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THANDAI FALOUDA Benares                                                             7.50
Thandai is the most famous of all North Indian drinks. At Moti Mahal, creamy ‘Thandai’ ice
cream is served with sweet noodles, stewed figs and basil seeds

ANANNAS KA MEETHA Lucknow                                                            7.50
The royals Nawabs of Lucknow would cherish their desserts. This pudding made with stewed
pineapple and molasses, pistachio rice pudding, topped with jaggery cream would be the
foremost pudding on a nawab’s banquet

KULFI SELECTION Delhi                                                               11.00
Chef’s selection of mini Kulfis on the stick: Gulukand and Honey, Milk Chocolate and
Raisins, Blackberry, Pistachio, Mango

HALWA SELECTION Punjab                                                               8.00
Indian weddings are the perfect setting for delicious and inventive desserts. The following
dish was served at my cousin’s wedding, and represents a new wave of innovative recipes.
Carrot and Cardamom, Yellow Lentil and Saffron, Indian Squash and Pistachio

MEETHA KULCHA AUR SHRIKHAND Gujrat                                                    11.00
‘Kulcha’, a speciality filled flatbread adored all over India.
Here the sweet Kulcha is griddled and served with ‘Shrikhand’ – a creamy yoghurt flavoured
with cardamom, hailing from the Gujarat region

SELECTION OF HOMEMADE SORBETS                                                              6.50

SELECTION OF HOMEMADE ICE CREAM                                                            7.50

       A discretionary 12.5% service charge and a £1.50 cover charge will be added to the bill.
         All prices are quoted in pounds sterling and are inclusive of the current rate of VAT
INDIAN MASALA CHAI                                                               4
The simplest traditional method of preparing masala chai is to actively simmer or boil a
mixture of milk and water with loose leaf tea ( normally full bodied Assam Tea), sweeteners,
and whole spices like green & black cardamom, black pepper, Ginger, clove etc. Some of the
chai masala spice mixtures still in current use are derived from Ayurvedic medical texts. It is
believed that each spice contributes its medicinal values to the tea and helps in curing colds,
coughs and fever.
Please specify with or without milk.

SILVER NEEDLE WHITE TEA | MOLI YIN ZHEN                                          4
Our Jasmine Silver Needle white tea marries the finest Silver Needle white tea with the
fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers to create the perfect balance of delicate white tea taste and
sweet jasmine aromatics.
Silver Needle is China’s finest white tea. It's perfect, downy buds are picked and sun dried in
April, in the mountains of China’s Fujian Province. In August, the tea is laid beneath a bed of
fresh jasmine flowers for seven consecutive nights, marrying the sweet white tea with fresh,
fragrant jasmine aroma.
Jasmine Silver Needle is a delicious to tea to relax and unwind with.

JASMINE PEARLS GREEN TEA | MOLI LONG ZHU                                         4
Our Jasmine Pearl tea is composed of the most perfectly balanced spring green tea, repeatedly
hand scented with fresh jasmine flowers (and nothing else!).
Poetic in form and fragrance, these stunning pearls produce the most memorable jasmine tea
you’ll ever taste.
Each one is hand-made by rolling tippy, green tea into pearls then wrapping each pearl into
paper to help maintain the shape. After unwrapping and drying the tea is set aside until
summer when the jasmine comes into season and it is scented five times with fresh, aromatic
jasmine flowers.
When infused, the pearls unravel and release a beautifully sweet jasmine aroma.
Beyond its sensual qualities, green tea is a well-known source of antioxidants.

DRAGON WELL Organic | LONG JING                                                  4
Dragon Well green tea was picked on April 2010 from Fengwukou Village garden. Dragon
Well is characterised by enticing sweet aromas of freshly plucked tea buds and teasing
orchard fruit.
Green tea is higher in health-giving antioxidants than the black variety, but can taste bitter.
Not delicious Organic Dragon Well Green Tea. . Complex and multi-layered with the
irresistible combination of warm and creamy mouthful, hazel nut notes and searingly spring-
The traditional method of making Dragon Well is what really sets it apart. Each individual tea
bud is hand-pressed and shaped in a wok to achieve the perfect level of roasting.
ORGANIC GUNPOWDER SUPREME GREEN TEA                                              4
The freshest, greenest Gunpowder green tea you will ever taste. It has a delicious freshness
and sweetness that is not earthy and dull like standard gunpowder teas.
In Chinese this tea is called 'Zhu Cha' which means 'Pearl Tea' on account of the way it is
rolled during production.
Ordinarily, Gunpowder tea is bitter and strong green tea often blended with sugar and mint to
make it palatable. Gunpowder tea dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618–907). It is believed to
take its English name from the fact that the tea resembles gunpowder pellets used for cannons.

ASSAM BLACK TEA                                                                  3.5
A fantastic breakfast tea. Assam tea is low-grown and holds a reputation as the strongest full-
bodied tea to be found. Perfect for those who love a strong and malty cup of tea, with or
without milk
Our Assam Breakfast was selected from countless Assam teas for its rich maltiness and honey
Assam is the world’s largest tea growing region. This is where Assam bush, Camellia sinensis
assamica, was discovered in 1823.

CEYLON 2nd FLUSH BLACK TEA                                                       3.5
Ceylon is an outstanding example of its type, composed of long whole leaf from New
Vithanakanda tea garden. Takes well to milk but best drunk black. Full bodied, soothing and

EARL GREY SUPREME BLACK TEA                                                      4
Earl Grey tea defines how Earl Grey should taste. Made from a base of exceptional whole leaf
Ceylon scented with bergamot and sprinkled with cornflowers to create a tea that delights all
the senses.
Our Earl Grey tea is specifically blended for those who enjoy their tea with milk/honey/lemon
– its addition complements rather than overwhelms.

ORGANIC WHOLE CHAMOMILE FLOWERS                                                  4
Chamomile flowers are fresh, cleansing and intensely enjoyable to drink. Chamomile is often
said to be helpful as a muscle relaxant.
The only way to appreciate the floral, summery elegance of chamomile is to put the whole
flower in water. The result is a stunning freshness and light, cleansing flavour that you can
only find by infusing the whole leaf.

   Moti Mahal Special - Masala Frappuccino                                          7.00
   Double espresso coffee shaken sharply with masala spices, milk, cream and
   sweeten with homemade black pepper & cumin syrup, topped with our special
   coconut whipped cream

   Single Espresso                                                                  2.50

   Double Espresso                                                                  3.00

   Cappuccino/Latte                                                                 3.50

   Filter Coffee                                                                    3.00

   Liqueur Coffee                                                                   8.00

                              DESSERT WINES
                                                                            Glass         Btl
                                                                           100ml       750ml
Coteaux du Layon St Aubin Domain de Forges 2010, Loire, France                  6           42

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise Domaine de Fenouillet 2010,          Rhône         8            34
Valley, France
Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos Oremus 2000, Tokaj, Hungary                                         92

Vin de Constance 2005, Constantia, South Africa                                            108

Izborna Berba Krauthaker Grasevina 2008, Slavonija, Croatia                    13           46

Pinot Gris Heimbourg SGN Domaine Zind Humbrecht 2005,            Alsace,                   154
Château D’Yquem 1er Grand Cru Classé 1998, Sauternes, France                               359
                       VERY SPECIAL SHERRY

                                                            Glass      Btl
                                                           100ml    750ml
Sherry PX Cardenal Cisneros, Sanchez Romate                    13      96

                                                            Glass      Btl
                                                           100ml    750ml

Quinta Da Romaneira 10 Year Old Tawny Port                      9    62.00
Barros Colheita 1996                                           12    82.00
Cockburn 1983                                                       143.00
Taylor 1985                                                         174.00
Dows 1977                                                           202.00
Croft 1963                                                          224.00

                   ALL LIQUEURS                     9.00
                               Amaretto Disaronno





                                 Grand Marnier


                               Luxardo Limóncello

                        Luxardo Sambuca White & Black
                        CALVADOS & GRAPPA
Boulard Grand Solage Calvados                                                         11.00
Very well balanced & typically Pays d’Auge with a clear, fresh Apple aroma &
taste. Vanilla also creeps through with fruits such as peach & Orange

Chauffe Coeur V.S.O.P Calvados                                                        13.00
A young Calvados which is appreciated for its great freshness & vibrancy; opening
up the palate & leaving a long, refreshing after taste

Luigi Francoli – Cru di Moscato                                                        9.00
Francoli Grappa di Moscato is crystal-clear with a peachy, honeysuckle, Muscat
lusciousness. Dry yet beautifully soft and rounded, its long, complex, honeyed
flavour makes it the perfect digestive as well as outstanding in a martini

 Martell V.S                                                                           9.00
 A light golden colour Cognac with an aroma that is mild, gentle & very fruity with
 a hint of wood
 Hennessy V.S                                                                         10.00
 Full bodied with a pronounced aroma of oak and hazelnuts, a rich floral taste with
 tones of red berries and vanilla. Aged for at least 2-5 years in Oak

 Remy Martin X.O                                                                      30.00
 Delicate Jasmine & Iris on the nose, juicy Prunes, ripe Fig & candied Orange.
 Rich & complex, this Cognac will last a while on the palate

 Hennessy X.O                                                                         32.00
 A blend of over a hundred very old Eau de Vie from the best regions of Cognac,
 leather and tobacco notes & a touch of spice - a great cigar cognac

 Hennessy Paradis                                                                     65.00
 A matured Cognac with hidden finesse, subtle Pepper, crystallized fruits,
 aromatics like Rose, Cinnamon & Cardamom dance on the nose
 Janneau 5yr old Armagnac                                                              9.00
 Aged for 5years this Armagnac is fresh, fruity with strong influence from the oak.
 Citrus vibrancy & sweet Vanilla create a lighter, smoother experience

 Chateau Lacaze Armagnac 1982                                                         12.00
 A sweeter Armagnac that lingers on the palate with Oak notes & Orange zest,
 Amber colour denotes a honeyed core

Patron Café X.O                                                                       10.00
Patron is a family owned company creating the best Tequila of its type. This
Liqueur is constructed to be dry and still retain tequila’s natural flavour;
combining rich, mature coffee notes

El Tesoro Paradiso 8yr (Cognac Barrel Aged)                                           22.00
A Tequila harmonizing the skills of French Cognac ageing and Mexico’s fiery
spirit, Tequila. Anejo Tequila, aged in Cognac Barrels, distinctive wood,
pineapple sweetness & deliciously smooth

Havana Club 7yr (Cuba)                                                                 8.00
A tough Anejo Rum to beat, full of Leather notes, rich citrus fruit & refined warm
cocoa, vanilla, sugar cane, and caramelised tropical-fruit flavours

Pampero Anniversario (Venezuela)                                                      11.00
A complex & rich style of Rum with notes of Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar & a
subtle Rhubarb tartness; enjoy it slowly, fall in love instantly

Pusser’s Rum (British Virgin Islands)                                                 12.00
‘The Single Malt of Rum’
Just like at the time of Trafalgar, Pusser’s is made the same way, in Wooden Pot
Stills bottled at issue strength, no corner cut!
Dark Rum with rich Bouquet of Demerara sugar, ripe banana & ginger. In the
mouth it is fiery, warm but smooth with a tart sweetness
                      THE WHISKY COLLECTION
CLYNELISH, DISTILLER'S EDITION 1992, 46.0 volume                                                   12.00
Faint whiff of the sea, perhaps seaweed and peat. Starts malty, becoming fruity
with a lingering spiciness. Stays very fresh with an emphatic mustard flavour.

DALWHINNIE, 15 YEAR OLD, 43.0 volume                                                               10.00

Very aromatic, dry and lightly peaty. Remarkably smooth, long-lasting flavour
development. aromatic. Heather - honey notes give way to cut - grass. Malty
sweetness which intensifies to a sudden burst of peat.

CAOL ILA, 18 YEAR OLD. 43.0 volume                                                                 16.00
Hints of juniper on the nose with a very pleasant slight sweetness, lightly smokey
with a complex balance of primary tastes.

LAGAVULIN, 16 YEAR OLD, 43.0 volume                                                                16.00
All of natures elements. The dryness is at first off, set by the sweetness of the
sherry character as the palate develops. Oily, grassy and, in particular, salty notes
emerge. This giant is dignified but full of life.

JOHNNIE WALKER RED Label, 40.0 volume                                                               8.00
Substantial & full of character, bursting with flavour, perfect for drinking long

JOHNNIE WALKER Black Label, 40.0 volume                                                             9.00
The benchmark scotch with a smokey silkness surrounding depth and complexity

               All standard spirit and liquors are served in 50ml measures

        A discretionary 12.5% service charge and a £1.50 cover charge will be added to the bill.
          All prices are quoted in pounds sterling and are inclusive of the current rate of VAT

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