tool is your best friend?
       a. My non-stick pan
       b. My Coleman portable grill
       c. My Visa card
5. What’s your normal cooking attire?
       a. Anything black
       b. Shorts and flip flops
       c. Whatever I have on at that time
         Mostly A’s:                  Mostly B’s:                       Mostly C’s:
Saucy and Seductive—          Barbeque Buddy—If you             Fast Food Fiend—Didn’t
You know how to please        haven’t already noticed,         your mother teach you to
your guests, and it’s         meat is your main food           budget your money? Your
something that has            group. You live for a            constant eating out is
been in your blood since      good marinade and are            becoming a major dent in
you were a child. Your        always in search of the          your credit card bill, and
constant desire to sauté      perfect T-bone steak.            that scale in the bathroom
or julienne anything in       Don’t be afraid to show          is having a little more
sight makes you the life of   off your grilling skills; it’s   trouble counting all those
culinary parties and your     something that many of           extra pounds you’ve been
cooking masterpieces will     us George Forman lovers          putting on. You might
gain you popularity and       covet daily.                     want to try and see what
friendships for the rest of                                    your local grocery store
your life.                                                     has to offer, as opposed
                                                               to clipping out coupons
                                                               for McDonalds.


welcome to the culture of food

                                 05 7876 332149

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