Go- NOGO testing of IC devices by hcj


									    Testing of IC devices with The
          MultiTrace System

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1                                                                  Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    Who Is Robson Technologies Inc.
       RTI's products focus on custom test sockets, test fixtures, and turnkey test solutions
        for integrated circuits, hybrids, and small printed circuit boards. We provide
        solutions for failure analysis, package development, prototype engineering, wafer
        sort, and production test.

       RTI has been providing solutions for over 20 years. We are located in Morgan Hill,
        California, just south of San Jose and the Silicon Valley. We have complete in-
        house design capabilities for PCB and mechanical design. Our fully equipped CNC
        machine shop is used for both prototypes and production. Our design team is
        experienced in all phases of test fixture design, including test sockets, PCB design,
        and mechanical design.

       In July of 2008, RTI purchased the exclusive manufacturing and sales rights for
        UltraTest International's (UTI) curve trace test systems. The purchase of UTI's
        complete product line including the MegaTrace, AutoTrace, and MultiTrace
        products. UTI has been the leading supplier of curve trace test systems for over 20
        years and have systems located worldwide. This acquisition allows RTI to continue
        to offer turnkey test solutions for integrated circuits, hybrids and PCB's.
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2                                                            Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    RTI as a Vendor

       Leading supplier of Automated Curve tracing
        to the entire Semiconductor industry
       Top supplier of IC test sockets, DUT boards and all types of
        electronic test fixtures
       Excellent product and application support.
        Factory Direct via eMail, telephone and
        on site training is available.
       International sales and support organizations
        in China, Singapore, UK ,South Korea and Europe
       Domestic Sales Support in select US regions

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3                                              Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    Who Uses the MultiTrace

       Failure Analysis Engineers – Use the curve tracing
        capabilities to characterize electrically failed devices before any
        destructive processes are attempted

       Reliability Engineers – Use the Latch Up testing capabilities to
        find designs susceptible to this particular failure mode. They
        also use it in conjunction with ESD test systems to find devices
        damaged by ESD

       Package Design Engineers – Use the precision resistance
        measuring software to characterize contact resistance or new
        IC package designs

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4                                                   Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    MultiTrace System

       Basic Test system for most
       Available with 2, 4, or 6
        switch Matrix Channels
       8 SMU supplies (4 and 6
        bus systems)
          – 6@+/-15V, 1A
          – 2@ +/-100V, 100mA
       Relays and FET switches
       Available with 216 pins to
        625 pins
       Expandable to 1080 pins
        with MegaTrace style test

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5                                    Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    AutoTrace Systems

       Smaller test system for simpler
       4 switch matrix channels
       4 SMU supplies
         –   3@+/-15V, 1A
         –   1@ +/-100V, 100mA
       Available with 54, 108, 162, 216
       2 kinds of Standard DUT boards
       Curve Tracing only, No Latch
        Up option.

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6                                          Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    MegaTrace System

       Largest test system for
        complex devices
       Up to 2160 pins and 8
        switch matrix channels
       5 Amp option Available
        for high current devices
       Reliable Elastomer
        based DUT board
        interface eliminates
        pogo pins.
       Fully integrated mobile
        tester platform.

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7                                  Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    Flexible Test Platforms
       Hardware is generally upgradeable to maximum configuration
        of 6 busses and 2160 pins (trade in may be required at certain
       New software can be created to customize work flow
        and improve efficiency (lead time and extra cost applies)
       Fixturing can be created for just about any test requirement and
        for any package or wafer probe card.
       Windows Based software allows for full integration
        with other PC tools like Word and Excel for creating
        professional reports featuring curve trace graphs and data.
       Software updates generally available at no charge on the

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8                                                 Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
    Standard Testing Methods
       Several test methods are useful on the MultiTrace Test System
              Unpowered   Curve Tracing
              Powered Curve Tracing
              Supply current (IDDQ)
              Latch Up Testing

       The test method you use
        depends on the device’s
        complexity and the amount
        of test coverage desired

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9                                               Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Unpowered Curve Trace

        Equivalent to a detailed continuity test
        More than just opens and shorts
        Easiest test to configure
        Device function independent
        Least expensive entry with MultiTrace only requires
         2 bus system
        Opens, shorts, gross leakage, damaged clamp diode
         are all easily found with unpowered curve tracing.

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10                                        Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Unpowered Curve Trace

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11                       Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Powered Curve Trace

        Simultaneously shows Continuity, Pin Type, Leakage and Supply
        Characterizes Supply Current as a function of pin voltage, Output
         source/sink current, ESD clamp voltage, and most other parameters
         typically found in the DC specifications can be checked with Powered
         Curve Tracing.
        Minimal information required to configure. Pin groupings by function
         like VDD1, VDD2, GND, I/O, Input and Output are usually sufficient
        Test is typically done in a static state, Compatible with Preconditioning
         software when needed
        Requires a 4 Bus MultiTrace for a single VDD supply and a 6 bus
         for testing 2 supplies (can be configured for up to 4 supplies)

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12                                                       Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Powered Curve Trace

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13                         Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Supply Current Test.

        Simple indication of supply current on 1, 2 or 3 VDD
        Static test conditions, simply list pins for VIL or VIH
        Ramp VDD and Single Point Vdd modes of testing
         for flexibility

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14                                            Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Latch Up Testing

        Fully JESD78A compliant testing.
        Latch Up report Generator
        Support for up to 4 VDD supplies
        Results correlate with Powered curve trace
        MTForms test sequencer can run multiple
         latch up tests and compare before and after
         curve trace results to find damaged pins at
         one time.
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15                                    Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Latch Up Testing

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16                      Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Customized Test Methods

        Measure any DC parameter within the
         +/-15V, 1A range with 8 sources.
        Input-Output Transfer Functions
        Transistor Family of Curves
        Op Amp gain characterization
        Measure Hysteresis of an input pin
        Characterize ground current VSS
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17                                  Robson Technologies Inc. 2009

        Toggle inputs and clock pins at low frequency prior to making
         curve trace measurements.
        Obtain reset, tri-state, sleep or other operational modes for
         IDDQ measurements.
        Obtain gross functional truth table like results
        Supports Input, Output, I/O and Clock pin types (2 types each)
        ASCII file input allows for virtually unlimited vector depth
        Supports vectors up to 1024 pins wide
        Compatible with Powered Curve Trace, Latch Up testing and
         IDD measurements.

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18                                                Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Device Fixturing
        RTI can supply any type of socket or DUT board for testing any device on the
         MultiTrace system
        Adapters are available for any footprint but lead time needs to be accounted for
         when preparing for new devices 4-8 weeks is typical
        The Remote Test Head option allows you to place the device under a
         microscope for fault localization techniques like emission microscopy (EMMI)
        Compatibility Adapters can be made to convert any other adapter footprint to be
         compatible with the MultiTrace. For example; IDC and RTI fixture cards

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19                                                            Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Fault Localization With The MultiTrace

        Use with Remote Cable or custom cabled fixture to
         power and curve trace a device while under a
                Emission Microscopy
                Liquid Crystal Hotspot Location
                IR Backside Imaging
        Use same curve trace techniques
         used to find the leakage to stimulate
         the defect during fault localization

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20                                                 Robson Technologies Inc. 2009
     Test Coverage.

        Curve Tracing will discover any parametric damage
         to the pins of any device of any technology
        Any electrical damage to the pins on the device will be found
        Find damage from ESD, EOS, mechanical opens and shorts
        Electrical damage to the core of the device may be found
         as supply current anomalies. Many damaged pins also
         show up as high supply current
        Some Functional-Only Failures in the core of the device are
         undetectable with curve tracing.

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21                                                      Robson Technologies Inc. 2009

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