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					Name _______________________                                              Period _________

    Decomposition & Entomology rubric
       The final project for this unit will consist of a typed summative report of
your findings throughout the chicken carcass investigation. This report should be
YOUR findings and YOUR opinion of those findings. You may have to do some
outside research to learn more before you submit your final paper.

Title Page & Format: your name, period, 12pt. font, typed, single-spaced, standard margins
                                                                             _____________ / 2

Introduction: what was the purpose of this investigation, how did we set it up, what problems
were encountered
                                                                              _____________ / 8

Data recorded: outline each type of data recorded, why it was recorded, as well as a typed data
table with our daily data
                                                                           _____________ / 10

Observations: other observations that you made besides the temperature recordings, changes
in color, texture, odor, etc., compare these changes to what we would expect to see if it were a
human cadaver regarding livor/algor/rigor mortis
                                                                            _____________ / 15

Entomological activity: detailed listing of the order of succession of insects that you observed
on the carcass, include common and scientific names, brief description, where the individual
insects were found on the carcass, why they may have been found in that area, what each insect
succession means about the decomposition of the carcass
                                                                              _____________ / 15

Project Summary: what did you learn from this experience, what is your overall opinion of this
project, favorite aspect of this project, areas of improvement for next time
                                                                             _____________ / 10

                           Total points _____________ / 60

  ****This page should be attached
  to the FRONT of your project****

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